Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control (Black)

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Product Description

Harmony 880: Power and Versatility in a Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote puts you in control of your entire audio-video system with just one button. It's home entertainment the way it should be--simple.

Optimized for complicated HDTV and PVR systems, the Harmony 880 helps you tame tough configurations like switching your television between video aspect ratios depending on the program source. The interactive color display lets you quickly choose a 16:9 ratio for movies and HDTV, or a standard 4:3 ratio for basic television programming.

Color display
Why settle for another boring remote? The Harmony 880?¡äs color LCD is both functional and stylish, with user-customizable backgrounds, activity selections, button icons and text.

  • Ample space for up to eight custom activities or controls
  • On-screen battery level indicator shows you charge status

Recharging station
Never replace batteries again. The Harmony 880 includes a sleek docking station that keeps the remote fully charged. Your family will always know where to put the remotea??and you?¡äll always know where to find it!

  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to a one-week charge under normal use
  • The horizontal docking station allows remote to be used while charging

Award-winning Logitech Industrial Design
High-end systems deserve a high-end remote. Designed with brushed chrome and charcoal accents, a color LCD display and a low-profile recharging station, the Harmony?? 880 Remote will match your most advanced audio-video components perfectly.

Logitech has won a total of eight Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in the past two years, including five of Japan?¡äs prestigious 2004 Good Design Awards. This experience helped us design the Harmony 880. Featuring a comfort grip shape and a centered directional pad, it fits easily in your hand and naturally guides you to the most frequently used controls. Even the buttons are sculpted, to help you locate them by feel not sight.

Patented Smart State Technology??
Smart State Technology allows the Harmony remote to completely control an entertainment system by knowing how to control each separate component while tracking the current state of up to 15 devices simultaneously.

Get the Logitech Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION 3. Finally, control movies on your PS3 a?? drama free.

Wish you could control all your movies, music, games and entertainment gear a?? including your PLAYSTATION 3 a?? with one remote? Wish granted.

Add one touch PS3 control to any Harmony remote with the new Logitech Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION 3. Now your entire entertainment system and every PS3 command is at your fingertips. Want to watch a DVD or Blue-ray Disc movie? Play a game? Turn the console on or off? Easy. Just press one button on the remote to experience instant entertainment gratification.

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  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to get help
  • Never out of date

Package Contents

  • Harmony?? 880 remote control
  • Recharging Station
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Installation CD
  • Installation guide

System Requirements

  • IBM?? compatible PC
    • Windows?? 98, 2000, Me, XP
    • USB port
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Internet access
  • Macintosh??
    • Macintosh?? OS X 10.2 or later
    • USB port
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Internet access

A dream comes true! One remote control for your entire home-theater and HDTV system. The Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote puts you in control of your entire audio-video system with just one button. It¡äs home entertainment the way it should be?simple. Optimized for complicated HDTV and PVR systems, the Harmony 880 helps you tame tough configurations like switching your television between video aspect ratios depending on the program source. The interactive color display lets you quickly choose a 16:9 ratio for movies and HDTV, or a standard 4:3 ratio for basic television programming. High-end systems deserve a high-end remote. Designed with brushed chrome and charcoal accents, a color LCD display and a low-profile recharging station, the Harmony 880 Remote will match your most advanced audio-video components perfectly. Logitech has won a total of eight Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in the past two years, including five of Japan¡äs prestigious 2004 Good Design Awards. This experience helped develop the Harmony 880 and its ergonomic design. Featuring a comfort grip shape and a centered directional pad, it fits easily in your hand and naturally guides you to the most frequently used controls. Even the buttons are sculpted, to help you locate them by feel not sight. Smart State Technology allows the Harmony remote to completely control an entertainment system by knowing how to control each separate component while tracking the current state of up to 15 devices simultaneously. Simply press an Activity button, such as "Watch TV" or "Listen to Music," and your Harmony Remote automatically sets up each of the devices required for that activity. Sleek docking station that remote fully charged Programmable with Windows PC or Macintosh computer / USB Cable included 53 top-mounted hard buttons and 8 on-screen activity buttons 2 MB non-volatile flash memory
  • Optimized for complicated HDTV and PVR systems
  • Quickly choose a 16:9 or 4:3 ratio depending on the program source
  • Includes a sleek docking station that keeps the remote fully charged
  • Color LCD is both functional and stylish, with user-customizable backgrounds, button icons and text
  • On-screen battery level indicator shows you charge status

