Hoover U5269-900 EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Empower your life. Defeat the dirt. With this amazing Hoover EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum, you'll have the power. It features a twin chamber bagless system that keeps dirt and dust off your hands and clothes with sealed cap chambers. And talk about quiet! Features Hush mode --- for quiet cleaning whenever you want --- even when baby's sleeping!! Need a boost? Hit the Power Boost button to make even hard-to-clean messes, like pet hair, vanish in an instant. Allergen filtration HEPA filter helps clear the air by removing pollens and allergens. The Teflon coated HEPA filter lasts 3 years under normal use. Includes powered hand tool for stairs and upholstery. UL approved. Plastic construction. This vacuum weighs approximately 18 pounds, and is not self-propelling. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy.

With a custom power boost function for serious matting and soiling, Hoover offers their EmPower bagless vacuum for household cleaning needs. The upright 12-amp vacuum offers two power settings and five height levels to accommodate a wide variety of floor and carpet types, while eradicating both deeply embedded debris and light layers of dust. With a long-lasting HEPA cartridge filter, the vacuum also improves an environment's air quality, stripping away dust mites, ragweed, and most grass pollen. In removing and containing these allergens, the newly vacuumed room provides relief for sufferers of seasonal allergies like hay fever and helps minimize the discomfort for individuals with cat or dog allergies.

To ensure a clean carpet, the 15-inch wide vacuum head features a helpful headlight to illuminate soiled patches. The agitation from the vacuum's brush roll uproots dirt from even the plushest carpet, with the option of the push button power boost for heavy-duty cleaning. To accommodate households with sleeping babies, children at study, or other volume sensitive inhabitants, the EmPower model is endowed with a Hush mode, operating on lower power for quieter maintenance. Debris travels through a Teflon-coated HEPA cartridge filter into a sealed dual-chamber dust cup. The chambers are transparent to allow easy monitoring of the dust cup's fullness. The dust cup detaches from the vacuum body for easy emptying. Vacuum tools and accessories include a powered hand tool for pet hair and stair step cleaning, extension wand, upholstery nozzle, crevice wand, and an extra-reach hose. The vacuum handle folds down for compact storage. The power cord on this vacuum spans 31 feet in distance. For the best results, the HEPA filter should be replaced every three years and should never be washed. Hoover offers a one-year warranty for this item. The pre-assembled vacuum weighs 21 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Bagless upright vacuum with 15-inch cleaning path from Hoover; hush mode available for quiet cleaning
  • Teflon-coated HEPA filtration cartridge removes air impurities and allergens; debris collects in removable double-chamber dust cup
  • 12-amp motor features push-button power surge for heavy-duty dirt extraction; 5 height settings available for various carpets and floors
  • Onboard accessories include hand-held power tool for pet hair and vertical cleaning; with a 31-foot power cord and fold-down handle
  • Vacuum weighs 21 pounds upon shipping; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • I used to like this vacuum....
    I have used this vacuum for 3 years now. Yesterday, I was vacuuming my stairs (which this vacuum doesn't do well at all) and the vacuum fell down the stairs on my head and the plastic part on the back of it, which holds the tools, gashed my head which caused it to bleed and I thought I was gonna have to go the hospital. I still have a lump and it hurts bad. I really thought this vac was ok but all the hardwood comments are true too. I used to have just carpet and I love this vac for carpet, hardwood and tile...not so much!...more info
  • good but not great
    I've had this for about 2 years and it is an ok vacuum. My major complaints are that it eats belts and filters can be expensive. The belts are hard to find, even stores that sell this vacuum. Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe's don't carry them. I found a package of 2 on clearance at True Value, but they no longer carry them. So now it sits until I can find the stupid belts. Very aggravating. I think I'll look for a new vacuum instead....more info
  • Great vacuum
    Awesome!!!! this is a powerful vacuum cleaner. I recently had minor renovations done to my home, and the carpet in the bedrooms became quite dusty and dirty. The vacuum cleaner sucked all of the dirt up out of the carpet. Before vacuuming I sprinkled carpet fresh on the carpet and not ony did it smell fresh, it was so clean it looked new. Money well spent!...more info
  • Outstanding value
    This is the 2nd EmPower bagless upright that I've purchased. It has terrific suction especially in a home with mulitple pets. It is lightweight and dependable. The only improvements that I would make relate to the attachment. The hose pops off the main part of the vacuum to attach a couple of different heads onto it. The negative is the hose doesn't attach securely to the vacuum itself, so it will pop off when I am vacuuming regularly. The attachement holders are on the side and if you get too close to a wall they will break right off. That's an operator error...but speaks to the flimsy nature of the holder. Now all this said it is a great vacuum cleaner for the money...they do a better job at regular vacuuming than the more expensive Hoover models. ...more info
  • Empowered yes, begrimed certainly!
    It vacuums thoroughly, the attachments are handy and the cord is long so those are the pluses. There's just one minus but it's kinda huge. It's a nightmare to empty! Fine dirt and dust goes EVERYwhere, whacking the filter creates a choking cloud. Anything you're wearing just throw in the wash cuz it's covered in a brownish-gray dusting of dirt. I empty it outside, more's the pity cuz you'd be better off doing this naked and showering afterwards....more info
  • Four out of Five Stars
    Overall this vaccuum is a good buy. It is rather light weight and the tools/settings are easy to use. I hesitate to give it 5 stars because the suction was not as good as I hoped. However, I believe its a good investment for the money and I would but it again. ...more info
  • Crappy Vacuum
    When I first saw the commercials for this vacuum, I knew I must have it. Especially with a baby. When I finally got it I was disappointed with the "Hush" button. There was almost no difference in sound. And I definitely couldn't vacuum right next to a sleeping baby like the commercials show. Oh well, I thought, it's still a Hoover. Over the year or so that I've had it, I've become increasingly annoyed with it. The onboard attachments are fairly crummy, half the time the brushes don't spin when you use the upholstery attachment, you have to unwind the cord completely to get to the hose. Then there's the cleaning. I have to clean the tank outside because the dust is SO bad. The little thing in the middle you have to take out to get to the filter makes you get your hands dirty and fingernails since stuff sticks to the screen. Then there's the actual filter. It costs almost $30 and you have to replace it about once a month. I don't even have pets, but it gets dirty really fast and then looses suction. I tried washing it to prolong life and it really hasn't. There is nothing worse than vacuuming and then having it look like you've done nothing. I hate this vacuum. I'm going to get a Dyson and put this one out on the curb with a FREE sign on it....more info
  • Amazing product
    I bought this as a replacement for a 6-year old Dirt Devil that just wasn't doing the job anymore. This is light, powerful, and made a visible difference to my carpeting - layers of dog hair came out effortlessly - and we have a yellow lab that always seems to be shedding. It is substantially quieter than my previous vacuum and is light enough to use fairly easily on stairs. The upholstery cleaning attachment is great....more info
  • This Vacuum really Sucks - and thats a GOOD thing
    Bought this vacuum based on consumer reports reviews as well as customer reviews and have not been disappointed at all. The vacuum is easy to handle - seems lighter than some of my previous vacuums. Bagless feature is great and easy to take off, empty, and put on again. Fold down handle is also a plus as we live in an apartment and storage is an issue - fits perfectly in small utility closet. Overall we are extremely pleased for the price you just can't beat it....more info
  • Overall, a good buy
    I bought this vacuum after reviewing lots of vacuum's in consumer reports- this one met my needs for the price. It's easy to use, easy to store. It's not that easy to do stairs with and it's not as quiet as I had hoped, but overall for the money it was worth it- so far. I have only had it for a couple months. It picks up pet hair well, so if you have pets and don't want to spend a small fortune on a vacuum, this will do fine....more info
    I am so pleased with my EmPower Bagless! It is my first bagless, and it is replacing my uber expensive and uber useless Oreck! The first time I vacuumed my apartment I got so angry and disgusted at the amount of schmutz the Hoover picked up. I was so grossed out by all the what-not and dust and general Yuck that the Hoover was able to get and the Oreck was not! I have never been more pleased with a household appliance!...more info
  • no brainer
    This was an easy purchase with no hassles. The product arrived with no shipping costs in perfect shape. I could not believe the amount of "dirt" that it picked up on an area vacuumed alot. It has nice attachments and NO BAGS!!! ( although you must dump the dirt to ensure good performance- not hard to do ) It was a no-brainer choice and the choice very competitive....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    This vacuum is cheap in cost and cheap in quality. It has pretty low suction, but it would be adequate if I didn't have two dogs who shed so much. The filter gets very dirty even though it's in a separate compartment and it takes forever to clean decently. The power attachment is useless, even though I haven't had any problems with it not spinning. What works better is just to forgo using the power brush attachment and not use anything at all. I would not buy this vacuum again, and only give it two stars because of it's cheap price and that it picks up decently, even though it takes two or three passes to get really clean. Just FYI: Do Not use a powdered carpet freshener with this model. If you need to freshen after vacuuming, use some febreze.

