Bionaire BDQ25-UC 40 Pint Dehumidifier

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Product Description

This dehumidifier covers rooms up to 2,500 square feet and has a wireless status indicator (uses four AAA batteries, included). It has a SmartTouch digital control with built-in humidistat and comes with an auto defrost. Other features include an auto shutoff protection with alarm, a continuous drain option, a front-loading water reservoir that's visible, a dual air filtration system and casters for easy mobility. Holds 40 pints.

  • Quietech dehumidifier with remote digital display module
  • SmartTouch controls allow 4 settings to be selected for desired room humidity
  • 40 pint operation
  • front reservoir access
  • non-ozone depleting refrigerant
Customer Reviews:
  • Too early to tell
    I purchased this product after much review, mainly because of the good things people had to say about it, plus it is the only one I was able to find with an air filter. My cat's litter box is in the vicitnity and that feature appears to be working very well. I've only been using it about a week and a half now, but it is working well in getting the moisture out of my basement, but it did keep running after the water compartment was full and ended up overflowing and saturated my carpet quite a bit. It is supposed to have a floating device that shuts it off once the water compartment is full, but it clearly did not work. I'm not sure if it was operator error or mechanical error, but to prevent it in the future, I will have to make a conscious effort to check it every day and will have to turn it off if I leave for prolonged periods of time. Like other owners indicated, it is very loud and I can hear it on the top floor on my home when it is running in the basement two floors down. Like anything else, I suspect I will get used to the noise and eventually block it out. ...more info
  • Works, but noisy and
    I bought this product since it was EnergyStar rated, but it often cycles on and off within a couple of minutes. I can't quantify it, but that seems inefficient. Secondly, it is really noisy. I can hear it two floors up in my house due to its vibrations. ...more info
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G - and I mean it.
    This machine is amazing. Has an unbelievable pull power. Pulls so much humidity out of the air, so fast that a short run is enough to bring the humidity to the 'acceptable' levels of 60-70%. MY acceptable humidity level is under 40%. It took less than 10 hours to bring the humidity of a regular size room from 72% to 35%. It took it a night to bring the humidity of the entire basement from 85% to around 50%.

    Is it silent? I won't operate it in the bedroom while sleeping, but it is way quieter than our *quiet* window air condition, and any other non-electronic dehumidifier I ever had.

    Best features: It has 2 presets for 'average' humidity (65%-54% and 54%-45%) AND continuous run for levels out of the preset ranges.

    Bonus feature: The remote reader. Once synchronized it works like a charm. Lets you know the levels of humidity where the machine is and if the bucket needs emptying. Important if you have it on another floor -- we have it in the basement, not accessible from within the house.

    Essential feature: Bypass for constant outflow. I.e., you can set a hose on the bypass and forget the bucket.

    Would I buy it again? I did. I bought not one, not two, but three of these in the span of a month. For different parts of the house, but it shows how much I like it.