Customer Reviews:

  • Great deal for family remote
    Bought it for $110 brand new. This may seem a bit pricey for a remote (ignoring the greedy msrp $250), but in the end it is delivering the value in our household. I read a lot of reviews and my sense of the concerns were (a) programming complexity, and (b) ergonomics of the buttons. Well, programming did take about 2 total hours and the GUI wizard for the programming software is a bit non-intuitive, hence only 4 stars. I plugged in all the serial numbers and the Logitech DB had everything in it, but then when I set up the "activities" for the remote, some of the questions in the wizard steps didn't seem to make any sense. I guess that's the trade-off between flexibility and usability. Could be improved here. Anyways, for (b) I would say the buttons are just fine and in fact quite easy / ergonomic.

    One other thing: it took us a little while to discover that if you want to switch activities, you don't need to turn everything off first. Just point at the TV/stuff, press activities, select new activity. The remote is at least smart enough to switch from watching TV to watching a DVD by not attempting to power on components that it thinks are already on (because power ON is actually sometimes just a power toggle). It may seem small, but I appreciate that this works flawlessly.

    The wife and kids are having no problem with this remote, which was objective #1, so at the 60% discount and beyond the cumbersome setup process I give this product 5 stars. The only drawback at this point is that I'm beginning to forget the complicated sequence of buttons on the several other component-specific remotes I once knew to power up the system (i.e. mission accomplished)....more info
  • Nice remote
    I have had this remote for a couple years now and have enjoyed it. It took alittle bit to figure out how to program the activities, but it is nice that it can change all the settings on the different components of the entertainment system. The only downfall is that it is not bluetooth capable, therefore I still have to use a second remote when using the PS3....more info
  • Perfect - exactly what I wanted
    The 880 does exactly what it's supposed to and has a nice easy computer based setup. If you don't get it quite right you can troubleshoot it and the remote has a help feature that will get you to where you need to be even if you didn't set it up just right. My wife LOVES it and she typically shys away from things like this. No more 5 remotes... Just one and a single button to for each task I want it to do. Make sure you have the model numbers of everything you have prior to setup and also note how everything is setup - then setup is a breeze. BTW - this even controls my XBox 360.
    ...more info
  • These are the BEST
    I got this one (880)for my brother and once we got it programmed he loves it just as I expected he would. It has eliminated like 4 remotes to just this one. I originally got and still have and still love my (659) which I have had since 2002. I would definetly recommend any these remotes. THESE ARE THE BEST!...more info
  • What is good enough?
    I have owned the Harmony 550 remote and through the years, the software interface that allows you to program your remote with your units and your activities has gotten easier. Since I needed another remote for my bedroom, I decided to upgrade to a snazzy color remote for the family room (the 880). On the surface, this seemed like a wonderful upgrade since functionally, this remote has everything the 550 has but is easier on the eyes.

    Alas, after a few months a couple very annoying things have made me question this new model.

    1. Mute button. The mute button is a tiny sliver on the right (or is it the left? see, this is the problem) which you struggle to find if you want to quickly mute your system. The mute should be fairly big, in a "key" section of the remote that is not too busy or difficult to find.

    2. Sensitivity. If the remote is laying next to you on the couch or anywhere near your moving limbs, then you will definitely hit a button and the remote will change whatever you were doing (watching TV, listening to music, playing a game, etc.). There is no lock feature for this remote and if you so much as tap the remote (the keys are raised and thus easy to hit) then you'll be disrupted from your current activity or channel. This gets old quick. There's something about paying so much money for a remote control that makes this wrong.

