Dyson DC15 "The Ball" All Floors Upright Vacuum, Steel/Yellow

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Product Description

Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for their revolutionary engineering, styling, and ergonomics that help make cleaning faster and (almost) fun. A rising issue in urban living is how to effectively clean small spaces, along with furniture and all those impossible nooks and crannies that have always seemed like an obstacle course. Dyson engineers have developed an entirely new type of vacuum cleaner, with a ball instead of wheels, so it twists and turns like no other vacuum. Traditional upright vacuum cleaners can be cumbersome and inefficient in unique situations, especially in small spaces. You crash into chairs, bash into bookcases and scuff the baseboards, unaware that the machine is controlling your movement, rather than the other way around. It can be tiring, frustrating and often, due to the lack of control, you miss whole areas of your home. The Ball tackles these problems, so cleaning is more efficient. The Ball is a full-sized machine but it's more manoeuvrable than traditional vacuum cleaners. Instead of rigid wheels it has a single ball that allows it to glide around furniture. Just by turning your wrist, you can easily steer into the most awkward nooks and crannies - under the desk, around the sofa, and behind the TV. The Dyson DC15 "The Ball" simply goes where no upright has gone before. For the particular apartment dweller, that's truly special. Cleaning will be a ball with "The Ball". Get one today. Lifetime washable filters - no running costs Approved for allergy sufferers by British Allergy Foundation Lifetime HEPA filtration for cleaner expelled air Dyson 2 YearLimited Warranty

  • Upright vacuum with removable dirt chamber; no bags needed; works on all types of floors
  • Has rolling ball on bottom; vacuum twists and glides into tight spaces with a turn of the wrist
  • 13-3/5-inch cleaning path; 12 amp motor; patented Root Cyclone technology; doesn't lose suction
  • 37-foot power cord; HEPA filtration system; telescopic reach wand; brush control for hard floors
  • Measures 44-9/10 by 15-1/2 by 13-3/5 inches; 2-year guarantee
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't buy the DC15 if you have mixed hardwood / carpet floors
    I originally had the animal which had much more suction, but TOO MUCH. I couldn't vacuum area rugs without actually sucking them up and causing the vacuum to shut off. I switched to the DC15 after being told by the sales person that it was basically the same thing but with the ball. They said because of the different design we shouldn't have the problem with it sucking up carpets.

    Well that was true but it also doesn't suck up dirt effectively. The edges of the front vacuum won't suck up anything which means it is completely ineffective against walls or furniture. I actually had to keep my old canister vacuum after purchasing this one so we could use it before or after the Dyson to clean areas where it could not. I can say it works well on large open CARPETED areas only. If you try to use on hardwood (as this model claims to be "all floor" capable) it will simply push anything larger than a small peppercorn around without vacuuming it up.

    Finally, the manual cord storage is insane and completely outdated. For the money they could have built in a retractable cord unit so you don't waste time unwinding and winding the cord by hand every time you use it.

    Extremely disappointing to say the least. I will never buy a Dyson upright again for sure. Every time I use this one I feel the pain from the money I wasted on it. Don't make the same mistake I did....more info
  • Excellent all around Vacuum
    -In short, this is an Excellent Vacuum for carpet floors. Don't bother with "the animal", as it won't do much more than the DC15 all floors model.
    -A bit of improvement could be made in it's ability on tile floors, but I can't complain too much. It picks up all visible matter on mine. (This has been a bone of contention for some folks in the past)
    -The swiveling head works great and allows you to get into spots without having to pick up the cleaner.
    -Gets under sofa and chairs pretty well. Better than most.
    -Canister opens easily and dumps right out into garbage-EASY cleanup!
    -Some of the attachments don't sit tightly in the holders, but no big deal.
    -Anyone who complains about this unit ought to get down on their hands and knees and pick the dust balls out by hand!!

    -Highly recommended. Would get 5 stars if it had a retracting cord....more info
  • DC15 is fabulous!
    We live off 20 miles of dirt road with a houseful of 'outdoor' people and a couple of dogs. The floor takes a shameful amount of abuse!
    The floor, furniture and draperies are easily cleaned without any cough enducing dust. My mother had shoulder and elbow surgeries last year so we bought her one, too. It doesn't affect her asthma or her dust allergies. It picks up the crumbs between the kitchen tiles, doesn't marr the wood floors, it's great on carpet and has a long cord.

    ...more info
  • SO Happy With My Choice
    Today I took delivery of the Dyson The Ball DC15 All Floors Vacuum, to replace my 8 yr. old Hoover Wind Tunnel Bagless, which, in its day was a pretty cool, functional machine...an advancement. But I gotta tell ya, after one use, this blows the old one out of the water(even in its heyday) in every way...and I sat down to write this review. Assembly was very simple...basically snapping on the handle and attaching the onboard tools. In reading a few reviews on Amazon that talked about the weight and maneuverability issues of this model, I was a little worried about what I might be getting myself into. I am a middle-aged female with laughable upper body strength and a temperamental back. It IS one of the heavier machines out there, but I do not find it objectionable AT all...especially put with the ball design. (SO much easier than my old one) It is designed for subtle hand/wrist action for turning...there isn't (or shouldn't be) any muscling this thing from the shoulder. It even says in the owners manual to TWIST the handle as if turning a door knob, in order to change direction...which I found helpful. If you do that to turn and then use your body for the forward/backward motion, it works as advertised. I supposed for some, it could be an adjustment..but I have a latent lazy streak and took to it right away! For me, it was not at all pushing around a "wet noodle". At some point, it might actually be tough to go back to the other type of motion in the future. As far as suction...holy cow, it really pulls out the dust and pet hair. We live in Florida, and battle sand as a way of life even in the middle of the state, nowhere near a beach...and we also have two, count 'em, TWO golden retrievers. That long, beautiful golden hair came up completely and with no trouble. I will echo the other reviewers when I say that because of the exemplary suction on this vacuum, you do have to empty the bin more frequently...the bin is smaller than my old one as well. BUT because it is soooooo much easier to do than on my old Wind Tunnel, its not a big deal. It was like a nine-step process with the old machine, with all the levers, hand-removal of filter & lid(YUCK) and the mandatory trip OUTSIDE to the trash can because of the horrendous dust cloud generated by the design of the bin. The Dyson is a total piece o'cake and can actually be done inside using a trash bag with a drawstring top...also outlined in the manual. My husband is not going to believe this...this job usually fell to him, because he is less squeamish about dirt than me. Regarding noise level...to my ears it is way, WAY quieter in terms of Db's, but it does have a soft, yet very high-pitched whistle or whine that some ears will be more sensitive to than others. I haven't had it long enough to know about this yet. If it does bother me at some point, I'll stick a little Kleenex in my ears while I'm sucking up mass quantities of sand & dog hair. I will say that my dogs normally run for the hills when I turn on the vacuum, but just stood right there and watched me this time. So, this point sounds like (no pun intended) a personal thing. Am also looking forward to NOT changing the belt on my old Hoover. Can't tell you how many times I've been up to my elbows in dust, with broken fingernails, muscling a new belt into place. I refuse to pay a repair person to do this simple but tedious chore...and sometimes it needs to be done right then and there to finish vacuuming. Have not used the onboard tools or extension wand yet. I held back one star because of the absence of the turbo tool (included with old Wind Tunnel), At this high price point, one shouldn't have to go buy a rather necessary attachment (in my opinion) for $70! If I discover any deal breakers after the honeymoon period, I'll repost with anything I would like to have known prior to purchase. Hope this has helped. Have a great day everyone....more info
  • Dyson DC14 vs. DC15
    Today (March 22, 2008) Fry's Electronics store has both All Floor REFURB DC14 ($250) & All Floor REFURB DC15 ($300) on sale. I purchased both. Like everybody else, I first vacuum my carpet with my 11 year old Eureka Sanitaire ($400) commercial vacuum cleaner. Then I vacuum with the Dysons, WOW, double WOW! The amount of dog hair picked up was unbelievable! I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it! I really, really like the see thru plastic. To see what is picked up and when it should be emptied.

    DC14 vs, DC15 comparison
    Motor Noise
    The DC14 noise was low enough for my wife and I to talk in a normal voice while vacuuming. With the DC15 my wife and I had to raise our voice to hear each other.

    Weight and Push-Pull
    Picking up by the cyclone canister handle, I could not detect any difference in weight.
    The DC14 push-pull is much easier. The DC15 does require more body strength. However, the DC15's BALL does give you greater flexibility.

    Telescope Wand and Flex hose
    I hate the Telescope Wand! I remove the wand and connect the tools directly to the flex hose. The DC15 flex hose is attached to the body, at the bottom, and pivots out when you pull on the hose, giving the hose better flexibility when using the tools. Versus the DC14 hose snaps in and is rigid at the bottom.

    Brushbar head or Brushbar housing
    Reasons why I like the DC15 brushbar head better then the DC14 brushbar head.
    When I vacuum our 5x8 rug with the DC14, it sucked up so strong, it pulled the rug against the brushbar to stop it turning, and the belt's safety mechanism slipped, causing a very loud noise. The DC15 brushbar housing is designed different and continued to rotate. I don't mean the DC14 vacuum is stronger, but the DC15 brushbar head is different, with its direct drive versus belt drive.
    We have kitchen tiles against our family carpet. When I was vacuuming the carpet with the DC14, I backed up onto the tiles, and the brushbar head came off the carpet (on a pull motion), then as I pushed towards the carpet, the head caught on the high edge of the carpet. I repeated this and half the times the DC14 head would catch on our high edge carpet, the DC15 never did.
    I also vacuum the stair's carpet holding the dyson unit as one would hold a shovel. This means I am vacuuming with the brushbar head, not the mini tool head or not the mini turbine head that comes on the animal model. Holding the dyson unit (like a shovel) is not easy but the results are worth it. The DC15 head pivots giving it greater flexibility, over the DC14. But the DC14 was easier to hold. I also like the see thru plastic on the DC15 head. I could see when hair and thread were wrapped around the brushbar without having to tip it over to view from the bottom.
    The DC15 housing is low profile versus the DC14, thus allowing you an extra 1-2 inches under the sofa.

    Other diff
    To switch off the brushbar, to go from carpet to bare floor, the DC15 switch in next to the handle's On/Off switch, on the DC14, it's on the brushbar housing.
    On the DC14, when you are ready to vacuum the carpet, I would take a step forward and use my left foot, to press down on the brushbar housing, and pull handle down. On DC15 backside, there is a large yellow plastic pedal to step on with my right foot, and then pull handle towards me.

    Cyclone canister
    Same canister on both DC14 & DC15. The DC14 inside plastic is yellow, the DC15 inside plastic is gray.

    My wife like the DC14 better due to it's easier to handle and less noise.
    I (husband) like the DC15 better due to it's better turning and hose flexibility, and the DC15 brushbar head.

    I also reviewed Consumer Reports and Consumer Search. Both gave BEST BUY to Eureka Boss SmartVac. I looked at model 4870, wow, it's so cheap looking. There is a difference in the plastic between Dyson and the others. Consumer Report also gave Sears Kenmore 35922 a higher overall score then the Dyson. I looked at this model, and its looks like a very good vacuum cleaner, much better then the Boss 4870. But I still think as a long term investment, a Dyson will have a better return on my dollar and my satisfaction.

    Oh yea, since I do 98% of the vacuuming, we kept the DC15 and returned the DC14.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I am ashamed to say but my mother-in-law talked me into purchasing this vacuum. She made me vacuum my rug with my $200 vacuum. Then she pulled this vacuum out. She re-vacuumed my rug and filled the canister up. I was sold. My allergies have improved. The only downside is the bright yellow color. Who care when it is in the closet most of the time....more info
  • DC15 sucks, not vacuums!
    I've got DC15 All Floors a couple days ago. At the first time I was quite impressed: the carpet looked clean and DC15 picked a lot of "stuff" after I vacuumed my apartment by a $99 canister Kenmore several days ago. I was frankly surprised when I tried to vacuum my place again, and it picked almost the same amount of "stuff". I thought something is not right and decided to run some tests.

    I scattered some uncooked rice on the carpet and tried both DC15 and my old Kenmore. While you can't see the rice once you've passed on it a couple times, it's easy to tell if rice is still out there: when you vacuum with Dyson, rice rattles in its brush. I made almost dozen of tests, and result is the same: old, $99 Kenmore pulls all rice in 3-4 passed, while you need to make 10-15 passed by $499 Dyson to pull all the rice!

    I don't like my canister Kenmore because of "turbo" brush - it just does not rotate; I need one with electric brush. But holy [beeeep] - in suction it outperforms five(!!!) times more expensive Dyson!!! Yes, it's easier to empty Dyson's canister than replace bags in my Kenmore, it's actually easier (this is where I was surprised) to vacuum with Dyson... but may be it's because Dyson does not sticks to carpet as good as Kenmore does?!

    P.S. Of cause, it won't be surprise for anyone that the "stuff" Dyson picks is just lint from your carpet - its brush is very aggressive. ...more info
  • Dyson DC-07 has lots of problems!
    We bought a Dyson DC07 last week. After about 30 minutes of use, the cyclone filled with dust and dirt and the vacuum went WAY down. OK, no bag, but have to take the whole thing apart, wash with water, blow dry a real pain!!!

    After 3 minutes of use, the brush drive stuck and made a HIDEOUS grinding sound. I was taken aback, shut it off immediately, found nothing blocking. After re-starting, it made the sound again a few times, and the little drive hump got extremely hot to the touch, and the smell of burning oil.

    The unit is made with way too many very flimsy plastic parts that will break. One small bump, one of those little clips breaks off, and the whole thing is useless.

    The box said in bold printing "5 Year Warrantee!!", but if you open the box, the paperwork says only two years.

    We returned the unit, and tried out one of the floor models: made the same horrible grinding sound in the brush drive. Must be another design flaw.

    Don't waste your money on this one: Buy a electrolux, or if you have the cash, get a Kirby. If you don't have the cash, buy a 150.00 piece of crap, it will last you 10 years like our old cheapie Hoover did.

    - cyclonic tubes fill with dirt quickly and a real pain to clean
    - brush drive unit sticks often (an obvious design flaw)
    - way too many extremely cheap little plastic parts all over the unit.

