Sunrise Tai Chi (YMAA) DVD
Sunrise Tai Chi (YMAA) DVD

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Let the sun shine in! Master-teacher Ramel Rones gently guides you through the morning with a series of powerful mind/body exercises that awaken the senses, stimulate the mind, and fill your body and Spirit with abundant energy.

Captured in high-definition at the beautiful Harvard University Arboretum, this simplified, short Tai Chi sequence is practiced to both the left and right for balance. Sunrise Tai Chi was created as a comprehensive introduction to authentic Tai Chi, which will allow you to fine-tune your practice before moving on to more complex Tai Chi. It includes suggestions for intermediate and advanced students, to help you grow and improve over time.

Each day, millions of people worldwide practice Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), which has been known for centuries to promote deep relaxation, excellent health, & to prevent injuries & illness. The movements in Sunrise Tai Chi will help you to loosen & build your muscles, tendons & ligaments, which will improve your circulation of blood & Qi energy. The program also teaches you to find balance between strength & flexibility, increase bone density, & massage the internal organs, improving your quality of life & daily physical performance.

DVD Special Features: • Nearly 4 Hours long • Over 50 Chapter Selections • 20, 40, or 60 min. Workouts with choice of music • Never-before-seen animations of energy moving in the body • Simple to follow 'Demonstration' section, and detailed 'Instruction' section • Interactive YMAA Product Catalog with 30 additional minutes of YMAA video previews

220 minutes - color • DVD-NTSC • All Regions • ? Ramel Rones 2005 • ISBN: 1-59439-027-4

Also available: Tai Chi Energy Patterns 2-DVD set.

Customer Reviews:

  • Phenomenal! The best intro to Tai Chi and 'Internal Arts'
    "A fantastic four-hour DVD full of exercises, Qigong, meditation, and a short Yang style Tai Chi sequence done to the left and the right. It has simple to follow along to 20 minute, 40 minute or 60 minute Workouts, and a long, brilliant Instructional section with very detailed guidance through every movement, from basic to advanced.

    I followed along to the 20 minute version sitting down at first, and have worked up to the 40 minute standing. This program helps you to regain strength and overall health."

    A Viewer...more info
  • as good as it gets
    this is a pretty good video on tai chi though learning the chi kung aspect of it I would leave in the hands of an experienced instructor .this is a good video to do along a true tai chi class ...more info
  • Save your money
    Not what I thought it was. For the money it should be more educational. I get a lot more out of the Shiva Rea Yoga DVDs....more info
  • A Great Introduction
    Sunrise Tai Chi is a highly informative and flexible (so to speak) introduction to the topic. As a relative beginner, who is both a cancer patient and an academic neurologist, I have found Rones' style to be direct, logical, and easy to follow. He breaks down every exercise into manageable components that can be adapted to any level of experience, physical condition, or age. The visual effects and music also enhance the instruction. ...more info
  • A great start to Tai Chi
    I found this to be the one of the best, easiest to learn from. It is very informative and truly helps understand the movements. I go through many Tai Chi DVD learning videos for our martial arts school, and this one is a good one. ...more info
  • Wow!!! I feel So much better!!!!!
    This Tai Chi DVD is wonderful. I have only done the introductory part and it has helped my balance and legs already. I also bought Mr. Rones Sunset Tai Chi to do before I go to bed and that has helped relieve tension in my sholder and neck muscles.

    The exercises in the beginning take over an hour to do but are done slowly enough so a novice can see how to do them. Some of are basic stretch exercises others zero in on specific muscle groups and all of them make me feel better. In spite of being introductory, I can only do them every other day. But my disposition is improving -- I am happier and have more energy and this after only a couple of weeks. It helps my arthritis too. I am more flexible.

    I still havn't tried or looked at the rest of the dvd where actual T'ai Chi exercises are put together in a seamless flowing field of energy and movement. However, for the part I am working on, I do want to say, Thank you, Mr. Rones!!!...more info
  • Near perfect
    Top quality production.
    Tons of information.
    Top quality instruction.
    This is an excellent DVD....more info
  • Good workout and lifestyle addition
    Ramel Rones is great in this DVD. He's obviously expert. He's thorough. He also addresses the senior population (I'm not in that target population yet, but will be I hope!). He passes on some of the tradition and gives a good morning workout that leads up to a relatively simple T'ai Chi solo form. and there are three levels of workout, with two selections of music to accompany through the guided workout, I like the choice of music.