    Other than this, the remote performs beautifully and with a few minor tweaks, it will be worth the color screen. Personally, I would have been happier with another 550 until they work out these kinks....more info
  • Finally!
    I've been trying to find a remote that I can control everything with and this works great. The only struggle I had was setting up my tv since it wasn't in the database. It works great, just the setup was a little longer than expected...more info
  • 880 Remote
    The buttons are way too small - difficult to see in dim light. THis loses its funtionality, and therefore its value. Programming is very easy, and the concept is really good. The specific design is extremely weak. ...more info
  • Defective Product
    I purchased a new remote but the 0 button did not work out of the box. I called the tech support and we remapped the 0 button and found the remote to be defective. I then order a replacement and found the menu key to defective. There were other keys on the remote that would not work unless you pressed them firmly. I think this is a good product but the remote is not a high quality product. The remote should work out of the box!!!...more info
  • Great All Around remote
    This is a great all around unit. It has good weight and balance and is very versatile. Button action is firm and the lighting (back light) is excellent for use in the darkened home theater setting. Buttons are grouped in a very efficient manner.

    I really enjoy being able to program logos of my favorite channels into the remote from any of the many fan sites of this device out there. The recharging station means no dead batteries to worry about.

    Set up can be a little tricky and is best accomplished having your existing remote sitting right next to you. This way you can make sure that the commands you use most frequently are in the best location.

    I have no complaints and would highly recommend this unit....more info
  • Great remote, but not as well laid out as harmony one.
    I've had my refurbished harmony 880 for a little over a month now and am happy to say that my money was well spent. The remote is easy to set up, has a long battery life, and can do everything that my old collection of remotes could do.

    I was a little concerned about buying a refurbished model considering the problems with the docking station that have been described in the other reviews. Maybe I just got lucky, but I haven't had any problems with the docking station, and the remote makes a satisfying little beep when you put it in the docking station that let's you know that it's happy there. The battery life has also been great so far, easily going several days without a charge despite fairly heavy use.

    The reason that I'm not giving the remote a full 5 stars is that having used my brother's harmony one, I can say that I prefer it's button layout and the feel of the buttons. This isn't to say that the 880 is bad, but it is somewhat hard to use when not looking, especially for buttons around the edge. On the plus side, that means that I just have to look at my fancy new remote a little more often.

    If I had to do it again, I'd probably still get the 880 due to the price difference. As soon as the price of the harmony one comes down, that'd be the one I recommend....more info
  • 5 stars with the Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3
    I've been using my Logitech Harmony 880 for about a month now, and I really like it. It originally replaced five other remotes, and now that Logitech has come out with the Harmony Adapter for the PlayStation 3, it has replaced six remotes! Now that it controls all of my devices, I can definitely give it five stars :)

    The remote is very easy to setup and use. The software steps you through everything needed to control your devices, and allows you to setup various "Activities" like watching the TV, watching a movie, listening to the radio, etc. It's smart enough to ask you which device to use when you have a function, like the volume, which can be controlled by more than one device (e.g. TV or A/V Receiver).

    If you use a PlayStation 3, be sure to get the Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 so that you can control the PS3 with the Harmony remote. If you get the Adapter, you won't need to get the Sony BD Remote for the PS3.

    I haven't had any of the problems mentioned in earlier reviews, so either they've been fixed, or I just haven't been using my remote long enough :) Anyway, I highly recommend this remote.
    ...more info
  • A must have - (But dont spill coffee on it)
    Control everything from your TV to your ceiling fans.
    Replaced old unit that worked great until the coffee
    spill. Connected to website and reprogramed in seconds.
    ...more info
  • Suprisingly easy to set up and use.
    For years, I have avoided buying a universal remote. I remember what they were like in the early days: big, complicated, unreliable, and with half-inch-thick manuals. Well, things have apparently changed quite a lot since then.

    I have a typical living room setup: a TV, a DVR, A/V amplfier, DVD player, VCR, Wii, and an Apple AirPort Express. All from different manufacturers of course. But I was able to set up this small simple device to control all of these in roughly 15 minutes, w/o reading the manual. And now, when I want watch TV, I press one button and everything comes on and is configured exactly as needed to do so. Same with watching a DVD, VHS, playing the Wii, listening to iTunes, listening to the radio, etc. When people come to visit (like the babysitter for instance), they quickly figure out how to work it and there's no hassles.

