Aller Air Filtration Sytem 5000EXEC

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Product Description

Aller Air 5000EXEC Air Purifier...Allergies and asthma are growing problems. We often meet artists whom are concerned about their ability to continue working in their studios. Health concerns should never be overlooked. This air purification system effectively cleans contaminated air. This high efficiency filtration system delivers the clean air you need for every day good health! It changes studio air every 30 minutes. This all-purpose air purifier features a powerful four-stage filtration system which uses 18 lbs of activated MAC-BT carbon and a HEPA filter to eliminate airborne particles chemicals gases and odors. It''s cylindrical shape maximizes air flow while casters provide for easy mobility. Captures: Pastel dust Studio fumes Pollens Dust Dust mites Pet Dander Chemicals Gases Odors Mold toxins Cigarette smoke and more. AllerAir air purifiers are used in hospitals dental clinics and laser eye surgiries too! All Purpose air cleaning for home or work areas. Doctors stress the importance of clean air for maintaining good health. This unit''s MAC-B carbon filter absorbs harmful gases and odors before you do! Uses the same Activated Charcoal filter materials as found in military gas masks! 18 lbs MAC-B carbon filter for airborne chemicals gases and odors. For the pastelist this system contains a true HEPA filter which traps particles as small as 0.3 microns. Rugged all metal construction 15 inch diameter 20 inches tall with 4 casters for mobility. Quiet 3 speed fan effective up to 1500 square feet! This is the ideal unit for pastelists acrylic and oil painters!