    The training segment is thorough and you should be prepared to spend a while going through this part before really attempting the full workout.

    The camerawork is good. The video editing is a bit confusing at times (for example: during the shorter workouts, the hip stretch section focuses mainly on the right side, so you have to figure out for yourself how much time to balance it out between the sides, if you want to stay with the agenda of exercises chosen).

    The menu navigation tool is quite good, not perfect, but much better than most DVDs of this type.

    I'm looking forward to trying other DVD releases from Mr. Rones and the YMAA....more info
  • Five DVD purchases but this is the best
    I have kept myself in good shape over the years stationary biking, rowing machine,swimming, and occassional weight training. Years ago I earned a brown belt in Kenpo style Karate. Having been diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, I decided to recently add martial arts to my exercise routines. Since I can no longer spar or even go barefoot because of foot nueropathy, I decided on tai chi. There is no shortage of tai chi DVD's but finding good ones is more difficult. The Sunrise Tai Chi with Ramel Jones is definitely the best of the five I tried. The instruction and demonstrations are easily followed. I am looking forward to mastering the exercises and forms in this DVD and continuing with others in the YMAA tai chi series....more info
  • Great DVD
    This DVD is extensive in the amount of material that it presents - it guides you thourgh porper demonstration/form, more detialed instruction and the workouts, which range in length of time.

    The is alot of valuable information on this video and it is well worth the effort to try to watch it all - great care for the subject matter is obvious throughout the DVD.

    This is a great addition to my exercises....more info
  • Wonderful Introduction to Tai Chi!
    This DVD is the best one I have seen yet. The instuctor is clear and precise in teaching and has many many focus/meditative relaxing drills that I love for warm ups before I start my own forms. It does not go into detail on Tai Chi forms or history so if that is what you are looking for this DVD is not for you, but I would recommend this DVD to anyone at any point in their training from beginner to advanced just for the warm ups alone and the wonderful way the instructor moves as he teaches. Simply Amazing!...more info
  • Excellent; great imagination for health
    The author has an excellent imagination, which helped me visualize the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong. I especially liked and found extremely helpful the four-points breathing, the bubble, and the baton theories. Anyone who practices on a regular basis will see results....more info
  • Outstanding instruction!!!
    Have spent the past month evaluating the "Sunrise Tai Chi" DVD by Ramel Rones, and am much impressed with everything from production values to the quality of instruction.

    DVD is split into 3 main sections: Demonstration, Instruction, and Workout. "Demonstration" shows Rones going through each of the exercises with a flute & harp playing in the background (with the notable exception of some cool Asian trip-hop beats during a few of the more aerobic exercises -- sadly, I was unable to find the musical credits). "Instruction" has Rones describe the proper execution of each exercise in a highly detailed and specific manner -- he discusses and demonstrates a variety of subtleties that could not be adequately described on the printed page, and this information will be of great value to instructors who wish to teach these movements to others. "Workout" is divided into 20, 40, or 60 minute workouts, with your choice of either traditional flute & harp or piano music in the background.

    Ramel Rones is a Master instructor, and this is quite possibly the finest instructional DVD I've hat the privilege to view and practice. Best implemented with a widescreen or projection television (which I do not have) . . . somewhat frustrating on a laptop screen (but fortunately there is a large screen TV with DVD deck at work).

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • A Good Stretch
    A simple guide to stretching.
    It's easy to follow and so simple sometimes you don't realize until the next day how much you have accomplished....more info
  • Video Review
    This is a good dvd for someone who is learning. I have just started....more info
  • relaxation delivered
    I have never done T'ai Chi and got this hoping to acheive greater flexibility..which I acheived much faster than I would have imagined plus calm centered start to the day.The instructor seems slow until you realise that's the point.Then it is just right.Music bacgrounds keep me focused.Also I like the combo of sitting and standing exercises.Only reason for lack of 5 stars is I am not experienced with other instructors....more info
  • Great Video
    I've done other Tai Chi videos in the past and this is compares well to others. There are lots of facets to the video, and I recommend you take an initial look at all the areas on teh DVD before trying any of them. There are parts for instruction and others for meditation, tai chi, etc. My husband enjoys doing this very much as well. ...more info
  • Sunrise Tai Chi
    This is an excellence DVD. It takes you thur all the steps, and explains everything in detail. You can start anyway thur the menu . I am truely enjoying learning Tai Chi....more info
  • Not for beginners
    This CD would probably be okay for someone already familiar with Tai Chi, but it was useless to a beginner. If I followed his directions, I sometimes would not be able to see his example on the screen. Also, more verbal directions/reminders throughout would have been helpful. His garments flowed attractively as he went through the positions, but I thought they obscured the movements. ...more info
  • great dvd, with tons of info
    This is my first Tai Chi DVD, and after my first try I was amazed and am now addicted to it. I regularly do Yoga but after trying Tai Chi , I'm hooked. This DVD is so relaxing and energizing, and full of great information.

