12V, Mini Air Purifier/Ionizer Mini, Chrome

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Product Description

Roadpro RPIF-34815CH 12-Volt Mini Air Purifier/Ionizer - Chrome Finish (1 Each)

  • Eliminates odor, dust, pollen and smoke
  • Features chrome finish
  • Constructed using durable material
  • Does not use chemicals or agents
  • Plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket

Customer Reviews:

  • 12V, Mini Air Purifier/Ionizer Mini, Chrome
    the air purifier was not as strong as i had hope for. it will remove some of the oder from the car but don't expect too much. ...more info
  • Great item
    I agree. This is an incredible buy. They do make one for the home thats affordable. i have 2 of the home units and I paid about $30 for each of them. These work amazingly well, far better than I had anticipated!...more info
  • Well...
    I bought two of these. One for me and one for my wife.

    I used it and I do notice a difference in my car. I don't really have smelly car, but when ever there is smell it's gone completely, even the car freshener:)....more info
  • sort of works, but smells funny
    I'm not sure what they are supposed to smell like, but if I leave this plugged in for more than an hour, my whole car smells like raw pumpkin. it seemed to reduce dog odor at first, but then I left it plugged in and the whole car smelled funny. I tried again later (unplugged, let it smell doggy, plugged it in again) and after only 1 hour, it smelled like pumpkin again....more info
  • Works.
    I Ordered from Amazon, i have had another one using in my car which clears the odors but this one is quiet very effective , i tried it for 20 min then turned on the car's air conditioner , the whole car smelled like if near by waterfall . a clear and refreshing environment.

    I might order another , and use two at the same time inside the car using a 3-way power splitter .

    Thank You....more info
  • umm....
    I have had this car ionizer plugged in for the past 3 weeks straight and I did notice a significant decrease of doggie odor. The instructions on how it works were pretty unclear but I guess it works because people can't tell I have a dog when they get in my car. lol. ...more info
  • Mini air purifer . Ionizer
    It really does not elimate oders as stated, I am very displeased with the product...more info


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