Medal of Honor European Assault
Medal of Honor European Assault

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Medal of Honor: European Assault takes you Europe in 1942, when the Nazi war machine is trampling a continent. It's a desperate time for the Allies, and they've created a new office to handle things: The Office of Strategic Services(OSS). You are US Army Lieutenant William Holt, hand-picked to be the first field operative of the new agency. Become the driving force in the struggle to liberate Europe - the choices you make before and during the heat of battle will define your legacy as a hero. Challenge your friends in 9 gameplay modes and 16 maps

  • Explore the real history of the OSS and WWII, through a compelling storyline crafted by a famous Hollywood screenwriter
  • Your choices shape your experience as you navigate an open battlefield - forge your own path through the war
  • Gather intelligence to defeat the enemy's top brass and unfold the story, gaining the intelligence advantage in future missions
  • Simple controls give you the ability to direct your squad's movements in combat
  • War gets personal as you cross paths with the most dangerous German leaders -- all armed to the teeth and gunning for you

Customer Reviews:

  • medal of honor european assault
    Medal of honor European assault
    If you like first person shooters that aren't to hard and have a good solid game play then I would suggest this game.

    In the beginning your start off as a man named Holt about to land on the enemies territory and rescue your captain once u land the basic controls should appear. After you wipe out most of your enemies u should start to look for your captain once u find him your next goal is to head back to the ship and the level is over none of the levels are this easy so don't get used to it.

    In this first person shooter has great graphics you can actually see the gun fire the bullet. On each level you are given about six to eight goals to finish on each level of the game some are harder than others. Once your finish the main goal you are not exactly going to get the gold medal for that mission to successfully get the gold medal u have to finish every goal on that particular level. Note: this does not stop you from going on in the game.

    Most of the Medal of Honor games are fairly easy but not this one. You will encounter a lot of tanks and most of the time you will only have grenades, just to give some help, it takes about ten grenades to destroy a tank but I wont say where you have to throw them. After you destroy the tank normally the will be a 2nd wave of troops just in case you destroy the tank.

    You will get a few types of guns that will really help you to defeat the opposing German forces once you reach a certain point in each level you will encounter a German general that has a high defense, high attack, good aim, and he will have a lot of health. Some of the strongest guns are B.A.R., M1 grand, M1 Bazooka, M1 grand scoped, the M119 (pistol) and the Springfield 07 (sniper rifle). These are some of the many powerful and dangerous guns (to the Germans) that can be obtained in your quest.
    ...more info
  • Worse one of the Medal series
    I was really disappointed in this game. For one your squad members never listed to you when you issued a command and they ran around where they pleased. There were hardly any check points in the game and especially in the last level where you played for over a half hour and at the very end if you aren't on the ball and get killed you have to start over again. I like the first medal of honor and I know there a lack of check points there but captures what WWII may have been like. I see that there is a new Medal coming out called Vanguard and hesitant about trying it but will....more info
  • great action
    i think it is a great shooting game and action game,its worth buying...more info
  • multiplayer................sigh
    this game is pretty sweet, exept for the fact that you cant play with any bots in multiplayer mode! i bought this game mainly to play with my friends, because in the reviews, it said multiplayer player modes include capture the flag (CTF), king of the hill, and team death match. so i bought this game and selected multiplayer on the main menu. as soon as i picked the game type, i realized that there was no options for bots. the only way to play was 1on1 (or with a multitap, if u have a huge tv, otherwise your screen will be tiny, which is no fun) and since the majority of the game types are team based, ur screwed. CTF is about as entertaining as watching paint dry with only two people. and king of the hill is pointless with only 2, its like playing football with yourself. the game would have been perfect if the multiplayer in this game was like MOH rising sun's....
    on the otherhand
    the single player mode is very cool. my only complaint here is the game is way too short. i have beaten the game injust 2 days, although it was an enjoyable expirence. the 1 player gameplay is no longer u vs. the entire nazi war machine. in almost ever mission, u have plenty of help from your british (and russian) buddies. the 3 dudes that always follow u around are no help at all. i never bother with the command codes because it it useless. a word of advice DONT WAIST MEDPACKS ON THEM. i was clearing a building in the battle of the buldge level with my squad member and a german ambushed me. my squad member walked right in front of the german and out thedoor w/o firing a shot!
    ANY WAYS the gamplay outweighs all of these little gripes i have.
    BOTTOM LINE: if u enjoy the single player and dont care 2 much about the multiplayer, BUY NOW!