    All that said, I have only had the first for about a month and the other two less than a week. If issues arise, I will amend this review....more info
  • Very noisy and poor quality
    We bought this last year for our finished basement. It is VERY noisy. When we have guests over that stay in the basement, they always ask to turn it off because they cannot sleep with the loud noise it makes. Also, earlier this week I was emptying the tank and noticed cracks all over it. We now have to get a new one, but I will never buy this brand again....more info
  • excellent dehumidifier for my basement not much noise
    I love the dehumidifier it is so much quieter than my old one and I love that a hose can be connected and put into my french drain so I never have to empty it. My basement is very damp and this dehumidifier really does the job well!...more info
  • Great value
    This is the first dehumidifier I have owned, so I really can't compare it to others. We bought it to take away some of the damp smells that seemed to come from our finished basement. This thing seems to have done the trick. Run continuously, it wrings out the moisture quite well, making a noticeable improvement after only a couple of hours. Run on the range settings, you can specify it to come on only when the humidity reaches a certain point, allowing you to save power. We haven't noticed much of an impact on our electricity bill. The only drawback is the thing is a bit loud, but not any worse than a window-unit style air conditioner....more info
  • We now have a dry, comfortable room
    We bought this dehumidifier to use in an add-on room which was built on a slab. The room was very damp, especially in cold weather. It has window walls with double pained glass that got fogged up on the inside. Mildew around the windows was a problem as well. There was so much humidity in the room that when we first purchased the dehumidifier we had to empty it approximately every 12 hours. The dampness it took out of the room was absolutely amazing. We no longer have any fogged up windows or mildew problems. It now runs intermitently and keeps our room dry and comfortable. I would recommend it highly. The only drawback is that it is noisy, similar to a window air-conditioner. ...more info
  • Bionaire BDQ25-UC 40 Pint Dehumidifier
    The Bionaire BDQ25-UC 40 Pint Dehumidifier was not as quiet as I expected, however, it was not as nosey as the old Kenmore Dehumidifier it was replacing. The Bionaire worked great for the first four months and now I seem to be having some issues with it not working properly. The error message indicates that the humidity level in the area I am using it is not adequate for it to function so I have adjusted the run time and have repositioned the machine to see it this helps. If this takes care of the issue then I would give this machine a 4 ½ star rating for working great even if it is not as quiet as advertised....more info
  • Our first BEST dehumidifier
    We bought this dehumidifier in the beginning of summer hoping to keep the dampness out of our basement. We felt a huge difference in our basement after just an overnight run. We have it on continuous drain setting. As far as noise goes, we don't really care since it is in the basement. But for those of you planning to keep one in your living area, it doesn't make more noise than your regular fan. The remote sure is handy. Couple of our friends have bought the same dehumidifier after seeing ours. ...more info
  • Great but loud.
    Great dehumidifier. Works very well. Takes gallons of water out of my house. I love everything about it except one detail. It's loud. I can't compare it to others as this is the only one I've owned, but it's the loudest appliance I own. Not a problem if you're putting it in a basement, but maybe a bit much in a living/sleeping area....more info
  • Thank you, Bionaire....
    Our house has a very damp basement and to combat that we purchased a Bionaire BDQ 24 about a year and a half ago and it worked just dandy until a little over a week ago when all of a sudden it simply stopped pulling in any moisture. Just like that. Fan still spins when you power it up, but no moisture collects in the reservoir. From what I've gleaned in the past week about the workings of dehumidifiers over the internet, the 'compressor' on the unit must have bugged out.

    Well...I phoned Bionaire's customer service line and they offered to immediately replace my defective BDQ 24 with this model the BDQ 25 as the BDQ 24 was out of stock and wouldn't be available until November. November?!

    A few days later, the UPS trcuk arrives with our new dehumidifier.

    This model looks a lot like the model 24 only it's bigger--it is very elegantly designed (for a dehumidifier) and so far it seems to work just great, pulling in pint after pint of H-2-O.

    Here's the rub: I must dock this product ONE STAR because it is Extremely NOISY!! By 'noisy' I don't mean refrigerator noisy. I am talking jumbo jet taking off in your living room noisy. It is one LOUD MUTHA!

    I have no idea how Bionaire feels they can get away with referring to this machine as 'Quie-tech'. But it works.

    I just hope they fixed the bugs with the faulty compressor in this model. Time will tell with regard to that issue. Anyway it does have a 2 year warranty.

    Oh. And that wireless indicator is junk. Synched it up with the unit and then all it did was beep. Wife made me yank out the batteries. Very annoying.

    --Bill...more info
  • Noiseist Dehumidifier I have ever heard.
    If noise is a consideration do not even consider this unit. I would like to know how they arrive at their "Ultra quiet" designation....more info
  • NOT QUIET, NOT AT ALL, even though advertised as such
    Tremendously disappointing! LOUDER than 2 other dehumidifiers I have compared it to, even though it was supposedly engineered to be quite. Clearly they can just say whatever they want. I originally bought an LG dehumidifier from Home Depot, but I returned that one because it was too loud. I found this "QuietCare" model online and ordered it. It's MUCH louder than the LG model was. It's also much louder than the 2 my parents own. I'm sitting about 35 feet away from it now (it's in bedroom, I'm in living room) and I have to turn the TV way up just to hear over it. Don't even dream about being able to sleep with it operating. This "QuietCare" nonsense is a complete scam and I'm just disappointed that I had to order online (couldn't find any stores carrying it in my area) and cannot return it now....more info