Andis 82005 1875 Watt Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer, Black Chrome

List Price: $59.00

Our Price: $34.99

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  • 1875 watts with quiet, long life AC motor and heavy-duty 10 ft. power cord with ALCI shock protection plug
  • 4 heat/air speeds and cool shot button for ultimate styling and control
  • Includes 2" ceramic thermal round styling brush
  • Even heat ceramic technology for shiny, silky and healthier hair
  • Resin pick, resin concentrator and metal concentrator included

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product-Wife Loves It-Dries Hair Quickly
    Great product that works as advertised. Dropped my wife's original one on a tile floor and it shattered. Not a good scene. She can't live without it. Great for curly hair-No frizz...more info
  • Great hairdryer
    This hairdryer works exceptionally well, and dries my hair in about half the time (10 minutes). The only downside is that it is noticeably heavier than a regular dryer. ...more info
  • Not sure
    excellent hair dryer, I used it for my daughter's hair and it eliminates the frizz. However, it is impossible to find the attachment pik. This dryer is not for the universal nozzles. In conclusion I bought another dryer!...more info
  • Ceramic Blow Dryer
    Not nearly as good as the other Andis with the retractable cord and it is double the price. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Do Not Buy - Keep Looking
    This hair dryer burns my hair every morning. The settings are either warm and too low or high and too hot. It is extremely loud, too. I travel a lot and use hair dryers in many hotels, all which leave my hair looking more natural and shiny - some are even the andis brand. Avoid this one....more info
  • Works great for 4 months, and then dies!
    I gave this hair dryer to my wife in mid-April for her birthday. She loved it. It got VERY hot and dried her hair in about 10 minutes, which was a whole 10 minutes less than any other dryer she had used. Everything was peachy until about a month ago (September) when all of a sudden it started making a terrible squeeling noise which required a bang on the counter to get working properly. The constant banging lasted for about a month and now it squeels and doesn't get hot anymore. All said and done, this is a great dryer if you only want it for 4 months, but for this kind of money I would have expected it to last a lot longer!...more info
  • defective hair dryer
    2 weeks after I ordered this hairdryer it stopped blowing hot air. It also is much heavier than most hairdryers, and, when it was working, I really didn't notice a big difference between this hairdryer and regular(non-ionic), less expensive dryers....more info
  • Awesome!
    This is one of the best blow dryers I've ever owned. It dries your hair quickly, and leaves it feeling soft not dried out. I almost didn't purchase it because of the price, but I'm glad I did. You get what you pay for, and this is a great blow dryer....more info
  • Andis Professional Dryer
    The first one I purchased had to be returned the same week. We noticed that although it was turned off (but plugged in) it was extremely hot to the touch. We had no problems whatsoever returning the product to Amazon. I have received a replacement in the mail; however, I am a little afraid to use it and will be very certain to unplug it after usage....more info
    I purchased the ANDIS-black chrome ceramic ionic hair dryer on January 10 2008 and it arrived promptly a few days later. The noise level is exceptionally loud especially on the high setting! The stylish chrome finish began to peel off after about a week of use. Then it failed to operate in the low setting permanently on April 16. I have never owned any other hair dryer that failed so soon...after only 12 weeks. The Andis Company has to know about the peeling finish and the noise level! I will never purchase another ANDIS dryer ever....more info
  • Andis 1875 Dryer
    I really like the way this dryer smoothes the hair and it drys fast. The only downfall I've noticed is that the comb of the dryer is very fragile when it comes to some black hair textures....more info
  • Buy this! Great mid-range dryer.
    I am really very happy with this hair dryer. I bought it after reading about what a dream ceramic/ionic dryers are and researching here on
    The only reason I give this 4 instead of 5 is for noise. I had hoped that new dryers (my last one is at least 7 years old) might have quiter motors in them.
    This does what it says. My hair dried to styling point within 3 minutes instead of 8. My frizzies were reduced by at least 75% without the use of any syling products or leave-in conditioners. That alone is amazing and worth the price.
    Another reviewer mentioned that this was heavy, making it hard to use. I don't notice a weight difference between this and my older Conair. I do notice that the nozzle is about an inch longer, so every now and again I'll bump myself on the head, but that's simply user error. :D
    I've never been particularly handy with the attachments, but they're there. It has two directional nozzles (one plastic, one metal that scratches the dryers finish) and one directional with 1 1/2" picks coming off of it.

    All-in-all this is an awesome machine that gets the job done in way less time and with great results.

    After owning this for most of a month I am still very satisfied. My rating would stay the same. I am very slightly disappointed because the finish is already starting to chip off around the nozzle. I wondered how I had gotten glitter all over my hair and face... it is the shiny finish flaking away. Glitter isn't the end of the world, and I don't care what my dryer looks like so long as it works properly. Just a note in case others consider looks/finish when purchasing hair dryers....more info
  • Great hair dryer
    I got this dryer for Christmas 2006. Last week, it stopped heating up and I needed to purchase a new one. I investigated dryers at Ulta and found that most decent ones were $100 or more. I figured I would check the price on this dryer on Amazon before I made a purchase. I was surprised to find that it was less than $40, because I assumed that it was a very expensive hair dryer.
    So that said, I am repurchasing the dryer. I think it lasted a long time given the cost, and it straightened my hair better than any other dryer I have ever used.
    If you blow dry your hair straight, this is a great model because it has the straightening attachment, is very hot at 1875 watts, has ceramic ions, and the price is right.
    ...more info
  • Nice!
    Nicest blow dryer we've ever had! Actually does reduce frizz and dries extremely fast. Worth every penny!...more info
  • Lasted 1.5 Years
    Hair dryer stopped working after about a year & a half of use. Worked great until one day, it stopped working altogther. Kind of expected to be able to use this for a longer period of time. Perhaps my expectations are too high?!...more info
  • Great dryer
    I just got this dryer for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! My hair has zero static, which is unusual during the winter. Usually it takes about 15 minutes, at the minimum, to dry my hair, but with this dryer, it only took 5 minutes! I would buy this dryer for everyone I know!...more info
  • Good hairdryer
    This hair dryer works great. I did have a problem with the shipping though. It got lost in the mail and then arrived damaged. The new one is quiet and dries my hair quicker than my old one. My hair stylist says that this brand of hair dryers tend to take a while to warm up but I have not noticed this so far. ...more info
  • Not for Amateurs
    If you are a master at wielding a blow dryer, you'll probably love this. I find it too heavy and big for my hands when I am using the blow dryer to straighten my hair. With that said, the various heat settings work well. The concenrator attachments work fine for me. I purchased this model in part for the comb attachment, but I can't manage the dryer properly with it attached.

    Update: When I am not using the dryer to straighten my super curly hair, I like it. My current hairstyle requires an hour under a bonnet dryer. I can dry my hair in half the time using this hand-held dryer. ...more info
  • Hair dryer has a nice design
    I am happy with my purchase of this hair dryer, although I do not really notice much of a difference that it is an ionic dryer. The look is appears to be a quality product....more info
  • Not as quiet as I wanted
    This was a fine dryer, but I returned it. It simply wasn't as quiet as I hoped. i ended up going to a drugstore in town and plugging in all the dryers. The one I purchased was also ionic, but much quieter owing to the fact that it had three speeds and two heat settings. That means I can keep the middle speed and the cold heat setting, and it's much quieter than other dryers I tried....more info
  • What junk
    I'm amazed that people described this product as "heavy". I find it incredibly light-weight and cheap. I wasn't expecting much for the price, but even at the Friday sale price this feels overpriced. I'd be stunned if it held up any time at all....more info


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