Sunpentown Air Cooler with Ionizer

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Product Description

The swamp cooler is perfect for the areas that central air conditioners can't reach, or in an area that has a high sun load. Unlike a fan that blows hot air, the swamp cooler cools personal space cooler than any regular fan. Great for the home or office. Save money and keep cool by using the portable air cooler instead of an air conditioner. Swamp coolers are environmentally friendly because they don't use hazardous freon. With less moving parts you don't have to worry about a compressor breaking down or freon leaking. Features: * Cooler than regular fan * Ionizer to purify the air * With remote control * Use regular tap water * 10L water tank capacity * Photo catalysis filter (washable) * Antibacterial water tank * Germ-free water curtain circle system * Three air-speed: H. M. L. * Sleep mode with three air-speed * Timer: from 0.5- to 7.5-hour setting * Very economical. Run at a fraction of the cost of a air conditioner * Dimension 16" x 12 x 25" * Speed 23Ft. / Sec. * Water Consumption 0.6~0.7 L/H * N.W. 17 lbs. * Voltage 120V / 60HZ * Watt Cooling 60W * Water Tank 10L * Warranty: One-year warranty for all parts and labor

  • WORKS BEST in dryer conditions with humidity under 50%
  • NOTE: Does not work well with humidity greater than 60%
  • Air cooler utilizes ice and water to cool a personal space up to 12F cooler than a regular fan
  • Dimensions: 25"h x 16"w x 12"d Sleep mode with three air-speed
  • 10L water tank capacity allows for long running time
Customer Reviews:
  • Does not cool, more like a humidifier:(
    Don't buy this thing unless you don't mind having to continuously put ice in it. Also, if you don't live in a desert it won't cool at all. Any moisture at all, forget about it. Just get an AC. I gave mine away, was just eating my space up. Total loss....more info
  • Not really worth the effort
    To be fair, the product does not claim to be an air conditioner. However, it does claim to cool 12 degrees cooler, which I didn't find at all. I live in a dry Colorado climate, and still it is barely cooler than a fan. You have to fill it with tons of ice to even get that, and it requires refilling with water and ice often. If you don't clean it at least once a week, it starts smelling really bad.

    All this effort of refilling and cleaning is not worth the 3 to 5 degrees cooler you get. For that, I'd rather just plug in a fan and not have to worry about it every day. Save your money and buy a portable air conditioner. It's worth the extra investment, trust me....more info
  • Works well in the right space
    I've used swamp coolers for years but can't have on in this 10th floor apartment with no porch. I use this cooler to both cool and humidify my bedroom. It does a good job, and unlike the other reviewer I find it easy to fill; I keep a gallon jug in the bedroom and fill it from the tub. It takes around 2 1/2 gallons, which lasts me around 18 hours. It's quiet at low and medium settings; the high fan speed is louder, of course. It costs almost nothing to operate, too.

    It only cools if the humidity is below 40%. The humidity here ranges from 5% in mid-summer and mid-winter to maybe 25% when it's overcast (when it rains it's cool and more humid anyways). Check your average humidity; if it's above 30% or 40% this may not help you.

    Second, if you put it inside a room, even with the door open, it will happily humidify and cool away UNTIL the humidity in the room reaches around 40%. Then it just gets humid.

    Here's how I use it:

    In the winter I put it in the doorway of my bedroom and run the ceiling fan on low in that room and the adjacent room. I then open a window in the adjacent room (yes, I like things very cool). The cooler pulls the dry air into the bedroom, cools and humidifies it, and the ceiling fan distributes it.

    In summertime I put the unit inside the bedroom. I blow air-conditioned (read: dry) air from the adjacent room to the bedroom at night. This circulates the dry air over to the cooler, which humidifies it and cools it a few more degrees.

    As you can see, this ISN'T an air conditioner, which would cost three to four times as much and suck up lots more electricity. If it was ducted to a window it would force air through the room and cool like a swamp cooler. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything that does this. Until I do I'll keep this unit as long as it runs....more info
  • Very poor quality
    Don't waste your money.

    Very poor quality. Doesn't help to cool very much.
    Difficult to refill.
    I tried using it for my bedroom which is pretty average sized, and my fan worked much better than this. Do not expect the cooler can cool your room in the summer....more info
  • It Blows...
    but not cool air. Doesn't really make much difference the temperature of the water or how much ice (yes, ice) you add, it doesn't do much to cool the air temperature. Dropped the temperature a whopping 1.3 degrees F in my first test (from 85.3 degrees to 84 degrees), and 0.9 degrees F in my second test. Don't bother....more info