Bionaire BAP2000-U Permanent Filter Air Cleaner with Galileo Controls

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Product Description

Galileo wireless air quality center and a HEPA type permanent filter that never needs replacement make the BAP2000-U a great value. The sensor measures air quality and remotely operates this unit and it features a programmable built-in timer clock with an alarm mode.

Bionaire BAP2000-U Features:

  • HEPA-type permanent filter never needs replacement
  • Sensor measures air quality and remotely operates unit
  • Programmable built-in timer with clock and alarm mode
  • For room sizes up to 170 sq. ft. (13 x 13)
  • Weight: 15.73 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 29.65" x 14.92" x 8.46"
  • UL listed
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • CADR - Smoke: 110
  • Oscillation
  • Independent Ionizer
  • Programmable clock
  • HEPA type filtration with permanent filter
  • Covers 170 square ft area
Customer Reviews:
  • Not reliable.
    My first machine did not last a year and was very noisy with a loud clicking sound. I also found the filter dirty very quickly-and the motor is not enough power for a large space. I ended up returning one only to find that the next one arrived damaged. Finally on the third replacement I gave up and ordered a different model, which has just recently been sent back again. Whether it is this model or damage in shipping, the replacement of this purifier has turned out to be more trouble than it's worth. I like the company and continue to order products from them, but I would not recommend this product. I would also not recommend a permanent filter which always seems dirty even when vacuumed. Pay the extra money for a replaceable Hepa type filter-purifier-it is well worth it! ...more info
  • Good intentions;poor quality
    I purchased my first BAP2000 less than two years ago and traded-in my fourth unit today for credit on a unit of other manufacture. Yes, I went through four of these units in less than 2 years. Thank God that I purchased a two-year service contract with it, so I was able to abandon this defective product and walk away. The original unit lasted less than 6 weeks and was returned primarily because of a defective Galileo Unit (the clock was gaining over 20 minutes a day). The second unit lasted 17 months, the third only 10 days and the fourth about two months. All three of the replacement units were returned because they either stopped working altogether or ceased operating at the "Low" fan speed. There is definitely something defective with the speed controls as all but the original unit eventually ceased operating at the "Low" speed. The Galileo units are also less than reliable and only one of the four units I owned actually worked correctly in all modes. I had multiple contacts with the firm regarding problems and obtaining supplies and, after four months of repeated contacts with no results, gave up. All returns were thus made with the store where I purchased the original unit, via the service contract. The unit has great features and works effectively (when it does work), but the quality is obviously lacking and it seems that the manufacturer doesn't really care whether it works or not. If you feel compelled to buy one, be sure to purchase a service contract, as you'll more than likely need one!...more info
  • Not worth the money.
    The machine is silent on the lowest 2 speeds most of the time, but I can't say that I got much relief for my allergies. The machine has been replaced once. The second one was noisy on almost all the settings and is sitting in the cupboard. The manufacturer claims that this Hepa filter never needs replacing and can easily be cleaned with the soft brush of a vacuum. My experience is that the filter always looks grey to black looking, no matter how much it is vaccumed. The outside of the unit always seems to attract dust. The room, despite small or large size, never smells or feels clean. If anything, I find the unit has sometimes given off an odour. Also, the unit is too small and narrow for a large room. The clock and sensor that comes with it I find not needed at all. For the same money or for 30 dollars more, I think there are far better products out there by Bionaire. The idea of a filter than never needs to be replaced sounds appealing and economical, but when you look at the dust that collects, I would caution allergy sufferers that this might not be the cleanest solution available. On the other hand, I have found Bionaire exceptional in honouring it's warranty and this has encouraged me to continue to buy their products....more info
  • Great filter, really makes a difference!
    I have often looked at air filters with some skepticism. However, I kept visiting a friends house who had multiple filters with ionizers and noticed that I felt good when I left and the air seemed so fresh. After a few repitions of this experience, I decided to give one a try and I was most pleased.

    When I bought this unit I had a cold and I was waking up with a lot of congestion and not sleeping very soundly. I put this unit in my bedroom and in the morning I felt much better and more clear. I thought it might just be that I was getting better, so I turned it off the next night and experienced the same congestion. Now... when I don't use it, I notice I don't sleep as soundly and I have more issues with being stuffy.

    I am trained as a biochemist and worked teaching physiology. Based on my EXPERIENCE, not research.... I have found that I sleep more soundly and have less problems with allergies, congestion, etc. when I use this product. I also have a cat that sometimes comes into the bedroom and I'm sure her hair contributes to these issues. However, when I run this product it's not a problem.

    Also... I recommend using the ionizer. For me, this seems to be the best setting and I feel at my best when this is engaged when I leave it on all night. I'm not sure what it's doing for me exactly, but it's doing something and I'm sufficiently impressed with the results that I'm considering buying a second unit.

    Finally, I think it's convenient and easy to maintain to have the permanent filter. I know this product is s bit expensive, but I think it may be one of those cases where you get what you pay for. I've been in environments with other types of air filters and I haven't found that they work as well or run as quietly as this one. Also, the replacement filter costs can make the cost of ownership even higher. This is something you will probably want to consider carefully, especially if you have pets or get a lot of dust in your environment....more info