Kidde KN-COPP-B Front Load Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display

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Product Description

Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Includes A Backlight Digital Display Feature, Key Feature Adds An Advanced Level Of Protection, Includes Multiple Mounting Options Allowing Installation On A Wall Or Tabletop, Carefully Designed & Tested To Detect Carbon Monoxide Concentration In A Residential Environment.

  • Digital display displays the level of carbon monoxide the unit is sensing
  • Large backlit display is easy to read even in low light conditions
  • Peak level memory displays the highest CO concentration measured since the last reset
  • Front load battery door allows you to change battery without removing alarm from the wall
  • 5-year limited warranty; UL Approved

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to Install; fair price.
    Good quality, reputable company. Battery operated detector is the only choice if you want protection during a power outage. ...more info
  • Great product
    This monitor is very easy to install and gives a good,easy to read display. A product that needs to be in every home....more info
  • Works great
    I put the battery in it and did the test and it seems to work great....more info
  • Excellent price for a top rated CO detector
    I purchased this detector because I live in a home with a gas furnace, gas water heater, and gas oven and I was concerned about the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks (even small ones) that could affect the health of my family. I chose this specific unit because it got great reviews from many different reviewers and because it records all CO readings instead of just sounding an alarm when a hazardous level is detected, which will let me know if I need to check my appliances before they become hazardous.

    Some people have posted reviews saying that the alarm was going off constantly right after they got the detector so they returned the unit. Mine was doing the same thing so I contacted Kidde support and was advised that the detector goes through a self-test process including several simulated alarms with CO "detection in the 200-300ppm" range before it resets the display to zero and begins functioning normally. I don't know why this information isn't in the manual that comes with the detector since it would help eliminate the confusion for new owners. My detector went through the alarm process a half dozen times before it finally stopped, but it did settle down after I let it sit and make noise for about 10 minutes and it has been functioning normally ever since....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Product worked exactly as advertised. Very good directions. Well made. Should work for years. I liked the fact that it's battery operated and could put it anywhere. ...more info
  • Great price !
    I purchase mt carbon monoxide detecter after the landlord converted to gas heat and for the price with the digital read out battery operated. Ive no complaints and Im impressed would highly recommend this item...more info
  • Too New to Rate
    As advertised, easy to setup and install. Easy to read LCD display and easy to understand test procedure. Hopefully, we will never need to see if it really works. ...more info
  • works as promised!
    easy to set up and install. I have even had the alarm go on for me to warn me of a possible problem. ...more info
  • Good Product
    Like the fact that it is battery operated, because you are suppose to put it high on the wall & would not want to deal w/the plug. Would buy this product again.
    Susan...more info
  • May be cheaper at Home Depot...
    Great product. It has a "kickstand" so it can be placed on a table or screws so it can be hung on the wall. The digital display is recommended for CO testers. You can change batteries without removing the tester from the wall. A leading consumer testing magazine recommended this one.

    I often buy from Amazon because it is easy and usually cheaper. However, I found this item at The Home Depot (reg. 39.99) on clearance for 19.99. ...more info
  • Carbon Monoxide
    It is simple to install and easy to read. Even comes with batteries!!...more info
  • Best Carbon Monoxide Detector!
    I owned the previous model of this carbon monoxide detector and it lasted over 10 years! The digital readout allows you to review any CO levels by just pressing a button. Once, after painting a room, I checked the readout and a low-level reading appeared. After checking the manual I found out that the reading was due to the paint fumes. I feel safer knowing I can check for low-level readings that do not activate CO alarms in order to be aware of a potential problem. Some models do not have this feature and you would not have any way to know of a low-level reading. Also, the CO detector is easy to set up and operate, runs on batteries (included), and may sit on a shelf or be mounted on a wall. I believe this is a high-quality product at a very reasonable price!...more info
  • Kidde Carbon Monoxide detector
    Seems like a good product so far. I like that it has a history so you can go back and see if you had a reading anytime you were away.