    Edit: I wanted to add that I am writing this review 6 months after purchasing the vacuum and so have used it much longer than people who have reviewed this product after one use....more info
  • ?
    it works better than other vacuums i have had. cost less than one i bought at the store. less than a year ago. it broke. it came fully assembled. it has a large tray that holds what was picked up. easy to use. ...more info
  • Hoover U5269-900 Empower bagless sweeper
    This sweeper is doing a very good job for the money I spent on it. There are only two small problems-the quiet option is not much different than the regular option and some times on the hard wood floors it doesn't pick up large pieces of dirt. Otherwise very easy to use and empty....more info
  • Poor investment
    I own this vaccum and have been using this now for several months. I have less than 800 square feet of carpeting. This Vacumm truly "SUCKS". Yes, pun intended. It loses suction overtime and the filtration does not work well shooting dust back into the air. Even the special booster for power does not work well in corners. The vaccum also loses self propelling overtime. Very poor buy. I strongly suggest those who own this and have commented positively under these reviews to hold onto your store receipts or extended warranties as you will no doubt need this.

    Dadds m-powered
    ...more info
  • Great vacuum for a great price
    Was leery of ordering a vacuum via the internet. I however, was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. First of all the vacuum came in two days. Wow. Then, it was a piece of cake to assemble.Went to vacuuming right away. Works really well. I would recomend this product....more info
  • JUST RIGHT!!!! For the price!!!
    This vacuum is awesome! I couldn't be happier. I have only had it a day, but what a job it has done on my house! Although we knew our old vacuum wasn't doing the best job, we at least thought it was doing something. Well we could not have been more mistaken! After cleaning our house with the new vacuum our carpet looks better, feels better, and let me tell you how much dirt I could see in the bagless canister. With 2 cats our 900 square foot apartment gets hairy! But this vacuum does the job. It's light weight and easy to use, as well. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone . . . I'll update this in 6 months to see if I'm still pleased! But today - I couldn't be happier (and I never thought I'd get happy over a vacuum!)...more info
  • vacumn sucks in a good way
    We are pleased with the hoover vacumn which we received from Amazon. It met all of our expectations, and is also lightweight. I like the bagless feature, but find it is a little messy to clean out. I would recommend this machine to another....more info
  • Great Sweeper
    Does a great job of picking up regular dirt and hair from my German Shepard. The dirt canister needs emptied about every other sweeping to insure it picks up properly. Both the pre-filter and Hepa filter get pretty dirty and must be cleaned properly each time.
    But..... if you're willing to do this you will have a great sweeper at a real value price! ...more info
  • Reliability issues
    This product is a good choice for its value. Powerful and easy to move around. One problem is that if ones wants to use the extensions he has to remove the hose which is located at the top part of the device base and then plug the extension in - if you use the extensions a lot probably not a good deal in terms of functionality.
    Also, I have had some problems with parts of the vacuum - more specifically the belt that makes the bottom part spin. After 2-3 days of use the part would not spin anymore because the belt was broken. I took the bottom part off and removed the belt and then had two solutions - call Hoover and go through their customer service - probably a week or two of wait or find the hose myself. Fortunately Home Depot had it and so I bought two new belts - just in case. All that said, it's unacceptable to have a belt break after 1 week of use so if you want something that is more reliable probably you will have to go with a higher end vacuum.
    ...more info
  • This vacuum is great!
    With animal hair it was very difficult for the last 3 vacuums I had to not clog up the brush area. My girlfriend brought over her vacuum a few months ago, and it was this one. After using her vacuum, that same day I ordered this one. For the price, you surely can't beat the quality and so much better than the $1K vacuums I have purchased in the passed.