    This little device is a *gem*. I just wish I had known about it sooner....more info
  • Should have made this purchase a long time ago!!!
    Very happy with the product. Intigrates all my home electronics devices seemingly even my IR light remote!!!!! Will recommend, worth every penny!...more info
    Definately one of the best products I've ever purchased!! Between all the A/V equipment, I had 5 remotes on the armrest. This remote combined them all into one, and added macro functions for the different events (watch TV, watch movie, listen to radio, play game, etc). Sure you can create macro functions with other universal remotes, but the ease of programming this remote with the online software was great.

    The Harmony 880 remote from Logitech is awesome and worth every penny. I've recommended this remote to all my friends and family, and those that have gotten one love it as well....more info
  • Grandparent Option
    Item was purchased on the recommendation of my son to ease the remote use by our parents. My son set it up and it worked as advertised. I believe our parents are more than satisfied. Delivery was timely and everything arrived well-packed and in perfect condition; all parts and instructions present....more info
  • Meh, So It Can't Do Everything...
    One thing you have to accept and understand.

    This, like pretty much all universal remotes is activity based. What does that mean? Well it means it wants you to tell it how you watch TV, how you play a DVD, how you play a game etc.

    Whats the problem then? Well, this. As with other remotes of its kind, it still cannot work around the problem of devices with cycling controls... What is a cycling control?

    Lets say your TV has 4 inputs. Some TVs allow discrete selection of that input specifically, however some do not. Some just have an 'input selection' button that cycle 1-2-3-4-1 etc. If your inputs do that on any of the devices you are trying to manage (or for instance if you only have a 'power switch' not an on _and_ an off switch then you are going to be mighty frustrated with this and all other universal remotes......more info
  • Great software, but small unreadable buttons
    The Logitech Harmony 880 Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control (Black) has great software that controls all aspects of my entertainment system. But the buttons are small and frequently located around the edges putting the remote out of balance to operate with one hand. My wife can't read the small print and my daughter is ready to go back to the old multiple remote system....more info
    If you have a home theater this remote is your ultimate solution to solving all your problems with your original remote controls.Yes say good bye to them.This universal remote will take care of all your audio devices up to fifteen units can be controlled with this one remote.It Has really made things easier for me to operate my home theater. One feature that's nice is that it has A motion sensor,so when you pick up the remote, the colour lcd screen lights up automatically and comes on-no fumbling in the dark! The activitys feature of this remotes allows you to watch tv, watch dvd, or listen to cd and by pressing one button they will all power on and off. No one should have trouble with the initial setup. you need a computer (pc) to configure this remote control it comes with its own software to install on your pc. Write down your equipment model numbers, locate them on the Harmony website, and answer a few questions about your Home Theater configuration and the remote will know what to do! Also for people who need help they have staff on duty to help you set it up . I have been dealing with logitech for many years and this is one of there awsome products. The only thing it doesn't work is my PS3 because that uses bluetooth. I have a feeling that an aftermarket IR adapter will come out to fix that though. Logitech constantly updates their database for new equipment so the remote won't become obsolete when you add pieces to your home theater. I absolutely recommend this remote. BUY IT FROM AMAZON THEY HAVE THE BEST PRICES....more info
  • Logitech Remote control
    Thank you for the quick service on delivering this product to us. We are very satisfied and will use the service again soon....more info
  • Excellent remote with one horrible design flaw
    I've owned the Harmony 880 for three years now, and honestly can't wait until it dies. I can't just toss it, because, as a remote control, it works great. The problem is that the three charging buttons are all in a row. How Harmony (or Logitech) allowed such a flawed design to enter production excapes me, but they did, and I have spent hours tweeking the springs on the contacts trying to assure that all three make decent contact... not an easy feat. When they seem to be okay, I am awakened by the damn thing beeping in the middle of the night. I have to put a small book on it to shut it up, or remove it from the charging stand, which then requires something to cover the blue light... Very poor design.
    Do yourself a favor, and get the Harmony One. It works just fine, has a touch screen, and only has a two contact charger. ...more info
  • This a great remote for the money
    This remote works perfect with all of my devices. I love logitech universal remotes this is my third all of them are different models. This one is the best for the money. Don't waste your money on a cheaper model....more info
  • great universal control
    this remote is great if u have several components u want to control with this one device. relatively easy to set up. I also have the 890 model on my main home theater and i love them both....more info
  • Great Product
    I have worked in Home Automation and let me tell you, the Harmony can be a blessing or a curse. There are other companies out there that will give you remotes that do similar things for less, but none are as easy to set up. If you have a simple system and a computer, this remote will knock your socks off. All you have to do is tell it what components you have and it does almost everything else. If you have anything complicated that requires something the software doesn't expect, you are going to bang your head against the wall for hours. I bought this for my brother-in-law who has one of those DVD/Surround sound in a box things. Well, for some reason during activity changes, it would turn off the Surround Sound. This caused quite a headache and they stopped using it all together. Guess when he springs for real AV equipment I'll reprogram it. Until then, my sister can't watch TV without calling him....more info
  • Easy to use, will eliminate the coffee table clutter
    I got this for my birthday, and it's absolutely great. It takes a touch of tech savvy to set up - mostly to find where on your A/V gear the model numbers are - but it's still pretty user friendly. After years of not being able to do one function or another on a variety of universal remotes, this one does everything I use in my home theater. The charge cradle means no more batteries.

