ACCUSPLIT AE170 Pedometer with Steps, Distance, and Calories Burned

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Product Description


  • 100,000 Step Counter
  • Distance
  • Calorie Counter
  • Display Digit Size XL


  • 24-Page Activity Wellness Program and Pedometer Use Guide
  • Acess to Online Wellness Support Program
  • Leash Slot
  • 3-Way Leash
  • 1.5 Year Battery Life
  • 5-Year No Proof of Purchase Warranty

Increase your fitness level by walking and keeping track of your steps with the easy-to-use Accusplit AE170 pedometer. By walking just 2,000 more steps a day, you'll be on your way to a healthier you. The AE170 counts up to 100,000 walked or jogged steps, computes the distance traveled in either miles or kilometers, and computes the calories you've burned during your activity. Other features include:
  • Set Stride length in inches or centimeters
  • Calorie count automatically rolls over after 9,999
  • Closed case protection for display and reset button
  • Large, easy-to-read LED screen
  • 1.5-year battery life
  • Includes 3-way leash
  • Backed by 5-year warranty

Since its founding in 1972, ACCUSPLIT's has produced professional quality stopwatches, heart rate monitors, timers, and clocks. ACCUSPLIT was the first manufacturer of digital stopwatches, and the company quickly earned a reputation for making accurate, quality products. The company's president, W. Ron Sutton, is the inventor of the memory stopwatch, and the company has made numerous advances in the design and production of timing devices in the past three decades.

Today, ACCUSPLIT manufactures a wide range of pedometers as well as stopwatches and timers. The president of the company is known as "Mr. Pedometer" and holds a patent for pedometer accuracy. He is perhaps the foremost expert on pedometry in the Western Hemisphere, and is continuing ACCUSPLIT's tradition of technological innovation with new pedometer models each year.

  • Counts steps walked or jogged up to 100,000 steps, and measures distance to 1,000 miles
  • Comes with case that closes to protect display and prevent accidental reset
  • Counts up to 10,000 calories
  • Sets accurate stride length
  • Includes three-way pedometer leash

Customer Reviews:

  • Great pedometer
    This is a great pedometer. It not only tells you the steps but also miles and calories burned. The clip that comes with the pedometer prevents you from losing it. It's a great feature since I've lost previous pedometers. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality pedometer. ...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I had previously purchased an Accusplit pedometer and been happy with it, so I purchased another for a friend. At first there was some trouble with the reset button sticking, then on the second use it suddenly stopped working. We changed the battery, but that didn't make any difference. The return policy for repair is a big hassle....more info
  • nice little pedometer
    This is a nice little pedometer to help track your 10,000 steps/day. Easy to use and ready to go right out of the box. I also like the little safety clip that keeps the meter attached if the belt clip slips. This is nice for skirts and thinner fabrics.
    ...more info
  • Mostly accurate
    This pedometer is mostly accurate. The only problem I've run into is that it does not accurately record your steps when you do side steps and kickbacks (hamstring curls). Other than those two exercises giving it trouble, the pedometer functions well. I was happy to find the ease of use with programming and everyday use of the product. The clip is very sturdy, but the pedometer comes with two other methods to ensure the pedometer does not fall off of your waistband. I highly recommend this product for walkers of any degree/experience....more info
  • Good choice
    This pedometer is great because it has a leash on it to prevent it from getting lost. There are several times when it has fallen off my waistband and would have probably gotten lost (like the first one I bought) but for the leash. It also has a cover on it which is good because it prevents me from resetting it on accident. I have been very satisfied with it....more info
  • durable and cheap
    I accidentally ran my Accusplit through the washing machine--extra cycles and extra spin, no less--but rescued it before putting it in the dryer. Still works just fine, tho this is probably not something that should be repeated. I find the pedometer to be easy to use, extremely accurate . . . and surprisingly durable....more info
  • This device works well, is very accurate, and may help you to a healthier tomorrow!
    This product does what it says it will do. I am very pleased. I checked its accuracy with a Garmin GPS Forerunner and the ACCUSPLIT AE170 was dead-on in synch with mileage and steps. The wearer does have to put in an accurate stride length for the pedometer to work accurately. Make sure that when you attach the device to your waist area that it is vertical and will stay vertical to get a full count of your steps. For me, this is a great motivational device to move my butt and pile up those steps. I'm delighted when I post a huge number in my journal at the end of the day. I'm in much better shape and my weight is down since February and this pedometer has been a major factor in doing that. ...more info
  • AccuSplit Pedometer
    This pedometer has exceeded my expectations and it is definitely a wonderful value for the price. Settings are easy to use, keeping track of progress is no longer a burden with the goal settings and the pedometer is wildly accurate even without calibration for different heights and stride lengths. I would recommend this pedometer to anyone looking for an easy way to track your physical movement and calorie output but isn't very "gadgetally inclined". Fantastic product!!!...more info
  • Accusplit 170XLG
    I have had several other pedometers, the latest was a Sharper Image, then the readings were not accurate, so I decided to get an Accusplit Eagle after reading about it. But I have found it very hard to set up. I am a senior citizen and I am not too electronically challenged, but this one which I have had for about four weeks, I cannot set up correctly.
    I have asked my younger computer literate friends for help, they have tried, but the results are not accurate, e.g. I walk 50 steps, and it records 96. The only thing it gives me correctly is the minutes walked.
    It was in the EU mode and now it is in the US mode, we have entered the stride lenght, etc., but I think it will take some kind of expert to set it up for me. I would not recommend purchase of this item....more info
  • Unreliable
    Worked great on first walk since then does not work properly at all. Very unreliable. After seeing prior reviews felt it would be a good product, unfortunately it does not work well. Would return it if it was not so much a hassle. ...more info
  • great pedometer!
    ACCUSPLIT AE170 Pedometer with Steps, Distance, and Calories BurnedI bought this pedometer to aid me in a weight loss program. Right out of the box it was easy to use, which is something I appreciate. I don't want to spend alot of time reading instructions. With a press of the mode button, you can see how many steps you took, in what amount of time, the distanse traveled, and the calories burned. One of the best features though, is that it comes with it's own safety clip that you can attach to your pants. It has saved me from loosing it several times and I wear it every day. When I looked for a pedometer, I wanted it to be easy to use, accurate, easy to read,informative,and capable of lasting for a significant amount of time. This pedometer has all of those features. ...more info
  • Great pedometer
    I have owned several types of pedometers and this one really is the best. It feels secure on my belt and now that I use the added protection of the cord and clip to tether it to my clothing, it is even more secure. I would recomment it to anyone interested in using a pedometer for most of the day....more info


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