    I am very happy with the purchase of this vacuum! I think this one will last longer than 1-2 years as the passed vacuums I have had. I love it!...more info
  • Wouldn't suggest this vacuum
    I got this vacuum as a Christmas present and loved it at first. It was light weight, self-propelled and worked fine. However, within a few months, it really wasn't picking up debris on the carpet very well. I hate when I am vacuuming it shoots stuff right back at me and then I have to re-vacuum the carpet, I supposedly already cleaned. It does this most of the time I am cleaning. I find that I have to use the special boost feature the whole time to get anything to vacuum up. It also smells awful when we are vacuuming. It smells very dusty and is not very allergy friendly. It is also a mess to clean. My husband and I are going to buy another vacuum cleaner soon and will definitely go back to using the bag system, which I have read in other ratings, really make a difference in having a vacuum last and keep working (suctioning) well. Somehow, the bagless ones, just don't have lasting cleaning power. Other things that I haven't liked about this vacuum is that it doesn't clean close to edges (poor suction) and the hose constantly falls out now. I have to fix it probably 3 times each room I clean, which is really annoying. If you read the reviews, most people who have rated this vacuum positively have only owned it for a short while. If I would have rated it right away, I would have said I loved it too. (The self-propelled feature is really nice!) However, having had it less than a year, the past 6 months with it has been a big pain and are carpets aren't getting very clean. I think we are going to try the Hoover Tempo Widepath which has had better ratings. ...more info
  • Great vacuum, but...
    I really like this vacuum for it's price and features. My only problems with this machine have to do with the belt. Accessibility to the belt requires removing 7 screws to disassemble the roller assembly, etc., to gain access to the belt area to change it. Also, could not find replacement belts anyplace but a vacuum store. Otherwise, this is a great vacuum for the price, with features usually found only in much more expensive machines....more info
  • Hoover
    Not the best for a so called lightweight vacuum. I think I would buy another vacuum before I spend $40.00 on a new filter. Not as easy to whip out the hose and get into crevices. I was in love with my Shark that now is history
    and discontinued that model
    ...more info
  • works for me
    I have to disagree with the reviews that say this machine does not work for low carpets. I have berber carpet and it works like a gem. I have pets and I am amazed how much pet hair it picked up the first time I used it. I don't beleive it's a feature, but it actually propels itself forward so it doesn't take much effort to push it around. The pet tool is perfect for the staircase and upholstery. The only reason it gets 4 stars as previously mentioned in other reviews, the so-called hush mode is a joke. That and the beater bar continues to spin when using the hand tools. Otherwise I have no real complaints. ...more info
  • Awesome suction
    This is my first bagless vacuum. It came in one piece which was super convenient. Lots of nice "bells and whistles" too. The first time I used it I was amazed at how powerful the suction was. I've lived in a newly constructed house just under a year and the amount of dog hair and carpet fuzz that it picked up was astounding. It seemed like my old vacuum hadn't been working at all, for all the stuff the Hoover picked up the first time. Satisfyingly disgusting! The only downside to the bagless vacs that aren't super expensive is that you have to deal with filters and periodically cleaning them. However, even if this vacuum only lasts me a year or so...it's definately going to be worth it for the price I paid....more info
  • One bad sweeper!
    A very bad machine. Blank floor pick-up is almost non-existent. It kicks most of the debris out in the back.
    The switch for different carpet heights is almost inoperable due to cheap and inefficient plastic mechanics.
    Detaching and re-attaching the hose for hand sweeping action is not easy enough - too much fumbling required.
    General carpet pick up is good.
    But overall, this sweeper is an engineering disaster!
    ...more info
  • Never going bagless again.
    The Fantom Fury infomercials must have done a great job at brainwashing the masses into thinking that somehow these bagless vacuums are somehow better than ones with a bag. I got suckered in, thinking it will be great for the environment and easier to deal with.

    Could I have been more wrong.

    Emptying the dirt out of this thing makes such a mess I can't believe I use it to attempt to clean anything. I *have* to do it outside or I'd end up in an endless cycle of emptying the bin, vacuuming the mess, emptying again, etc.

    Dust gets EVERYWHERE. You have to tap and hit the filter against the ground a lot to get all of the dirt and debris that is embedded in the filter out. I can't see how this thing can possibly have any suction after cleaning my small apartment twice, at which point it has to be emptied. Bags seem to last longer. Of course by doing this you get dust in the "clean end" of the filter that's going to blow back out all over the place when you turn the vacuum back on. So much for the Hepa filter!

    The little upholstery attachment is nearly useless. You can get more brushing action and in tighter spots with just a plain brush head attachment. It's just a gimmick.

    The extension wand is not quite long enough to do the floors with the brush attachment. This doesn't work so great when you're tall like me. Just using the vacuum normally on hard surfaces doesn't work great either, because the spinning brush just shoots debris all over the floor, rather than picking it up.

    Lately, as I've been vacuuming floors, the hose has started to become detached from the base. So I have to stop & re-connect, and wonder if I've been getting optimum vacuum suction if it hasn't been connected right.

    Save you're money and go with a cheaper model with a bag. You're not going to save money by going bagless. Filters cost $15, bags are much cheaper, and probably better for the environment and you're health, cleanliness, and sanity too. I'm also considering going canister....more info
  • Hoover that really cooks
    If you are thinking that you need a great vaccume, but don't want to pay the high price of some "foreign" model, this is the unit for you! This baby really does a great job. For the price, it can't be beat....more info
  • This vacuum (doesn't) suck!
    I'm not impressed with the sucking ability of this vac...it won't even clean my oriental rugs. I'm even more disappointed that I relied on all my fellow reviewers here. Is Hoover doing these ratings?!?! ...more info
  • Worst vacuum ever
    Did not last one year before parts started breaking.......would eat fan belts if you caught the corner of a rug. I was very disappointed and I have always owned Hoovers....more info
  • Great vaccuum, great price
    I research everything before purchasing. This one had high reviews when I bought it ~ 2 years ago. I was fed up with my old Bissell, which had run out of suction and had battle scars from where I had thrown it out of frustration. Somehow we ended up with a flea infestation, for which the best remedy is constant vaccuuming. I was so thrilled with this vaccuum, it literally glided over my carpet, so it did not seem like such a chore to vaccuum the entire house twice a day. I also had to empty the thing after each job, to get rid of the fleas. I take the canister outside and empty it into a trash bag - not a problem. The fleas were gone within a week. Then I used the vaccuum on my van. I live at the coast, and I sucked up a beach full of sand with this thing, and my van looked so clean afterward. I have limited storage space, so I keep this in the corner of my living room with the handle folded down - it's not even noticable. The only drawback is that the handle that holds the extension attachment broke - due to my son snapping it off. Not a big deal, I just store that attachment separately. The only other vaccuum that I considered after my research was the Hoover Windtunnel, but I remembered hearing my sister complaining about hers when it was brand new. I called her to ask about it, and she said she was on her third one after returning the first two right out of the box, and that she hates it. I'm sorry, but I do not remember her specific complaints about the Windtunnel. I am very happy with the EmPower, and highly recommend it....more info
  • Great for a few months then parts start breaking
    I loved this vac when I first got it, light weight, powerful, easy to clean, nice machine. However it started breaking parts one at a time. Belt broke at 1 month, I replaced it, at 2 months the plastic ring that holds the extension pipe broke in half, now I store it separately. Now at 4 months one of the screws that holds the hood on over top of the brush snapped off the plastic piece that holds it in place. Not very mechanical but with this no longer screwed down tight, for some reason brush won't turn on carpets. I now have to replace the entire vac.