    It's taking me a while to get used to the lack of raised buttons, which were on every other remote I've ever owned, but that's a really minor quibble. ...more info
  • perfect software - imperfect hardware
    the software is really really good. six stars if i could. the hardware is not quality. buttons stop working and the charger has issues. i would buy the "one" instead....more info
  • great universal remote
    I have 46 inch Sony HDTV, Onkyo reciever, X360, Sony blu-Ray and everything and setup went smoothly. It does everything I was hoping for.

    BTW the battery issue is fixed that everyone was talking about in earlier reviews.

    Two small complaints, One, the bottom edges of the remote are very rounded so it is very hard to hold onto to hit the buttons. Two,the organization of the GUIDE,EXIT,MENU,INFO buttons could be logically organized so I don't have to put my glasses on to read them.

    ...more info
  • Stop Reading- Start Buying. Best Remote Ever.
    I found an incredible deal on this remote, much much cheaper than the "retail" price Amazon asks. These remotes go on sale frequently at Amazon, so wait until the price drops, then BUY.

    My remote controls a TV, DVR, DVD, an HD-input switch, and even a remote-control robotic pet toy. If you've got it and it came with a remote-control, this remote can handle it. The only exception is blu-ray, like a PS3 remote. The 880 is easy enough to set up, but you can also tweak tons of settings to make your devices and remote work just the way you want. Want to turn on your TV, your DVD player, and set the TV to the correct channel to play DVDs with one button press? No problem. Want to change the backlight time on the buttons? Easy. Want a pic of your cats on the remote's screen while the remote charges? Silly, but possible!

    I've never had an issue with charging, any of the buttons not working, never had a reset, or any of the other issues people have left 1-star reviews about. With as many of these as Logitech sells, there are bound to be some that don't work. Don't let the few negative reviews scare you away from a fantastic product that can handle anything you have a (non-blu-ray) remote for....more info
  • Great Product!
    Although it takes a little 'tweaking' to get it just right--it is well worth it. It replaces all your other remotes completely. I highly recommend....more info
  • Phenomenal product
    I have had this remote for about three years now and it is a life saver. I am very good with electronics but my wife isn't. She can use this remote to control our TV, Blu-Ray Player, DVD Player, Surround Sound Receiver, CD Player, DVR & VCR very easily. For instance, if you want to watch a blu-ray movie, press the blu-ray activity button and it will do the following:
    1) Turn on the blu-ray player
    2)Turn on the television
    3)set the TV to the right input
    4)turn on the receiver
    5)set the receiver to the right channel
    6)turn off any components that you don't need.
    The programming for this remote is so simple and is done through the internet. The Logitech website walks you through every step with simple questions and simple explanations. I Bought one for my parents and they love it. It will control almost any infrared based device (air conditioners, ceiling fans, dimmer switches...almost anything that has a remote control.) This product is a must for anyone who gets squeamish when they see more than one remote on the table....more info
  • Great remote well worth the money
    First of all, I need to say I actually have the 880 Pro which is the same thing as this only it has black trim (rather then chrome) and has a picture/sound buttons.

