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In Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is the most advanced Harvest Moon for a handheld to date! All the elements that fans have grown to love in the Harvest Moon series are all here. Roll up your sleeves, dig in and start to create the life and farm of your dreams! It is up to you to successfully rejuvenate the farm and build a life for yourself with family and friends. The best part is, you can do it anyway you want! Plant and harvest crops, raise farm animals, marry the man of your dreams and start a family...create your own pastoral adventure! Use GameCube Cable to connect Harvest Moon - Another Wonderful Life (Nintendo GameCube) and travel back & forth between them

  • Revisit the Popular World of Harvest Moon - Back to Nature
  • Traditional Harvest Moon Game Play with many new surprises
  • All-new New events and mini-games, plus old friends to revisit
  • Marry and start a family with one of the five eligible bachelors
  • Traditional Harvest Moon Game Play with popular features from the other games in the series

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for kids
    My daughter and her friends love this game and the other games that are related to it. We got the game the first week of January and she still is playing it now. Usually she buys games and after two weeks she gets bored of it. Not this game........ I give it 5+ stars. *****...more info
  • Female Version of Harvest Moon
    For those who have never played a Harvest Moon game, the main storyline and goal of the game is that your main character gains a farm and must clean it up, grow crops, earn money, and socialize with the townsfolk. You also have the ability (in many of them) to woo and marry the spouse of your dreams and have a kid as well. Previous versions of the U.S. versions of these games have been known to make the main character male, allowing you to marry 1 of 5 potential women in the game. Doesn't sound bad, unless you want to marry a guy.

    Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town makes the main character female - giving players that chance to woo and marry 1 of 5 potential men (with rumors of some secret possible ones). The potential men are the ones who were your rivals in the first GBA game: Cliff; Doctor; Doug; Kai; and Rick. The rumor is that you can also marry: Gourmet; Kappa; and Won (in a similar manner as you could marry the Harvest Goddess in the first GBA game).

    Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town also plays like the original GBA game of Friends of Mineral Town. Unfortunately, a little too much like the first version as cut scenes that affected your relationship with the girlfiends are also in More Friends of Mineral Town - making you to remember which version you are playing. In fact the original GBA version had two Thanksgiving Festivals. One in Spring, the other in Winter. The Spring one had the male charater give homemade cookies to the girls of interest and the Winter Festival had the girls (with required affection level) give your character chocolate. At least in More Friends of Mineral Town your female character gets to wait until Winter to give their gifts of chocolate to any of the guys they desire - which also means that unless you make real good friends with one of the potential men real soon you won't be receiving any cookies in the Spring.

    There is now a new feature that allows you to sell things to Won (the seller who stays with Zack). This is especially handy since he will buy things that you can't sell to Zack (such as flowers and Golden Lumber). You have to make friends with him first. I managed to unlock it after giving 3 gifts of Pirate's Treasure (one of which was wrapped).

    You can also store the fish you have gotten from the rivers, lakes, and ocean in the pond on your farm...but I don't think they will reproduce as they could in the Playstation version.

    Aside from the above new things, the opening storyline is different as you see an ad for the farm and decide to quite your job, move out of your apartment, and move to the country. Not to mention the fact that the Mayor laughs at you for believing the 'sweet talk' wording of the ad for the farm. The other versions have it that you had visited the place when you were a kid and met a new friend that lived there. In this version, EVERYONE is a stranger to you.