    I'm not a heavy user, I live in a house trailer and normally only vacuum the living room every day. Rest of house once a week. I'm sad to see it go but I won't be buying another one.
    ...more info
  • works for me
    I use this vacuum on my RV and am satisfied with the results. It picks up the usual dirt as well as small rocks, sticks, grass and assorted campground debris. The small power head attachment is especially useful since the RV has numerous areas too small for the full vacuum to reach.

    The cord is long enough to reach from end to end of our 45' RV without unplugging and re-plugging, a plus. A longer hose for the attachments would be nice but it still gets the job done; just need to move the vacuum more often....more info
  • just doesn't last
    The vacuum was okay at first. I agree with another reviewer that it is incredibly messy to empty. However, my problems concerned the attachment hose. When not using the hose, the end of it is attached to the vacuum but there is nothing to keep it attached and with wear it began to pop off all the time. Even worse, the other end of the hose that is supposed to be permenantly attached to the back of the vacuum, came off. It appears that the hose kind of screws into the back (instead of being secured) and I can not get it reattached no matter how patiently and determinedly I try. I then reattached it to the best of my abilities and used duct tape to hold it in place. That only worked for a very short time and lead to even more frustration. It is such a waste because the vacuum still works but without secure attachment of the hose on either end, the vacuum is unusable. Very cheaply made! I would not recommend this vacuum under any circumstances!...more info
  • Don't do it!
    Learn from my mistake and buy another vacuum cleaner! I wish I could return this, but I waited too long and no longer have the box it came in. Two broken belts, and it doesn't hold much at all. Have to empty it twice each time I use it. Miss my old Eureka Boss! Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. I wish I had. What a waste of money!...more info
  • Noisy but it gets the job done
    For the price you can't beat this vacuum. It has good suction, a good variety of tools and works as advertised. There are 2 drawbacks that keep this from getting an outstanding rating. It is very loud and the noise reduction button is worthless. The agitator keeps going when the vacuum is upright making it a bit klugey to use in tool mode....more info
  • Belt woes
    The suction of the vacuum was excellent and it does pick up, however, with owning it for just 15 days, the belt broke for no apparent reason. To get another belt, lets just say, service is horrible was never told it was on back-order and then when it did come in, it is taking another 7-10 days to receive this product (belt). Why a belt would break that quicky, I don't know, but I would never buy a Hoover again because of the "customer service" and availability of parts. ...more info
  • It's fine... for a couple of months....
    We got this vac in late December 06 and started using it in mid January 2007. It is now early October 2007 and it's already on the curb. Why? Because it just gradually stopped working.

    We don't have many rugs (hardwood throughout), so the machine was used weekly on 5 throw rugs (you can't turn the beater off, so it was useless for hardwood). It started off strong, but within two months we found that we had to go over a spot several times to pick up the pet hair etc. Over the course of the following months, it got harder and harder to really clean a carpet. By the end of September, the hose/accessory function had completely ceased working as well.

    We replaced this vac on Oct 3rd with a Bissell Healthy Home vac. In cleaning the 5 throw rugs in the house for the first time, we produced 1.5 grocery bags of dust and pet hair that was left in the rug by the Hoover. Ick.

    I do not recommend this product for anyone....more info
  • This Sucks, actually sucks up dog hair
    Great vacuum if you have dogs that shed, this had sucked up all the dog hair from my collie, easy to clean the collection bin. For pet owners, a great choice
    ...more info
  • Strong, but Big
    We mainly have wood floors and jute-type area rugs, but we also have a very hairy dog. This Hoover does the job, has a fantastically long power cord, and is easy to clean out. My only complaint is that it's very, very heavy and difficult to maneuver....more info
  • Great vacumn
    Was very satisfied-everything it says it was. Once again, Amazon is amazing...more info
  • nice cleaning and best price
    Condition of the machine is nice and the price is best.
    I am new to use the Vacuum cleaner, and it works very nice...
    I have looked around for its purchase including Walmart, Home Depot and the like and finally decided the buying form Amazon.
    I will continut to shopping at Amazon for other items..
    ...more info
  • Good vacuum for the price.
    I do like this vacuum for the price because it does seem to have a lot of power behind it but I find it very, very messy to empty the dust out of the compartment and it always seems to get stuck (the dust that is) so it requires a lot of taping or using your hands to remove. Also the crevice wand is way too short and leaves you bending over way too much. An extension wand would have been a plus. Oh and the hush mode doesn't seem any quieter as many have stated.
    ...more info
  • Best I've Ever Had
    This is a great vacuum. It picks up everything on every surface. A must have for pet owners ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the price
    As soon as I got the vacuum I put it to use and all I have to say is wow. I have a small dog and I was amazed at all the hair the Hoover picked up. It has great suction and leaves my carpets clean. I have had it for about a month and it still works as well as the first day I used it. Wonderful product for the price. I would recommend it....more info
  • To bag or not to bag that is the question!
    The performance of the cleaner and the attachments is excellent. The problem is the cleaning of the dirt container and the filter after each use. You can just empty the container of the large particle then rinse it out. With the filter you have to knock it to get the dust to drop from it's folds, this is best done while holding it inside a bag. So now it is not bag-less is it. The vacuum and the attachments pick up pet hair really well from the floor and from furniture....more info
  • Great Vac!
    I'm by far not an expert at vacuums but when my last one started to smoke I knew the time had come to get a new vac. I was interested and researched that "expensive" model since I have 4 cats and 2 birds - anything made specifically for "pets" was attractive - except for the price. This vac seemed to have a similar design and for the price I figured I'd give it a try. It was amazing. I tend to be a packrat but always thought my home was quite clean - until I used this vac. Now I know it's clean - I couldn't get over how well it picked up cat hair.

    The only "minuses" are that it's rather messy to empty the container (so I do that outside) and I haven't figured out how to "clean" the filter yet as the directions say not to get it wet. At the moment I'm just tapping it on the deck railing.