    This is my first "Harmony" remote and I LOVE it. I experience none of the problems as others have posted. For me the remote fits good in the cradle and charges fine.

    Overall this was a great purchase on my part....more info
  • logitech harmony 880
    This product is everything I had hoped as far as ease of install and use....more info
  • Awesome!
    I ordered this product after doing loads of research--my brother has an older model. I was startled at the price at first; the thought of buying a remote control for well over $100 seemed like poor judgement. It sat in my cart for a while, and then I finally took the plunge. And boy, am I glad I did! It was a breeze to set up (once I figured out that my home theatre-in-a-box was an AV receiver and not an amplifier). It has a useful help button that was helpful immediately after setup. I only need to use the charging cradle about once a week, and even then it isn't desperate for a charge.

    The amazing thing was the number of products it recognizes. Everyone must be able to find all their TV/audio components in the list. And once it is set up you really don't need your original controls anymore. Each activity is control with just the push of one button. You can select 'watch TV', 'listen to music', 'watch DVD', etc., and all the components necessary for that activity are switched on. If you switch between activities, the components that you don't need are switched off. With the 'devices' button you can select the device you want to control and make all the adjustments you need, e.g., settings of cable box or TV, adjusting centre speakers using receiver, etc.

    Do I sound excited about this remote control? You bet! This was a great find! I would highly recommend it. And I don't even work for Logitech...

    And once again, Amazon delivered on time with no hassles!...more info
  • Great
    Excellent remote. Easy to setup and use. I
    tried a Pronto remote and never had it work as well as this remote....more info
  • Cleans up the Coffee Table
    My primary reason for purchasing this unit was to help my wife easily control the various AV components. Having so many remotes and buttons to push was a real source of frustration for her. Now, with one remote to control all of my AV equipment, my wife is happy and my coffee table is less cluttered. This unit works well, however, programming was a little more difficult than I first assumed. Most features can be programmed via the on-line functions however, not all of them. Therefore, don't throw away your old remotes; they may be needed to "teach" the Logitech certain modes. ...more info
  • Great remote
    There are already a ton of reviews on this item, just wanted to add another 5 stars as a satisfied costumer. I have only seen the pros listed here and none of the negatives. The logitech software works well on windows and mac machines. Got it as a gift for my parents and now getting a Harmony 1 for my own place. ...more info
  • Good remote made bad by ergonomics
    The Logitech Harmony 880 is a very nice remote on paper. That is if you read the specifications it has all of the features you could ever want for a Universal remote where you need to control several devices at once.

    Where the 880 fails is in the ergonomics. As other have said the functional buttons are poorly placed and too small. After using the 880 for several weeks I have mostly taken to using my main TiVo remote when watching TV. In a way it's a strange comparison because the two remotes have very similar shape and sizes.

    The problem is the 880's display screen. While the screen is large enough to make it readable and shows information you may need, it takes up too much of the remotes usable space. And that forced the designers to put all of the buttons you need to use down on the lower third of the remote. Given the number of functions necessary for most DVR/DVD systems the space is at a premium. The result is buttons that are far too small, and crowded too closely together. Making it too easy to press the wrong button, and causing you to have to stop and look closely at the remote to remember where the button you want to press is placed.

    I had hoped that with time and use I would learn the button placement by feel. Unfortunately the buttons are so close together and so smoothly inlaid into the face of the remote that it is virtually impossible to tell them apart by feel alone. Couple that with the fact that most of us do our primary video watching with the room lights turned low, and you quickly see that the 880's design is a failure.