    Overall, not worth what they are asking for the unit $400.00...more info
  • Miss my Meile
    We had an old Meile Flaminco canister that finally died due to 10 years of big dog hair. After reading all the glowing Dyson reviews, we bought one off Amazon. Man, I just hate this thing. It's clumsy, loud, and despite all the hype, does not have the suction of our old vacuum. There are so many little things wrong with it. If you want to just use the hand unit, you have to unravel the entire power cord as it ravels around the top of the hand unit (unlike the Meile which had a foot switch to suck the cord back in.) The hand unit itself is technically broken - it's plastic tube extends down into the snake, which once a coil moves out of place, won't allow the tube to slide all the way down so you have six inches that should be tucked away now sticking out. This also contributes to having to fight it to snap it back to an upright position since it won't lock unless aligned perfectly. If you're over 40, then your back will hate taking this heavy, extremely clumsy thing up the stairs. I'd have given it one star, but it is powerful. Just clumsy and not that well made....more info
  • All I can say is WOW!
    I've thought about Dyson vacuums for some time now but never thought it was worth shelling out so much money for a vacuum. What changed my mind? Actually it was a series of events. Around 7 months ago my dishwasher died and we replaced it with a new one. Then last week my oven and refrigerator both died. Now before you start feeling sorry for us, these appliances did last us a good 17-18 years and we while we were sorry to see them go, we knew we were living on borrowed time. When the delivery men took away our old refrigerator I was shocked to discover what was underneath. All I can say is gross. When I went to vacuum, I noticed that my vacuum wasn't working very well. Gosh, how many things can stop working within a week? So here I am with a new dishwasher, a new oven and a new refrigerator, and I'm feeling that my carpets and kitchen floor aren't up to par. Everything's new and I want clean!

    So now I have to make a decision on what vacuum to buy. I poured over reviews, asked friends and family, and to my surprise, discovered that both my niece and sister owned a Dyson. Both were very happy with them. Now I had to decide which Dyson model to get. I finally decided on the Ball because it seemed easier to maneuver and I like easy. But should I get the Animal or the All Floor? Does this decision-making ever end? My sister recommended the Animal but after reading all the reviews, I decided that the only real difference seemed to be in the attachments. Since we have a non-shedding dog that eats everything our parrot throws on the carpet, I decided to save the extra $100 and get the All Floors model. So last night I told my husband that we were going to take the plunge and went out and bought it. Using a 20% off coupon, I managed to save $100.

    I woke up this morning, had a cup of coffee and went to unpack my Dyson Ball. Setting up this yellow beauty was super easy and only took a minute. Before I knew it, I had plugged in the cord and was vacuuming. Now a lot of people said that it took them a while to get used to using the ball - that it felt like a wet noodle. I didn't find this at all. The vacuum was so easy to maneuver that I kept calling my husband over to show him how I could get it to turn around areas that would involve lots of manipulation for our old vacuum. Tight positioning is a flip of the wrist and it also goes easily under furniture. Now for the weight issue. This is a heavy vacuum but if used properly (make sure the back wheels are up when vacuuming) the vacuum glides along easily and requires little energy on your part. While it's not a self-propelling model, it feels like one when vacuuming. I'm not a big person, so at 5' 2" if I say it's easy, it really is. I have a one story house I don't have to concern myself with upstairs/downstairs issues.

    I can't tell you how many times I emptied the clean bin for this first vacuuming. Now I'm feeling clean! Our carpet is not only cleaner but it feels bouncier. I also tried out the wand. It's great to be able to use your attachment tools without having the vacuum fall over, or worse, fall on top of me. Great designing Mr. Dyson! The clean bin is a cinch to empty and so much easier then a regular bagless vacuum. I can't imagine why anyone would disagree. It pops right back into place and you're good to go.

    I'm very happy with this vacuum and my husband is jazzed. He said that it was worth the extra money (and he's the cheap one in the family).
    ...more info
  • Dyson DC15, "The Ball"
    Ball is a great idea, wife could steer it with he partially crippled left arm/hand. Works on tile, wood, carpets, anything probably, no bag, the Rolls-Royce of vacs, IMHO, and worth the money. Definitely worth the money, and we have used everything in our 41 years of marriage and businesses, and Dyson is number one.

    Plus everything is right there, all the cleaning tools and the space age look, well, that alone is worth the money when visitors see it....more info
  • What a machine!
    This is the best unit I have ever used. It is easy to turn, empty and convert to tools. The amount of stuff it picks up is amazing. It works so well that I took it to clean my father-in-law's house.

    My wife was using his Kirby and called me to bring ours. The Kirby was just throwing cat litter out the back and out so hard it hurt. Not the Dyson. It just kept sucking it all up. But it also helped that I was able to turn off the brush roll to pick up as much as I could first. I vacummed an 1000 sq. ft house and emptied the container 4 times (way past the full mark). I then vacummed the next two days and still emptied the unit it once each time.

    It can be hard to push on really thick plush-type carpets because of the suction-- i have an area run that is diffucult to vacuum because of this issue. I have the "Full" kit unit--the only difference is color and accessories. Definitely will be buying another. Plus with my family's allergies and my son's asthma, this has really helped....more info
  • Impressive
    After using another popular brand that for 2 years that claims to be able to hold up a bowling ball, I just got sick of changing belts.(which was too often!)The Dyson is definitely a step above. The only negative I could say is that the beater bar housing is plastic and seems very breakable.Other than that seem like a great product....more info
  • Unbelievable!
    I have had lots of vacuums over the years, many from Walmart. The most I ever paid, was 2 years ago, about $200.00. I swore that as that vacuum got older when it did croak, I was going to buy a Dyson. I did the research to find the one best for me.
    It croaked recently and I finally got to purchase the Dyson. This is the most unbelievable vacuum ever. It is easy to use. Maneuvers wonderfully and man, does it clean!!! I love it. If you have the money and vacuum alot, like I do, then this is definetely the best vacuum to purchase. Thanks Mr. Dyson!!!!...more info
  • Reviewing my dyson
    It's brand new vacuum. So far, I've been very happy with my purchase. Of all the vacuums that I've owned in the previous years, this one is the one where modus operandi was written in the simple language with 3 easy steps, great illustrations of how to maintain it clean and how to clean a filter. It is easy to maneuvre, even my children can do it with ease. I wish it had a hardwood floor attachment though to be able to vacuum under the furniture. Otherwise, I'm very content with this purchase....more info
  • Wow!
    Ok, so other than being grossed out by what was in my carpet after cleaning with my old vacuum for the past 2 years, the experience was a great one! I read other reviews online and was hesitant because of a few issues. For one it isn't loud in my opinion. This is probably the most quiet vacuum I have ever owned. The cord is nice and long contrary to some popular belief. At least it is longer than my last vacuum and I don't have a huge house, so I wouldn't notice the length much anyway. Also, it is somewhat heavy, but I don't have to carry it up stairs. My last vacuum was heavy, too. I think it moved very well, I had no problems using "the ball".

    I like the removable hose and where it is located. Some people think it's a pain to have to remove the entire cord to release it (the hose it part of the handle that you use while you vacuum floors), but when I am vacuuming high up, I tend to go all over the place and would need to use the entire cord anyway.

    And of course who wouldn't love the release of vacuumed contents. I hated my previous canister because you had to open it, remove the nasty filter, dump the contents and put it back. With this, you hold it over the garbage can, hit a button and everything releases from the bottom. Now THAT is a great feature!

    Now, I no longer say "get the vacuum" I say, get "the Dyson!" lol!...more info
  • True Love
    This is the finest machine I have ever purchased. I think I am in love.

    I have spent thousands of dollars in the past thirty years on throwaway vacuum cleaners. I finally saved up to buy this machine in the hope that it would make cleaning a task at which I could excel. It fulfilled all of my expectations.

    This is one of the few machines I have purchased in the past few years which is actually designed with the user in mind (instead of marketing executives and design engineers who pat themselves on the back).

    I cleaned my home with a Eureka, then, vacuumed up no less than five canisters full of dirt with this vacuum after the Eureka had done its job.

    One of the banes of civilization (which may ultimately cause its collapse) is styrofoam packing material - especially "packing peanuts." I live in the absolute middle of nowhere in the mountains of Colorado. I order almost everything by mail order or over the internet. One package packed with "packing peanuts" will end up trashing my entire house or office. They stick to everything from static, as you are unpacking, and, they are impossible to clean up once they have scattered all over.

    This vacuum just sucks them up into the canister, whole, and emptying the canister is a breeze. You just push one button and it detaches from the machine. You grab it by the handle and take it out to the dumpster, push another button, and, it falls out the bottom. Imagine! Someone actually thought of making this process easy for the user!!! You don't have to call in a mechanical engineer, spend three or four days on hold to an 800 number, or, file a lawsuit to find out how to empty the canister!

    I have not asked this vacuum cleaner to marry me. However, if it looked, talked and smiled liked Juliette Binoche, I might.

    ...more info
  • True Love
    This is the finest machine I have ever purchased. I think I am in love.

    I have spent thousands of dollars in the past thirty years on throwaway vacuum cleaners. I finally saved up to buy this machine in the hope that it would make cleaning a task at which I could excel. It fulfilled all of my expectations.

    This is one of the few machines I have purchased in the past few years which is actually designed with the user in mind (instead of marketing executives and design engineers who pat themselves on the back).

    I cleaned my home with a Eureka, then, vacuumed up no less than five canisters full of dirt with this vacuum after the Eureka had done its job.

    One of the banes of civilization (which may ultimately cause its collapse) is styrofoam packing material - especially "packing peanuts." I live in the absolute middle of nowhere in the mountains of Colorado. I order almost everything by mail order or over the internet. One package packed with "packing peanuts" will end up trashing my entire house or office. They stick to everything from static, as you are unpacking, and, they are impossible to clean up once they have scattered all over.

    This vacuum just sucks them up into the canister, whole, and emptying the canister is a breeze. You just push one button and it detaches from the machine. You grab it by the handle and take it out to the dumpster, push another button, and, it falls out the bottom. Imagine! Someone actually thought of making this process easy for the user!!! You don't have to call in a mechanical engineer, spend three or four days on hold to an 800 number, or, file a lawsuit to find out how to empty the canister!

    I have not asked this vacuum cleaner to marry me. However, if it looked, talked and smiled liked Juliette Binoche, I might....more info
  • High-pitched noise
    This was my first dyson. After vacumming my house, I was amazed all the dirt and fine dust it picked up. It works great, handling is easy due to the ball, but it makes very high-pitched noise, which was too annoying for me. I searched the website, and found that it is a kind of design defect of DC15. I finally returned it and bought DC17 absolute animal. It is more expensive than DC15, but comes with nice attachments (low reach tool, mini turbin tool and carpet cleaning tool) and makes less annoying noise (It still has somewhat high-pitched noise, but not as annoying as DC15). I'm absolutely satisfied with DC17. ...more info
  • great cleaner
    Both my daughter and I bought this vacuum -- actually 2 different models but we are both very satisfied. The cord is long enough to do almost the entire downstairs and the stair tool makes stairs a snap. The hose is long enough to reach the distance.
    Unfortnately, I did not consult Consumer Reports until AFTER I had purchased the Dyson. It is very highly rated, but they indicate other vacums with equal or better cleaning ability are available for much less money. But I am happy with my vacuum and doubt that I wold have chosen a different machine even if I had knnown that first....more info
  • This is a Man's Vacuum!
    When the wife and I divided household chores, I drew vacuuming. "No problem," I thought. "I'll just go out and get the baddest vacuum out there." That vacuum, friends, is the Dyson DC15. This is the vacuum that Tim and Al would have built on Tool Time. The vacuum that the Spartans would have taken into the Battle of Thermopylae. The vacuum the NFL uses to suck body parts out of field turf. This is a man's vacuum....more info
  • The best vacuum I've ever owned!
    Over the past 9 years I've owned 6 vacuums, my Dyson being #6. I never wanted to shell out the cash for this, but I am so glad I finally did. The last one I purchased (a Hoover) couldn't even come close to this Dyson - it picks up everything! The major problem I have had in the past has been loss of suction, which has never happened with this Dyson. It has a great hose built right in, which I love, so I don't have to attach/detach all the time. I also love that I can go from my carpets to my hardwood floors with the touch of a button. I don't even need my broom anymore - I clean all my floors with this. The only complaint I would have is it is sometimes difficult to get the wheels up, stepping on the back part of it. I had someone come to clean my house once and they thought the vacuum was broken because they didn't realize you had to get the wheels up for it to work without the hose. Nothing major, just something that could be improved upon. I have and will continue to reoommend this Dyson to anyone. It is DEFINITELY worth the investment!...more info
  • Dyson DC15 and long hair dogs
    I just used my DC15 for the first time and my first impression was WOW!! I have had many vacuums and always thought Hoover was the best. I just used this vacuum on a carpet that was vacuumed 3 days ago and the amount of dirt it picked up was amazing. While my Shetland Sheepdog's long hair still gets wrapped in the beater brush, it's so easy to remove and clean, it still takes me 1/2 the time to vacuum my home. Emptying the canister is a breeze also! I absolutely love this vacuum and would highly recommend it to anyone that has long hair animals....more info
  • Who knew I could get so excited about a vacuum?
    With 7 cats, my former Dirt Devil upright was not cutting it anymore. I bought the DC15 Animal after doing a lot of research, because I wanted to be sure that the cost was worth it! Oh....my....gosh, was it ever.
    Everything you are reading in these reviews is true - it is absolutely amazing how much hair and crud this thing picks up, I filled up the bin about 4 times in 20 minutes. Emptying the bin is so simple, what a joy. Honestly it looks like we got new carpets. Even my husband, who is definitely housework-challenged, noticed how clean the carpets/rugs are (knowing my husband, that alone is a huge endorsement!).
    Yes, it is a little heavy, but I've never had one that wasn't. I haven't used the attachments (on-board and separate) too much yet but am looking forward to it. I love how it adjusts to floor heights, how you can turn off the rotating brush when going over area rugs or delicate floors, how easy it is to turn with the "ball" function, even the purple color is quite groovy. Try it - you will NOT regret it....more info
  • Great clean up job
    Easy to use , Great price . Now days the wife will use it...more info
  • Cleans beyond belief
    I am very pleased with this product, although just a few days after receiving it I saw an advertisement for a smaller, lighter one. This vacuum cleans up a storm and is very easy to clean out. ...more info
  • Best vacuum i've ever owned
    My review will likely match most others of being wary of spending such a large amount of money on a vacuum, but i took the dive, paid the price and am not sorry. Under the suggestion by a friend that owns five huskies and vacuums every day, we purchased the D14. We picked the vacuum up at Sears and got a nice demonstration from a very informed sales woman (who'd obviously done this hundreds of times and loved to talk). What we discovered is that the models are the same, but what separates them is the attachments that come with it. So instead of paying an extra hundred dollars for attachments we probably won't use, we went with the base model. And since attachments are universal (fitting all models), we can buy them separately if we decide we need one. Also, we found out that the normal models (not Animal) tend to eat shag carpeting and we've got a shag rug in our living room, so we avoided that model.