    My mom always had a Hoover in the house and I'll surely stick with this brand and design in the the future. I've been very pleased....more info
  • Great buy for the money
    Suction is great. Vac pulls itself across the floor. I am disappointed that you can't turn off the beater bar for when you use the attachments or are on wood floors. I fear that if I leave it running too long in the same place that it might burn a hole in the carpet. Otherwise, excellent vac. ...more info
  • NOT for hardwood and low carpets
    We bought this after readong the rave reviews and are very disappointed. It throws more dirt around then it cleans up..I have to dust mop after I vacuum. And yes - I read the directions to see if I was doing something wrong or not doing something and after checking everything out I am still going to get a new vacuum and hopefully find someone with no wood floors to clean to give this too. I would not buy this one again. ...more info
  • No Suction After 2 Months
    I received this vacuum as a gift in Nov. 2006 and within the 1st month the belt snapped (which is not very easy to replace). After a few weeks the belt snapped again. Ever since, there is practically no suction. All my floors are hardwood with a few low cut area rugs, so there is nothing that my flooring would have done to inhibit this vacuum. I was originally planning to buy the Dyson. My friend has one and let me borrow it. Wow...what a difference. There is no comparison. I plan on writing a letter to Hoover. I also had another Hoover (one with a bag) for almost 10 years and I loved it. However, I am extremely disappointed with this vacuum. If you decide to get this vacuum, good luck. My opinion is to invest in something that will last a long time. ...more info
  • Shockingly Good
    For the price, or for any price, this is a very usable, user friendly, effective vacuum. The suction is good, and is exponentially helped by a nasty vicious torrential spinning beater bar. That thing wacks the heck out of carpets like I've never seen. So much so, in fact, the vacuum pulls itself forward slightly almost as though it were self propelled. I didn't have any "rug burning" issue like one person described.

    The unit itself is pretty light. Emptying the dirt bin is not too difficult or painful, but a thorough wet cleaning of the dirt bin (short of the filter) does take some time. I vacuumed my parents house with it after my mom ran her Oreck XL2 (less than 1 year old) and the dirt bin was entirely filled. She was shocked. A good mixture of fibers/fuzz and actual dirt dirt.

    Partially because this unit gets under counter edges and under furniture much better than the Oreck. Additionally, the unit seemed more willing to comply and easier to direct where I wanted it to go compared to my mom's Oreck.

    I am used to a 10 year old Hoover as the last Hoover I touched, so I was disappointed that the power cable didn't seem more heavy duty, that the wheels weren't a little heavier, and that the plastics weren't thicker. But this is by no means a flimsy vacuum. More light weight, just like cars and everything else these days.

    The tools are intelligently placed on the unit. One drawback I found in the beginning was how the stair beater spinner attachment is on the left side of the unit. I kept hitting it with my knee and knocking it off. I learned not to hit it, or could have easily taken it off.

    I did notice that when vacuuming someplace for the first time, once the dirt cup gets half full or so, the suction does decrease. As expected, I emptied, and it went right back to normal.

    The attachment hose is actually clear when you stretch it out, so you can see if it has a clog in it. Very innovative.

    I was not happy that the main unit beater bar does not stop when you convert it to hose mode for using attachments. Not only loud, but annoying. This may or may not be normal with other brands/models, I don't know.

    The hush mode really does work, despite others comments here. As someone stated, if you "LOCK ON" the "EXTRA BOOST" then hush doesn't hush at all.

    Overall, I am satisfied with this vacuum and would purchase it again. I looked at the walmarts, k marts, sears models, as well as the most highly rated ones on here. I would definitely call this thing a best buy in its price category and possibly a couple tiers above it according to cost.
    ...more info
  • Love My Pets
    This vaccum is absolutely wonderful! I have 4 cats and A German Shepperd and this vacuum has gotten things off of my carpet that my other never even touched! I have wanted a Dyson for years but just cannot bring myself to spend the $500.00. Well this is MY Dyson!!!!
    ...more info
  • Would definitely recommend
    I am very happy with this purchase, especially for under $100. I couldn't believe how much stuff it picked up the first time, and I had just vacuumed with my old vacuum. I do agree with other reviews I've read that the "Quiet" mode is not quiet, but I wasn't looking for a quiet vacuum (is there really such a thing?). I do also agree with some others that the hose is rather short, but the vacuum is not very heavy and I can carry it up the stairs pretty easily every few steps. The only other critique I have is that the canister empties from the top, not from the bottom like I've seen on some other models. I know this review probably seems mostly negative, but I just wanted to share all my thoughts for others. But overall I do love this vacuum: it vacuums very well both on the floor and with tools and that was most important to me....more info
  • Great household vacuum!
    My 10 yr old 10amp Eureka sweeper was not picking up in the house. I have 2 cats & a husband plus visiting grandkids so I really use a vacuum quite a bit. I read the reviews on this & was looking for one under $100. I'm very happy I purchased this. It has great suction, filtration, & attachments. I especially like the pet hair attachment. It is nice & lightweight to carry around. I did end up purchasing the hose attachment because the hose is a little short, but I would still highly recommend this for a general household sweeper. Also, when I ordered this it said it would come in 2 weeks but it came within a week....more info
  • Light vacuum sweeper
    I like the EmPower because it is light, but cleans thoroughly at the same time....more info
  • Avoid for thick carpeting
    If you have any thick or shag carpeting, this is not the Hoover product for you. It works great on thick carpets the first time out of the box. However, we went through two of these vacuums and they just do not clean our rugs. The Hoover wind tunnel models still seem to be a superior product....more info
  • Great vacum cleaner
    Cleans well. Best bagless vacum cleaner I've ever owned. It dosen't leak dust around the house. My mother liked it and wants me to buy her one. I don't know if it's the best out there, but it's got my approval....more info
  • Good but loud
    Pros: very good suction power, can vacuum both carpets and floors with no issues. Changing the dust out can be a bit messy, but the procedure itself is pretty simple.

    Cons: Even on quiet mode the vacuum is really loud.