    Whether you are new to the Harvest Moon line or a long time fan, this is still a game to get. It is non-violent, easy to play, and you can save the game's progress just about anyway...making it a great game to play when on the go....more info
  • what a wonderful game
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was sensetional. Beautiful and heart touching. ...more info
  • please read this! thankyou
    i own harvset moon for gamecube and i know this wont help you and im sorry is just that before i drag my mom to the store on saturday to check if its ds campatible can someone tell me! is it allowed for nintendo ds beacuse i love harvest moon and i so need this!!...more info
  • Better than Harvest Moon A/Another Wonderful Life
    This game has it all the farming,festivals and romance what more could a good harvest moon game possibly offer. Harvest Moon A/Another Wonderful Life have superior graphics but both titles are lacking the festivals and horse or dog races that I loved about Harvest Moon 64!...more info
  • Great game!
    This is great game, if you want to do anything,there are spelling errors,but still a great game.You get to get married, raist a farm lol, buy stuff,ship stuff, own pets horses,cows, chickens that can die if you take care of them, etc. I would recommend it completey, but thats just me. Take a chance its great....more info
  • Harvest Moon
    You start out as a city girl, then you get to go to the farm itself. Thomas, the mayor in the game says something you don't like, you hit him with the hammer. Then you can keep hitting or stop. In the game I married Gray in the second year, in the third year I had a kid! If you want to fish, go to Zack's (on the beach) with an empty tool space. You will fish and then sell them.

    ...more info
  • Buy this game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't have this game yet But I'm going to!!!
    How many days does it take to ship it to me!
    Okay now where to start.
    First you start as a maybe 18 to 20 year old woman
    you have a job you work 9 to 5 you see an add about a great farm you buy it then you pack and go there the mayor laght at you. you hit him with a hammer then he belives you you press yes then
    you start the game! So first you with a young puppy when it grows up it will scare the wild dogs away!(Buy it at Amazon it is a low price I think!) You get to mine in the Spring Mine any season and winter mine only in winter because the path has water and the water needs to be frozen to walk on the ice. You can buy animals and lots lots lots more like getting married( It's a great offer) You will play it for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you need a game boy advance! DUDE!!!! I love love love it! I going to marry Docter! Bye Bye...more info
  • AWESOME*****
    Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town is really fun and addicting! In the beginning you are a young woman (18-20) living in an apartment. You are tired of you hectick life. No time for fun. You see an ad in the newspaper for a lovely farm. You call the number, quit your job, and head out to the farm. Once you get there, you are dissappiointed. The farm is a mess! The mayor apologizes abd says that you've been tricked! You get mad and hit him. He apologizes again and asks you to stop. He asks you if you would please live on the farm and make it a nice place. You agree. You also get a free puppy! You get to name him and pick her up everyday! He will grow up in 3months-4months. You will also get a free horse if you talkto barely 3x and then go to bed. You can harvest crops too! Dating is fun! There is 5 boys to chose from, each with a different personality. Pick the one that you like and start talking to him and giving him presents. In a year or two you can get married. Also you can go on dates! After you a married, you can have a baby girl. After she starts walking, she stops growing =(

    Anyway hope you have fun!


    Sheep...more info
  • Hello, i am here to tell you that i love harvest Moon so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally in love with this game. LOVE
    I love it I love it i love it i love it SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo much i could kiss Rick. Except Lala and Po Killed my cow.
    GOODBYE ...more info
  • This is a great game!!
    Harvest Moon : MFoMT is awsome! There is a lot to do and you will have many hours of fun playing it. I most warn you though : this is a very addicting game! People of all ages will fall instantly in love with this game. I don't like that every year the festivals are the same though. You can marry any of the five eligable bachlores. Getting married and having a family are fun.
    Girls will like this HM game because you play a girl character. Boys might like Harvest Moon: Friends of mineral town better because you play a boy character.
    This game is probably best for ages 8 and up. They can understand it better than younger kids , but that's just my opinion.
    I hope that after reading this review, you will go to your local gaming store and pick up a copy of Harvest Moon : More Friends of Mineral Town....more info
  • Overall, superb, BUT...
    While I love the Harvest Moon series and overall recommend them, I need to say that if you already own the first Friends of Mineral Town, do NOT bother to buy this one. They are exactly the same with the single exception of your character being a girl in this one. The characters are the same, the farm is the same, the events are the same, etc. Since I own all the previous HM games, I was looking forward to this one, expecting the usual "same premise, different game" that they have so far provided. Not so.