    We paid around $30 for this item and 2 weeks later it was on sale at a local home improvement center for $18. Make sure you shop around....more info
  • CO detector
    Looks good easy to install and understand, good price. Don't know if it works; no CO in the house yet....more info
  • A must-have for older homes
    This is a very useful tool. I live in an 50-year old house and sometimes I fear that there might be a gas leakage somewhere. The first day, a cold winter day and all the windows and doors were closed all day long while the heater was on, it showed a peak value of 24, which means that at one point there was a bit of CO floating around but within safety limits, and the unit was likely functional. ...more info
  • Kidde Battery-Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    I like the battery alarm by Kidde, because you don't have to contend with any wiring, so you can place it anywhere you want. Easy to install....more info
  • CO detector
    Top of the line in battery operated products. Found them much cheaper in three local stores. Look around....more info
  • Decent product, decent price.
    This product was selected as a Best Buy by Consumer Reports based on value for your money. From what I can tell thus far they were spot on. The exterior looks like any other CO or smoke detector you might find in the hardware section of a store. The template and screws that are included make it extremely easy to mount. I especially like the LED display that tells you the current level of CO in ppm (parts per million) of the sampled air. There are other detectors out there that have some fancy talking alarms and other useless features but I don't think they're necessary. This CO monitor has everything a person should need for keeping track of the level of Carbon Monoxide in their house....more info
  • Fine, better-than-basic CO alarm
    This is a good, high-quality device, with a clear display. The display is a little smaller and contains a little less than the earlier version of this same detector (of which I own two), which is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. But it works well, as best I could test it (using the vent from my gas oven), with a clear, easy-to-read display. The ability to change batteries without dismounting it is a plus. I bought this model (earlier and current versions) because it was highly rated and a good buy according to Consumer Reports, and it lives up to that review....more info
  • greate because its digital
    after a few days from purchasing this detector , my wife left the oven on a low number, in the morning when i woke up i sew the detector shows number 30, i looked around from where its coming, then i found that its coming from the oven i called the company why it dosent ring the alarm, they told me its not ringing before number 40 and they told me to open the window, after few seconds it went down to 0 so its sounds great....more info
  • Bought 3
    Bought three - one for each floor of our home. Seem to be working. We tested them. We have 2 old ones in the house and wanted to have extra 'insurance'. Arrived promptly. I like that I can prop them up in inconspicuous places or screw them into the wall. The front battery panel is a huge plus. No need to remove in order to replace batteries....more info
  • Got this one as a replacement
    I got this detector because my old one, which was a plug in type, kept going off. I even called the fire department because even after putting the old one outside for a few minutes then plugging it in again it still sounded the alarm. I called the fire department who quickly came out and according to their monitors there was no detection of carbon monoxide. Bought this one and it reads zero as it should. ...more info
  • Placement
    Easy to place where ever you like, as it's battery powered and you do not have to plug it in. The type that plug in I avoid as placement becomes a major inconvenience....more info
  • defective
    This unit arrived and I sent it off to my daughter in Europe. It has a fatal defect that won't allow it to work. I should send it back but it costs more in shipping than it is worth.
    Their quality control at the factory is not up to snuff.

    I should not even give it one star....more info
  • Easy to read digital read-out, easy to install
    The alarm took only minutes to install. The digital readout is easy to read and is better than just the alarm because you can see the exact level of CO.
    ...more info
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector with display
    I called our fire department to see which one they recommended. They said that if you get a carbon monoxide detector make sure that it has a digital display that tells you the unit of carbon monoxide. This way if your alarm goes off, you will be able to tell what the level is and you can report it to them. You will be able to tell ASAP, if you need to get out immediately, or if you can wait until they arrive, etc. I know it costs a little more, but when it comes to your safety... Also, they reccomend that you get one for every level in your house. If you have one downstairs, then you will not be able to hear it during the night, etc. Hope this helps...more info
  • Could not get it to shut off
    The alarm went off as soon as the batteries were installed. After trying all suggestions in the manual for turning off the alarm, I removed the batteries and returned the product....more info
  • "New" ones were manufactured over two years ago! Disappointing!
    The three we just bought were over 2 years old! (February 2007) (To be strictly factual, the first one we opened was manufactured that long ago. I'm not opening up the other ones just to find out!)

    I've e-mailed Kidde to find out whether that will affect the longevity (it must, although their web page explains that the end-of-life alarm is measured from when it's first powered up-- but that's probably just a clock measure rather than an effectiveness measure). I will be contacting Amazon to arrange a return! What a disappointment as this is a highly rated and regarded product (see Consumer Reports and the accolades here.

