ACCUSPLIT AE120XL Pedometer, Steps Only

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Product Description

Pedometers and pedometer based activity wellness programs are the tools that everyone in America can use to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Count your steps as you lose weight while using the Accusplit AE120XL Activity Pedometer.

Accusplit AE120XL Activity Pedometer features:
, JW200 Pedometer Engine is tested as the "most accurate" and used in research for the last decade
, PGA TOUR faceplate
, Exclusive, built-in leash slot
, 3-way leash
, Sturdy, built-in clip
, 5 Year Warranty

Includes: "From Tee to Green" activity wellness program and guide
, Fun program is designed to increase your awareness of obstacles in your daily life that prevent you from getting your full days step activity
, Teaches you how to easily manage these obstacles so that you can start walking and increase your daily step activity to reach your health and wellness goals
, Takes you through 18 holes of Activity Wellness in fun, golf-filled themes that are useful on and off the course
, Learn how to incorporate daily activity and healthy daily routines when you are playing 9 or 18, or simply walking around town

You've decided it's time to get in shape but you're not sure where to begin. Try walking! You can increase your fitness level with walking without joining that dreaded gym.

To begin on your road to fitness, get the Accusplit Eagle 120XL Pedometer. By walking just 2,000 more steps a day, you'll be on your way to a healthier you. This pedometer counts up to 100,000 steps walked or jogged. It features an accurate display with large digits for easy reading. The AE120XL comes with a case that closes to protect your walking tool from accidentally resetting. This pedometer even includes a three-way leash. Start stepping your way to fitness today.

  • Counts up to 100,000 steps walked or jogged
  • Comes with case that closes to protect display and prevent accidental reset
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Includes three-way pedometer leash

Customer Reviews:

  • Good investment
    This unit is just what I wanted/

    It counts steps, nothing else. With a goal of 10,000 per day it handles the job wonderfully and is simple to use and I feel as accurate a unit as you can get.

    Only complaint is that the clip sometimes does not stay secure on some of my belts.

    It serves my purpose as I am only interested in counting the steps and do not need any additional information.

    BCB...more info
  • Bud
    The product is ok, but very sensitive. It would change with any kind of movement. I am not totally sure how accurate it really is....more info
  • Accurate and easy to use pedometer.
    I am very pleased with the Accusplit Eagle 120X Digiwalker pedometer. You can buy more complex pedometers that measure other data but if you just want to count steps, it is accurate and easy to use. I also like the clips that come with the pedometer. They keep it securely attached....more info
  • died in two weeks
    I was fairly pleased with this for two weeks until it died. I guess the battery failed. Also, it comes with a plastic fastener on the safety line. It doesn't hold well. They also supply a metal fastener because the plastic fastener is so weak. Unfortunately the metal fastener is large and constantly pokes you. What a waste of money....more info
  • Accusplit AE120XL
    I love this item! It is my second, having misplaced my first. And the supplier provided it to me unbelievably quickly....more info
  • Is not accurate at all.This is
    This is supposed to be one of the most accurate step counters for the money, unfortunately I was unable to get an accurate step count even once. I tried it on numerous places on my body with mixed results. Most of the time it didn't count any of my steps, the rest of the time it counted 2 or 3 times the number of steps I took.

    I don't know if mine was just not functioning properly or if you have to be extremely specific about where you place it but I couldn't get it to work right. It isn't like I didn't read the instructions either....more info
  • I finally gave up
    I'd heard this was a very accurate pedometer but I tried it out (there's no calibration which should have been a tip-off) and it was WILDLY off my steps. The last pedometer I had matched my steps very well as soon as I calibrated it to my stride. I liked this one because not only was it inexpensive but it has a closing cover so you can't accidentally reset (a problem with the last one I owned) but it also had a leash so you weren't likely to drop it.

    I returned it, thinking this particular one was a dud, but the next one I got was the same. So I am going to try an Omron HJ-112, which is a little more expensive but has the leash I wanted and a friend swears by it. So we'll see....more info
  • one ok one not
    One of the pedometers worked perfect, the other one you could not read the numbers so I am not sure if it was working or not. Of course I lost the sales slip, and I washed the one that was working perfectly. So I am trying to use the other one and guessing steps. I gained some weight so I must be guessing too high. ...more info
  • Pedometer
    We purchased 16 pedometers. All of them are still working except for one. Now the question becomes how do I figure out how to send out one item and is it really worth the effort?...more info
  • worked pretty well, until I lost it a week later
    This pedometer worked pretty well and as promised. My one complaint is that the clip is not very successful in keeping the pedometer in place. Hence, the lost pedometer. By the way, there are other pedometers (like the new one I got) that have better clips with more grip and larger number display....more info
  • Simplicity works
    The Accusplit 120 is a delight to use. It allows you to focus entirely on what matters-the exercising.

    I recommend it to anyone who is more interesting in walking than playing with the electronic gear that you can use to measure the exercising.

    DR.Zilbergeld...more info
  • pedometer
    I was first given this product in a cancer research project to measure exercise. I liked mine so much I bought one for my husband. This time I bought one for a friend and one each for a grand daughter and her fiance.
    Easy to use, reliable, good customer service (when needed).
    Comes with two different style of belt clips. Metal is far more efficient.
    My husband and I have fun compairing # of steps at the end of the day.
    Promotes good exercise!
    ...more info
  • not accurate
    It's easy to use - and that's a big plus, but it's not accurate. I tested it quite a few times and it is off by 10-20%, walking on level ground --- it reads too high. I suppose that doesn't matter that much since it's easier to subtract 10% and get a rough idea of how much one has walked and how much to increase.