    That said, if you don't own the other version, this is certainly up there for a high quality, highly addictive game. I love it....more info
  • Smashing! Best hand-held game I ever played!
    I purchased HM: MFoMT at the store, thinking it would be something along the lines of it N64 ancestor; it isn't! Harvest Moon games in general are addicting, but this one is tops! plus yo can take it with you anywhere. I have the N64 version, the PSO, and both Gamecube versions...but I like this one most of all. My partner is Doctor,(so have I become Mrs. Doctor?) he is so cool, and a real sweetie. Ellie was my rival. My point is BUY THIS GAME! it my be a routine in the begin but once you get into it, you're captured for hours; I'm living proof. Another great buy would be Harvest Moon: Another Wonder Life, it's 3-D counter part. When you connect those two, the dialouge of the characters change. ...more info
  • Great Game
    Having bought and enjoyed HM:FoMT, I was devastated when, in the fifth year of the game, it broke. I think that the built in lithium battery broke, because it deleted my previous game, and would not let me save a new one. So when I heard about the release of HM:MFoMT, I was really happy and asked for it for my birthday. I like how they change the introduction, and how you can now date and marry all the characters you were previously competing against. It gives you a great new perspective. I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the previous games. I am slightly disappointed that it doesn't seem like you can connect to the first Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Other than that, I'm really pleased with this game....more info
  • Harvest Moon: Better then ever!
    Just when you thought Harvest Moon was at it's best, It gets a little better!
    Based closely to Friends of Mineral Town (FoMT), More Friends of Mineral Town (MFoMT) gives you all the fun of farming on your gameboy-but are a girl!
    Every day you wake up, and smell the fresh farm air. Befoer you can play, you have to do your chores. Feed the chickens, cows, and sheep. Play with your dog and brush your horse. Then water and harvest the plentiful crops you grow in your field, and harvest the grass to make fodder for your sheep and cows. You can collect herbal grasses, flowers, and mine for ores in the mountian outside your farm. Then sell them to get even more money! MFoMT offers more ways to get cash then its predecessor-You can even sell the food you make!
    Once your work is done, you can wander around mineral town and talk with its inhabitants. If you want, you can give them presents on their birthday-or anyday! And if there is a special guy you find suitable to be your boyfriend, woo him, and you could get married, even start a family!
    The graphics for MFoMT are good for being on such a small screen, and the game music is very cute...even if it does get a little annoying after a while! But it changes with every season, and it is different in the town and your farm.
    Graphics~ 4.5/5
    Sound~ 4/5
    Controls~ 5/5
    Story~ 5/5
    Fun~ 6/5
    Overall~ 5/5
    More Friends of Mineral Town: A great addition to any Harvest Moon collection, or a great way to get hooked on an awesome game series!...more info
  • Yay!!!!
    This game is the best of the best!It is the best game in the WORLD!!!
    You play a girl who used to live in the city in an apartment. She sees an ad for a so called "wonderful" farm. So she,of course, moves. And that is where your farm life begins....more info
  • Addictive at first
    This game is hard to let go of when you start, however as it progresses you'll have to keep on doing the same things over and over again. While repetitiveness is unavoidable in a game like this, you'll get bored of this game in the long run. ...more info
  • Addicting as can be!
    I was debating between this and a few other games, but decided to try this one. About 3am that night, I asked myself, where did the last six hours go? That's how addicting this game is!! My first night I got to the first summer and could not put the gameboy down! The second day I played for another three or four hours. Great game if you want to be entertained for hours on end! I love the fact they have a girl character too. It's fun to pick names for your chickens, cows, sheep, dog, and your farm. It's also very amusing to see if the chicken doesn't like you that day (for what reason, I have no clue). But if they aren't happy with you that day, they won't lay an egg! I still don't understand how to get married, but I am very much enjoying the rest of the game. Don't hesitate on this one!...more info
    This game maybe THE BEST farming game ever. It has awesome graphics and okay music. In the game an old fart dies so you own the farm. Your goal is to make freind with the sprites and villangers while maintaining a large farm. @_@ =^-^= =-)
    Here are some tips:
    1) Try to save your money so you can buy seeds, upgrade your tools and buy animals.
    2) It a good idea to check on your animals every single day to make sure they are happy and healthy
    3) If you want a spouse, go up to "that speical someone" and talk to them and give them gifts. By the way, you NEED a spouse to win the game!