    Another reason for returning is that I discovered that, starting in 2008, Kidde's warranty was extended to 7 years! This only has five! So, for sure these are going back to Amazon. Which is, of course, a hassle in repacking and mailing it, but at least Amazon is good to deal with, including returns!


    The return worked well; fast processing by Amazon and crediting our account. We realized there were other issues with this detector, too. You have to figure out how to mount this--and, being battery operated, it doesn't seem as protective as an AC with battery backup combo would be (but then our smoke alarms are battery operated only so this may not matter).

    We ended up settling on the Nighthawk 900-0234 model to replace our Nighthawk COPP-3. It comes with the 7-year warranty--and the one Amazon is selling was made in August 2008, and so is less than a year old!...more info
  • One Worked, One woke the house up
    The concept is great and so is the price. I bought two of these at the same time. It turns out that about 2 am one of them decided to malfunction with loud blasts of "FIRE FIRE FIRE" warnings and "Carbon Monoxide". The good thing is I can say it will wake you up in an emergency but one just had a problem the other is fine. I am now working on getting the company to replace it and they seem to be very helpful in doing so....more info
  • It went haywire after a year. I tossed it.
    One day it started signaling for no reason. I changed the batteries and it continued to randomly alarm. This happened in June. We are only using electricity and we don't have cars running in the house ;-).

    Ours didn't last....more info
  • Misleading List Price
    Homedepot sells for $39.99 and in store on-sale for $19.99. 44% saving is a joke. ...more info
  • Nice product
    It seems to work as described. The green light blinks every 15 seconds or so. Of course, I haven't had any carbon monoxide issues to say it detected, but it seems very well built and it's definitely easy to use and setup....more info
  • Satisfied
    As far as I know my family is now well-protected. We moved into an apartment built over 20 years ago, and I figure the heating system is probably just as old, but the alarm has yet to sound. It was easy to set up and test. It is loud. It is great :)...more info
  • How do you rate null?
    Of course, in this case, null is a good thing. We bought two of these and they are reading zero. Had to downrate because of the two, one had a display that was defective (fixed itself after a day or two). Otherwise a great feature set. Be forewarned that these devices are programmed to self-terminate 7 years after firing up....more info
  • owned for two month, no problems
    tough to rate the alarm because to my knowledge it really hasn't been tested. wall installation was a snap, LED is easy to read. no false alarms (no alarms at all). battery has not needed replacing in the two months i've owned the unit....more info
  • Questionable reliability
    When we bought our house two years ago, two of these were just installed by the seller (due to the new law in Massachusetts). After about a year, one of them started displaying randomly-on segments on the LCD, making the display useless. Presumably the CO alert still works, but who really knows? Then, the other one needed its battery changed, and after I put in the new set, it too has a corrupted display -- but worse, the alarm is stuck on, so it's pretty much broken.

    And even when they were working, there's another annoyance: the green "Operate" light blinks brightly once a minute, which takes some getting used to in a bedroom when you're trying to fall asleep.

    I'll be shopping for a different brand for replacements...more info
  • no problems yet
    easy to set up. have had it for a couple of months and have not had any problems yet. ...more info
  • Bought this here. Will do so again
    Does the job well.
    The least expensive of the quality CO alarms.

    I should have gotten more for friends, and one more for me.
    Hangs easily.
    Tob9595...more info
  • KN-COPP-B Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    This replaced my old First Alert Alarm. I liked this one mainly because the old one I had did not offer the digital display and also I can replace the batteries from the front without taking it off it's mount but with the First Alert I had to in order to replace the battery. Shipping from Amazon only took five days using there free shipping. Using this item since March 14, 2009....more info
  • Standalone Application
    Product is good in a standalone application; in my case, in the basement....more info
  • Safety has no price...
    I have both the Kidde that is wall mountable (this unit) and the Kidde unit that plugs into the wall. I like this unit better. I am sure both provide safety but this one only requires a battery. (The other units needs a battery and plugs into the wall...both)....more info
  • Less than satisfied. . .
    Purchased about 30 of these units for the last heating season. All units seemed to function properly. The units were taken down, batteries removed, and the units were stored (we were concerned about theft of these units--not exactly cheap--and there is no anti-theft mounting) until needed for this year's heating season. When the batteries were re-installed, roughly 50% of the units had segments of the display missing or ghosting.
    The company was very good about sending out replacements at no charge, but one can only wonder how this product will perform over it's intended lifespan.

    ...more info


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