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Use less soap, and remove scale from your pipes - continuously, automatically and for only about $5 in electricity a year. Clearwave is the most advanced computerized anti-scale device available today. Its computer chip is programmed to bombard water passing through your pipe with over 200 different electromagnetic low frequency pulses. These electromagnetic pulses have been scientifically proven to increase the electromotive attraction potential of the water to mineral salts. The result is that the mineral salts (mainly calcium bicarbonate) stays dissolved in the water instead of converting to insoluble calcium carbonate and attaching itself to the inside of pipes as scale. Existing scale in pipes, water heaters, toilets and faucets begin to soften and dissolve away. Recommended for dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, and boilers. Clearwave can even replace base exchange softening systems and the associated maintenance costs. Installation of the Clearwave is simple. Mount to the main incoming water pipe to the home with pipe clips, wrap the antenna leads around pipe and then plug into a 110V power supply. One unit handles incoming supply pipes up to 1" in diameter. For pipes 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" use two units in series. Works with all types of pipe including: copper, pvc, galvanized, and stainless steel.

  • Most advanced computerized anti-scale device available.
  • Can replace base exchange softening systems.
  • Simple Installation.
Customer Reviews:
  • This does not work
    We've had the Clearwave installed for over 6 months now and haven't noticed any difference. We still get build-up in our dishwasher, in our humidifiers, and on all our faucets and shower heads (causing them to leak)....more info
  • CW1 Works for me
    Installed 6 months ago.

    My water: Tested the house water and determined that we have water hardness of 225 (used a pool test kit). The hardness fell within the parameters that the local water department stated. No significant iron in the water.

    The CW1 has prevented scaling. In the past we would get scaling within 2 weeks. The hard water spots in the stainless steel kitchen sink are completely gone with no cleaning effort on our part. We do get white water spots but these wipe away with a damp sponge. It slows soap residue in the showers but does not prevent residue build up. Shower heads still show no signs of any scale build up and are flowing the same as when they were new.

    Spouse says the water does not dry her hands as much anymore. I noticed a significant decrease in water spots when washing cars. Those water spots that do appear are easily wiped away with a damp chamois. Before, the water spots needed to be waxed away....more info
  • Clearwave CW1
    I bought one of these about 3 years ago. I had just moved into a house with very limey water and I was afraid my appliances would suffer.
    What we noticed was that the white limey residue does build up, however it doesn't bond together and can be wiped off a paste. This is good news.
    Shower heads etc occasionally get clogged but since its a paste it wipes off easily and you are back in business.
    Its quite easy to install, then you forget about it.
    Its so cheap compared to the salt based conditioners and softeners.
    If you need a water conditioner, buy one of these....more info
  • THIS DOES WORK - but you have to wait for the results
    I had earlier posted a review on this saying it doesnt seem to do anything. I am changing that review now, but for some reason amazon wont let me change the number of starts I rated this at ... I now give this 4 STARS

    I had earlier posted the review that this doesnt seem to be doing anything, but I left it on. Interestingly - while it took its time - this thing does seem to be doing exactlt what it says it will do - namely - making the hardness in water "non-sticky". My shower heads look quite a bit cleaner, and yes we are noticing small while precipitate in the water, showing that the long deposited white 'scaling' on boiler and pipes is actually coming off.

    This seems to also have had a very positive effect on the dish washer. I dont get the whole scaling on glass anymore.

    So - if you have tested your water - and its hardness is in the range for this device (mine qualifies) - I will now very strongly recommend this to you. Its a peach to install and setup, and provided you have the patience to wait for its effects - which can take a few months to show up - this is great.

    ...more info
  • Does it work... not sure
    I have had one of these for about 6 months. When I first installed it, i noticed that the water felt immediately softer and seemed to bead better, but maybe it was just in my head. After using it for 6 months, I think I can say that my skin is a bit less scratchy, but it doesn't do anything for my hard water deposits. When you think about it, it makes sense since the minerals are still in the water. They've gotta go somewhere when they dry on surfaces...

    So is it worth it. Maybe... If you really don't want to pay for a real water conditioner....more info
  • Clearwave is Great!
    So far, this product is wonderful. Very easy to install & I am hoping to see remarkable results very soon! I got a great deal & saved gas by not having to go out to a store! Very satisfied as usual....more info
  • Amazingly enough----this works!
    We've had one of these water softeners at our house for 10 years. We've recommended them to family and friends, and installed them in other peoples' houses, and everyone has been amazed that they not only work, but work SO WELL!

    We bought one for our son for his brand-new house, which had very hard water, and iron pipes. When the water-softener salesman came around the neighborhood and tested everyone's water (planning on big sales), he couldn't figure out why the results were so bizarre at this house. He was finally clued in, and said maybe he should start selling Clear Wave softeners!

    Things we noticed right away: a significant reduction in the amount of detergent we used for launday; showerheads didn't get clogged as fast; water-spotting on tiles was easier to clean off; skin was less irritated.

    "Installing" this unit consists of wrapping wire around the pipe that comes into the house, and plugging it into an electrical outlet. Ours has been chugging along for 10 years with no issues. It doesn't make any noise, it doesn't need to be "fed" or fixed. It just quietly does what it was designed to do 24/7. No chemicals or salts have to be added to the water, and this unit costs about as much as a light bulb to operate.

    I was delighted to find this on Amazon, because I want to buy another one for someone who just moved into a home with old pipes and hard water. I KNOW it will help!...more info