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME WORTHY AND SOULD BE KEPT FOREVER well at least untill your like a Quajillion years old! @_@ =^-^= =-)!...more info
  • ~*~Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town~*~
    In HM:MFoMT, you play a girl (whom you get to name)that recently moved out from the city to have a relaxing life on a farm. In reality, you're left with a ruined farm (whom you also get to name), a couple of tools, a cute puppy( you'll be able to name it too..), and some money. The things you have to do: Fix up the farm, make friends with the towns people, marry one of the 5 eligible bachelors (Gray, Doctor, Cliff, Kai, and Rick), and raise your farm animals right.
    One of the things that I like about HM is that it educates you; it really teaches you how hard it is to raise a farm and to have a personal life also. I'd say it's a game for 8 years+,since they'll get a better hang of what's going on. No violence,(the only thing is that some characters drink and sell wine, but it's very subtle) no bad language, just pure fun.
    ...more info
  • Harvest Moon- A drug.
    Harvest Moon is an addicting game. This is the best version is better for girls 'cause in the last one, it felt wierd to marry a girl. Anyway, its like HMFOMT, but has diffrent suitors, changing the clothing and the sam challenging options! Go for this game when you have the time, because it waste your time happily!...more info
  • Great for the whole family....
    extention of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life...from the girl's perspective...perfect for even the youngest gamers yet even I love to play it!...more info
  • this game is sooooo awesome!!!
    this is so good I got it a year ago maybe but anyway, it is so fun you start out as a city girl who reads an ad in the paper about a farm she packs her bags and goes to live there.
    1:you have a dog and as you get more money you can get other animals like horses cows sheep and chickens
    2:you can plant crops I think summer is the best time to plant crops because that is when you have the most varieties.
    3:you can meet people in the town there are 5 bachlers and you can get married to eathier one
    4:overall it's a great game sorry I can't tell you much I haven't played it in a while!!

    ...more info
  • I'm playing my Gameboy again! Best game EVER!
    As the title says, I was so bored with my Gameboy games, until I found this one. I was a little hesitant at first, but my friend let me play her DS game, and I was hooked!
    You are a city girl who is sick and tired of your life, and you see an ad for a beautiful farm in the countryside, have this little daydream and, quick as a wink, call the phone number on the ad. Next day, you go over, and the farm is a wreck, all strewn with weeds and sticks and rocks. The Mayor comes up and says that you've been tricked, the farm isn't at all like the ad says. You then (you don't have any choice over this one) hit him HARD with a hammer. He asks you to please stop hitting him, but you can stop or keep going as many times as you want with whatever tool you have! This game's already fun, huh?
    After you stop hitting him, he asks if you would like to have the farm (for free, I suppose)and you have a choice. 'Yes' means you can start your new life. 'No' would mean the game ends, right there, and the credits roll.
    Once you clean up your farm, (which took me about 3 HM days) you can go outside and talk to people. The very first time you talk to them, they will introduce themselves, and then they'll say the same things again and again until you make friends with them, so I suggest that!
    You can also farm, have livestock (no, you cannot kill you chickens and cows and sheep and cook them) and, if you want, get married!
    To get married to one of the eligible boys in town, you need to have these things done before he'll be your husband.
    ~Up to red heart (There are seven heart colors, Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, which show how much he likes you. If you have trouble remembering the order, think of it as a backwards rainbow.)
    ~Seen all 4 heart events
    ~Have a big bed
    ~Need the Blue Feather - that's what you propose with
    For more info about these, I suggest you go to [...] . I go there when ever I need any help. They also have help for all of the other HM games.
    Now for the boys themselves!
    Will it be...

