Tanita BC554 Ironman Glass InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Elite Series

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easy-to-read 2.25 Lcd Displayhighly Accurate Body Composition Monitors Weight Healthy Range Muscle Mass Total Percentage Body Water Tone Mass Metabolic Age Physique Rating Visceral Fat Body Fat Percentage & Bmr Weight Body Fat Body Water & Muscle Mass Recalls 330-lb Weight Capacity10-year Warranty Glass/chrome

  • Highly accurate body composition monitor
  • Easy to read 2.25" LCD display
  • 4 person memory
  • Weight, body fat recall, body water and muscle mass recall
  • Physique rating

Customer Reviews:

    This scale is great. It's easy to use and has so much information to give. I've used many different kinds of scales and I am very happy with this Tanita....more info
  • Looks good...works well
    Purchased the scale at the start of the year. Arrived in Honolulu within days which is impressive. Scale has many features, many of them you will probably not use unless you are a hard core athlete. I basically use the weight and fat percentage which seems very consistent for tracking progress. Good value for the price and I have reccommended to others....more info
  • scale
    works well and i assume it is accurate - difficult to read the readings when standing up on the scale...more info
  • Well Done!
    This scale is just what I was looking for. I have had it for a couple months and am very satisfied. Programming was easy, and the info adds that much more detail to help you focus on your health. Other reviews noted frustration over the fact that you cannot pick-up a stick of butter and see the weight change because of the device's calibrators that will reset to the most recent close weight. But you can check subtle variations by using your pre-programmed button on the first try, and then using the "guest" weight button on your second attempt....more info
  • Tanita Scale
    We really like our new scale. Just to be safe we kept our old scale and they are close if not right at the same weight. We like how it can keep information on more than one user. Both my husband and I have kept track of our information and do find that when we change so do our stats....more info
  • One person's view.
    I've had and used this scale a bit over a month.

    If you're gonna diet, workout or just live life, this is the scale which gives you the 411 as to what's happening with your insides. Three items one needs in order to monitor their vitals; an automatic blood pressure cuff, a heart rate monitor and an Ironman Tanita body composition scale. Without these three items, you're shooting in the dark.

    Don't forget to get a fasting lipid (cholesterol) panel test done so you know what your numbers are cause all the exercise and dieting in the world won't save you from the affects of high lipid panel numbers.

    I highly recommend this scale for one person or a family of four or more as you can program in four people's vital information. It has a guest feature so more can easily use the scale for weighing purposes. Once you figure the programming directions out, it's easy to reprogram a setting, as needed. By-the-by, the scale looks a whole lot better on the floor of the bathroom then one of those "huge" chunky Health-O-Meter scales; which I had. :)

    I recommend taking time to check out the heart healthy benefits of "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" (<1% acid) coupled with a Mediterranean style of eating. (Diet.)

    If you're working out with free weights, running or bicycling, check out Pure Whey Protein Isolate, Free Form Amino Acids, L-Glutamine, CoQ10 and Fish Oil; costs a bunch and worth every penny. Spend it now or spend it later on heart meds cause you can't turn back the hands of time; your choice.

    If you're gonna diet, you "must" workout or you'll lose muscle mass; not good. Remember, weight loss comprises of both fat and muscle mass loss and without working out, you'll lose your muscle mass which is the engine calories feed. Calories in, calories out, anything left over is stored as fat. The bigger your engine, the more you can eat. Seems like an easy enough concept. :)

    Do spend a lot of time online researching and learning about your heart rate, Zones 1-5; aerobic Vs anaerobic and take time to use your search engine to learn about what I suggested in my above so as to be able to understand what it all means. Everything you need, the basics, are in the nutshells above.

    Some think the scale is pricey but what price knowledge? Some write the scale's not accurate. One just can't jump on the scale anytime they want and expect an accurate read on their percentages. Read and diligently follow the manual's instructions as to it's use. The manual clearly explains the why's.