    But we got it home and plugged it in and ran it over the carpet and were amazed and appalled at what was in the canister. The ball is so easy to maneuver with, switching from carpet to hardwood floors is a snap and emptying the canister takes mere seconds. Again, it's a big investment, but worth it if you have animals or have problems keeping your floors clean....more info
  • I love my new Dyson DC15 vacuum.
    I inherited an old Kirby in 1984. It just finally wore out. That ancient dinosaur killed me when I vacuumed, it was so heavy. My new Dyson is so easy to use, and I love being bagless. It is probably the best investment I have made, since my sons were born in 1981 and 1983. Everyone should own a Dyson. Thank you for developing a product that is so easy to use, goes anywhere, and is so simple to empty. I'll never own anything else. Debbi Anderson...more info
  • All Hype +Little Action +BIG chunk of change=LAME
    I've heard it all before about Dysons being great and above and beyond so I went with this one. I actually was going to get the ANIMAL but decided to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to test it out before ordering on here and...It didn't even get all the grit in the carpet. I looked at the salesguy and scoffed and decided that the yellow Ball performed better even though it felt awkward. This is hardly amazing and quite loud. When used on hardwood it makes an even more anmnoying sound. Not worth the monkey at all! below par, and very bulky. Shop around--there's better for less money out ther....more info
  • Great vac
    Had this almost a year now and no complaints.
    Great suction (even with the power brush off), good maneuverability, descent bag size, long cord (I only have to plug it in one place and can reach the entire floor :)
    Cons: Not a wet vac, no "headlight" (makes doing the closets a pain), using the attachment system is awkward (at least at first), and no auto cord reel. All are minor gripes and would not stop me in the slightest from getting another one.

    Overall, well worth the price and feels solid enough like it will keep on cleaning for many years to come.

    RGUARD...more info
  • Dyson Delivers
    This is my second Dyson "The Ball" purchase since January, 2007. This particular model is for my upstairs, I also have the "DC 15 Animal, The Ball" for my downstairs. "The Ball" action is so easy to maneuver even with my arthritic wrists and hands. The suction is awesome and the performance on both machines has been outstanding. My carpets actually look brighter after vacuuming. Goodbye, Hoover....more info
  • Love, Love, Love this machine!!
    I have owned a Hoover Windtunnel for the last several years and it has done me well. When I knew that it was time to replace my precious Windtunnel, I did a bunch of research for my new machine. The Dyson stood out.

    There are a few factors that made me choose this this particular vacuum. We have a cat, so excellent pet hair removal is a must. Dyson takes care of the cat hair beautifully! I have MS so I need a machine that's easy to handle and not too heavy. Again, Dyson fit the bill. "The Ball" is really the way to go if you have special needs regarding maneuverability and weight. It pivots and turns like a dream, and I still feel totally in control of it. It is also pretty lightweight which was an absolute must for me.

    Some reviews I read seem to worry about the plastic. Once I got my hands on the machine, the plastic doesn't seem any flimsier than any other vac out there. In fact, the main canister seems much more durable than most. The canister is super easy to empty with little to no mess.

    Cons so far...I wish the detail wand was longer. It's kinda stubby. And I agree with some other reviews that talk about the hose extension. It doesn't seem to quite be 17 feet as advertised. It did reach all the way up my stairs but just barely. 17 feet would have made it easier than it was.

    Other than those things, this is the best vacuum I have ever owned! I highly recommend it....more info
  • The Prada of Vacuums?
    I purchased the Dyson DC15 without physically trying it out.

    While the design and concept of bagless cleaning is terrific, in real life, this machine shows very little understanding for the function of a vacuum cleaner.

    If all you have to do is rugs and bare floors with no everyday objects to vacuum beneath, and if you do not mind the extreme noise of the engine or have some sound cancelling headphones, and if you appreciate beautiful design, then this is probably a good machine.

    But if you need to vacuum under a bed, no way. The head of the Dyson is too tall to fit under a bed or under anything low. The wand and two presciously dainty attachments are awkward and designed more to fit onto the vacuum as opposed to being useful and functional.

    The Dyson DC15 is not as expensive as some high end machines, but most high end machines were designed to be used to vacuum.

    If you appreciate contemporary art and design, and just want to display the Dyson in your living room as an object d'art, then the Dyson is perfect. If you believe that form does not need to follow function, the Dyson is perfect. If you think that a Prada bag is worth every penny because it tells the world who you are, the Dyson is perfect.

    But if your wants and needs are for a machine that will be as easy and effective to use as to look at, then I recommend you keep looking....more info
  • bare-bones machine
    I like the vacuum; I dislike the lack of attachments; I hated the buying experience.

    I have carpet, hardwood and tile. I thought the product labeled "all floors" would be the perfect choice. It actually is the bare-bones package in the Dyson DC15 series. There are desirable attachments not included. After buying this machine, I realized that Dyson has other "packages" available. (Amazon should offer its customers the best vacuum cleaner package, not the bare-bones one.) To make things worse, the attachments available from Amazon are not all compatible with this machine. (Dyson 07 series and the Dyson 15 series) I have been terribly frustrated trying to sort this all out.

    I have come to expect that Amazon will show its customers the best deal and the correct suggested additional purchases. They let me down this time. Customers might want to check the Dyson website to learn about the machine and attachments that would meet their needs.

    I challenge Amazon to clearly group the Dyson products by compatible categories. I further challenge Amazon to offer the vacuums that have attachments included, rather than as add-on purchases. Bottom line -- I paid too much for too little with a big helping of aggravation on the side....more info
  • WE got a lemon... defective unit for the full price!
    I got the Ball Dyson for Christmas, we always had Dyson, this is my 3rd one....
    When I went to vacuum, I got really bad static shock, it was really painful! I called the customer service the next day, they told me we happened to purchase a defective unit, they are sending me a replacement pipe (made of ceramic) so it won't send shock to the handle.
    Okay, great... I waited and waited, no parts to be seen.
    Called back again and they lost my request, although the unit got registered, somehow replacement parts did not register. So I was told again, it's going to be on the way, 5 to 7 business days. I waited again... Let's see, it's January 23rd 2007 and I still don't have the parts. I still can not use the vac. Yes I called back many times they tell me different stories everytime, ie... it was out of stock, don't know what happened, don't know if it's on the way.... I requested to ship it overnight or 2nd day service but the reply was "oh no, we don't do that.... "
    Clearly, those customer service people (and I talked to more than 5 of them) don't really care about taking care of customers.
    So, think twice before you buy this unit. At least make sure you are not buying one of those "defective" ones.
    My husband of course paid full price for it, for the defective one....
    ...more info
  • Great machine!
    I received my Dyson in just a few days. Immediately started using it. Lifted the nap of my carpet & it looks new again. Easy to assemble & use once you figure out where all the buttons are. I would definitely recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Wonderful
    Cleans like a whiz, and the ball action makes it so much more maneuverable. ...more info
  • Wow.
    Wow. I have to take exception to the negative reviews here. This is a great vacuum. It glides effortlessly over both shag carpet and hardwood floors. "The ball" is a great innovation that really makes this thing maneuver well. It's quieter than my old Hoover Windtunnel, and is much, much more powerful. The rear wheel release is really easy to use (I mean *really* easy). Yes, even barefoot. I don't find it exceptionally heavy either. That's relative though, it has a very powerful motor made out of this stuff called metal; what do you want? Using the wand extension is hardly a battle as described elsewhere either. Again relative, but it has a powerful motor and subsequently powerful suction; how do you expect powerful suction to behave when applied to a necessarily collapsible tube? You can't escape the laws of physics with the thing. I think. I also see no problem with the attachments or their ability to stay attached to the body. Maybe I got a much different, perhaps updated unit. Sure.

    Overall, it's a well-engineered piece of equipment and well worth the price. Easily. It's not perfect though. It is rather quiet, but still emits a high-pitched whine that sounds a lot like a DC-10 airliner during boarding. Again, it's likely due to the unique nature of the airflow within the machine...and again you can't escape physics. Perhaps this could be minimized a bit more though. There is perhaps some merit to the dust bin hinge weakness concern too. We'll see. It is very easy to empty though. It kicks up a bit of dust when emptied...because there is dust falling out of the thing and into the trash. Again, you can't escape the laws of...oh nevermind. Five stars because it is the best vacuum I have ever encountered....more info
  • Worth every penny (4.5 Stars)

    We received our new Dyson DC15 "The Ball" on the Friday before New Years. I spent about an hour or so vacuuming and must say that I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised.

    I was shocked at how much pet hair it was picking up, but also pleasantly surprised. I had a chance to do a very thorough vacuuming of our floors and furniture.

    This vacuum is worth every penny.

    I just wish the hose was not so tight. It would be nice if they sold a hose extension kit.

    June 9th, 2007: We have now been using this vacuum for six months. This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Save your money
    Used the DC15 for 1 week. It will not pick up dog hair on the back stroke. It is constructed of poorly fitting plastic parts. I returned the vacuum for a refund. A 99 dollar Wal-Mart special will do as well....more info
  • I LOVE IT!!
    i have two very furry cats and my other vacuums just could not handle all the fur.
    I moved into a new apartment and decided to splurge on a new vacuum. I SIMPLY LOVE my Dyson.
    I orignally wanted the purple dyson animal ball but there werent any available but the sales rep the only difference between this one and that one was an attachment and the cleaning solutions that came with it.
    I went ahead and bought the additional attachment but I rarely use it since the vacuum itself works so well.

    Honestly this thing is amazing it swivels and isnt so hard to move around like so many other vacuums.
    i love how easy dumping the dust and dirt out, my old vacuum had the "easy dump" dispenser as well and let me tell you that it was more of a hassle then anything else.
    but the dyson is great.
    I love ALL of the attachements and how long the cord is.
    I dont have switch plugs so often.

    the only thing i have to complain about is that when i vacuum barefoot i get shocked its not painful, its just annoying!!
    I called the dyson help line and they said its because the way the ball rubs the carpet it causes friction and there really isnt much they can do about it, so i just wear my slippers and that pretty much stops the shocks.

    all in all this was a great investment, I know its a ton of money for a vacuum, its the most money i have spent on something like this but it is well worth it!!...more info
  • If you have allergy, get this vaccum
    What are the differences! Ever since we started using this vacuum for a month, my son's allergy improved a lot! Now he does not have to take allergy pills daily.

    We had one of those tredy badless vacuum for about $200 in last four years. Obviously, the exhaust from that vacuum spread those micro dust and my son started have allergy since then.

    This powerful vacuum has different design with its microfilter. So the micro dust can not escape from inside the vacuum. It is also quieter compare to the old vacuum. The handle can easily being removed and reach to the ceilin for vaccum inside the house.

    A wonderful piece equipment for every home. Its Robot Cop design makes it attactive, too!...more info
  • The honeymoon ended in a few days
    I bought my Dyson on the strength of all the other rave reviews. It was easy to put together and got used the "ball" handling with no problem. The suction is unbelievable. I got thrills watching the dust bin fill up. Emptying the bin was easy and virtually no dust gets on you.

    So why 3 stars? I'm used to being about to vacuum under most furniture. The Dyson is a bit taller but has an attachment to solve that problem. The attachment isn't an on-board attachment so you have to go fetch it. Second, the hose is a little cumbersome to pull out and put back. Both these things are probably overlooked by most people but considering the price, I expect a little more built-in convenience. I've returned mine and will probably get a Bissell Healthy Home. I can deal better with imperfection if I'm paying $299 rather than $499....more info
  • Believe the Hype!
    Wow, what can I say I just bought this vaccum today. Well I did a test with my old vacuum an Eureka, and the Dyson. I vacuumed 1 room twice with the Eureka and it picked up some dirt and dog(German Shepherd)hair. Then I used the Dyson, I could not believe the dog hair and dirt that the Dyson picked up after using the Eureka. I will tell you, my wife is very happy with this Dyson so far(1 night). I was amazed at all the dog hair it picked up. Normally after using the old vacuum you could always see dog hair left on the carpet. With the Dyson it picks every hair up. We are very happy with the purchase. We bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond 499.99 - 20% coupon = 400.00 - what a deal. ...more info
  • Owner's manual needs update!
    I purchased the Dyson 15 "Ball" All Floors Model. When I took the vacuum out of the box (only 2 pieces, snaps together without tools), I could see that the handle looked nothing like the one in the picture. The handle which is gripped during use, faces the top, instead of down, as in all the photos, both on website and in brochure. I called customer service, and was told that due to problems customers were having with getting shocked, the handle had been redesigned.
    Okay...so now the thing is ready to use, now that I have spoken to Dyson. I have used it through the whole house, on carpet and ceramic tile, and I have dumped the cannister 3 times. Most of the debris came from large area rugs, which I guess shed more than carpeting. The cannister is very easy to dump, I placed a plastic grocery bag in the garbage can, and put the cannister inside and let go on the release. Most of the junk came out, but I did have to touch the dirty mess, as it was wound around the sides. This is impressive, in that all the crud goes directly into the garbage bag, no dust flying around.
    I like the low profile of the cleaning head. It gets under the overhang on my bottom cabinets, something no other vacuum I have had is able to do. My tile is not what I would consider "delicate", like hardwoods, so after some experimentation, I kept the beater bar on, and the brushes actually dislodged some dried on dirt.
    The wand really works great on ceiling fans and vents. I guess I need to get the duster attachment, as the suction almost pulled my curtains down!
    I don't think it can extend as far as they say it does, though. I got about 10 feet out of it, then the unit started falling over.
    The plastic looks rather cheap, but the new 5 year warranty is comforting, should it fall apart.
    If this continues to work this well, and I can get 5 years out of it, I guess the $400 was well spent. ($499 at Linens N Things, less 20% coupon)
    I will update as time goes by.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    This is money well spent. We are very very satisfied with the performance of this unit. Though it is very expensive but it is really worth the money. It is very easy to handle and has a great suction power to it. ...more info
  • I am crazy about this vacuum!!
    After my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with severe cat and dust allergies. I had two cats at the time. And dust? Well, alot of that. I cannot believe how well this vacuum works. I no longer have hives and haven't had any allergic reactions since purchasing this. Worth every penny....more info
  • Powerful Art In Motion
    So far I would give this Vacuum a 10 star rating however that's not an option.