    Bottom line is that the vacuum is very functional as a vacuum and if you don't mind the noise than I would recommend it....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    This vacuum is great. I did not realize how much dirt I still had in my carpeting after using my dirt devil. I used this vacuum and it was like "WOW". It picked up so much more dirt and I really like the fact that you can see it all in the container. The only thing I wish it had was more of a longer hose for the extensions, but other than that this vacuum is great!!...more info
  • Great for the Price
    This vacuum is a great machine for the price. It's sucking up a lot that my Dirt Devil left behind. Only thing missing from this machine is a wand extension, so you have to stoop over a bit when using the hose....more info
  • Love it!
    I LOVE this vacuum! I just upgraded from the cheapest vacuum at Walmart to this - and the difference is amazing!!!! It picks up LOADS of dust & fluff, and is so easy to push. It's relatively easy to empty, but I do get dust around the trashcan sometimes (that's why it's only 4 stars). I love the long cord too. Great vacuum for the money :)...more info
  • So far so good
    I have had the vacuum for about a month and everything is working great. Only problems I see with it are the attachment on the side is a little large and may get in your way while using also when you press it against a chair the roller brush stops (but I haven't seen one where it keeps turning). It is light enough to push around and some of the features are fun like the Hush mode and the Extra power mode.

    ...more info
  • Great buy!
    I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for a vacuum cleaner but, still wanted something that does the job. This is it! I have mostly all carpeting and two cats that shed constantly. After I got done using this it looked like a new carpet. The hush mode doesn't really make it any quieter but, it is a vacuum after all. I found the fold down handle very convenient for storing it in the coat closet. Couldn't be happier does the job well for a great price!...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum Cleaner
    I Bought this item because I have just moved from Englnd to the states and wanted something cheap. I was pleasantly surprised by the power othe the cleaner, it was excellent! The silent function seems to make little difference to the noise level, but it is fairly quiet anyway. Really good value! ...more info
  • Lightweight and easy to use!
    I just received my new EmPower an hour ago. I opened the box and it slid out easiely ready to use. I didn't have to assemble anything! The cord is nice and long and I love how the handle can be folded down for easier storage in my hall closet. I like seeing what I am vacuuming up, too. I think my favorite thing so far is how lightweight it is, but strong. I am thrilled with this great buy. I researched consumer reports and read all the reviews for this before purchasing it and I am pleased with my decision. A great buy for the price!...more info
  • Very Good!
    I just received this vacuum and so far am VERY happy. It seems to be quite powerful...although I had vacuumed recently, there was quite a bit of "stuff" in the canister. You could really see where the vacuum had been and tell that the carpet fibers were being moved around. It is also light weight, very easy to push along, and I was pleasently surprised at the length of the cord. I only had to change plugs once! My only "complaint", if you will, is that it is pretty loud. Otherwise, I think this is going to be a GREAT little vacuum.
    ...more info
  • Hoover Turbo Empower is Great!!!
    I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. It is powerful, easy to use, versatile, has a hush mode, handles carpet well, has a fold down handle so you can store it in a cabinet. It's just terrific!...more info
  • A fantastic buy for the $$$
    After much research and reading the various reviews, I elected to purchase the Empower as a Christmas present for the wife. Her requirements were really for something lightweight and quiet. This particular model fit the bill.

    Having used it for a month now we are very pleased with it. It does a great job of vacuuming. It is relatively quiet, even in the normal operating mode. The carpet rollers spin so fast it feels self-propelled! The wife was particuarly impressed in it's ability to do edge vacuuming. The pet attachment works really well. The handle folds down for storage allowing you to put it under a shelf or somewhere you wouldn't normally be able to store the vaccum cleaner.

    The only complaint we have at this point is the pet attachment is poorly positioned and tends to rub your leg, so we store it seperately so it doesn't get in the way. ...more info
  • This Vacuum really sucks
    Though the head is a bit oversized the suction is fantastic. It seems self powered over the floors - both carpet and hardwood. Though I haven't used the accessories they are conveniently attached to the base unit. I found it very easy to clean both the filter and the dirt collection canister....more info
  • This vacuum works great!!!
    It works really good!!! I couldn't believe how much My old vacuum missed and this one picked up!! My two complaints about it is, its "quite mode" is no where near quite! AND I have animals so I am constantly having to clean the filter way too often because it loses suction alot, but other then that its a GREAT vacuum!! I do recommend it!...more info
  • Hoover U5269-900 EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum
    This was a gift to my daughter. She reports that it is great. Best vacuum she has ever used. Loves the way it removes cat hair from furniture....more info
  • Great vac & doesn't break the bank
    Probably not the 'best' upright available but our previous vac was a Phantom. This one beats it hands down, very powerful, easy to maneuver, extra long cord and it was very inexpensive even with delivery charges. I'd recommend these to anyone....more info
  • I also lost suction power after a few months
    This vacuum should not exist. I just replaced this after 11 months, I actually haven't even bothered vacuuming in months because I knew I'd just be wasting my time running over the same spot 10 times and having to bend down to pick crap off the floor. I finally bought the bagged version of the "Hoover U6439-900 Self-Propelled WindTunnel Ultra Upright Vacuum" and I must say this is the only vacuum that should exist. I'd recommend not to buy bagless vacuums since my experiences with bagged vacuums are much better than bagless. I find it funny this empower vacuum has more postive comments than the windtunnel vacuum. Get the windtunnel if you want to clean and be happy!...more info
  • Be Warned
    Bought this to replace our old Windtunnel. This has a lot of power, a very powerful brush that actually pulls the unit along the floor, giving it the "self-propelled" feature mentioned in some of the reviews. However the short hose (also mentioned by lots of folks) it comes with is lame. I have brand new berber carpet. Very low pill. After getting this vac I noticed some stains in the carpet. Closer inspection ID'd them as burn marks. The tops of some of the carpet fibers were actually melted. I wasn't sure what these were from but suspected the vaccuum. Took it downstairs on some out-of-sight carpet and ran it. Changed the height, pushed down on it, grinding the brush until it stopped...no burns. Then I figured out if you are using the hose attachment the bottom brush still spins. When you stretch the hose to reach something the vaccuum tilts to one side. When this happens plastic on the rotating brush assembly on the far edges actually grinds into the carpet...and will actually friction burn the carpet. This will happen even with the vaccum set at it's highest setting....so be careful when using the hose attachement!...more info
  • Hoover Review
    I've been very pleased with the Hoover U5269-900 that I purchased. The "quiet" cycle is very nice, especially since I live in an apartment I don't worry about disturbing my neighbors. ...more info
  • Owned for about 18 months before it died
    I bought this vacuum in June of 05. It worked great until about a month ago when it just up and died. There is no suction at all anymore. I'm not sure what happened. I did really like it when it worked. Just beware it doesn't have a long life. ...more info
  • vacuum
    was very pleased with the hoover vacumm. it does a good job. i am very glad to have a vacumm that does what it is suppose to do...more info
  • Easy to use Vacuum Cleaner
    I received my vacuum cleaner in just a few day and I love it. It is not heavy and very easy to use and I like this because I am 72 years old and have arthritis very bad. I can use this vacuum because it pulls itself. It is also nice because the handle folds down it does not take up a lot of space in the closet. Thank you very much for this product. Mrs. Elam...more info
  • So, you'd like to blow $89?
    0 stars was not an option, so I was forced to give it 1 star. This vacuum is the biggest (literally, its huge and heavy) piece of worthless junk I have ever owned. I was spending $13 a year to repair my Dirt Devil FeatherLite Delux, (which is no longer sold) and the last time the Dirt Devil blew out my husband bought us this thing. He put my Dirt Devil out with the trash, and someone had taken it from the curb within the 10 minutes of him putting it out and me shreaking to the curb to collect it. :(