    Proper hydration is key to "accurate" and "consistant" body fat percentages. Without proper water hydration, (49.5%-50.0% for me) in the muscle tissue, the scale will give you discouragingly incorrect low muscle and high body fat readings; not good. And yes, a 1-2% change in water hydration will squirrel up your numbers big time. It's either buying this scale or submitting to an expensive, one time, inconvenient, hydrostatic (water test) body fat test. Your choice:)

    Using the scale at the stated optimum time is key. Also using the scale at the same time of day, according to the directions, is also important. Be sure to stand on the scale Yoda butt naked as having your clothes on "will" squirrel up your numbers. Jumping on the scale anytime, in any manner a person feels inclined to, won't give accurate and consistant numbers. Very important, read and follow the manual.

    If ya gives up some party for the extra money and follow the manual's directions, it all evens out:)

    Listen to your Uncle Thomas. Hit the hip and buy the stupid scale cause you know you want one:) You'll be glad you did cause it's da bomb and worth the money for the info it provides. :)

    If you missed it, I love this scale:)

    Wishing you all well with your health related efforts:)

    Thomas (Sherri's husband) :)...more info
  • Great scale--shows real changes in physique over time
    This was the top of the line consumer Tanita scale when I bought it ($115 US), and I'm glad I chose this model. I'm sure I won't use it as much as time goes on, but currently I am using it 3 times a day for the last month and plotting all the readouts in excel. I know you don't care, but just to prove that it does work, I have been constantly adding reps to my workout, and I am seeing results only a scale like this could tell me. My weight is staying constant, but my body fat is dropping by 0.06% per day and my muscle mass is increasing by 0.1 lbs per day. That's 3 lbs of muscle and almost 2% body fat in only a month! I only regret I didnt get this scale sooner. Oh, and it only stores your last measurement, so don't expect to track your changes with just the scale.
    Their instructions say to take your reading just before your last meal of the day. I also take mine right when I wake up and just before bed, but the afternoon reading seems to be the most reliable (smallest standard deviation from the trend for those math majors out there).
    If you are what Tanita considers to be an athlete (10 or more hours of workout per week or resting pulse of 60 beats or less), then you definitely need a scale with an athlete mode, bc otherwise your body fat % will be discouragingly high. I have had a few other people take their measurements using this scale (different heights, ages, body types, and genders), and the consensus is that it is pretty accurate for them as well.
    Yes, it does use electrical resistance for the readings, but you could chew the two AA batteries it uses and not feel anything. (I disclaim any liability for injuries resulting from chewing batteries)
    The instructions and reading material that come with it are informative and gives you explanations of all the extras (like BMR and visceral fat) along with the healthy ranges for both male and female.
    If you are serious about getting in better shape, I encourage you to get this scale or one like it. It will motivate you to keep going and think twice about that fourth doughnut. If you just want to lose weight, don't waste your money, any scale can tell you that. ...more info
  • It's not all about your weight!!!
    I have always been conscious of my weight but after getting this "scale", I am more focused on whether I am hydrated enough and my body fat composition . Both my husband and I highly recommend this "scale".