    After much pondering about spending $500.00 plus on a vacuum. I read and re read the great reviews, then took the plunge. Though I love dealing with Amazon, due to their great! Customer service and prices. I actually could not resist buying my Dyson at Bed Bath & Beyond. I was able to use one of those 20% off coupons that they send out frequently, thus saving over $100.00. They too have a great return policy if your not satisfied with your purchase.

    Anyway back to the Dyson. It was a snap to get it up and operational right out of the box. The instruction manual is very simple and straightforward. Mostly pictures. Though the Dyson looks very radical and complicated. Using it is very simple.

    I did the big test! Before using the Dyson I installed a brand new bag and drive belt on my high-end late model Eureka. I then did a very thorough vacuuming in two of my larger rooms, making sure to do slow passes over my off white carpeting. I.e. I wanted to give the Eureka the best chance to do it's cleaning. As a matter of fact I went much slower than usual.

    It really seemed to pull the carpet pile up and seemed to be doing a great job. Then the big moment. I went over the same exact areas using the Dyson at a speed in which I would normally go, and WOW! The clear chamber started to fill with dust and cat fur.

    I could not believe it. My carpets always look clean. My cat has light colored fur so it is pretty hard to see on the light carpet.

    The Dyson was actually fun to use. When you see the chamber fill with debris it gives you the incentive to keep vacuuming.

    As for the noise? It does not have that irritating normal vacuum cleaner sound. It sounds like the sound that would come from the front of jet engine, only very hushed. I personally find the sound appealing. Naturally since it's a machine, it's going to have to have some sort of sound. So i.e. sound type and level is not an issue at all for me.

    As for the weight? Yes it is a little heaver than my other vacuum, but well worth the extra weight. I have a ton of stairs and carrying it up the stairs was no problem.

    I am a body builder.. ( just kidding) all kidding aside it's easy to handle.

    Getting under furniture? Like all uprights you can't push this vacuum under a sofa. But for normal surface cleaning it's the greatest. Oh and by the way I do have huge amounts of hard surfaces, both tile and hardwood. It does the same great job on those too.

    It is extremely clean and easy to empty. I keep a catch all bag lined garbage container under my kitchen sink and gently discharge the dust into that. I have not had any problems at all with the dust coming back up and out of the can. I guess if you hold the canisiter a few feet above the garbage bag and yell bombs a away and push the Dyson's release button, you may get engulfed in a much deserved cloud of dust.

    Until I get use to the hose and onboard tools, I will probably continue to use my Dyson for floor surfaces and my small but powerful "Shop Vac" for stairs and car. I would not use the Dyson for my car, it seems like it might be too cumbersome.
    In addition I would not want to take the risk of scratching it up in an outdoor environment. Sounds silly, but take into consideration, the Dyson can be seen in the modern art museum in San Francisco as well as New York among other places.

    If you getting a new Vac. Bite the bullet and get a Dyson. I will edit this note as I spend more time using this product

    June 18th 2007

    Still loving this vacuum. Works the same as when it first took it out of the box. Never skips a beat
    ...more info
  • GREAT Vacuum
    This is a fantastic vacuum, the best I've ever owned. It picks up dog hair without getting clogged. 2 minor drawbacks, it's really heavy & the attachment often pulls the vacuum towards you because the suction is so powerful. Other than that I love it!...more info
  • Dyson DC15 is great
    Just love it--picks up dirt and animal hair like no other product I've used before. Highly recommend it for anyone with pets and children....more info
  • Great purchase
    This vaccum cleaner is the best of all of those I've had. The main thing for me that it DOES its job, i.e sucks in the dog's hair and the dust. I am amazed when seeing how much "stuff" it picks up when I empty the container. Having Dyson I enjoy cleaning my carpet what I could not say about the others I previously had. Plus the delivery service was great, I received it much faster than it was to come to my house. Thanks!!!...more info
  • Dyson DC15
    I had a Rainbow vacuum for 11 years. When the motor went out on the Rainbow, we were kind of reluctant to buy another one, mainly because of the price. We decided to try the Dyson DC 15 because of all the excellent reviews that we read about. The reviews were correct. This vacuum is great and the price is excellent. We use it on porcelain tile and carpets. I Highly recommend this item....more info
  • My expectations were too high...
    We have a dog and two small boys so our floors are always dirty. I was willing to spend almost $500 on a vacuum that would restore some order to our home. I am disappointed because it doesn't get my tile floors very clean. They still feel gritty after I've vacuumed. I also don't like the smell when I first turn the vacuum on and there is a really high pitched sound when the vacuum is running that isn't pleasant (kind of like a flourescent bulb that is about to go out). There is an amazing amount of "stuff" in the canister when I'm done so I guess I can't argue with that but I was hoping for more....more info
  • Waste of Money
    I clean houses for a living, and I have used every kind of vacuum there is. All styles and brands. I have to say that this is the worst vacuum I have ever used. I have used both the ball version and the normal upright one. Although I dislike both, this is the worst of the two. This vacuum is way too heavy for the average women. Not only for carrying up stairs, but also for just pushing. After an hour of pushing this vacuum, my arm is very sore. I find the ball movement very akward too. It does not make movement easier in my opinion. It is a heavy, bulky, machine that is not worth the money....more info
  • It Sucks so good!
    I am almost embarassed to admit how excited I am about a vacuum cleaner, but the Dyson DC15 is amazing! It is everything that I anticipated it to be. The amount of dirt that came out of the carpet was disgusting! It upsets me to think that my family has been walking around on all that grime. I've previously had an Oreck, and the Dyson blows it away. I read a lot of the other reviews and don't agree with most of the cons. There is no problem with wrapping the cord unless you are incredibly lazy. Also, the vacuum is not heavy. I am not a very big person, and I have no problems lifting it. The attachements stay on, but you have to make sure you snap them into place. It steers with just a slight wrist movement and moves around things so easily. Vacuuming isn't such a chore now, and when you see the amount of dirt you are pulling up, it compels you to keep cleaning. It was worth the price....more info
  • shocked and amazed
    I knew my old vacuum was not working well at all, but I only vaccuumed about 2X6 feet in from the living room door and then a wedge of a rug and this filled the cannister twice. Then 2 days later I vaccuumed the same area again and was still shocked at what came up. Providing they live up to their claim of never losing suction, this will be "it" for me as far as vaccuums go. This is also the quietest vac I've ever used....more info
  • The biggest overly hyped machine ever!
    10,000 prototypes still isn't enough! I found to be more cons than pros during my use of this product. To make this review more convenient for you unlike the Dyson, I'll just list it out.


    - It looks different than other Vacuums,
    has an industrial look to it.

    - Releasing the dirt bin is easy

    - It pivots well, very ergonomic

    - Hose attachments have pivots to allow
    different ways of vacuuming


    - Doesn't go under furniture deep enough

    - Heavy, not easy to take upstairs or to
    use on stairs

    - Cord holder is too shallow to hold the
    massively long and stiff cord

    - No height adjustment, made for one
    setting, bad for shaggy carpenting

    - Hard to push floor release option button.

    - Dust container is messy when you empty
    it out, not all contents can easily get
    out you have to either shake it out or
    reach and pull it out.

    - Vacuum hose is very restrictive. Recoils
    to much and doesn't allow for much movement.

    - Good just for the home, inconveniet for
    vacuuming cars & work space

    - Very expensive, might as well buy an
    industrial strength machine

    For most people, we own one type of vacuum in the household, we would like this product to be a one stop stationary cleaning system. I think this vacuum is an ok vacuum. I think it picks up dirt on the floor just as well as other vacuums do. If you have a problem with the suction in your vacuum, try adjusting the height to bare floor. Too expensive and too heavy for my taste. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Ever Used
    After this arrived, I did a test run on a carpet that had just been vacuumed by my Oreck - and was completely amazed at how much dirt and pet hair the Dyson picked up that the Oreck had not. After I became fully familiar with using this machine I put it to work on a variety of cleaning projects, and I'm extremely happy with how well it performs. I've tried probably every type of vacuum on the market (including the Rainbow with the water filter and various other bagless brands, as well as traditional machines) and I consider the Dyson the best I've ever used and well worth the investment....more info
  • wonderful
    Simlply the best vacum cleaner. Well worth the money, you get what you pay for....more info
  • testament from a 45 day user
    This vac has super suction as advertised. The first time used it was unbelieveable the amount of dust & hair(dog) picked up and possibily not picked up by our previous vac(hoover). After using 2 or 3 times per week, I discovered some irritations in the operation of this vac. First, the rear wheel release is hard to operate in order to lowerer upper part of machine onto *THE BALL*. Second, the location of tool holders (hard and bristle brush) do not hold good. They keep coming loose if lightly bumped.Third, if you vac drapes or certains you need the optional soft dusting brush the bristle brush that come with the machine does not work well ....more info
  • You have to try it to believe it's possible...
    Just got this unit today and of course had to try it right away since my old vacuum broke about a week ago...
    I was a little shocked that I had to read the manual to make sure I was not breaking anything. It is different from what I have seen so far - that is all. I love how it feels while working - although it is not self propelled - I don't have to work hard to operate it - it does feel like only 3lb.
    It is truly a different experience. I was able to clean the stairs for the first time without lifting a vacuum...
    I recommend it and hope that my experience will continue to be as phenomenal :)
    I do have to point out that the "BALL" makes all the difference - so look for that one...
    ...more info
  • the best vacuum ever
    No lie. This vacuum cleans better than any we have previously owned. We have owned phantoms before this and liked them. If I have to buy another vacuum again it will be a dyson. It is worth every penny. If you own a pet or have children, it is a must....more info
  • DC15 Animal great But....
    The Dyson dc15 does as it's advertised! The dc15 ball makes it easy to maneuver and it picks up dirt and dog hair that my other vacuum missed. However our Miele vacuum was also very good. using the dc15 a couple of days after the housekeeper vacuumed with the miele, the dc15 didn't pick up that much.

    Cons- My wife, who is 5ft, 102lbs, cannot carry the DC15 upstairs. It is just to heavy and big for her. The purple foot bar at the bottom , that puts the dc15 into vacuum mode, is very hard to press. I can not push the bar down with out shoes.
    The dc15 "wand" cannot clean carpeted stairs. It only goes halfway up and is too heavy to drag upstairs with you as you vacuum. If you do drag it upstairs with you, it's too big to stand on the stairs and might fall back down the stairs....more info
  • Not perfect - Pro's and Cons
    I love this vacuum, but it's not perfect.

    Pros: Picks up dust, hair and dirt unlike anything I've ever used, and I'm a vacuum cleaner addict!! Well worth the money and people think my five year old carpet is brand new. My mom said she never saw my house so clean, and the only thing I did differently is switch from my pricey Riccar vacuum to this one. It's also a super-cool looking thing, and pretty quiet for a vacuum cleaner. My newborn baby loves the sounds it makes, but it scares my three year old twins. They think it's some sort of scary robot monster, so when I put it on, they instantly run to the couch and behave themselves (not sure if that's a pro or con). I like the ball since I can easily twist and turn around furniture.

    Con's: Where's the retractable cord??? For this much money and high design, why do they have a cord on it that's dated to the early days of vacuum cleaning?

    The tools fall off quite a bit, I've gotten to just storing them somewhere else because it's so annoying.

    It weighs a ton. Although it's ergonomic with the ball/twist mechanism, carry it upstairs and you'll kill your back. The bin gets filled up quick, not only do I have to constantly clean it out, but I have to take it apart and clean out the inside (where the cyclones are), and there's a ton of dust in there (which is probably a good thing). I just wish it wasn't so cumbersome to clean. Some of the grime and dust gets stuck to the inside, so I have to run the whole bin/cyclone mechanism under running water., almost makes me wish for a bag version, so when they tell you that you never touch the dirt, that's not true. If you want your suction to be acceptable, I recommend cleaning it (cyclones and all) after vacuuming the house twice. I empty it outside since the dust it picks up is so fine, it spews all over.

    I wish I could get under coffee tables and low furniture, but I have a roomba for that (which is all a roomba is good for anyways).

    Conclusion: Get a retractable cord, make it more lightweight but keep the ergonomics, and affix the tools in a better way, and you've got the perfect machine!!! I hope Mr. Dyson reads these reviews.

    ...more info
  • Amazing... a must if you have pets !!!!!!!!
    I've been buying cheap vacuum's for years. Always was afraid to spend the extra money. Well... my wife and I recently purchased the Dyson DC15 Animal and I'm continually amazed how great this vacuum is.

    At first it seemed a little on the heavy side but after having it a few weeks it's actually balanced very well and is so easy to manuever. Just by a slight twist of the wrist you can steer the vac. into odd areas. And using the hose and accessories is a snap and very easy to go from vacuuming, to using a tool to get into a tight spot. (One con: is the vacuum's suction is so strong I find myself fighting the hose sometimes to expand enough for me to get into certain situations) I guess it's good to have a vacuum with great suction so this is a small downside that I can live with. Hopefully Dyson one day will offer a hose extension so you can extend out farther and use some of the tools a distance away from the vacuum.

    I used to think our other vacuum cleaned okay but always found myself going over the same spot over and over again to pick up the pet hair. One pass with the Dyson DC15 and it was gone !!!! It also lifted the pile in our carpets and brought them back to life, they feel soft when you walk on them and clean too. All the accessories that come with the vacuum really compliments it's use too. Also, it's incredibly easy to empty the container and the HEPA filter just needs to be cleaned every 6 months. I haven't found it loosing any suction at all like they claim... (I'm a believer!)

    Today I thought the carpet looked clean but decided to vacuum anyway.... I was amazed once again how much pet hair and dirt it picks up.