    I skimmed through the DVD at first then I watched the whole thing. Mr Rones gives you really great instructions. There is a specific instruction section that lets you understand and try to learn the different techniques associated with Tai Chi. If you are a beginner I suggest you put some time aside and try to watch the entire DVD before you begin. to get instructions and a basic understanding.

    The DVD lets you choose your music and I just love watching it because it's very relaxing and soothing. I absolutely am addicted to this and am looking forward to better my Basic Tai Chi skills through this DVD. Can't wait to try it again after work when I get home. I do this any time of the day and I absolutely love it! It helps me relieve all of my stress and tension from work.

    I'm definately looking into getting his books and other DVD's as well....more info
  • Great way to start the day.
    I received my Tai Chi video a few weeks ago and have only used it a few times because of my schedule but I love it. I am a beginner and am 63 years old with problems with arthrists so many things are difficult for me to do. This video teaches you evertying slowly and completely. When I retire in July I plan to use it every morning when I get up. It is gentle on the body but is a good workout and wonderful way to stay limber and able to have full body motion. For me this is the perfect answer to staying in shape while aging without the hard knocks some other types of exercise can do to the body. ...more info
  • Sun Rise Tai Chi DVD
    I love the Sunrise Tai Chi DVD. Purchase it and enjoy it.

    Rumi...more info
  • Excellent for returning to good health
    I have recently been diagnosed with Graves Disease (a Thyroid autoimmune disease) and many books I am reading recommend Tai Chi as a proven help to sufferers.

    I find this DVD excellent for beginners, my husband is learning it with me. Just watching it makes you relax!! He takes you through every step very thoroughly and with excellent descriptions of how to achieve and what you will gain, including animations of Qi energy. It is very uncommercialised, I just feel like I am in a room one on one with the instructor, which I really like.

    There is just so much content on here it is excellent value and I am sure will be our Tai Chi bible for many years to come. There is also a great links page to his website, where he has many interesting items, including clothing and music, you can purchase.

    Highly recommended if you want to learn Tau Chi from a Master properly, not just because it's the latest 'thing to do'!...more info
  • I agree - Amazing DVD - Amazing animation
    I agree with the other reviews that this is an amazing DVD, and want to mention that it has incredible animations of the Qi energy in the body, as well as easy to understand diagrams of the the brain, glands, and internal organs while the instructor explains how these internal exercises work.

    Also, many of the exercises are taught in three stages, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and each stretch is held for three minutes, so I doubt many of us will work our way up to the advanced version of the three minute exercise very quickly.

    Its a DVD that you can really grow with!...more info
  • Great DVD at a great price
    This video is at least 4 hours long. I keep finding more every time I watch it, in the teaching and in the DVD extras. Its worth the price for the 'resource center' alone, in the DVD extras section, with magazine articles and interviews with the author, where he discusses his work using these exercises to heal cancer, arthritis, and various other illnesses, with testimonials from his patients.

    Aside from that is is simply a joy to watch this master perform his meditation and Tai Chi. He is an excellent teacher....more info
  • Tai Chi
    This is an excellent DVD for beginners! The explanations and demonstrations before putting it together are wonderful. The only thing lacking if there is one is that it is extremely slow paced. For beginners it is wonderful, but as you become more intermediate, you outgrow it pretty quickly. I would recommend this DVD to beginners and persons with physical challenges or older persons looking to stay in shape (70+). If you are younger, it is still a good buy, but I would recommend buying with the intermediate and advanced so you may progress without halting to wait for your next DVD....more info


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