    As if that were not enough, the hard to find buttons are all squeezed down on the bottom of the remote. Making it very hard to reach with the thumb when the remote is balanced properly in one hand. I end up having to move my hand to the bottom of the remote where it is very poorly balanced. In many cases the only way to push some of the buttons is by using two hands. Otherwise you risk losing grip on the remote and dropping it.

    It's a shame really, because the led display is bright and easy to read under any lighting conditions. Unfortunately the functions assigned to this part of the remote are those which you will use the least while watching TV or DVD's.
    ...more info
  • Dead battery with no replacement
    I received this remote as a Christmas present a year+ ago. The rechargeable battery no longer charges.

    Sent email to Logitech support. Their reply is that the unit is out of warranty and the only option I have is to purchase another one at 1/2 price in the Logitech store. I have no option to simply replace the battery.

    BTW, the battery is proprietary so you will not be able to get an after market one. This is NOT an uncommon issue reported by others on the web.

    So consider the unit will last only 15 months, it is not worth the money.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding
    This product couldn't be easier to setup and use. I was tired of constantly explaining to other family members how to use the TV and the various A/V components. The activity function to turn on the TV/Stereo/DVR with ONE button is a life saver. I no longer have to be on hand anytime some needs to watch the TV. It has also allowed me to throw away the comcast DVR remote wich is horrendous.

    Logitech/Harmony deserve rewards for making the web interface and setups so incredibly easy. I have no idea how they accomplish this with the myriad of components and manufacturers, but despite the hefty price tag it's well worth it.

    The only problem I have encountered so far is finding the easiest way to setup PIP w/my Sony Bravia. I have it programmed and working just not sure i have it setup in the most efficient manner....more info
  • Techy Mom of 3 kids, found this remote loved it, had to buy another.
    I saw this remote a while back. I finally got my husband to buy one of the original harmony's. Granted, we had a 3 yo, and a 1 yo at the time, and the screne broke on the OLDER REMOTE. As much as you would think the kids broke it, that wasn't the case! IT WAS MOMMY! I was multi tasking! not a good idea when you have laminate floors, and a lot of laundry. Anyways, my husband fell in love with it, so I replaced it with the 880. I'm such a great wife I even got him a new 58' TV! So end up with his Dell TV upstairs, it's better then what I had.. and I loved the HD, TIVO, that I had to get another 880 for our master bedroom! I just love it. We also got a ROKU. If you haven't heard of it, you got to try it, it's great. It comes with netflix, and you just download some new and classic movies. Some are older, some new... but it's better then waiting at a store for a movie, or waiting for your netflix to come in. I love it, and the remote works with it too. If you want to make your wife happy! BUY one for her, she'll be happy to get rid of all 10 remotes downstairs and upstairs! ...more info
  • Very Nice
    The remote was very easy to set up. It knew all the button I needed, only had to set up one custom one for my Marantz receiver. Everything was perfect on my COX HD DVR and Panasonic Blu-Ray.

    Only negative is the DVR button layout. Play, FF, RR, pause should be higher on the remote for ease of use. ...more info
  • The last remote you'll ever need
    Not only do I own and use this little jewel, I have had several of my friends buy this item and they all like it. Easy to use, easy to program, there is nothing that this remote cannot do to replace the original equipment remote. The "activities" feature performs all the functions to turn on the appropriate equipment for a task, change all the settings to the proper inputs, etc. Best toy I ever bought!!
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Remote Control!!
    This is a great remote. Very easy to program. Saves alot of time when you have lots of components to operate. I definately recommend this to anyone of any age!!...more info
  • Works but flawed ergonomics
    I had high hopes for this remote to empty the basket of remotes next to the media center. Now, it's just one of the 8 remotes in there.

    * Seems to work with most devices. Of course, my PS3 and Wii it does not.
    * Appearance
    * Feel in the hand is great
    * Nice charging stand if you have the shelf space. My DirectTV control uses two AA that last a year. I think I'd rather have the shelf space back.
    * Has the ability to setup multiple devices with one button push. The neat thing about this is that not only does it power the device on but switches the receiver to the proper input setting, etc.