    Bachelor #1
    A smart, serious, polite, cute guy. He has dark hair and dark eyes and wears a doctor's mirror and stethoscope. He is the doctor of the town (surprising, isn't it?) He likes milk and herbs. He is very cute and when you raise his heart level, he will smile a lot, worry about you and your health, and say sweet things.

    Bachelor #2
    He is a lonely person, but some players fall head-over-heels for him.
    He has brown hair in a short ponytail, and brown eyes. He likes Curry and Miso soup. Unfortunately, you will have to ask someone else about him and most of the other bachelors, because I really only know about Doctor! Go to that website up there, and it will yell you everything about everyone in Mineral Town and more!

    Bachelor #3
    He lives with his mother and sister, at the chicken farm. He loves chickens, so, naturally, he loves eggs as a present. I am told he also likes chicken feed, but I haven't tried that yet...
    He has scruffy red hair and glasses, and hates Kai's guts. Who is Kai? He's:

    Bachelor #4
    An African-American looking guy who only comes to Mineral town in the Summer. He goes somewhere else in all of the other seasons to escape the cold. He has a purple bandanna around his head, and loves pineapples. If you marry him, he will stay in Mineral Town forever.

    Bachelor #5
    A moody apprentice to the town's blacksmith. He has a blue hat that he never takes off (like Kai's bandanna) and it covers most of his hair, but I think it's a sandy blond color. He has blue eyes, and likes copper and gold, and baked corn, I've heard.

    There are also 3 secret bachelors, but I won't spoil what they look like.

    ~The people are SUPER nice! The only one who's rude to you is Grey, and that's only sometimes.
    ~You stay on you farm forever! There are some HM games, in which I've heard that you HAVE to get married, or you HAVE to have a certain number of animals or plants, or you only have the farm for a few years. Not in this game! You can play however you want, however long you want!
    ~The boys you don't marry can get married to your rivals! In the other games, they talk about marriage, but they never get married. In this game, if you don't snap up you're guy, or don't care about the others, they can get married to your rival.
    ~Most people have families, they're not all single like a soap opera. There are even two little kids in town, who will call you 'Big Sister' if you make friends with them. (They are super cute!)
    ~The rating of 'Alcohol usage' yadda yadda is because there is a winery in town, at night the local inn and restaurant serves wine and other beverages, and there is one cut scene about a drinking match.
    ~You can change you clothes! I find that very cute! You can choose from six different colors of overalls to wear. The guys like it when you change you clothes a lot.
    ~There are a lot of cute, random cut scenes. I like to see them, just for fun
    ~The graphics are very good, and very cute. It IS Japanese, after all!

    A few typos from the translation, and I've heard you can catch some people speaking Japanese where they forgot to translate it, but I haven't seen that, and there are fewer mistakes that in the boy version of this game (Friends of Mineral Town) for instance, when you check the yellow couches at the Clinic in FoMT, it will say 'Sopha', but in MFoMT that is fixed.

    All in all, a great game, and I would VERY VERY VERY highly recommend this game! I would even recommend it over the DS games!
    Please say if this was helpful or not, an feel free to write in the comments section.