    if u are looking for a sweet game 2 play with ur freinds, DONT BUY.
    OVERALL this game IS AWESOME (minus the multiplayer) :)
    ...more info
  • I like it
    I just bought this game because I hadn't bought on in a while and I really enjoyed the other Medal of Honors, so I thought what the heck? THIS IS THE BEST MEDAL OF HONOR YET!!!! The AI is there and the gameplay is real! I'm in college and it's a great stress reliever and with the 4 person gameplay, my friends can come over and I can play them on many levels as many different characters. I'm also a WWII buff and this is a very accurate game. It isn't the easiest Medal of Honor, but it's deffinitely the best!!! To make it more impressive, I've had 2 Halo fanatics play it and they liked it better than Halo and Halo2!!! If you ask me, that speaks for itself!...more info
  • Cool Game
    It was A Gift for my dad. He has the first Medal of Honor Game..This one is a bit of a challenge for him but he really likes it. He says it will certainly take him some time to finish this game. That was my whole point of buying it for him. He is retired and loves to play games in his spare time. So he should be occupied for some time!!!...more info
  • Too little, too soon?
    I wonder whether this was a slow-cook project that someone decided had to be released A.S.A.P.? A very short game for your $$$ - definitely a renter. Only 12 stages, and about as many hours to complete. Enemy AI makes the game challenging, your squad AI makes the game a joke. You can basically decide whether you'll keep them alive (perhaps sacrificing your own well-being) or simply let them die, as they so clearly want to do (standing still or running in front of machine guns is a favourite).

    In typical fashion, a short, hastily cobbled together game (although the engine is good, and the non-linear stages are usually more interesting than earlier titles), makes the final part of the final stage very tough to disguise this fact... and so you repeat the whole stage, again and again. Great.