    If you have pets or kids and want to keep your carpet extremely clean then this vacuum is for you. If it seems expensive, it might be but it's worth every penny !!!!...more info
  • W.O.W. ;0)
    Well, $500 is a lot of dough for a vacuum. I mean, who likes vacuuming, anyway? But if you got your DC15 for only $300 like we did, it kicks all the other competatively priced vacuums in the you-know-what. Do what we did- use a 20% off any 1 item coupon at bed bath and beyond. You can't beat a coupon for $100 off the $499 price. And getting Mom to pitch in another $100 doesn't hurt, either. ;0)
    Seriously. We just got this puppy home, I opened the box and put it together (which consists of putting in the hard end part of the hose), and WENT TO TOWN. It looks like a brand new house! Well, as brand new as when WE moved in! ;0)
    And listen to this- the real telling thing that happened involves our cat. (We got this machine because after our other vacuum died, he started having more hairballs.) After I vacuumed with the Dyson, he went around the house sniffing the floor. He couldn't believe it was the same house, either! AWESOME. ...more info
  • Queen of Clean
    Just purchased the All Floors DC15...Love it! Previously owned a Kirby for 30+years, so I'm used to big and heavy. Can't relate to cyclone or wind tunnels.It is easy to use,on board att. are easy to use and so convenient. Here's the secret of releasing the wheels: As you step on the pedal push the handle away from you (forward) and it will release, then you can pull back on the handle and your good to go. I don't know why they don't clearly instruct that! With hardwood it's great, sucking between the boards and then turning the brushes on for area rugs.I did hear a high pitch ring which is annoying. The hose reaches my top stairs and you do need to pull. If you are little and fragile it might be a hassle, but try it anyway-it does the job!! Plastic-don't know if it will last like my Kirby but I like no bags (Kirby also). Bought from Kohls (sale) with $100.gift card (mailed to you) and $100.cash certificates!!! Don't think you need the "Animal" extras..save the $100....more info
  • Worth every dime!
    I was hesitant to spend this much on a vac - but after my kenmore canister vac died and my brand new discovery irobot vac became a joke, I realized I had to do it. I have way more dirt to deal with than most people. I keep a lot of different exotic birds as pets, and let me tell you, there is no end to the birdseed hitting the carpet. Not to mention feathers and dust. This vac handles it all with no problems. The ball feature is so amazing! Dyson is a true genius. All upright vacs are going to be heavy, and this one is no exception, but the ball makes it so much easier to get around tight spots. I couldn't imagine using a regular, clunky upright ever again. This vac gets used everyday and it is still working as if it just came out of the box. I would buy it all over again in a heartbeat. You wont be disappointed. ...more info
  • The Bomb !!!
    If you have a shedding machine at home, get the Dyson...it's not the ball, it's "The Bomb" !!! ---written by Noah Kendall, a kid, age 6 1/2, and typed by Mom. P.S. - your dog hair doesn't stand a chance - trust us!...more info
  • Outstanding performance
    We received our DC15 and used it today for the first time. I can NOT believe the result! This replaced a 10 year old, top of the line Eureka bag type. The difference is like night and day!!

    The instructions were clear and concise, easy to understand and follow. The attachments fit together perfectly and are easily stored, with the exception of the extra "bag" of equipment. The mini-beater bar attachment for stairs also works exceptionally well on our couches.

    The bottom line is checking the container to see what was actually in it... It is full of, well, let's just say that the cat must be bald because you could reconstruct him with the fur I found!!

    Best of all, Amazon uses the most reputable vendor I have ever met on the internet... Witbeck's. They could not have been more professional or helpful. I applaud them and would hope all internet vendors could come close... Thank you, Witbecks!...more info
  • don't waste your money!!!!
    I've read the other reviews and I must have gotten the wrong vacuum. Either that or everyone is afraid to say they got robbed!!! This is the most expensive piece of junk I have ever bought. First, it weighs too much. You have to really lug it around and it's HEAVY. Which also means if you accidently bump into furniture, and who doesn't, it can knock something off. Getting it up stairs requires a moving van. The attachments are cumbersome and exceedingly hard to use. You have to disconnect this and that and this and that to get the attachments on. It does get to the dust really well, but so did my electrolux. And although it makes alot of noise the suction isn't any better than a high quality vacuum you get at Sears for half the price. Do yourself a favor before you buy. Try it if you can. It sucks...but not literally....more info
  • My Pros and Cons about the Dyson "The Ball"
    I always wanted a Dyson vacuum cleaner and I am glad I waited for the "ball" model. Overall, all the hype really measures up to my expectations.

    Overall, this is a amazing vacuum cleaner.. The suction is unbelievable!! I had to empty the bin 5+ times before I was done with my hallway and bedroom alone. It picked up an incredible amount of dust.

    On the negative side..(and why I gave it 4 stars)

    I hear a high pitch sound when the vacuum cleaner is on.. (I am sensitive to it)...

    The Stair cleaning feature with the hose was a true fight and chore.. the hose was very stiff and unwilling to "come with me" I literally had to fight my way up the stairs and had to use lots of muscle to get them done. I really don't like the hose.. it is not user friendly.

    Lastly, the bin does not hold very much dust. Having to empty the bin so many times is very annoying. Oh and I accidentally drove over my cable and it took the outer layer off.. (no auto shut off when it got stuck. )

    That being said.. even though I wrote more con's than pro's .. I would not trade this vacuum cleaner in for another. I am very happy with it's suction and cleaning power. The Carpets look beautiful and I will just have to purchase another small vacuum cleaner to take care of my stairs.
    ...more info
  • Best So Far
    We have owned or used very expensive vacumes ($1,000 plus) in the past, but this by far has been the best we have used. The first time we used it, we were amazed that the pattern in the carpet returned (actually I didn't know there was one). We have a Golden Retriever and needless to say we are amazed, every time we vacume, in the amount of hair it picks up. We have had this vacume since the beginning of April and use it no less than 3 times per week. I suffer from allergies and have seen my symtoms decrease in severity. If there is one thing I could change is the way you empty the container. I do not recommend emptying indoors or into a shallow bag because you still get the "plume" of dust. The container design is much better than other bagless vacumes, but there is still room for improvement (that is why I did not score it a 5 star). None-the-less, I recommend this and have offered any of my friends and family the use of it so they can see what I have been praising about....more info
  • Dyson DC15 - The Animal
    I looked at The Ball and decided to buy one step up and bought the Animal with attachments in purple. I received it today and was amazed with it. So easy to put together and use. My friends say I'm cleaning all the time but after using The Animal now I can say I finally cleaned. I couldn't believe that for berber carpet you don't use the rotating brush but believe me I couldn't get over the amount of dirt and cat hair it pulled out of the carpet even without using the rotating brush. I have only one cat and have lived in my home for a year and a half and shampoo on a regular basis but I have to say, today the carpet is really clean. Best vacuum I've ever bought and I've tried a bunch. Worth every penny. And so easy to empty the dirt cup and you never have to touch the dirt. The "ball" makes it so easy to operate in any area and so quiet I found it hard to believe it was running at all....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    We've had this for about two months now, and it works great. Even better, I've barely used it as my husband is doing the vacuuming!...more info
  • Great Machine
    This thing is a work of art. I have two cats and a dog who shed constantly. I also have 2 kids who are not that neat. I have had alot of vacuums over the years, Hoovers, Bissels, the usual suspects. I thought I was getting most of the stuff in the rug, but I was wrong. I made one pass over the living room rug, and the canister was full already! You can't believe the amount of disgusting dirt and hair I pulled up. That dirt had probably been in the carpet for years!! My only regret is I kick myself for not getting it sooner. It's really well built, handles great and isn't nearly as loud as any of my others. I know it's not cheap, but worth every every penny. You won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • It sucks.....but thats a good thing!!
    I bought this vaccum for my mom at Christmas and she loves it. It never loses sucktion and is the most light vacuum I have ever pushed. Good stuff here man...
    ...more info
  • Dyson Ball Vacuum A Real Turn-On
    My niece turned me onto Dyson but my husband found this one. I'm never parting with it, that I can tell you. I love seeing how much dirt it picks up. I've had myriad people ask if the carpet is new. (P.S. It is 10-year-old Berber that has been through 3 boys and all their friends.) My carpet has never looked better and I bet it will be a selling point for the house on the market now....more info
  • My last vacuum cleaner
    Man, I love this thing. Don't let the initial outlay of money scare you. If you've spent your money on other machines only to end up disappointed, this is the one for you. I promise you'll chuck the old ones in the dustbin. Everything about it is easy from set-up to disposing of the vacuumed up bits. Quit thinking about it and just buy it....more info
  • Vacuum Works Hard and So Will You
    We've had the Dyson for a month and have used it infrequently. It does an excellent job of picking up ground in dirt in carpeting. If you are a big strong person and have vast expanses of wall to wall carpeting, this is a good choice of vacuum. The ball features allows the head to swivel pretty effortlessly, although the head is wide and doesn't fit into a lot of smaller spaces. The vacuum was designed by a man, and in many ways is not suitable for a smaller person. It is very heavy to shlep from place to place and to push back and forth. The hand hold is uncomfortable, clearly meant for someone with a large hand. Back, shoulder or neck problems will be aggravated by using this vacuum. The vaccuum has lot of bells and whistles, which don't work that easily. The release pedal that allows the vaccuum to work on floors (as opposed to the wand feature) is very temperamental. The wand feature is quite complicated and the hose puts up a good fight when you try to stretch it to reach out of the way areas. The no-clog feature only applies to regular household dirt. The manual clearly states that it is not for construction dust, plaster dust etc. So in essence, it's less useful than a vaccuum where you can at least change the bag and filter. I can't vouch for it's durability. So far, it's been dependable. At this price, I hope it lasts a lifetime....more info
  • I'd Rate It 10 Stars!
    I just purchased this vacuum today. I've been toying with buying a Dyson for the past two years, came into some money and decided to take the plunge. I'm glad I did!

    I have really old, kinda grungy carpet in my family room. Well, it WAS grungy until I ran the Dyson over it - it looks like a different carpet! I can't believe the difference, nor could I believe the amount of dirt and dust in the canister. I emptied it twice.

    This vacuum was extremely easy to use right out of the box. I've never had one so easy to assemble...I was literally using it five minutes after I opened the box. Simple, elegant, pleasing to the eye - and it lives up to the hype. I was quite leery of spending $500 on a vacuum, but it was worth every penny.

    Registration is quite easy on the Dyson website (www.dyson.com). I urge everyone to do it immediately after purchase to protect your investment. The website is also very cool and fun to navigate....more info
  • Best Money I ever spent on a vacuum
    I have owned this vacuum for only 24 hours. I am amazed at the amount of dirt and/or lint I have been picking up. It puts my Hoover Wind Tunnel to shame. The ball makes it very easy to get around the furniture. The long handle and hose makes the stairs a snap. The canister is extremely easy to dump, and very clean - No more messy bags to contend with. It does not have any dust flying out of the back of it. And, bonus! My son enjoys vacuuming more than me now!! ;) Wonderful product!!...more info
  • Dyson is "My Hero"
    I have a Kirby vacuum that needs a new motor in the electric broom. When I found out the cost, I decided it wasn't worth getting it fixed especially since it was over 10 years old. I was also tired of the hastle with bags.

    Went shopping for a new vaccum. Purchased the Wind Tunnel since it was bagless and oh so easy to use. Ha! After the first few sweeps with the wind tunnel, the filter was covered and I lost all suction. I then spent more time trying to clean the filter than I would have if I used a broom. Got about as much dirt also. I was told I needed a new filter so I spent about $40 for a new filter. Within a couple sweeps, I was back to the same old story. I REALLY wanted the Dyson, but the cost was way out of my reach at the time.

    It got to the point that all I was doing was spending my time cleaning filters. I decided I had enough of this. Got the ok from my husband and splurged on the Dyson. I AM TRUELY HAPPY that I did! I swept the house with the old Hoover, then had my husband come watch while I went over the same area with the Dyson. We were both totally shocked at the amount of dirt that was sucked up into the canister. Never again will I go back to those other vacuums. Dyson is "My Hero"!...more info
  • Even Better than the Original Dyson!
    I have the original Dyson All Floor (without the ball) in my aparment and love it. Increadible cleaning power. I like it so much I bought the Ball for our country house.

    I am amazed at how much easier the ball makes getting the Dyson around furniture.

    Everything else is pretty much the same. Incredible suction (I filled it with cat hair a couple of times form a rug that had just come back from the cleaner!)...more info
  • Mind Blowing
    We live in a rental with carpeting that must be at least 40 years old. Unfortunately, it is glued down to the subfloor and the owner of our house is in no rush to update. Prior to ordering the Dyson DC15, our two other vacuums didn't make a dent in cleaning our carpeting. Honestly, what vacuum could work a miracle on such nasty old floors? Well, as skeptical as I was about purchasing a $500 vacuum, I made the plunge and I am so glad I did. This is my first night with the DC15, and I am blown away by its suction power and its ability to clean. Not only that, but it lifted the knapp of our ancient carpeting- something I didn't think was possible! In vacuuming just one 19x14 room, I emptied the canister 4 times. Some parts of the vacuum seem a little flimsy- namely the hinge on the canister and the foot release/prop wheels. However, the machine comes with a 2 year warranty, and I'll be sure to exchange it for a new one should any problems arise. As long as the DC15 keeps working as well as it did tonight, I'll be a Dyson customer for life. FYI, there are deals to be had on Dyson vacuums. Kohl's rewards its credit card holders with additional discounts throughout the year. This past week, Kohl's was taking up to 30% additional off of the sale prices. As such I scored a $500+ vacuum for $313 including tax and shipping. AMAZING! I can't wait to see how the DC15 performs a year from now....more info
  • Dyson DC15 - The Ball
    This is the best vacuum I ever owned. It's quieter than my old one and it has an incredible suction power. Highly recommended....more info
  • best sweeper made!
    This is the best sweeper we have ever used. It blows away the best hoover made. Or for that matter any one on the market...more info
  • One of my Best Buy's
    The Dyson hoover has to be one of my best buy's. Before we always struggled with our old hoover, it never really could clean our carpets as well as our new dyson. Wer bought our Dyson from myishop.co.uk you can really see the difference and even feel the difference the dyson really does dig down into your carpet and suck out all the dirt. ...more info
  • dyson vacuum
    I purchased this dyson 6 months ago the belt broke and i tried to replace you have to be a rocket scientist to replace the belt my old hoover was a piece of cake. i expected more from a $500 vacuum....more info
  • Best Vacuum EVER
    I bought this 3 days ago, and have never written an online review until now. Geez this thing is amazing. My old hoover quit picking stuff up, was very loud and just in general was dying (3 yrs old). So, I kinda bought into the never lose suction, and it doesnt. It picked up so much out of my carpet, but I expected it to from reading reviews. I was gonna get the DC14 b/c I didnt see where it was worth $100 to have a ball. If you can imaging how easy it is using the gym brooms on hardwood floor, thats how this vacuum moves. It's so simple to push. Another thing that made it better than the 14 was that the button to turn off the brushes for hw and rugs was on top of the handle, not on the bottom by the wheels like in the 14. That's really what sold me. However, this thing is very heavy so I'm not so sure I'll be vacuuming my hw with it, but to go from living room to dining room to kitchen with the push of a button is great. The hose, thats kinda aggravating. You really have to have a good grip on it, otherwise it'll pull right out of your hand. Some reviews complain about it not supplying the low floor tool. Really, how many vacuums have you bought that contain that tool? I have bought 3 and none of them had it. Quit whining, it's a great machine!!...more info
  • Like it
    Alright, I have to say that I like this vacuum cleaner. It picks up everything as stated by other reviewers, looks cool, maneuvers well (keep the handle low and just use your wrist a little), empties easily, no add'l cost of filters, bags, and belts, and leaves your house smelling fresh (not dusty like other vacuums I'v tried). The only drawback is that I'll have to exchange mine since it makes a squeaking noise when I push it back and forth. ...more info
  • I am very pleased
    I am very pleased with my Dyson DC15 "The Ball" vacuum.
    It is easy to use and does what the advertisement claims it will do.
    ...more info
  • The Best Vacuum By Far
    Mr. Dyson is a genius. I live in an apartment and own a cat, who sheds all year long as if it's her business. No other vacuum has been able to pull her hair off of the carpet like this Dyson. The first time I used this vacuum on my carpet, I sucked up two bags of cat hair in my living room alone! I never realized there was that much cat hair there!
    The ball takes a little time getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the vacuum is very maneuvarable around the obstacles and makes vacuuming almost fun. I've been using the Dyson Ball for over a month now and have absolutely no complaints. I haven't tried the Animal version of the Dyson Ball, but I don't feel the need for it. This baby works just as advertised and I couldn't be happier. Go get yours now, you won't regret it and the price is well worth it....more info
  • Dyson DC15 WOW Unbelievable!
    I never thought Id write a review on a vacuum cleaner, but this one is worth writing about. We bought the Dyson DC 15 total clean, which is the same as the Animal, but without the cleaning chemicals. (And it is not purple) I am amazed at the stuff that this thing pulls from the carpet after only one use. I am ashamed at what was left there by our old vac. THe ball feature is great, and is really easy to use. It makes maneuvering this thing really easy. Also, the long cord is really handy, and keeps you having to change outlets often. Everything about this thing is A plus. We paid 455 for ours from casavacuum online, and had it shipped in 3 days. They had the best pricing.