    ...more info
  • Farm Life For Girls
    I got this game as soon as possible, July 27, 2005 and I couldn't be happier that I didn't wait longer. You can go through an eternal life on the farm. The planting, cooking and, living life to the fullest is an ever-lasting challenge. ...more info
  • they made it hard to pick a guy
    Wow,I really love this game!!!! its a fun harvest moon edition. you start out as a girl who lives in the city and you see an ad for a farm, so you go whack mayor thomas in the head with a big hammer, and there you have it. As far as batchelors, this game is far superior to DS cute,
    theres a lot of hottys to pick from. Cliff: a troubled guy with long hair
    who loiters at the church.
    Gray: a cute, hard-working young man who puts up with his creepy grampa's
    complaints every day.
    Kai: a concieted ladie's man who only comes in summer.
    "The Doctor": uh, I dont know if he has a real name or not but I think he
    would make a adorable husband! and last but not least,
    you can also grow crops, and there are festivals and you can raise animals! its a AUWSOME GAME. RICK IS ADORABLE!!!!!!...more info
  • Great game!
    This is great game, if you want to do anything,there are spelling errors,but still a great game.You get to get married, raist a farm lol, buy stuff,ship stuff, own pets horses,cows, chickens that can die if you dont take care of them, etc. I would recommend it completey, but thats just me. Take a chance its great....more info
  • Harvest moon, a great game for all people no matter what your age, or gender
    I love this game, I was not a major Harvest Moon player until I bought the game, Harvest Moon: A wonderful life. It was similar to Harvest Moon:Friends of mineral town, you had a life and had to take care of a farm. I heard about Harvest Moon:Friends of Mineral Town, I rushed over to the nearest store to buy it, I thought if it was anything like A Wonderful Life then it would be great to have.
    So like most games it started out as you inheriting a farm and the mayor coming to greet you. The farm was a wreck the only living things there was you and your dog.
    Basicaly you get to interact with the townsfolk, build relationships, even fall in love with one of the 6 possible wives weather you like the shy type or the smart, kind type there's a person waiting for you, but you gotta hurry, each of your possible wives has another person they're falling for, so you got to get to her quick(even though you play as a guy marrying a girl its still really fun no matter what your gender, or you could wait to buy Harvest Moon:Friends of Mineral Town for girls). (You can marry a person called the Harvest Goddess in this game who is like this really important person, but it is EXTREMELY hard to do) Relationships are a very important part of the game, if you have certain friends you can unlock certain things, such as scenes, Harvest Moon:Friends Of Mineral Town is full of little scences that are always fun to watch.
    You can expand and furnish your home by buying items off of the shopping channel every saturday, once you aquire the full cooking set you can even make your own meals.
    As your farm expands and you get better and better at this game you must ballence relationships witht the villiagers but keep your farm up and running, (if you don't feed your cows or hit them with a hoe, or hammer they'll get mad at you!)
    You can even participate in mining.
    So you're probably sitting in front of your computer screen wondering when I'm going to stop, so just to wrap it up.
    I love this game, people might say it gets boring after a while, I can't never say I haven't put it down after several trys but I always pick it back up, in fact I'm still playing and trying to do everything you can, for expert and ametuer players this game is great for you, even though if you aren't the best game player in the world, For enixeprenced game players you will like this game but it might be harder for you to aquire some things, this game is very complex and I love it and you probably will too....more info
  • Harvest moon more friends of mineral town
    This game is absoulutely amazing to my point of view. This game is the one with girl in it not a boy. I think this is a great game. But at first for me it was hard to start out. But later on you'll know what to do! But always remember no matter what toy you have always read the instructions! Before or while playing the game! But you know something? Not every game is perfect. Harvest moon well everytime you go somewhwere it turns to a blur and then comes back right away. Don't think i got a fake one cause I don't. But still overall this game is great!...more info
  • I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!
    Anne was such an idiot! She stole my husband! I hate this game, i hate this game, I LOVE THIS GAME. But Anne is a horrible poo poo....more info
  • Relly Cool Game
    Ok, you start out liveing in the city and then read an article in the news about liveing in the country so you pack your bags and quit your job and then you figure out your on a abandon farm with a town filled with strangers! But don't shy off! Make this farm beautifull again!
    There is 5 Batchlers in this town, get to know them and somthing will happen like you could get married and start a family, but that will take about 3 years or so.
    heres all the batchlers.
    Cliff(a Guy that lives at dougs inn.)
    Rick(Wierd Red Hedded Guy thats crazy about chikens.)
    Ki(A person who comes every summer and is a ladys man.)
    Gray(Guy that lives with his grandpa.)
    Docter(docter of the hole town, name, unknown.)
    The town festivals are fun theres, horse raceing, cooking contest, starry night, cow, sheep, and chiken festivals, and much more.
    In the mines you can dig and brake Brake rocks. you can find lots of jewls, also when you dig youll find steps and go down a leval, there is 255 levals.
    Well, theres lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots more. so Buy it and have fun.
    ...more info
  • A First Time Harvest Mooner Review
    Where to start.............
    Well for thoses who have played FOMT, MFOmT is the exact same game except the main charcter is a girl.Well I got this game a year ago last Christmas to be exact and this Christnas of '06 I'm still playing.
    You start out with a ruined farm,a dog and 500 dolars. You can use it to buy things such as seeds and animals.i would of givin this review a 5 but the thing is you HAVE to get money or you can't progress in the game and though its not the only way you have to mine and after a while it gets sorta boring to do that.don't get me wrong the game is still realy awesome i like the option to fish instead of having to always mine and there are differnt fishing spots and 2 mines to mine at.the other reason is that i think its a little hard to get the bachelors heart to change with affection or maybe thats just me i don't no. But over all its an awesome game realy i suggest getting it some may say its a broing farming gam e but irts a lot more than that you interact wihth the people in your surronding s the price is down so go out and buy it i promist you won't be disapointed.
    ...more info
  • Average
    This game is normal to just about any other Harvest Moon game, however, it was still pleasurable to play....more info
  • Just My Oppinion on the Latest Addition of Harvest Moon
    Hmm, where to start? Well, I'll go ahead and begin by saying that this is basically the girl version of "Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town" that came out awhile ago. The games are very similar with the exception of a few, small additions, and of course, the gender specifications of each game.