    ...more info
  • Great Product, Great Support
    I have purchased about 10 Tanita InnerScan products for myself, family, and friends. They are great products.
    They also stand behind their products. Somehow the LCD panel on my BC554 got cracked. I returned it under their waranty. It was replaced and returned at no charge....more info
  • Great Scale
    Scale is great, but it is a bit pricey. Does as advertised, and customer support is outstanding. ...more info
  • not bad
    not bad for the price and capabilities it offers; however, the majority of the computations must be mathematically based and let's face it not everyone is built the same - but still one of the best out there of it's type...more info
  • Garbage in Garbae out
    This thing is ridiculous. I have a Homedics scale right next to the the Tanita and the Homedics is always consistent. The Tanita body fat % varies by 20% depending on how warm my feet are, whether I took a shower prior or used the hot tub. Somehow the Homedics is consistent regardless of these factors. Of course I don't have the box and I can't return this useless scale....more info
  • Excellent!!!
    I'm enjoying a lot my Tanita! And I'm too satisfied with the service of Amazon, was quick and easy!...more info
  • Tanita BC554
    For the most part, the product is great. However, the Profile 1 button stopped working within a week of recieving. I contacted Amazon, who tells me they can't replace the item because they no longer have a supplier. ...more info
  • Accurate
    I have only used the weight feature of this scale so far. For many years I had another scale of the same brand and I decided to get a new one because the other one was so old and I was starting to assume that the weight was getting less accurate. But since I'd been happy with the accuracy till then, I stuck to the same brand and bought this model. I was astonished that when it arrived and I weighed myself on both scales, they each gave me the exact same weight. I was impressed. Over the next month or so the readings sometimes differed by as much as .4 lbs. But that's not a big deal, I don't think. I'd once bought an expensive black scale at Sharper Image that really angered me when I realized they'd "tricked" the mechanism to make it appear consistent. This meant that if you were to weight yourself 10 times in a row, it would give you exactly the same weight each time, but only because the mechanism "locked" the weight in. I was able to verify this by stepping on the scale holding a glass of water. It would still give me the same weight. And it wasnt' until I stepped on the scale holding something much heavier that it would "unlock" the weight and give me a more accurate reading. The Tanita brand does not do that at all. I welcome variations of .2 or even .4 lbs when I weigh myself a few times in a row, because at least I know it's real....more info
  • Best I've seen.
    Very accurate. Great functions. Brutally honest. Actually looks good. It takes about two weeks to learn all of the functions that the monitor has (although there are days I wish I didn't know). If you are serious about weight and body composition control, this is your machine. ...more info
  • Broken displays not a fluke, manufacturing defect
    Firstly, I love this scale. Even if those who argue that some of the numbers other than weight are not meaningful the scale measures how those number change accurately and to me that is also meaningful. BUT a week after i bought the first one the display cracked. Amazon shipped a new one no questions asked. 30 days after that the display cracked on the new one. Again its being replaced but twice cannot be a fluke, given that other reviews here also mention the same cracked display problem it seems clear to me that the digital display is not sufficiently engineered to absorb even light shock from banging....more info
  • Best in Category
    Most accurate of the body composition monitoring scales I have tried-
    Especially good if you are in pretty good shape to begin with. Only drawback is the kids can break it if they're not careful....more info
  • Not happy...
    I just bought this unit. When I tell it I am a male, it tells me my body fat percentage is 19.3%. When I tell it I am a male athlete, it tells me my body fat percentage is 9.6%. My conclusion... this thing is completely worthless....more info
  • Good scale...not happy with Amazon
    The Tanita scale works as advertised. Consistent weight readings, clear readout, easy to operate. If you get this product, use the health features as a relative guage of how you progress...not to establish your initial health condition unless you are Joe Average.
    Amazon sent me the unit in a timely fashion, but it appeared to be a returned item. There were scuffs on the scale when it arrived... Their price is straight MSRP......more info
  • Helpful for body fat estimate
    I've always wanted an accurate way to measure body fat. Now I have it, as well as other helpful measurements such as bone density and muscle mass. This scale is definitely a product I'd recommend. ...more info
  • Great for Losing weight
    I love the many different functions of the scale. As well that it show weight in increments .10, so you can track lost really well....more info
  • Great for weight, good for tracking trends.
    This scale measures weight very accurately. As far as that goes, it's the most accurate (consistent) scale I've ever owned. You can get on and off over and over, and it will give you the exact same weight every time. Be sure to put on a hard, flat surface. If you put it on a bathroom rug, the scale will be way off for some reason.

    All the other measurements are fun to look at, but I have no way to verify if they are accurate or not. The readings can vary wildly depending on time of day and what you have been doing. I've found if you go out the night before and drink a little bit too much alcohol, the scale thinks you are in fantastic shape. On the other hand, if I have a long run (15 to 20 miles), the next day the scale thinks I'm fat and lazy. Obviously, the more you mess with your body, the more it messes with the scales readings (This is informative in its own way, and as I mentioned earlier, pretty entertaining).