    Anyhow, I know this is alot of money for a vac, but trust me on this one, you won't be disappointed. I could easily go to work for Dyson selling these babies. They are incredible....more info
  • This Machine is Amazing!
    With a yellow lab, the shedder of the century, my Oreck wasn't cutting it any more. My husband thought I was insane to pay $500 for a vacuum cleaner, but with 2 small kids (including a crawler) and our dog Colby, I needed to make sure things were cleaned more thorougly. Besides, I called it my "Valentine's Day gift." (Hey, a diamond bracelet would have cost more than $500. (I think!))

    I was planning to purchase one of the purple ANIMAL vacs, but after reading many reviews, there were still more kinks that needed to be worked out with that one. I wanted the maneuverability of the BALL, and the Animal Ball was $600. (Yes, even I have my limits!)

    This vacuum is incredible! Before using it, I vacuumed the house with my Oreck, just to see how much more the DC15 could get. The amount of sand, dust, dirt, and dog hair was unbelievable! I had to empty the canister 3 times while vacuuming our 3 bedroom, 1 bath house.

    It works great on all floors, though the results are most noticeable on wall-to-wall carpeting.

    I now have OCD. (I've never heard of getting OCD from a diamond bracelet. Have you?) Whenever I see a crumb drop, I can't wait to drag out my new vacuum and see how much stuff I can get. It feels great to walk into a home with items off the very clean floor. I would like wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house now, because I know it will look brilliant for a long time.

    Here's what Dyson really should improve upon:
    1. The NOISE. This vacuum isn't terribly loud, but there's a ringing/whistling sound that actually hurts my ears (and I'm not sensitive.) I called Dyson on the day I received the vacuum (not even a week ago), and they said that I may be describing a sound that will go away after several uses - just due to the newness. (?) Hasn't gone away yet.

    2. The ATTACHMENTS don't stay attached to the vacuum very well! I know it's a minor detail, but I hate to go back searching through the house to find my crevice tool, you know? I like to have them available at my fingertips.

    3. It's HEAVIER than what I'm used to. Then again, if it takes a big machine to do a great job, I'm willing to deal. (It's not THAT bad anyway. I can still get it up a flight of stairs with my baby on the other hip. It's just not effortless like it was with the Oreck.)

    I'm so glad I have this item. Hope this helps you with your decision!...more info
  • The Dyson DC15 is a pleasure to use.
    I have had the Dyson for three months now. I am not an employee of Dyson although I have sold several to friends because it is just that good. I did a lot of research before buying this item. I planned for an Orick model then found this. It is amazing. It does all it is claimed to do. Don't listen to claims that the ball is difficult to use. It glides like silk. You'd have to be very simple or very frail to find the ball challenging to use. No filters, though occasionally you have to really knock the container tube to get the lint and hair out. I rarely find a product that lives up this well to its claims.

    Get on Bed Bath and Beyond's mailing list and they will send you out a 20% coupon. They say you can't use it with Dyson, but you can. That's a $100.00 savings. And if you don't like it, you have two years, take it back....more info
  • Wonderful power
    I'm am thrilled with my Dyson DC15 "The Ball" All Floors Upright Vacuum! I received it in only about a week after I ordered it on-line. It was shipped in great condition. It's fun to use, especially being able to go around corners with ease. It didn't take long to figure out how to use the wand attachments. The vac is very heavy but, with the wand, it reaches the whole flight of stairs. The suction is amazing! I'm very satisfied with the performance of this vac! The neat thing about this vac is in the removal of the debris that has been swept up. You don't have to touch anything.....just a push of a button and the bottom of the canister opens up and releases all the stuff all your other vacuums could not sweep up. Using this vac is a joy and I'm so glad my search has finally ended. I was tired of being so disappointed over all my past purchases. I highly recommend this machine!...more info
  • Nice vacuum, some nits, potential flaws
    All in all, I'm fairly happy with the DC15 I purchased in a few months ago. I actually got it for a little over $400 at Amazon when it was on sale and had a coupon to use as well.

    I went to a few high-end vacuum stores and they all told me that I had to get a canister vacuum because of my combination of wood floors and area rugs. No thanks, I've had canisters and never liked them. My Dyson arrived in a pretty battered box (not the typical over-packing of Amazon), but luckily all was well.

    So far I enjoy using the vacuum, which keeps my wife happy, and I find the cleaning power much better then my previous Hoover. The wand attachment is great for getting dust off of ceiling fans (I have six) and for doing most (not all) of the stairs. Originally I didn't want to purchase a bagless vacuum, as emptying my electric broom always created quite a mess. Saving money on bags was not an issue for me. But, I find the Dyson's canister very easy to empty, and it leaves no dust mess.

    Now to the not so great things about this vacuum:

    It's heavy. You would think that with all of its plastic that it would be lighter than a typical upright. Not so. I was originally looking for a small upright (Panasonic) so that my wife could easily use it. This is a heavy bulky thing to move around.

    Wand hose is not nearly as long as advertised in the pictures. Reaching the top 1/4 of both of my staircases is not easy. You feel like the hose will rip (or the vacuum will fall over) when attempting to get the top steps. Maybe the typical staircase in England is a little shorter!

    Power cord is "sticky". The electrical cord seems to stick to itself sometimes. Not a real big deal, but a minor annoyance sometimes.

    Brush switch engages every time you tilt the vacuum back. Would like it to stay in its last position - either on or off, but not always on.

    The biggest design flaw I see is with the operation of the foot lever. This thing has started to jam after only a few weeks of use. Depressing it requires one to be wearing shoes with a thick sole - barefeet doesn't cut it. Depressing is one thing, but when it's time to get back in the upright position, the lever always seems to get stuck, requiring you to give it a couple of jiggles or a whack with your foot. I've already had it come out of its track once. I'm guessing that this part will fail within a year or two....more info
  • Mini Makeover for your Carpets
    Between my long hair and two cats, my carpets were always a mess. My old vacuums picked up the dirt, but never the hair/fur. When the belt on my old hoover broke, I decided to upgrade to a dyson.

    I must admit I was a bit discouraged by the price. I had never spent more than $150 on a vacuum before. However, at the suggestion of a coworker, I used one of those 20% coupons that Bed, Bath and Beyond is always mailing me and saved $100. With tax, the price came to $420.

    While that is still a large sum of money, it is worth every penny. Not only did the vacuum pick up the cat hair and loose carpet fibers, but it picked up a ton of dust. My hair did tend to get stuck in the brushes, but cleaning out the brushes is still faster than picking each hair off the carpet.

    In addition, the carpets look newer. I had been regularly steam cleaning my carpets which really helped with spills and cat messes, but the carpets still looked crushed and slightly dingy. The Dyson has really helped return them to their original appearance....more info
  • Just Awesome!
    Not sure what the long, bad, ranting review was about! After using this vac on just one small carpet in my house, I was AMAZED at how well it worked. I owned a $250 Kenmore canister for the last 4 years. It obviously didn't do much after seeing how much crap the Dyson picked up. After every room, I emptied the canister (which is simple & not messy to do), just to see how much it picked up in the next room! Drove my husband crazy 'cause I showed him every time I was done with a room, told him how amazed I was & how disgusted I was w/how dirty our house really was, & THANK YOU for buying me this vac.

    The only complaint is that I'm having trouble finding all the optional attachments I want in stores. Would have been nice if the vac included more in the original box....more info
  • Its Like Zappy Training Collar for a Dog!
    I didn't find out that this machine constantly gives static shocks every time it is used until after I purchsed it from Amazon. If you don't mind feeling like a dog with a electric shock collar on or you truly don't mind the sudden and random jolts of static electricity then this machine is fine. I am amazed that they could even put this machine on the market without fixing this defect. Since my expensive and shocking purchaseI have gone to other online sites and found that this is a common problem. Shame on Dyson!...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Owned!!!
    I purchased the item about 3 months ago and I am beginning to think I should have bought this vacuum when it first came out. The dyson dc15 is just awesome with the best "sucking" power out of all of the vacuums I've used. The construction of the "ball" vacuum is top notch. You could see its quality by just looking at the hosings, casings, and construction. You will need few vacuuming tries to get used to the "ball" movement...but after you get the hang of it, it is really easy. Ergonimics of the vacuum is also top notch. My recommendation: buy a dyson, vacuum your home with your old vacuum, then vacuum again with the "ball"...you will be amazed to see how much gets accumulated in the canister. As for the ease of cleaning, it is easy as pushing a button on top of your garbage can. The dyson dc15 is well worth the cost!!!...more info
  • I just love the thing.
    This vacuum is AWESOME!

    I will add my favorite characteristic of the machine; a dream come true: when you turn this thing on, the suction overpowers the exhaust, so dirt and dust bunnies flock TO your vacuum instead of shooting all over the floor. I hated that.

    This vacuum replaced 7 others that I kept in my house. One upright, three canisters (1 shopvac), 1 handheld and two sticks (power brooms). Add it up, and that = over 600$. I think I have my money's worth.

    Finally, my best friend, my lab/malamute (most shedding creature God ever created) is not going to have to be transferred outside where most of her malamute brethren spend their entire lives for what I see as obvious reasons.
    ...more info
  • Spend the $$$ You won't be sorry!
    It is scary to see all of the dirt that this machine found in my carpets. I had a $99. euro-pro Shark vacuum. It had good suction but kept getting clogged with dog hair. I got tired of having to unclog the vacumm and decided to try the dyson. After all. It had great reviews. If I was the least bit satisfied I would rush it back to the store and get my $500 back. Well...I still have it. I am officially a dyson fanatic! It far exceeded my expectations. Buy it...you won't believe what is in your carpet....more info
  • My Dyson Experience - The Only Vacuum that Doesn't lose suction... what a laughable lie
    Got one of these things, called "The Ball"... took it out for a spin. After 5 minutes of running, the 'cyclone' is clogged, at the top, with lint and the suction is gone. There is less than 1" of actual dirt/dust/bugs in the cannister. So I go dump out the cannister and raise a dust cloud which settles on the floor, near the trash can, which the cannister was lowered into while dumping. Back to the machine... and another 5 minutes, then dump.... 5 minutes, dump. Basically one room per dump... These are all oak floors which were vacuumed the previous time, a couple of weeks ago, with a Shop Vac, which, by the way, does not stop up.

    On with the Dyson Experience....

    ...another thing about the Dyson... every time you turn it off, then on, you have to re-kill the head brush motor... that sucks... Why not just LEAVE THE BRUSH MOTOR OFF?

    The Dyson Dust Cloud... as one moves the unit during operation, the exhaust air, aimed downward, raises a dust cloud which settles in the area just cleaned. These are fine particles that are visible in bright sunlight. They billow all around the unit... How about an air exhaust that is aimed into the direction just cleaned, and not down against the reflective floor, causing a dust storm?

    This clever plastic device has a reversible wand that doubles as the handle. You pull the wand out of the hose, turn the wand-handle backwards, and now have a wand off the end of the hose... clever in idea, sucks in practice, if you need to often switch back and forth... much hassle. The box picture shows about a 14 foot reach with the hose... and as Twain sez.. there are lies, and there are damnable lies... this is a damn lie, plain and simple. The motor unit always falls over or gets dragged when the hose is extended, and the hose is nowhere as long as is shown in the picture, when extended.

    The unit itself is a wire trap... there are small hooky projections all over the unit that snag the cord.. another hassle.

    When the foot lever is pressed to begin floor vacuuming, the unit leaps away from the lever press before the lever is pressed enough to release the unit into lay-back mode... so you have to pull the unit to the rear while pressing the lever... stupid, stupid, stupid.... How about a lever that is laid out so a simple toe press releases the head tilt?

    Once the lever is released and the unit is in lay-back mode, if you need to pick the head off the floor, you have to reach under the body with your left hand, since the head falls almost vertical in the lay-back mode.... stupid, stoopid, stoopid..... How about a rotation stop that stops the rotation at a reasonable angle?

    The instructions state to wind the cord counterclockwise, instead of clockwise.... probably due to the ass backward Coriolis in Australia.