    In this game, you're a single, white, blonde female running a farm all on your own. If you're a fan of the Harvest Moon series, you know that running a farm is much more fun and exciting than it sounds. There are crops to water, animals to feed, cows to milk, sheep to shear, fish to catch, villagers to befriend and much more. =)

    However, this game isn't all work. A lot of fun little extra curriculum activities are also entwined into the plot. There are quite a few competitive festivals in which you often get a prize for winning. Some of these include the Cooking Festival (In which you cook a dish and bring it to Rose Square to be judged); the Cow, Sheep, and Chicken Festivals; the Dog Disk Tournament; and much more.

    Befriending the villagers will net you some nifty extras. For example, if you and Won become good friends, he'll allow you to sell stuff to him, which is handy because some items he will buy for a higher price than Zack. That, and he'll buy items that you can't normally sell, such as flowers and things you cook.

    Mining is also a very fun experience in this game. Busting rocks with a hammer to get ores and gems... Who could say no to that? =P
    Once you build up your stamina and learn to make energy-replenishing dishes, you can go very deep in the mines. (Although I'll admit, it can be VERY annoying trying to find the steps down to the next floor on the levels with huge areas. >_<) But if you have the patience, you can reach as low as level 255. The deeper you go in the mines, the more valuable stuff you'll find. And some things you'll find are very useful such as the Cursed Tools, the Goddess Jewels, and the Teleport Stone.

    You can upgrade your farm/house in this version of HM as well, but it doesn't stop there. =D You also get THREE new houses in addition to the one on your farm! Although they are hard to get...
    - Vacation Villa (Have Gotz build it for $100,000,000 X_X)
    - Mountain Cottage (Present for your 50th Wedding Anniversary)
    - Beach House (Get 42 Connectivity Points with HM: Another Wonderful Life for GameCube.)
    So yes, as you can see these are hard to obtain, but I guess it gives the hardcore gamers a goal...