    There are no in-level saves, and a "revive" bonus that brings you back to life - on half health, and being bayonetted by the guy who just killed you. How useful does that sound? Right. Disappointing, because it could have been a really worthy successor to the earlier games in the series....more info
  • Another mediocre offering
    EA really sucks these days. They just make a bunch of mediocre sequels with minimal improvement, and set the marketing machine in motion. That is what they did for European Assault. The original MOH was good for its time, but with the capabilities of the PS2, this game should be much better. It isn't. This is a game that is lacking in both of the key aspects of any game, the single-player and the multiplayer modes. There is only one short single player campaign, and it isn't that great. Really, the only good campaign this game had was the marketing campaign. So that leaves the multiplayer, the heart and soul of any good shooter, and the weakest part of this one. The multiplayer aspects of this game are very limited. There are very few weapons and characters and you cannot unlock more in single player. There are only a few game modes, and there is no online support or networking support. The only way to play against your friends is with old school split-screen. It seems there has been little progress in this series since the original MOH came out for the PS1....more info
  • MOH
    Now i played mostly ever Metal Of honor game but this one wasnt the best ive ever played. But the most fun i ever played. the game play is a little confusing beacuse it looked like you were iraqy person and then sometimes u were a American. But i love the game play. The sound afects r very good and theres some blood when they get shot and also your life healthis more realiztic. If u get shot like 5 or 6 time u die. Whitch in other gun game if u get shot like 7 or 8 times then u die. They have awesome guns and the shot guns they r very very power full like in real life. They shot like 5 or 6 buttuts at once. But ya other games of MOF will never get this high in this funness. If u want 2 by this game 4 like 49.99$ its worth it. But i shall worn u its a very heard game. I rented it and i am still haveing troble trying 2 beat the 3rd place of the game....more info
  • Just Okay
    I rented this at Blockbuster excited to play it when i got home, and when i did i played for hours. When you first get it its funner than hell. But when you get to the damn bosses it gets you frustrated. Thats when i asked myself: How come it takes so many bullets to kill one [...] commander when it only takes two or three to kill an ordinary [...]? So I got pretty far before i got pissed enough to stop playing, and i didnt end up beating the game so theres not much more i can say. The graphics were better than Frontline and Rising sun and the War sounds were better too. So dont buy it just rent it and if your good at boss games, than buy it. ...more info
  • this is a good game
    i don't know why people give this game such bad reviews.i've been playing FPS's since half life and unreal tournament and this game is a GOOD GAME!
    great graphics- good reproduction of WWII weapons- lots of nazis shooting at you- lots of nazis to shoot back- great explosions- it gives you a sense of actually being out there on the battlefield.
    great sound and audio as well.
    i've played through to the last set of missions,and have started over on easy because it gets to hard-
    yes- your squad gets F'd up easily-YES you take real damage from bulets-- i don't worry about the team too much,though--i heal them once in awhile-but if they don't make it- you don't need them to finish the mission.
    you have to keep your head down and make real decisions and real shots to get through and i think that makes this game great.worlds better than rising sun!!!like a whole different game!...more info
  • New MOH game worth the wait
    Medal of Honor European Assault is the best game yet in the series. It is a lot more intense than the other games, with huge gun battles hard objectives to accomplish, but it's very fun to play. It feels so real, you have to find cover and ammo all over the place. Compared to other games, one fight scene has about 40 soldiers on the screen. You are always with 3 other soldiers which help you along the way, and you can command them to run ahead of you into the battle, but if they die, you're on your own. Another thing that's better is the med kits have crosses over them so they are easier to spot. You also get revives in this game so if you die you come back to life rather than starting over.

    The game has 11 levels in it. You start in St. Nazaire, France. Then it's off to North Africa, then Russia, and you end at the Battle of the Bulge. All in all the game is great but I think there should be more levels in it, cause I've had it for two days and I'm already done with 6 levels. EA GAMES gets an "A" for this one.
    ...more info
  • Junk
    MOH series has fallen on it's face with the past two entries. Rising sun sucked and so does European Assault. I'll give that this one is better than Rising sun but that's not saying anything. The gameplay is simple and bland. The A.I. is retarded. Boring missions and your sqaud is a useless feature. The MOH series needs a serious boost if it wants to ever have success again....more info
  • ChangChang
    Medal of Honor: European Assault has powerful gamesplay and stunning graphics. It has sloppy controls and a 2nd rate story line

    The story starts out in the famout battle of St. Naizaire. From there you travel to Afica, Russia, and finally the Battle of the Bulge. During gameplay, Medal of Honor European Assault features some of the most realistic bullet tracers ever to date. The campaigne itself is unique, but short and leave you wanting more. As you play from mission to mission, there are Nazi secrets in the area that are uncovered such as collecting the documents. However you can't read them, and they have very little to do with the story. The gameplay in Medal of Honor European Assault is solid unlike those dark, gloomy games like Medal of Honor: Rising Sun and Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Medal of Honor European Assault has nothing new. All the leaning, shooting mechanics are all very old, but this time, the games has inagrated them so they are actually useful. These features include, adreanaline, leaning and shooting, and a objective compass that you will find your self using more than ounce. In multiplayer, it only allows four players per map, there is no online mode. This is really disappointing, considering that the games is all stardard gamesplay everytime.