    I hate this vacuum with every fiber of my being. You cannot vacuum within 1 inch of the wall unless you use the hose. The hose has less suction power than if you were trying to pick up dirt with a drinking straw. The stupid hose falls off the unit when you are trying to use the regular function. It is LOUD, and it does a terrible job. Avoid this at all costs! ...more info
  • Great
    Love this Vacuum! I was tired of spending money on vacuums that stop working after 6 months. This product seems to really be worth the money. Currently being pregnant I love how the vacuum self goes. Not a lot of pushing needed. It also gets in the hard to reach corners of the wall and sides so your not on your hands and feet trying to suck it up with the tools. I hope if you purchase this vacuum you are as pleased with it as I am. ...more info
  • Good vacuum
    So far so good! We really like this vacuum. It is true that the 'Hush' mode isn't really quieter, but I didn't buy it for that feature, and don't really care.

    We have two cats and a baby and wanted a vacuum that would keep our floors as clean as possible. This vacuum works well for us.

    I like the attachments--they make vacuuming our furniture easy....more info
  • Good consumer reviews;nice price & performance
    This model was replacing a self-propelled Wind Tunnel.It is lighter weight,less noisy,has floor height dial instead of problematic slider on the WT.On board tool use is more trouble,but decent tradeoff for more important features.First bagless I bought & am pleased w/ ease of emptying,along w/ savings from not buying pricey bags.It is #18 on the Consumer Guide and the Hoover Tempo(#8) is the only competition in performance & price,in regard to the aformentioned review.Beware-some stores erroneously state the retail price as over 150.00;this is not accurate for this particular model,though. ...more info
  • looooooove this vacuum
    i purchased this vacuum cleaner after doing research and reading customer feedback. i was pleasantly surprised how well this very reasonably priced vacuum works! i've had an oreck for the past few years and by looking at the hoover dirt/dust container, it did a horrible job! i would vacuum every week but still had to pick up small particles afterwards. with this vacuum, you can determine the type of flooring that you are cleaning as well as using a turbo boost which suctions even more! i did have to empty the container four times while vacuuming my entire house (2000 sq ft) but that was probably due to it not really being cleaned for quite some time. it weighs 21 lbs which is a little hefty for me to take up and down the steps but the power and performance is worth it! this is an excellent product with a wonderful price! i highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I read the reviews before purchasing this product. I am very happy with it.
    It really picks up an enormous amount of cat fur and small particles. It is a good product and worth the price....more info
  • Great Value and Quality
    I was more than suprised by the overall quality and ease of use of this vac. Right out of the box it's a snap to put together... in fact there are no parts to do anything with. You just place the hose and you're ready to go. The feeling is almost like it's self propelled. You can tell you're picking up a lot of junk through the see-thru container. I'm real happy. In fact we bought two more... one for each floor. The vendor we bought this from was also very prompt in shipping....more info
  • Love it.
    I am tough to please and I am pleased with this vacuum. I was looking at some expensive Dysons and asked myself what was I paying for more dirt of my floor and is that measured somewhere. Nope. I looked at the reviews and wanted a bag less vacuum.

    This came the other day I have been vacuuming more than normal. My only criticism is that quite mode sounds the same as normal mode....more info
  • Great value for the price
    I bought this as a gift for my son, and he loves it. He particularly likes that it is bagless, and reports that it really picks up the dirt!...more info
  • problems after 3 months
    After 3 months of average use, this vaccuum stopped spinning the brushes. The canister is difficult to empty. I was very dissappointed because of the failure of this machine to last. I will never buy a hoover product again....more info
  • 50 STARS!
    I purchased this Vacuum on the strength of a salesperson's recommendation. Based on my own experience, it is very clear to me why she recommended Hoover, and more specifically recommended this particular model. This Vacuum can handle carpets, and hard floors very efficiently. It also has several attachments, one of which is EXTREMELY useful for cleaning upholstery. And almost everything else is on board as well, with the exception of the extended nozzle, which probably has a place on the machine, and maybe I just haven't discovered it yet.

    This model is also relatively quiet, (In my case, the Hush Mode does seem to work) which is good when you live in an apartment where your neighbor's place isn't eleven feet from your door. The only drawback (In my opinion) is that it's not "Made In USA." But all things considered, this model is a very good investment. Normally, you get what you pay for, but this model gives you more than what you pay for. Very well engineered....more info
  • You want a Vacuum that walks you?
    Oh Boy" I have been using an upright Hoover for some years, it picked up some of the stuff on my carpets" then I had my carpets professionally cleaned at the cost of $250.00 and what I saw was scary, blaks water like black on black can be. I decided to purchase upright vaccum bagless and since I did not want to spend lots of money I settled on this Hoover U 5269-900 I was totally taken by this hoover, it needed no assembly, just plugged it in and it went going, it was walking me and the suction is terrific, it picks up all the dust, my cats hair and you name it, even the hand tool almost sucks up my pillow on the couch, it is a terrific vacuum and I could not be happier with it! I would however, not recommend this Vacuum for large apartments or homes, since the dust cup is small. I live in a good size two bedroom apartment and for that it's perfect. At last, the long cord on this vacuums makes me only have to plug it in two places in my apartment, every vacuum should have this long cord.
    I highly recommend this vacuum to those that live in 1 or 2 bedroom apartments....go get yourself one. I got bad back and had trouble vacuuming with my old Vac, have no pain using this one....more info
  • We love the vacume.........
    Great suction, low noise. Looks great. The attachment hose for doing stairs is too short, so when I am vacuuming stairs I have to bend really down. Not easy.
    I am adding to my review DO NOT BUY THIS FOR HARDWOOD FLOORS.
    Excellent for carpet....more info
  • It really sucks! (in a good way)
    This vac sucks up more cat hair than any vac I have ever used! I collected the equivalent of three cats when I did my whole house after I got this machine. I had to empty it three times in one day because it had collected so much hair. It did so much better a job than the old wind tunnel, that the carpets had returned to a color much closer to the original.