    The prospect of marriage is always fun, and in this game you have quite a variety. You have the same guys that were in HM: Back to Nature as well as three new secret ones. ^_^ The list is as follows:
    - Gray (The junior blacksmith)
    - Doctor (The town doctor. Odd how his actual name is never mentioned...)
    - Kai (The African American lad who only comes during the Summer. He runs a shop on the beach.)
    - Cliff (Cute little homeless guy who moved to Mineral Town recently, it would seem. He stays at the Inn.)
    - Rick (Red-headed guy who lives at the Chicken Farm.)
    - Won (The weird, Asian dude that sells stuff. He lives with Zack on the beach.)
    - Gourmet (The big, fat dude that judges the Cooking Festival. He copied Willy Wonka's clothing style... >_>)
    - Kappa (A swamp monster, pretty much, lol. Yep, a genuine Japanese water demon...)

    So there you have it. All the cool aspects of the game put into detail. Now for the bad things...

    - A LOT of typos. Seriously, it's annoying. The oddest one is after you're married to anyone but Gray, go talk to him. He speaks Japanese. O.o
    - Your animals can die. =( I know some people think this is more realistic, but I find it extremely annoying. After you go and win the festivals with them and get their affection all the way up, they die in a few years. (Chickens live for about 3 years before they start dieing. Cows and Sheep live for 4 or 5. Can't remember.) Although you can cheat death by saving before you go to sleep and then loading if they die, since the funerals are always in the morning... =)
    - There are some very valuable and useful items that are obtained too late in the game. The Gem of Truth is a pain, and the Teleport Stone can only be gotten after the third year, and even then it's annoying getting to it. (All the way at the bottom on the Spring Mine. >_<) Also, a lot of things are just annoying to get. The Goddess Gem, the Kappa Gem, and the Mythic Tools are the main things.
    - The Vacation Villa costs waaaaaay too much. X_X One hundred million gill is FAR too much, IMO. Ten million would've been an adequate price, I think....
    - The game can get repetitive, seriously repetitive. Once you've played a few dozen years, you're kind of sitting there going "Why am I still doing this...?" lol But for some reason, you can't put it down. Thankfully there's a lot of things to obtain, keeping you interested for that long.

    Well, that's about all I've got. If you do decide to buy the game, I hope you enjoy it. ^_^ ...more info
  • Addictive!
    This is one of the few games I have bought brand new and it was worth every penny! I am so addicted to this game - it's so much fun! I think the winter season is a little boring but there really is so much to do - if you want. It can be difficult doing everything in the time you're alloted but it's a fun challenge!...more info
  • Harvest mooner
    Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town is a fun game.You get to choose between 8 guys to marry.You start out with 500 dollars,a dog and a ruined farm.You need to fix up that farm and marry a bachelor,and become friends with the townspeople and alot more. You have to be able to do many tasks.Because you have to think about alot of things at once.If you have played A wonderful life you may not want this game because it is exaactly the same as this one though the mancharcter is a girl and you have men to marry.
    Hint: At the begging you may want to play the Harvest Godess game 9in (in friends of mineral town you can marry her).It is the left channel on your telivision.YUou can only play it the4 first few days of every year so you want to play it.On Saturday watch the shopping show to see what they are selling.If you don't watch it you won't be able to buy it.If you give won the traveiling salesman gold for the firds 6 days he will tell you that you can sell him things.He will pay more for some idems and will buy idems that are not shippable.You can also play mini games.He will gameble so always sell him stuff for the mopst price.Minr in the spring mione or winter mine to get gold and other things.I hope you enjoy the game
    ...more info
  • Best game ever!!
    This game is one of the best games I have!! It is so so so so much fun!! I could play this game for a whole day!!...more info
  • Great Game!!
    This GBA game is a great choice for a girl, because, I have to say, it's kind of weird to give a bunch of presents and marry a girl when you ARE a girl. I have the DS game, and if you insert the GBA Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town, the people from Mineral Town can visit. It's totally fun! Go ahead and buy it! It's a great purchase!...more info


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