    * Layout is horrible. The buttons you use the most (play, stop, forward, etc.) are under the palm of your hand when you hold the device. What were they thinking? You literally have to hold the remote in your finger tips to get at the buttons.
    * Charger. My DirectTV control uses two AA that last a year. I think I'd rather have the shelf space back. Yes, the charger is a positive and a negative feature.
    * The screen seems like a good idea but not so much. The pictures of this device always show pretty color pictures. Well, that's only on the main menu, when the pictures make it hard to read the text. Every device menu is several screens of plain text. You have to page through the text looking for the right control. For example, power off is usually on page 3. How weird is that?
    * Extremely labor intensive to configure.
    * Configuration is tied to their web site. That's horrible.
    * Nobody in the house will use this remote but me because it's just easier to use the original remotes.
    * Power cycling is flawed. The media room devices are left in various powered on states by other family members. The remote has only the option to toggle the power for devices it needs to turn on or off. It makes this decision by what the remote remembers was done last. Therefore, it turns devices off that should be on and vice versa....more info
  • Harmony 880 Review
    Great product and very easy to set up if you are replacing a previously owned or currently owned Logitech remote. I was reluctant due to other comments about the charger, but so far, mine has worked flawlessly. Great value....more info
  • Works Great New but Does Not Age Well
    I have a couple little issues with how the remote itself works but they are all things that you get used to over time and they seem to go away. That said, the design of the charging of this unit is very poor. The remote worked well for the first year or so and then the charging became intermittent. We found that we had to put weight on the remote when it was in the cradle to get good enough contact to charge the battery. Over time, we've had to increase the weight to continue to get enough contact to keep the battery charged. I've noticed that there are a number of reviewers that have had the same problem so it's not just me - search the web on this remote and you will find even more people with the same problems. I'm thinking thats why there are "refurbished" units out there for sale. I would suggest checking out other remotes until Logitech figures this one out and addresses the issue with their existing customers. They have to know there is a problem but they have been silent about offering a solution. And to continue to sell a crappy design is inexcusable. Not good customer relations. I give the remote 2 stars because it doesn't matter how good it is if the battery is dead and the unit doesn't power on....more info
  • Slick remote control
    This one remote contgrol replaced the remote controls for the cable box, HDTV, AV Receiver, Blu-Ray Player and VCR as well as controlling the DVR. One remote replaced five. A really slick product....more info
  • Useful only in bright light
    The design and features are great. You can customize it via your computer. Aside from that the control buttons are hard to distinguish and non responsive for the most part, the numeric pad is equally undistinguishable and the remote has to be recharged almost daily. And if that happens you have to go back to your standby remote. So keep it handy....more info
  • Ideal remote
    With even a slightly complicated home theater setup, having a remote like this is a necessity - easy to set up and most importantly, easy to customize. A must have....more info
  • Great remote
    There are already a ton of reviews on this item, just wanted to add another 5 stars as a satisfied costumer. I have only seen the pros listed here and none of the negatives. The logitech software works well on windows and mac machines. Got it as a gift for my parents and now getting a Harmony 1 for my own place. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    The remote was very easy to set up. It knew all the button I needed, only had to set up one custom one for my Marantz receiver. Everything was perfect on my COX HD DVR and Panasonic Blu-Ray.

    Only negative is the DVR button layout. Play, FF, RR, pause should be higher on the remote for ease of use. ...more info
  • Best Purchase in a long time!
    I've had this item just about a week now, and it's amazingly wonderful. While this is clearly a complex device, setup is easy. I was a bit confused following the directions at first and called customer support. The rep I spoke with was very knowledgeable, and got me up and running quickly. Based on this experience, I rate their customer support A+. The phone centers in India have come a long way. Go Bollywood! Once the rep got me over the first hurdle, I've been able to do complex programming of all my devices, from a 20 year-old Kenwood receiver, to an XM SkyFi unit, to a brand new Yamaha home theater receiver. The web interface is clear and easy to use. Now the Harmony is the only one I use, and I have a drawer full of old remotes! This is one very cool device...treat yourself, you deserve it!...more info


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