    The attachments all come along with you although I am not crazy about the hose connection. You must disconnect one end of the hose to use the attachments. This works OK, but then when you're done, you have to reconnect it. This doesn't work as well as I would like. I have to admit that I have arthritis in my hands, so that may be the reason I have trouble.

    Also the hose is not long enough to do stairs etc. You can buy a hose extender according to the book, but I found that the hose extender that came with the old wind tunnel works with this machine, so if you have one of those, you've already got one!

    Despite the minor complaints, I am very happy with the job this machine does and would highly recommend it....more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I was a bit worried when I first bought this, since the box didn't list any specifics about the power level of the cleaner. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. If you want a great vacuum but don't want to spend the equivalent of a car payment on a Dyson, buy the EmPower. It's pretty powerful, and the pet attachment does exactly what it's supposed to do. I was kind of freaked out with all the dirt, dust and pet hair that ended up in the cannister, but seeing all that plus a clean carpet gives you a pretty good feeling of satisfaction. The cord is extra loooong, which makes going from room to room easier, and the brushes on the bottom of the vacuum really work the nap of the carpet to make it look brand new when you're done. The rotating brushes also create a traction feature, like a lawnmower, that makes it glide across the carpet surface - since I'm so used to pushing crummy cleaners, it almost flew out of my hand the first time I used it. I agree about the "hush" mode feature, however - sounds like a regular vacuum to me. But since I didn't buy it for that feature (who looks for a quiet vacuum?), I don't care that it's really a non-feature.

    I suspect Hoover is phasing this model out, since it's on sale practically everwhere I see it (I got mine at Home Depot), but as long as they continue to sell the filters, this is going to be my primary vac for a long time to come. It's a great buy at this price and higher....more info
  • Great for the price!
    I picked this vacuum up over the weekend literally because I saw it on clearance on an endcap at Target. It said it did well on hardwood floors, worked well with pet hair (we have 2 dogs and 2 cats) I wanted onboard attachments, AND to top it all off it was green--my favorite color! I immediately came home and vacuumed our bedroom. It was so disgustingly full of pet hair that I can't believe we were walking on that carpet! My husband loves the upholstery attachment. It's one thing to suck dirt off a couch, it's another to have an attachment that has a mini brush to actually power dirt and pet hair away! The only thing is that the "hush" mode doesn't work. I don't need it to work but I think it's a funny feature to have, because it sounds exactly the same. ...more info
  • I Love It!
    I am so glad that I bought this vacuum. I have grown up using vacuums with bags, and I simply prefer the bagless vacuums more. They may not necessarily pick up any better then a bagged vacuum, but bagless vacs are just much easier to deal with, especially this one. There is no getting your fingers inside the vacuum just to empty it. You just simply pop out the canister and you're ready to go. I tried out many vacuums before I bought this, trying to decide on features that I wanted and needed.

    What I like about the EmPower:
    * It's easy to pick up and carry in a multi-level home, it's light, and the carry handle is a great feature!
    * The carpet height dial is easy to turn, not stiff like many other vacuums. This is great for a home like mine with a mix of carpets, hardwood, and area Rugs. I don't have to deal with sore fingers from trying to change the carpet height constantly.
    * The canister is easy to remove, clean, and replace. Many bagless vacs that I tried were quite difficult, they may as well have been vacs with bags.
    * Having a handle that folds down is a decent space saver in a house with horrible storage
    * It keeps it's suction better than any vacuum I have ever used
    * It's sturdy and good looking
    * The attachments are easy to get to and use

    What I don't like about the EmPower
    * I wish the canister was bigger and could hold more

    Some tips on using a bagless
    * empty the canister after two uses...I have to do this because my dog sheds horribly
    * empty the canister outside, I usually do this the day before my trash gets picked up. This way, all of the dust that escapes is not escaping into your house, and is going straight to the dumpster.
    * I keep an old utility brush right by my garbage can outside so that I can brush off the filter, this keeps it very clean.

    This vacuum is a great buy, I have no doubt. If you are on the fence on this decision, you cannot lose with this product.
    ...more info
  • Green means go....motivation for cleaning.
    I've only used it twice since I've purchased it and so far so good. The hush mode doesn't work, but in my case that doesn't really matter. It sucks up everything I was hoping it would. I live in a small apartment over a canyon and with the dust that blows up from the canyon in the wind, well, the vacuum does the job very well I must say.I like the long extension on the cord because I only have to plug it in one electrical socket and move around my flat as needed. It is really light weight with which I'm very happy about because I have a bad shoulder and lifting and carrying it as needed is easy. Once you turn on the vacuum be ready to roll, because it can get away from you if you let it. Almost like it has a personality of its own and wants to get the job done. I even like the funky green color, if you check out the hoover website (www.hoovercompany.com) it will show you other colors also (Blue and Red are the other colors I believe). ...more info
  • Hoover U5269-900 EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum
    We purchased this vacuum after trying out, and almost purchasing a Kirby vacuum. This vacuum is a must have! It has great suction and I really enjoy the bagless feature, since you can dump it after each cleaning, and eliminate the dust smell that you get with vacuums with bags. The quiet feature really isn't much quieter, but it's a nice thought. The attachments are neatly placed on the vacuum, I haven't had trouble with any falling off like I did with my old Hoover. The Power Boost feature is handy too. This is a great vacuum and well worth the money!...more info
  • Great Pickup
    Although let's be frank, the hush mode is no quieter than the regular mode, this is still a great vacuum. My carpets were visibly cleaner after using this vacuum as compared to how they look after using my older Hoover...and I have a lot of pet hair!

    The agitator brush hose accessory is wonderful at maintaining pet hair-free furniture!

    I think that it's a great value. Lightweight, easy to manuever, and good power....more info
  • Great Vacuum, Needs work though
    So far I like this vacuum. The "Hush" mode really isn't much different than regular vacuuming. The handle needs to be a little bit longer. I don't like the light glowing green, but my kids love it. I love the 3 year Hepa filter. Its easy to empty. Its great to be able to fold down the handle. Its a great vacuum for the price!!...more info
  • WOW!
    I love this vacuum! I clean several house's a week and this vacuum does it all. I can see all the stuff my old vacuum left behind. The attachments are wonderful and easy to change. This vacuum is light, powerful and stores away so easily. Great buy!...more info