    In order to overcome the daily fluctuations, I weigh myself first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. I also created a spread sheet in Excel to track my readings. That way I can average the numbers over a month and then track my changes from month to month. This is much better than trying to compare these numbers day to day anyway. Realistically, your muscle mass or your bone density is not going to change at all on a day to day basis.

    Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • A Good Source of Inspration
    As long as you realize that this is not a precision measuring instrument, you'll be happy with this scale. What it is good for is monitoring trends in your weight and body fat.

    There are about 10 functions on this scale. Two, maybe three are useful. Your weight. That's a good one to have. Body fat %. This number will fluctuate considerably depending on many factors. Perspiration is one. So you have to get into the habit of taking readings in consistent environments, like the same time of day, x hours after eating or exercising, etc. Again, you're not getting an exact number, you're tracking trends. There are numbers for bone mass, body moisture %, calories required (BMI I think), visceral fat (or something like that. The fat around your organs), age (or what age your body's shape is in) and a physique index. My physique is up to 2 (I started at 1 having done little exercising lately). My age reading was 50 (being 54 I thought I was doing good till I read that the scale doesn't go over 50).

    So I check my weight, body fat, age, and physique rating, and pretty much ignore the others. Although some of the other readings can indicate that your environment is uniform. So I don't really need to know that I have 7lbs of bones, but that if that number changes, maybe some other factor has changed, too.

    I'm pleased with this scale. I've had it about 4 months now, and all is well. I just need to get that physique rating up, and body fat % down. The scale won't make you exercise, but it will make you glad you did....more info
  • Be wary about using your Tanita in a bathroom.
    Be wary of Tanita and their warranty claims. The product itself was decent, and fairly accurate, however Tanita is not a company that prides itself in customer service and product support. I used my scale in a normal bathroom environment, and after just 3 months you could see evaporation underneath the screen. I don't know if a gasket had a crack in it, or what the issue might have been, but the unit couldn't withstand the normal humidity of a bathroom. In fact, the unit was a good 20 feet from any active water, like a shower and tub.

    I shipped the unit in, and without even so much as a courtesy call, the "customer service manager" returned my unit with a note that my warranty claim was refused, even though I had spoken to someone before about the issue, and said it would be replaced no problem. The customer service manager was nice enough, but said that even though it was well within the boundaries of his discretion, he was going to refuse the claim, because they refuse all like claims regarding evaporation. He even admitted that it happens fairly often.

    Stay away.

    His recommendation? Buy another Tanita, and not place it in the bathroom. Right....more info
  • Great weight loss tool
    I have really loved this product. As I have reduced my weight after having a baby, it has been a terrific measuring tool for me to see my sucess....more info
  • Ironman Body Compostion Scale
    This scale is a great tool for those people looking to make a change in their lifestyle. Knowing if you drink enough water, have enough muscle or what your bodyfat % is are valuable assets. My whole family loves this scale. I would recommend it to anyone serious about weightloss and their health....more info
  • Excellent tool to improve your health and your shape - Helped lme lost over 200 lbs
    Is an excellent motivational tool to keep you inspired day after day, as you see the results of your workouts, diet or life-style translate into numbers in the body composition display.

    I use this Tanita Body Composition Monitor, along with a Polar Heart Rate monitor (the s625x running computer) and the ABS Diet book (from Men's health Magazine) to go from 44 to 32 size pants, and I have been able to keep the weight off for more than 5 years.

    There will always be a debate on how accurate this monitors are, no matter which model or brand you buy. Independently of the technology that the scale uses, the data displayed will always be related to statistical groups.

