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Use the no-mess nectar that draws a crowd. Our First Nature Hummingbird Nectar closely matches the sugar level of the natural flower nectar hummingbirds prefer, meaning you'll draw more hummingbirds to your feeder. No Mess Concentrate is Easy to Use, just add water. Simply mix one part concentrate to three parts water and you're ready to feed. No more granulated sugars or dry mixes to spill, no boiling water, and no sticky cleanup. In fact, you can mix First Nature Hummingbird Nectar right in your feeder. No refrigeration necessary.

  • 16 fl. oz.
  • makes 64 oz. Nectar

Customer Reviews:

  • really attracts
    I used First Nature Hummingbird Nectar liquid sugar concentrate last year and had 3 or 4 birds at each feeder. This year I couldn't find it at my normal supply store, so I used a different brand of powdered nectar. The birds would come to the feeders, take one sip and fly away. When I found First Nature on Amazon I was thrilled. I ordered several bottles and as soon as it arrived I filled my feeders with First Nature nectar. Within days I was back to 3 or 4 birds at each feeder. It is easy to mix and the concentrate does not need to be stored in the refrigerator....more info
  • Clear is Available
    If you go to the First Nature website, you'll see that they also have this product available in clear liquid form. No need to worry that the hummers may be hurt by the dye....more info
  • RED DYE#40
    I gave this two stars only because I had to assign a rating to make this comment. I have not used the nectar and the rating is mere speculation. I am wondering if FDA Red#40 is the same as Red Dye 40 (red food dye). Most birding experts advise against using red dyes in hummingbird nectar. There is some evidence that these dyes cause tumors and other health problems in hummingbirds. If the concentrate contains red food dye, I wouldn't use it. It's not necessary to use red coloring in nectar to attract hummingbirds; the red in the feeder is sufficient....more info
  • Convenient but not good for hummingbirds!!
    This product might be convenient, but I recommend NOT using it. It contains red dye and a preservative, both of which may be damaging to hummingbirds. You do not need red food coloring in nectar in order to attract hummingbirds. Most hummingbird feeders have plenty of red on them to attract the birds. A simple mixture of 4 parts water to 1 part granulated sugar is all that is needed for hummingbird nectar. Never use honey or sugar substitutes. It's simple to make nectar and keep refrigerated and certainly safe for the birds. We prefer safeguarding the health of these little birds rather than the supposed convenience of this product....more info
  • Hard to find this
    After searching locally and on the internet for this stuff I finally found a supply at ACE Hardware. They had the large size for $7.98. The only place on the internet at a reasonable price is Amazon. Some places wanted more for shipping than the nectar itself. The minute I hung this up the hummingbirds were enjoying it. Nice to know I can get it at Amazon if ACE runs out....more info
  • addicted
    After using this product, the Hummingbirds in our yard will simply not eat anything else. ...more info
  • Hummingbirds Everywhere
    The brand we used in the past was used at the rate of a gallon a week. We are now going through 3 gallons a week of nectar. We are outside day and night watching the hummers. We have three new varities this year. What joy the hummers bring us. Better than any TV or video game!
    The Van Emmerik Family
    New Mexico...more info


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