    I tried the Omrom, but the battery consumption was outrageous -- and then it stopped working. This is an adequate and simple alternative, assuming the battery does last....more info
  • Accusplit AE120XL, a simple and inexpensive pedometer with clip & cover
    This pedometer is just what my wife and I were looking for in our walking program. We had both lost numerous other brands until we got the AE120XL. They are of simple design and sturdy, and come with a flip cover and clip and or teather. We wear ours on the golf course, doing yard work and all day at work and as part of our walking program. Simple and does the job....more info
  • It really works
    If you just want to count your steps, this item is for you. Easy to set and reset. Very accurate....more info
  • Good tool for health & fitness
    Ordered 28 of these pedometers for participants in our church's 12-week Health & Fitness Challenge. One of the participants has one and recommended this type. Everyone seems to like the pedometer except 2 did not work properly. Could be they were not set properly, however they seem easy to use and operate. Most everyone is amazed at how many steps they walk each day. A great tool to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle!...more info
  • not very accurate
    simple to use, but not very accurate. just in the space of 10 steps it's off 30%. ...more info
  • Pleased with the Accusplit AE120XL
    Simple step counter with a cover - so it's not accidentally reset to zero if you lean against a counter or carry something. Small, so it doesn't look like you're wearing a shoebox under your shirt or snag on stuff. Comes with a tether, so unlikely to fall off and disappear. Best of all, it seems to keep an accurate count of steps....more info
  • Simple, but effective!
    This pedometer is just the right thing for a person who does not want to get caught up in knowing every statistic about their workout. This pedometer is very simple. It just counts your steps; one button only. I just need to get the basic information--what did I walk today? It gives me the general idea. I don't need to know the exact amount. Even if I wanted to know, how would I really know unless I actually counted all of my steps. So, if your looking for simplicity, this is it. It's easy to carry around; large numbers for easy reading....more info
  • Great for price
    This pedometer is what I've been looking for, easy to use and fairly accurate! I love that you dont have to set your strides to use this pedometer. Also, love the cover to keep from accidentally erasing the days work. I do find it sometimes is a bit low or high on the count, but only slightly. All in all, I'd recommend it....more info
  • Walk across campus
    Bought 15 pieces of this product and all persons using are all happy with the product...more info
  • accusplit pedometer
    pretty good little device, perhaps a little too sensitive, but that's not really a serious complaint....more info
  • Worthless Product
    This pedometer did not work at all for me. The first time I tried it, I counted my own steps -- I took 800 and it recorded 28. The next time, I took 500 and it recorded 23. It was more accurate when I just held it in my hand. I put it in my desk drawer, and it recorded over 900 steps just from me opening and closing the drawer....more info
  • Great Weight Loss Tool
    Received quickly and is a really cool tool. Easy to use....more info
  • A sharp little item to help you walk 10,000 steps a day!
    Easy to use,like safety leash,large digits,protective cover.You forget it is on your waist,simple to try and get your steps in,makes you feel like doing more!...more info
  • Simple To Use
    I have owned my Accusplit Steps Only pedometer for a few months now. All I can say is I love the simplicity of using it and the accuracy. There are no fancy things on it like a stop watch or calorie count. It is just straight forward step counting which is exactly what I wanted. I tried other pedometers in the past but they either had too many features or were totally inaccurate. I highly recommend this pedometer to those who are interested in tracking the amount of steps they take daily or as a tool to increase the steps they presently take. A great product!!! ...more info
  • Reliable Pedometer
    I've been wearing my Accusplit Eagle 120 for just over a year, and find it a consistently reliable indicator of how many paces i'm taking each day (goal being 10,000/day, though i usually don't reach that!). Because i wear it all day, every day, the only difficulty i've had with the device is getting it its way -- a hinge fell out on one side and the lid kept opening. I fixed it with a tooth pick which seems to be holding fairly well, though it still sometimes opens just from body or clothing movement. I recently purchased two for gifts....more info
  • You can return it...
    I've worn this for about a year or so and its worked fine. Lately, its started reading low, trending down from about 10% when I first noticed it, to 25% now. I've replaced the battery, but that didn't seem to help. It does have a warranty, return with no proof-of-purchase, but you need to send a $10 fee. The cover has a date range to return it, so its not open ended!...more info
  • Great and Simple To Use
    Very simple to use pedometer. Just one button to reset to zero and away you go. I also like the way it opens towards you to see how many steps you achieved. Well priced, simple to use, and not too visible due to its small size and black case. ...more info
  • 10,000 steps per day
    I wear my pedometer 18 hours/day...walking, playing tennis, working out and at home and the office. This Accusplit has been very relaible and durable. The cheaper units have been inaccurate or unrelaible....more info
  • durable and helpful
    I bought my accusplit pedometer about 2 months ago. I faithfully wear it daily and love the way it helps me to guage my activity level for the day and challenge me to do more. I also felt I had to write a review because of its durability. I accidentally washed it in the washing machine and was pretty sad, sure that I had broken it for good. I took it out and set it in a warm dry place and hoped for the best. A few hours later it was working again and is still ticking away my steps. Love this product!...more info
  • Great pedometer at a great price
    I got this little pedometer for Christmas 2006 and have fallen in love. It is pretty accurate. I walk 50 steps. It usually records 50 steps. Occasionally, it will have a +/- 5 step difference. The first leash clip broke about a year in and I have to use the second leash clip. I'm not as fond of the second one, but it does help keep the pedometer attached. If I were to lose or break this one, then I would buy an exact replacement immediately. ...more info


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