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Here's a "cool" alternative to a standard air conditioner that is less expensive and uses much less energy. This unique air cooler employs a system called endothermic reaction that works by drawing in air through a water-saturated wick. The air is cooled by up to 12F from the room temperature and the refreshed air stream is then blown out the front of the unit to help cool the room. Unlike portable air conditioners there is no exhaust hose to connect. The air cooler rolls easily from room to room and comes with a convenient remote control. When the temperatures aren't scorching you can use the versatile air cooler as a fan or humidifier.

  • A versatile, lightweight and economical alternative to a portable air conditioner
  • Cooler works by drawing air in and cooling it with a water-saturated wick
  • Shoots a stream of refreshed air back out with oscillating louvers cooling the room by up to 12F
  • Uses much less energy than an air conditioner
  • Rolls easily from room to room, includes remote control
Customer Reviews:
  • Did not meet my expectations
    Vendor's shipping was excellent and reliable. The product however was a disappointment. This vendor had the lowest price for this item on Amazon at the time. I bought this item based on the 4.5 star reviews of other customers for the same product posted by other vendors. This air cooler works great if you sit within a few feet of it. You ONLY feel relief if the air comes in your direction. Also, the water needs to be replenished too frequently. I would have given it 2 stars but gave it a 3 because of features I did like such as a timer, sleep mode, and swing (to "swing" direction of air). If you want to buy this product, this vendor is fine; it's just that the product lowers the room temperature (in a small room)but does not necessarily give you much relief from the heat unless you are near it and have the air in your direction. - Trust me on this one....more info
  • hot air cooler
    this is the worst item i have ever ordered anywhere.
    it does not work it blows hot air.
    20lbs, i live upstairs, i am 62 years old.
    if i could take it to the target store in tulsa i might.
    it does not work....more info
  • it works as expected
    if you are looking for a air conditioner dont buy this. i was looking for something better than a fan but didnt want to bother with a external vent with a AC unit. i did a test in my garage on a pretty hot day. i taped a therometer to the front. i ran it for about 15 minutes with just the fan and it read 83 degrees. i turned on the cool feature for about 15 minutes and it read 78 degrees. this was tested in a 2-car garage and works pretty good.

    since then i put it my room, which is pretty small. it feels like a ceiling fan with the Ac blowing into it. all in all i like it. just dont be expecting super cold air like from your AC unit...more info
  • Review of Sunpentown SF-608R
    The concept and design of this product are terrific. Controls are easy to locate and use. The system worked great for three days, for a total of about 20 hours. On the fourth day it would not go on.

    Attempts to arrange a replacement were simple. However, an attempt to change this to a refund proved futile. The company provided no response to my request, even though I stated their product was inadequate for my needs based on physical ailements requiring air conditioning.

    This product is not recommended....more info