    Medal of Honor: European Assault has solid gameplay that will keep you playing for hours. But the non-compelling storyline and the lack of online play will leave you emotionally detatched. ...more info
  • Fun for 13 yr. old
    My son loves this game. He rented it from blockbuster and decided that he had to have it. The price was much cheaper on Amazon (compared to chain stores).
    ...more info
  • they can definitly do better
    okay so the graphics are descent but this game irritates me because of the historical inaccuracy. since when was there an american in a British comando unit. and in the africa campaign they would be no way they would ever let an american in to the desert rats. they were completly british. and in russia they didn't even trust the americans never have probably never will. and the game posts no dificulty i beat it an two hours. okay before you say i have no life you should rent it and see how easy it is. its too simple. if you like games where you go around killing things and games that have no point this game is for you....more info
  • A reveiw by Todd
    Well to start off, this is the first FPS I have played and I must say it is very good. I like the fact that you have to be strategical in order to complete the game. But there is this one level in Russia where you start off by yourself with no cover and two-three enemy soldiers shooting at you (these soldiers are behind cover). This is really the point in the game where you really start to think. The rest you can just blow throught bunkers, etc. and not worry about your health.

    Another part in the game I really didn't like is your squad. They really do not help all that much, and they stand in the middle of fire, machine guns, tanks, etc. Even if you position them under cover, they still eventually move back into fire.

    The last part I didn't like at all is that some levels you get stuck and you are forced to wander around for several minutes trying to find the next part of the level.

    >Adrenaline feature
    >Three man squad for (some) help
    >Great graphics
    >Takes thinking
    >Main menu is nice (I found it impressing)
    >Good sound

    >Three man squad flat out sucks, often leaving you on your own
    >Don't give you any hints on how to destroy tanks (throw a grenade under it a few times, or launch a rocket at it)....more info
  • Great WWII game!!
    I got this game a few days after it was released and I loved it. You can play in areas such as Russia, North Africa, France, and Germany. You are always an American working for the OSS but you fight with the Americans, the Russians, and the British. Great weapons and hardly any glitches at all (unlike the other medal of honor games). I have had it for nearly two years and I can still go into my room and play it for hours on end. If you want a good, cheap WWII game, BUY THIS ONE!!! -Clarkee...more info
  • EA has done it again
    I got this game two days after it came out and I love it. You are a soldier named William Holt who commads a 3 man squad to help you through battle. Like all the other MOH games you are still fighting WWII(which is getting a little old). The graphics are not the best I have seen, but they are still up to par. The audio is great and sometimes builds up supense(ex: walking down a tunnel and hear gunfire and screams). The AI for the enimies is extremmely bad. You can just walk up to a guy and shoot him without him noticing and u can kill him in 1 or 2 shots. On the other hand, your squads AI is very good. They will take cover and actually kill enimies. There is a pretty nice blood spatter by the way. Much more mature than the previous MOH games. As William Holt cover is a must or you will be shot and killed. The machine guns, tanks, and grenades fullfill there real life deadliness. The controls are good and easy to get used to. Some things I didn't like was the amount of health and revives(when you die and come back to life, which really wasn't needed at all) you get. You get so many! The multiplayer has definitely improved. Ther are more modes including capture the flag. Overall, I reccomend you buying this game you will have a blast....more info
  • OK but could be much much better
    When i heard that a new MoH was coming out i had to get it. But really it isn't that great. The graphics are not good at all and are very much like a cartoon than like a game. The whole OSS secret agent going behind enemy lines and killing 100s of nazis is old. But you do get to use a squad to help you out. But its a shame that they usually do absolutely nothing, and end up dead. U can tell that this game was kind of thrown out there to keep up with Call of Duty and all their success, becuz it contains many of the same features. This is the first PS2 MoH game where you look down the sights to aim. Another dissapointment was the multiplayer. The graphics are horribly toned down and the weapons are limited. Rent it, don't buy it....more info
  • non glichy
    this game is very intertaining for the frist week... but once u beat one player theres not much else to do...more info


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