Clairity High Density Negative Ionizer

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Product Description

Negative ions are nature's way of cleansing, purifying and revitalizing our air; much like a natural waterfall. Nature showers us with these beneficial negative ions to draw harmful pollutants away leaving an oxygen rich, healthy and relaxing environment. This high-density negative ion generator has 3 ion needles that produce over 3 trillion negative ions per second. This powerful unit showers your indoor environment with healthful negative ions helping to reduce airborne bacteria, while bonding with pollutants and magnetically attracting them back to its positively charged center collection band. Handsome black cabinet. Because there are no fans or other moving parts, this 6.5" H x 7" D unit weighs less than one pound and operates on less than 2 watts of power. Perfect for a 20' x 20' room. U.L., C.S.A. and E.T.L. listed. Two year warranty. 110v AC use only.

  • 3 ion needles
  • showers your indoor environment with healthful negative ions
  • Great for sleeping
  • No cleaning or filters required