    The Low Clearance Tool was not supplied with the unit, but is available as an Expensive Option. How completely stupid... Is there anyone, ANYONE?, who doesn't need to clean under a bed or couch? All tools should be standard equipment... What about hard floor tool? Another Expensive Option.

    Conclusion: Dyson Ball highly maneuverable. Otherwise, pisspoor, sorry selection excuse of a vacuum cleaner... furthermore, Dyson's bleeding heart story of how NONE OF THE BIG VACUUM CLEANER CORPORATIONS would buy his design, so he built it himself, and almost went into bankrupcy....oh my, how sad....But now is it a successful device, 10 million (maybe a 100 million?) units out there...bull*....

    Now Dyson himself is a BIG MEAN VACUUM CLEANER CORPORATION that needs its own bashing..expecially the "hundreds" of Dyson "engineers" (claimed) who designed this junk pile.

    Unit returned to Lowes........ ...more info
  • dyson dc15 the ball
    Awesome originally bought the animal dc14 and was disapointed and returned it for the dc15 ball all floors. Greatest vacuum since my phantom upright. No filter to bang out all the dirt . Has great suction and I dont have a lot of carpet. I can go from hard floors to area rugs with a flip of a switch and the brush wont eat my rugs either! The brush is better quality on the dc15 over the dc14 it is like a canister vacuum with a beater bar on an upright just awsome! I bought mine at target on sale and was a better vacuum than the animal dc14 and cheaper. Worth every penny! It is also easy to use on carpeted steps....more info
  • Never looses suction - Not True
    I have had my Dyson for ~1 1/2 and bought it because my wife bought into the "will never loose suction, never" line. I can attest that with some time, it does lose suction and all the cleaning, banging and dusting of the canister does not improve that situation. I am very disappointed in this vacuum cleaner's performance after less than 2 years. My sense is compounded by the initial cost. ...more info
  • Really cleans but...
    Yes, I read all the reviews before buying this machine and thought I knew what to expect. It really is amazing how much you pick up with the Dyson DC15 (ball) and I vacuum every day (sometimes twice) because I have 6, hairy dogs. It was embarrassing for me to see how much was being left behind but with the Dyson, that won't happen again. There are some flaws: it's really heavy! Good thing I don't use my upstairs much any more because I would hate to be lugging it up and down even once a day! I can't get under my bed and my bed bottom is almost a foot off the floor. So I have been using my old machine to clean under there-which is not optimal. So, today I ordered the floor accessory-$49.99. Give me a break! Well, it doesn't seem like anyone is giving me a break these days. Although the shipping on the DC15 was free. But...later I went on Dyson's website and found they too were offering the ball for the same exact price as Amazon$499. and free ship. - where does Amazon get off saying their price is $200. off ? I guess there may be some stores that charge that much. It was easy to assemble and I love that you don't have to touch any dirt when you empty the cannister. So, thumbs up for picking up all the dog hairs; thumbs down for charging so much for the machine and the accessories and for it being so heavy....more info
  • wonderful vacuum for a jolly green giant with size three feet
    bought 'the ball' a week ago. it's heavy, awkward and doesn't vacuum under beds/chairs, etc - unless they're four feet off the ground. The stabiliser wheels are a bitch to operate, unless your feet are tiny - your toes get caught in the small space. the jolly green giant probably would find 'the ball' a doddle to manoeuvre - which it is if you're about 240 pounds. If you don't use the brushbar button, 'the ball' screams like a raptor in labour. But it doesn't lose suction. Not a sausage. My advice is:
    take weights training for six months or so, then buy 'the ball'. otherwise, it'll break yours. ...more info
  • Finally I have a vacuum I love!
    I received this vacuum two days ago and haven't stopped vacuuming yet. When my husband saw it, he said "You paid WHAT for a vacuum??" After seeing how easy it was to put together and watching it in action, he got this thoughtful look on his face and said "Hmm, it's probably worth the extra money". Today (as I was vacuuming yet again ) he said "Boy, that's a great vacuum. The carpet looks llike new and everything is so fresh and clean.". He went from skeptic to believer in two days and that's saying a lot for a guy who thinks a broom and dustbin are all you REALLY need to clean a house :) I just want to go over the whole house and get all the dirt my old one left behind. The container holds a lot and is so easy to empty (I should know, I've done it several times already cleaning my already "clean house"). The house smells so much nicer, too. It must be the filter. Ease of rolling around corners, the all in one design with the built in wand and the ability to turn off the brushes are my favorite features. The ball is a very cool idea that makes it easy to handle once you get the wrist action going. I also love, love, love the great job it does on my tile and wood while switching easily to carpet. No more sweeping and pushing dirt around or switching from one machine to another. I cleaned out my closet of all the miscellaneous hoses, attachments, bags and various never used accessories from vacuums that I've owned and they went to the dump. I NEVER would have paid this much for a vacuum, but after reading the reviews am so glad I did! ...more info
  • You guys were right!
    I just got it and MAN! Did it do a great job!

    I read the reviews and I've had pretty good luck getting products based on reviews in the past so I thought I'd give it a try.

    The two that I looked at were the Animal and the yellow dc-15. The Animal has the same features but it also has some attachements, thus the difference in price. If you shop at Target (like I did) The Animal does NOT have the "ball" feature which I'm glad I got. The "ball" feature allows for manueverability around corners.

    The only thing I did not like about this unit is the ability to get into corners. I had to use the wand on mine.

    I have a medium sized dog that constantly is shedding and this picked up all the hair despite it's quiet operation. Even though it's quiet, it IS working!

    I also suffer from allergies and I felt much better!

    If you need a new vacum and you suffer from allergies n' such I highly recemend this product.

    You will get what you paid for!...more info
  • All I can say is Wow!!
    After reading the other reviews on this item I was hopeful that it would be as reviewed and advertised. After recieving the item from
    Amazon today "All I can say is WOW." It is everything as advertised and works better than I had imagined. I have a long haired dog and 50/50 split of carpet and tile. After 20 minutes of vacuming my floors and carpet have NEVER been cleaner. This is one of the few things that I have bought in the last 10 years that have met and exceeded my expectations. If you are thinking that it is not worth the money, think again. You will not be wasting your money buying this product.....more info
  • I'm in love...
    w/ my vacuum. This has to be the best purchase I have made this year. We have 2 dogs that shed a lot. I vacuumed our TV room with our regular vacuum and then ran the Dyson over the same area. I had to empty the canister 2 times! That is horrible...I had no idea that my house was not clean!

    Thank you DYSON!
    ...more info
  • WOW
    Yes, I was a little skeptical about the reviews regarding this vacuum. Yes, it is a bit expensive. Yes, I have to give it more time. But....

    We had an old Hoover canister vacuum which worked fine for many years. Eventually, my wife got tired of lugging this thing around and wanted an upright. Then, the wheel broke off...So, we bought a Eureka whirlwind... What a piece of junk! Didn't work well, lost suction, dust everywhere...

    So I read the reviews, hemmed and hawed, and eventually took the plunge for the Dyson vacuum. It arrived today and after 3 minutes of putting it together, went to see how it worked. Well, I tell ya, it was amazing. One room (relatively clean carpet) later, the dust bin (canister?) was 1/3 full. Unbelievable how much was sucked into this thing. The suction also lasted throughout the vacuuming - the filters did not get clogged (unlike the Eureka which lost sucking power after about 2 minutes). The ball also makes it extremely easy to maneuver with the flick of a wrist.

    Definitely worth the money, so far. Great vacuum. But will give it more time if problems develop....more info
  • Get off the fence, get the Dyson Ball
    I have never written a review in my life but I felt compelled to let you people on the fence know how good the Dyson is. I was where you are; doing my research and testing the vacuum at the local store and finally the time came to try the Dyson on my floors. I have not been disappointed. I have concerns about the canister material being a little thin and the hinge on the bottom a little flimsy but I purchased a comprehensive 5 year warranty for a reasonable price from the seller and don't expect to pay for the first one that breaks. I like the way the DC15 (The Ball) handles over the other Dyson models. We have two large dogs and they leave hair everywhere you can imagine. If you're anything like me, you do all of your homework and then put your money down. If the product doesn't meet expectations, as advertised, it goes back, it's as simple as that. It sends a strong message to the stores about the products they choose to carry. Have no fear, the Dyson is all it says it is. I have been using my Rainbow for 10 years and this beat it by a considerable margin on my bare floors. Nothing even came close to it until Dyson. I needed something equally effective on bare floors as carpet since I just tiled most of my house and the Dyson has outperformed any vacuum so far and it is much easier to use than my Rainbow. Ever smell the 'stuff' in your vacuum bag when you turn it on? Always shop Amazon during your research, they often have surprisingly low prices to offer. Wherever you prefer, buy the Dyson, once and for all, and if you're disappointed, send or take it back. But don't miss another opportunity to profoundly change forever the way you clean house. You'll be amazed....more info
  • It really does suck like it's supposed to!
    So I test vacuumed the DC15 Animal vacuum (I know it's not out in stores yet, but I managed to get my hands on one.) and I have to say this is by far the best vacuum I have EVER used. It picked up 3 canisters worth of filth that my previous vacuum failed to clean. The mini turbine head works better than I thought it would considering the awful reviews it received. The low floor tool leaves something to be desired although it does work, but not as well as the other tools from Dyson. My fiance and her parents were surprised at the amount of dust it picked up and now they're itching to get one for their home as well. My house smells cleaner, IS cleaner, and my future parents in law were amazed at how clean and great the rugs felt when they lied down on them to just rest and watch some tv. Most of the house is covered with hardwood floors and making the transition from rug/carpet to hardwood was a breeze thanks to the covenient beater bar button located near the handle. My fiance actually wanted to vacuum after watching me clean and she did so with a smile on her face. She said it was the easiest vacuum she has ever used and is very easy to manuever. That says a lot considering she is a petite girl that struggled at times with the Hoover and Dirt Devil vacuums we had before. The part she enjoys the most is the fact it is easy to clean the stairs as you don't have to carry the vacuum up with every step she ascends.

    The only cons I can think of is the step to lower the handle takes some time getting used to and the extendable wand seems to enjoy fighting with the operator making for some grunt work. This is probably because the vacuum is not even a day old and I'm sure it will be easier to use when it has been stretched out a bit. All in all, worth every penny that I spent....more info
    Question: Why spend $500+ on a vacuum? Answer: Don't. The Dyson may resemble a vacuum, but it's really a compact, easy to use system for cleaning just about everything. The DC15 Ball creates astoundingly powerful suction within well engineered tools and brushes. I have bare wood floor, carpet, stone, tile, shutters, blinds, cat hair, chimney dust, areas rugs, couch crevices, car seats, car carpets, deck grooves, etc. and the DC15 cleans it all, and I do mean clean. As other reviewers have pointed out, the DC15 pulls a surprising amount of stuff out of just-hoovered carpets. Amazing what 150,000 g's can turn up.

    What I like best about the DC15 All Floors is centering it in a just Dysoned room and then having a 17-foot reach to go after corner cobwebs, dust bunnies, curtains, whatever needs cleaning. Even stairs are easy if you follow Dyson's instructions. The DC15 is a system of cleaning devices in one very cool looking package, so cool I keep it in my home office--no closet for this baby.

    The DC14 also does many of these things, so why buy the Ball? As another reviewer points out, one major reason is that the main rotating cleaning brush of the DC15 is now directly driven by its own motor--no more stretching, slipping, breaking belts. And Dyson has moved the main brush's On/Off button from near the floor to near your hand, perfect for transitions from carpet to wood and vice versa. Another major difference is The Ball's dexterity. It still surprises me. With little practice I've mastered the 90-degree turn with a flick of the wrist and I'm now working on S-curves. When I first heard about The Ball, I figured it was mostly hype, but trying one out convinced me otherwise. The Ball DOES glide and seems lighter when it's powered up. And The Ball is somehow quieter than the DC14; don't know how Dyson pulled that off, but it's easy to hear the difference. The Ball is clearly a bounce up from the DC14 and worth the price difference. I thought long and hard about going for the DC15 Animal but am glad now I bought the DC15 All Floors. Most of us will have little use for the Animal's $100 of "extras," especially the almost worthless Mini Turbine (see its awful reviews).

    Whatever Dyson model you're considering, you might consider the following. (1) TRY IT OUT FIRST! On paper the DC14 clearly seemed best to me, and I couldn't shake the review that said pushing the DC15 Ball was like pushing a wet noodle. Luckily I went to Sears, and in 15 minutes I could see why for me at least the Dyson's Ball beats the DC14 hands down. (2) Amazon.com isn't a bad company from which to buy a DC15. With free shipping and Amazon's "Save $25 when you spend $125 on Kitchen & Housewares or Bed & Bath products" promotion (good at least through August 2005), the total damage will be $574.99, $50 cheaper than from major retailers (after taxes/shipping). Plus you can return the Dyson. Plus you know you're getting Dyson's 2-year warranty. (3) Even Amazon's $575 may tempt you to buy a DC15 from a venue like eBay. Before you do, however, make sure the seller is an authorized Dyson distributor (and make sure the freight charges include shipping insurance.) Even with a $100+ discount, you may need Dyson's 2-year warranty, and you may also want the option of returning the Dyson if it's the wrong model or just not for you.

    Speaking of warranty, a word about Dyson customer service. I've called Dyson's reps both weekdays and weekends and have had only one sketchy experience among many good ones. The sketchy experience involved a pre-sale question, namely how far the DC15 handle could be lowered before the business end of the unit started to pivot off the floor. The rep told me only 45 degrees. When I said no way, she said, yes, she was lowering the handle of a DC15 even as we spoke, and it would only lower 45 degrees. Well, folks, that's wrong: the handle of a DC15 can be lowered at least 80 degrees, maybe 85, a fact I discovered at Sears and a fact later confirmed by a second, more attentive Dyson rep. Still, it's the only misstep I've seen Dyson's Customer Service make....more info
  • Cool Vacuum
    I just had this vacuum for about a month and it does what it advertised--lots of cleaning power!

    On the first day we got it, I test drive my DC15 on the family room carpet. I had just vacuumed the room the previous night and the new DC15 still managed to pick up half barrel of filth. There is no doubt about its legendary ability to deliver extra suctions power.

    The only negative I have was its choice of plastic. The material seems cheap and flimsy. The roller-stand in the back of the ball looks frail and about to crack. For the price they charge I would expect a lot better choice of plastic.
    ...more info
  • Dyson Models
    (...) We have used the DC14 Animal on hard wood floors, leather couches, tile, and carpet and could not believe all 'stuff' that was in the canister.