    The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to record your results and see if the trends show improvements (e.g. decrease in fat %, increase in muscle mass, increase in metabolic rate, decrease in metabolic age, etc.). You get off the scale, scroll thru all the displayed measurements using the arrows keys (as long as the scale hasn't turned off). You have plenty of time to record your readings. This keeps you motivated as you see the numbers improve week after week. It may be slow improvement or small steps improvements, but over time the motivation will keep you focused and you will get the results you want....more info
  • Tanita BC-554 Ironman Scale
    This is an excellent tool for any serious athlete checking their body composition (weight, fat%, muscle, etc). The readings are consistent so long as you are able to check your readings at the same time during the day. Waiting 2-3 hours after any meal is highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Ironman scale packs a lot in a stylish package!
    I can't verify the dead on accuracy for anything but the scale function, but you can easily use the other values to reference progress in your diet or physical fitness program. It's easy enough to program, but you will need the manual the first time through. Subsequent use is simple - just touch your "personal" button (the scale can track several people), wait for the pound display, and step on the scale. Various things can affect the fat readings, such as putting your hands on your hips, touching something else while it's scanning, and state of hydration. I don't think you should live or die by the numbers, but you can tell if things are getting better or worse over time. Some day I would like to have all the measurements done in a doctor's office and then compare the results with this scale. Would recommend - especially if you're into useful gadgets....more info
  • Absolutely Great
    Everyone in my family and extended family love this product. My wife wasn't to keen on the price but when it showed her Metabolic Age 6 years younger than her actual age she loved the scale. The features are great and informative and what I believe to be accurate....more info
  • TANITA....LOVE IT !!
  • Tanita BC554 Ironman Glass InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Elite Series
    The scale overall is very nice. The biggest drawback to this scale is that they reccomend that you not put it in any room where moisture is present. This would mean a bathroom. The vast majority of people I know have their scales in a bathroom?!?! Also, the first scale I purchased, the LED went out in about two weeks. Thanks to Amazon, it was easily replaced. ...more info
  • Don't Buy it
    This product does not accurately measure weight if you have a small foot. It works well for a men's size 10 but you have to coax it to measure a woman's size 5 foot. It was a really expensive investment that does not work 50% of the time!...more info
  • Tanita scale
    I like this scale very much. The first one i received did not work well. I called Tanita and hold time was very long but they said the scale was defective. Amazon.com was very supportive and replaced the scale right away. The new scale works well. I highly recommend this scale and amazon.com to everyone....more info
  • The good and the bad...
    Weight-wise, this scale is the most accurate one I've ever had. For all of the other body composition elements, the readings are all over the place and you have to take several factors into consideration. To use the other functions, you really have to take measurements at the same time every day and take an average - understanding the dynamics of hydration, pms, etc., on the readings that the scale gives you. If you have a curious and scientific mind -- WHY am I getting this reading, etc. -- it can be interesting to see how the scale reacts to what's really going on with your body. ...more info
  • Very good within the constraints of bioelectric impedance analysis
    Sometimes you don't know what your missing until you see a better product. The batteries in my previous scale died, and they were odd-sized coin batteries loosely positioned on top of delicate circuitry. I damaged the electronics in my old scale while replacing the batteries, and although I probably should have been more careful during that process, the result was that I needed a new scale. It may sound trivial, but one of the things I like about this Tanita scale is it uses common AA batteries, located in a normal battery housing.

    Next up on my priotity list for a replacement scale was accurate body fat measurements. As I understand it, bioelectric impedance measurements (i.e. the method used by scales) are not very accurate for measuring body fat, and the inaccuracy can be pretty high for people with excessive body fat, or with very little body fat. But, Tanita has improved the body fat measurement accuracy of this scale by adding an "athletic" mode to increase accuracy for people with low body fat. And, Tanita also provides a somewhat quantitative standard based on resting heart rate and weekly exercise level to help you determine if you should be using this mode. My experience so far indicates this mode is probably a few percentage points more accurate for athletic people. But, I have not yet compared it to a measurement made with hydrostatic weighing, so I can't confirm that with numerical data.

    This scale also measures weight to the nearest 0.2 pounds, which is an improvement over my previous scale, which rounded to the nearest 0.5 pounds.

    When you first get this scale, you program it with your gender, age, and height. To measure yourself with the scale, you press a button with your toe and wait about 2 or 3 seconds for a short beep, telling you the scale is ready. Then you step on the scale, and wait 3 or 4 seconds for the scale to take it's measurements. The scale then sequentially displays nine measurements, staring with weight, then body fat %, etc. Some of the measurements have the same untis, so at first I wasn't completely sure how to interpret some of the numbers displayed by the scale. Tanita thought of this, and provided small back-lit icons on the scale to help you identify each measurement as it's displayed. But, the icons are too small to see when you're standing, so you really need to memorize the order in which the measurements are displayed.

