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Medela's seamless bra is a very nice nursing bra and one of our best sellers. It provides a smooth, natural line under everyday tee shirts or an elegant blouse. The molded stretch cup made of a cotton/lycra blend features a delicate lacy pattern woven right into the fabric. It is this unique fabric that is key to how the bra comfortably accommodates fluctuating breast size, while maintaining cool comfort and flexibility. The specially designed two-piece cup features a unique one-hand outer cup release that opens easily to breastfeed baby.

  • Nursing bras
  • Nursing access: Pull-down cover with clip
  • seamless
  • machine wash cold - hang to dry

Customer Reviews:

  • Love this Bra
    I tried on several bras and was started to think that I wasn't going to be able to find one. That is until I found this bra. It is super comfortable and the snaps are easy to work with. This bra may not be as supportive as a bra with wire, but overall I find it to be very supportive....more info
  • Best nursing bra around!
    After trying tons of different nursing bras and almost giving up hope of finding something comfortable, supportive and easy to use, I found this bra (and now own 8 of them). As a breastfeeding counselor, I always suggest to moms that they look for something without underwire (can cause plugged ducts for some moms, esp. in the beginning). This bra gives the support without sacrificing shape or comfort. Some comfy nursing bras (Bravado and sleep bras) give you a "uniboob" look-not flattering under close-fitting shirts. This one looks awesome on. This bra is also very forgiving of size changes, as the cups are stretchy to allow for growth (and, later, shrinking). To find the best fit, go to a boutique and let them size you. Then order the right size online. [...]...more info
  • Overall a good bra
    Overall this is a good bra, but I find that after wearing it most of the day the strap adjusters slip and my breasts begin to sag. I own the underwire version and prefer it as far as support. Straps aside, it is very comfortable. I have slept in it and I had no issues. I own it in nude and my nursing pads do not show through my shirts. The cup material is stretchy and they fit well both before and after a nursing session.(No third boob, YEA!) Cups are easy to unhook with one hand, but I needed two hands to hook the cups back until I got the hang of it. I plan on ordering a few more of both this bra and the Medela Underwire Seamless bra....more info
  • not supportive for larger sizes
    I was looking forward to this being a great nursing bra - I loved the cotton, one-hand closures, and the lack of underwires. It felt and looked great when I tried it on, but after a few hours of wearing, it had the classic problem of riding up in the back. Eventually I gave up wearing it at all. I bought mine in a boutique where I was professionally fitted, so I had the right size (34F). I'd recommend a Bravada bra for larger sizes, they consistently fit great and stay put. ...more info
  • Like the Bravado better
    I bought this bra and the Bravado plus. I perfer the bravado plus as it has more coverage and is more comfortable to wear. I'm a 40C (and yes I have been professionally fit) and felt this bra provided adequate cup support but it bunches up and creates the dreaded "back fat". The fabric is soft and it is of good quality construction. I would advise buying several nursing bra until you find your favorite....more info
  • My Favorite!
    I have tried MANY nursing bras. This one is the ONLY ONE for me. I am a size 36C, and it gives great support. It gives plenty of room for when your bbs are at their fullest. Prone to clogged milk ducts, and having had no luck with other bras, I was hesitant to waste my money again. This bra has given me no problems whatsoever. It's like the miracle helper that no one tells you about. Don't wait, GET IT!!!...more info
    After reading the previous review, I ordered one on ebay and just got it yesterday. OMG! WOW WOW WOW!

    It is NOT worth it to keep on buying your favorite cheap bra, then after 2-3 washes it comes apart, then you buy it again. You just need to buy 1 good bra like this one and it will STAY!

    This has SUPPORT with out the annoying wires that get you down when nursing, easy drop down cup, SO SOFT, SO COMFY!

    When you put it on you feel GREAT, SO LIGHT WEIGHT and it doesn't make any fat pop out on the sizes.

    WOW WOW AND WOW!...more info
  • Best bras for nursing and pumping
    These bras are so supportive and easy to use for nursing or pumping... especially if you have a medela freestyle pump that the hands free equipment hooks right in....more info
  • Anatalia
    Este brassiere es fantastico!!. Soy talla grande y este bra me soporta perfectamente. Adios dolores de espalda. ...more info
  • Absolutely no support
    This bra offers me absolutely no support. I am still pregnant and a D cup. I am trying different nursing bras in the search for a perfect fit. Wearing this bra under my shirt I look like a gorilla. I had no support it was itchy and my nipples were clearly visible all day. The sleeping bra is more comfortable and offers the same support. ...more info


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