    PROS DC 15 (opinion)
    The beater bar on the DC15 is rated better than DC07/DC14 models
    It's lighter and easier to maneuver
    Looks cool

    Other reviewers have complained of wrist discomfort & rated customer service 7 on a ten point scale with 10 being 'best'.

    When purchasing, keep in mind the Dyson 'ball' vacuum is first generation for this product line. How will this unit respond over time? Anyone dealt with customer service on the 2 year warranty?

    Other brand attachments that cost less fit on the DC07/DC14. Attachments from the DC07/DC14 do NOT fit on the DC15. Humm....more info
  • Two major improvements!!!!
    The Dyson Ball is a great vacuum cleaner that features two major improvements. The ball itself is the first major change and it does make it much easier to get the vacuum around furniture. The even more important improvement is the direct drive of the brush. The two major failure points of traditional vacuums such as my old Hoover wind tunnel were clogging (and with a German Shepard and a cat we had lots of clogged bags and hoses) and the belt. The big problem with belts is not breakage, but slippage. As they grow older, the grow slick and slip when vacuuming the carpet. The result is poor performance. They are also a pain to change when you finally realize they are not the problem. Direct drive solves this one and for all. You can elect to turn the drive off with a simple switch when you do not want the brushes turning on hard surfaces, and then turn it back on when you get to the carpets.

    The performance of this machine is marvelous. It did take up a great deal that my Wind Tunnel had left behind. It is quieter. Emptying the dirt container is much easier than changing a bag and obviously less expensive. You switch to attachment use just by lifting out the accessory tube. Instantly all the airflow goes to the accessory tube and the brush stops. With 17' of tube you can reach virtually anywhere. The attachments stow neatly on the body of the machine. In summary, a superb design, well executed. You will be very pleased if you elect to buy this machine. ...more info
  • It is absolutely a great vacuum!!!!!!!!!
    I noticed one of the reviewers had trouble with the wand. The wand turns on automatically when the dyson dc15 is upright. you can then release the wand or put it back in. When you are vacuuming there is no trouble. ...more info
  • The Dyson DC-15--Ball technology
    Ok, so I went today to pick-up my ordered DC-15. Experiencing a bit of buyer's remorse (599.00 for this smallish box??), it was loaded into my car and I headed home.

    My husband, already won over by the design and "look" of the machine, immediately pulled it from the box. He was busy packing for 2 weeks of Army Reserve summer camp, so he told me to do as much as I could to set it up, and he would help later. My 9-year-old son and I read the 3 steps to set-up. No tools...no mystery...no weird pictures to decifer. In about 3-4 minutes, we were ready to turn the big, yellow, baby on.

    The amount of pet hair suctioned up in one quick run around of our downstairs filled the clear bin. Emptying it was a breeze and the technology, clever. Later, I took it upstairs. Whoa...serious cat and dog hair (that didn't even look like it was there in the first place!!).

    I love the ease of using the features. Tools gently slip into place and click. Release buttons provide immediate results. The Ball feature makes moving around corners much easier, although I am still working on my wrist movements to master the turns. The only feature I am still struggling with is the wand release--but, maybe I have to practice a bit more.

    My brother came over a day or so after I got the machine. He walked in and almost immediately asked me if we had gotten a new rug. I just had to gloat over my new Dyson and he, an engineer, was pretty impressed.

    My husband took 2 old vacuums to the dump this morning. After he replaced the belt on my Oreck, and before the Dyson arrived today, I vacuumed (within the past 12 hours). That Oreck missed a lot.

    Go for the Dyson--it's definately a lifetime machine....more info
  • Makes me a happy girl...
    Two weeks ago, I began searching for a new vacuum after my six year old Kenmore Progressive broke once again. After reading the most recent Consumer Reports on vacuums and talking with friends, I went shopping. On my first outing, I didn't even give the DC15 Ball Vacuum a second look because of the price. Instead, I compared the newest model Kenmore Progressive upright bagged vacuum to the Dyson Animal model (purple). I didn't like the bulky canister on the Dyson animal model, so I bought the Progressive simply because I had purchased one in the past and the lastest Consumer Reports ratings again placed it in the top three. MISTAKE! After just a few days, I took the Progressive back to Sears, ignored the sticker-price of the Dyson Ball and brought it home. OH MY GOSH! Who knew that vacuuming could cause such joy. It cleans beautifully, is easy to operate and does a far superior job than any other vacuum I have owned or used in the past. Also, the bulky canister that prevented me from purchasing the less expensive Animal Dyson has been redesigned on DC15 Ball model, making this version much easier to use for daily cleaning. Our family consists of four indoor cats, including three long-haired darlings, and I was simply stunned to realize how much hair and dust our old vacuum had left behind when the carpets appeared to look clean. Don't let the price deter you from trying this product -- it's worth every penny. And, if your significant other likes a clean home as much as I do, make her a "happy girl" by buying her the absolute best vacuum on the market!...more info
  • buy the animal
    I love Dyson and the "Animal" would get 20 stars from me. Despite flimsy plastic construction (you'd be shocked) the performance is awe inspiring. This twist on what I consider perfection was tempting so I bought it for my elderly mother- convincing her to retire her ancient Kirby (which had given hernias to all who dared use it). What a disappointment. Yes, the performance was incredible. Dyson knows his stuff. But the ball made this very hard to maneuver; I mean VERY HARD. It's like pushing a 30 pound wet noodle. It's LIMP! Who tested this thing??? Also the cheap plastic.......my 80 year old/80 pound mother broke it the second time she used it. A piece didn't even break (which happened the first week of using my Animal), it actually came apart! The handle release is a weird foot pedal kind of thing and it somehow separated itself from the unit. A little plastic tab was holding it in a grove. Getting it back in was a nightmare as there was no way to unscrew any surrounding parts and I had to pry (a little plastic tab) back into place. A MAJOR component depends on a 1/4" plastic tab!!! (Machine won't work without the handle release in a specified position.) Yes, Dysons are worth the hype.....just not this one. ...more info
  • Two major improvements!!!!
    The Dyson Ball is a great vacuum cleaner that features two major improvements. The ball itself is the first major change and it does make it much easier to get the vacuum around furniture. The even more important improvement is the direct drive of the brush. The two major failure points of traditional vacuums such as my old Hoover wind tunnel were clogging (and with a German Shepard and a cat we had lots of clogged bags and hoses) and the belt. The big problem with belts is not breakage, but slippage. As they grow older, the grow slick and slip when vacuuming the carpet. The result is poor performance. They are also a pain to change when you finally realize they are not the problem. Direct drive solves this one and for all. You can elect to turn the drive off with a simple switch when you do not want the brushes turning on hard surfaces, and then turn it back on when you get to the carpets.

    The performance of this machine is marvelous. It did take up a great deal that my Wind Tunnel had left behind. It is quieter. Emptying the dirt container is much easier than changing a bag and obviously less expensive. You switch to attachment use just by lifting out the accessory tube. Instantly all the airflow goes to the accessory tube and the brush stops. With 17' of tube you can reach virtually anywhere. The attachments stow neatly on the body of the machine. In summary, a superb design, well executed. You will be very pleased if you elect to buy this machine. ...more info
  • Two major improvements!!!!
    The Dyson Ball is a great vacuum cleaner that features two major improvements. The ball itself is the first major change and it does make it much easier to get the vacuum around furniture. The even more important improvement is the direct drive of the brush. The two major failure points of traditional vacuums such as my old Hoover wind tunnel were clogging (and with a German Shepard and a cat we had lots of clogged bags and hoses) and the belt. The big problem with belts is not breakage, but slippage. As they grow older, the grow slick and slip when vacuuming the carpet. The result is poor performance. They are also a pain to change when you finally realize they are not the problem. Direct drive solves this one and for all. You can elect to turn the drive off with a simple switch when you do not want the brushes turning on hard surfaces, and then turn it back on when you get to the carpets.

    The performance of this machine is marvelous. It did take up a great deal that my Wind Tunnel had left behind. It is quieter. Emptying the dirt container is much easier than changing a bag and obviously less expensive. You switch to attachment use just by lifting out the accessory tube. Instantly all the airflow goes to the accessory tube and the brush stops. With 17' of tube you can reach virtually anywhere. The attachments stow neatly on the body of the machine. In summary, a superb design, well executed. You will be very pleased if you elect to buy this machine. ...more info
    This vacuum cleaner cleans anything it picks up anything! BUY IT BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT! HAD ALLERGY'S BUT NOW THEY'RE GONE!

    THANK YOU DYSON!...more info
  • I have never seen any vacuum suck like this before!
    I have just received my Dyson Ball today and may I just say..it is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous. The Dyson Ball picked up all the gunk our old wind-tunnel didn't and believe me..there was a lot of gunk. The Ball made all the difference. The vacuum could've been a little lighter in weight, but the ball made up for it. It is very easy to maneuver..and did I mention the removable bin? It is very easy to remove and dispose. I know the price is very steep for a vacuum cleaner but this thing is miraculous! The Dyson guys wouldn't have set a price this high if it really wasn't worth the money. It totally is!...more info
  • AMAZING!!!
    My husband calls me the Sweeper Queen. I have had Hoovers, Eurekas. Sharps, Dirt Devils and a Panosonic. I have had bags, bagless and canisters. My Dyson DC15 is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. I am definitely pleased and would highly recommend this vacuum. We have 2 large dogs, a rottweiler and a black lab, so I was constantly sweeping to pick up dog hair. I was shocked to see how much this vacuum picked up (and how much my Wind Tunnel left behind!) Anyone with pets should try out this vacuum. The "ball" design made it very easy to manuever, and it was easy to empty. I doesn't come with a lot of attachments, but that's OK with me, I needed something that would get rid of the dog hair....more info
  • I love this vacuum
    This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I vacuumed 3 rooms after getting it, and filled up the canister. I had so much dirt and pet hair that was stuck in my carpet that my other vacuum wouldnt get. I just love it....more info
  • High Price Tag Reflects High Quality
    I bought this vacuum a month ago and love love love it. I have two cats and a new baby and hated the thought of my son crawling on my carpets with all that cat hair on it. This vacuum is a monster. I had to empty the canister three times and my home only has three rooms with carpet. This vacuum makes your carpet look brand new, everytime. The ball makes it so easy to move and get right next to edges of furniture where things get missed with traditional vacuums. The price is the only thing I dislike about this vacuum but the added sense of security that my floor is cleaner for my son makes up for it....more info
  • Much better than my Oreck
    I bought the DC15 about a week ago. The first time I vacuumed the house it filled the bin 5 times. The 1 year old carpets were looking a little matted and I thought the installer had charged me for premium carpet and switched to something cheaper since they weren't wearing well. After using the Dyson my carpet looks new again.

    We have a golden retriever. I had her in the kitchen for a few hours and even though I couldn't see any dog hair on the floor I thought I'd do a little experiment and see how much the Dyson sucked up. I got about 1/3rd of a container full of dog hair!

    The ball feature is great for maneuverability. There's something very satisfying about being able to vacuum around a corner without moving :-) I'm 6'1" and 235lbs so its easy for me to use but I can see where it may be a little less useful to a smaller person with less wrist strength.

    I love the wand that stows inside the hose. It looked complicated to use at first but in 5 minutes I was a pro. It makes sucking up dust on the baseboards or cobwebs in the corners a breeze without bending over.

    I've seen reviews that rate other vacuums just as good or better but I wonder if they tested them long enough for the bags to get a significant amount of dust in them? I think its hard to objectively rate features like the integral extension wand since its much more usefull to some than others. For me that feature puts the Dyson in a league of its own. No bags is a great plus along with being able to see everything you caught. It may be an inate male hunter-gatherer thing but I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I see everything the vacuum picks up in a short amount of time.

    I tried the vacuum powered rotating brush attachment (an additional $60 attachment)that is used for small items like a couch or stairs but I took it back. It was easy to stall the beater brush and it didn't work half as good as the brush attachment that comes with the vacuum. I was able to take it back to the store without the package and they gave me a full refund with no hassles.

    I'm not a big vacuum connoisseur but I've loved using this one. I think the fact that it has pulled out 10x as much out of the carpet as my Oreck, being able to see the catch, not having to spend $$$ on bags and the ball feature make it rewarding to use. Its expensive but do a calculation on how many bags you would have to buy over the life of the vac and I would bet that bag costs will be more than the vacuum. Remember, this vac sucks up so much more debris that you would need 3x as many bags as you would with other vacs.

    I give it 4 of 5 stars. The only reason that I don't give it 5 is because based on the reviews I've seen there are other vacs that will do just as good a job for less than half the price... at least until the bag starts getting a little clogged. My 11 year old daughter saw the vacuum and said she wouldn't mind vacuuming with a vac like this one. I guess that's worth something too... at least for a week or two :-)
    ...more info
  • love love love the ball vacuum
    I have never had a vacuum that sucked so much, and in a good way! We recently bought the dyson dc15 and it is amazing! It sucks up dirt and everything else imaginable from my carpet and you don't have to keep running over the same spot a million times like w/ my old vacuum. The brush bar has its own motor so it never needs a belt. There is even a button to turn off the brush bar. The hose is the most powerful sucking hose I have ever used. It's awesome! It is way easy to take off the dirt bin and can be done easily with 1 hand and with the push of a button you can empty it easily into a trash can! The ball was a great idea, it is soooo easy to push around and it isn't horribly loud when it is running! I am so glad we got this vacuum!!...more info
  • disappointed with attachments
    I bought this dyson today and am seriously disappointed in it. The salesperson at Sears told me that I could buy any other attachments for it from the company themselves (since it only comes with the three standard attachments that fit on the body of the machine). The attachments that Sears sells for the DC14 models do not fit the DC15 (the wand is smaller at the top where they attach..I was told it was a design change). Anyway, I called Dyson when I got home with my new machine.. and while I was happy that it can now fit under the lip of my cabinets in the kitchen and hallway I was extremely disappointed to find out that they do not intend to make any attachements for the DC15 other then the floor tool and the mini-turbine head. The customer service rep that i had spoken with initially said that these were expected to be out in the fall..but then later on the in the coversation said that she didn't know when they would be out. Though the new machine can reach further under furniture then the older models, it still can't reach fully under. As a "work around" they told me that I could attach the flat attachment to the hose and lean under the furniture to clean. I think that I am going to return this model and get one of the older ones...I certainly wish that I knew this before today...and I certainly wish that the Sears sales reps knew what their products. ...more info