    Overall, this is a great product, and if you fall into the athletic category, the athletic mode makes it better than any other scale I saw for measuring body fat....more info
  • Tanita BC554 Ironman scale
    I did not realize I had not reviewed this. This is an awesome scale and for the first year I used it daily to keep all my body composition stats. Not only could I see and feel the difference in my body, but the scale gave me the numbers to show the improvement.

    I was training for a marathon and this along with a food diary I kept help me shed 20 lbs of fat and lean out to 9% body fat. I was in great shape.

    After the marathon, I took the winter off (not completely, but the workouts were much less intense and the diet was much more enjoyable) and gained almost 15 lbs back. I did not use the scale much then, but when I went to start my training again the scale would only read weight. I cleaned the contacts, but no luck. I called Tanita and explained to them it was only a year since I'd had it and they replaced it.

    Now back in shape and the scale is still working fine....more info
  • additional features not included in the manual
    After recieving this scale I got answers to a few questions I had wanted to know before I ordered it that I couldnt find in the online manual (from tanita's website) or from the reviews that I did read. First of all, I was disappointed from what I read that the recall was only for some readings not all. HOWEVER, what no one mentions is that you can (once off the scale) scroll thru ALL the readings using the arrows keys as long as the scale hasn't turned off. You WILL have plenty of time to record your readings...all of them.. one by one. Don't worry about the limited recall. Secondly, the scale will beep twice to let you know when it's done recording and when you can step off. These are petty, but since I can't see anything while I am on the scale, these two features make this scale simple to use and important to me. Don't listen to people complaining about the small icons. Just step on, wait for the double beep, step off and record.
    I know a lot of people worry about the acurracy. It is clearly stated in the manual that it is more accurate to take the average number of all the readings. I personally use a spreadsheet and have it average the numbers every time I add in a new days worth of numbers.
    I am using this scale to track weigh loss and I tend to get hooked on a number even though I know I shouldn't (it's easier said then done). This scale keeps me focused on the overall picture. Also, once I started to exercise my weight didn't seem to change for the better which is descouraging. I found it helpful to see the muscle mass increase while my weight sometimes increased! ...more info
  • Great Fun Scale
    Works fine - of course the database is averages so use with a grain of salt....more info
  • Not Acceptable Performace - Highly Variable Results
    This was not a useful product in any sense, as the results varied by 30% depending upon what time it was used during the day. Even the scale was about as accurate as my $40 electronic scale from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Do not waste your time and money on this product....more info
  • A must have!
    this body composition moniter is the best tool for anyone who has fitness goals. body weight alone means nothing to fitness... this breaks down fat percentage , lbs of muscle, and much more...again ill say... a must have!...more info
  • All the bells and whistles
    This scale is easy to use and gives you key data on a number of personal attributes. Multiple user information too....more info
  • Great Scale
    Lots of functions and amazon had the very best price! Quick delivery too....more info
  • This is the one to get
    I've had this for a while now and it is still the one I would choose to get again. Very good quality and easy to use....more info
  • Just incredible
    This scale is the best. So accurate and easy to navigate. Bought for my husband who has a fitness and weight loss business (Physiquetransformation.com) and is very scrutinizing to products like this. It not only passed his test but he actually refers customers to these tanita scales. Most people just see weight on home scales and this scale is unlike others that just show the quanity of your body..this one shows the absolute quality of it....it is worth every penny to those who are serious about weight loss and understanding where one pound may have come from (water, fat, lean muscle, viseral fat, bone density.....). ...more info
  • Perfect motivator for weight management
    I bought this scale as I began my journey to better health. So far it has been accurate and consistent and the options are great for tracking progress. Especially motivating for weight management when the scale doesn't seem to budge but you're working out more than ever-- weight won't change but the confirmation that comes with seeing the fat % and muscle mass grow will. Best investment in a scale I've ever made. Definitely recommend it! ...more info


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