Soleus Air CFM-40E Dehumidifier - 40 Pint

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Product Description

40 pint dehumidifier for moderate level dehumidification at a value price point.

  • Lightweight with a streamlined design.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Automatic shutoff prevents overflow
  • 6.0 Liter Capacity.
Customer Reviews:
  • Quiet, Light, Effective
    I am surprised by negative reviews on this product. We've had this dehumidifier for about three years and have had no problems with it at all. We keep it running continuously every single day. There is absolutely no motor sound...the only sound it makes is the air it blows out, which can be adjusted. Ours is in the basement, and we empty it everyday. (My husband refuses to attach a hose for automatic drainage because he likes to make sure it's working.) It tilts and rolls and is similar in size to a carry-on suitcase, but a little heavier. (I am a fairly small woman and can carry it up and down stairs with no problem.) I am back to buy another to keep in our attic. This beats the pants of the GE/Kenmore/Black&Decker units we've had over the years, which were very noisy, very heavy, and not as effective....more info
  • Unreliable
    Bought 2 of these, they both stopped working within a few months of each other after just over a year. There is essenitally no repair option, except to pay shipping both ways to the manufacturer and $45/hr labor plus parts....more info
  • Buy at your own risk
    This unit stopped working a little over a year after the purchase. The fans still blows out the compressor no longer turns on to remove moisture....more info
  • avoid this product
    I bought this product after reading many positive reviews, although more than a few reviews warned that the product's life is no more than two weeks and that the company's customer service is poor. I bought the unit a little over two weeks ago. It worked fine for two weeks and then stopped working. Trying to reach the company's customer service office is a futile endeavor. I just threw almost $200 down the drain. Avoid this product and this company like the plague....more info
  • Works great!
    ***UPDATE: I hooked this up to the Kill-O-Watt EZ Electric Usage to see how much it was costing me to operate. $20 a month! (I pay $0.099/Kwh) Now, this $20 is for the unit being on 24/7 in the "continuous" dehydrating mode and on the "medium" setting, so if you only turn it some of the time YMMV. The 220W model will obviously cost less to operate.

    I installed this unit in my basement over 6 months ago, and it has been working flawlessly ever since.

    Things I noticed:

    If the power goes out, the unit will NOT turn back on automatically (as some other units do.)

    If you want to use the continuous drainage (which I highly recommend) via a hose, you have to punch out a plastic disc on the side of the unit. I would have designed a screw-type plug that was replacable, but they didn't think of that. Anyway, once you punch the quarter-size disc out it's out forever.

    If you choose to use the continuous drainage feature, you will need to pick up a hose with an inner diameter of 15mm (.59" or just over half an inch.) I went to the local DIY center and found some clear tubing that has worked well.

    The unit can operate down to 2-degrees C (36-degrees F), which will be great for continuous operation in the garage to keep the tools from rusting.

    Has three fan settings: med, high and quiet. "Quiet" really is quiet, and could probably work just fine in a bedroom. Though, it does warm the room it's in. How much it warms it depends on the humidity setting.

    Four settings: The humidty level (humidstat) can be set to "continuous dehumidification" (which is the default setting), 50%, 60% and 70%. The fan will continue to run but the dehumidification processor will turn off when it reaches the selected humidity level. Cool. I mean, that's when the fan will just blow room-temp air.

    A full drainage tank will stop the unit and illuminate a "tank full" indicator light.

    The unit is not that heavy -- maybe for some, but not nearly as heavy as some people make it sound. It's 30.8 pounds.

    According to the instructions: You will need at least 21 cm (about 8 inches) of clearance in front, behind and side to side. Air blows out of the top of the unit, so you'll need to make sure it's clear as well.

    There are movable louvers on the top to direct the air straight up, 45-degrees or almost straight ahead.

    Power consumption: CFM-25E is 220W // CFM-40E is 330W

    I highly recommend this model dehumidifier....more info