Cyberpower CP685AVR UPS - 685VA/390W AVR 8-Outlet RJ11/RJ45 Compact Design EMI/RFI USB
Cyberpower CP685AVR UPS - 685VA/390W AVR 8-Outlet RJ11/RJ45 Compact Design EMI/RFI USB

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Product Description

The CyberPower CP685AVR UPS is the ideal unit for basic to mid-level computer systems. The 685AVR not only guards against surges, spikes, sags, and brownouts, but also protects your computer system and valuable data during a power outage. The Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) monitors incoming AC power and regulates output to a smooth, consistent 120 volts. This model also has full dataline protection: RJ11/RJ45 (phone, fax, Ethernet, network, DSL) and RG-6 coax (DSS, cable modem, satellite, cable TV). PowerPanel PE Power Management supplements the backup/surge protection by monitoring the vitals of the UPS and safely shutting down your system in event of a power outage. The standalone designs allows for vertical, horizontal, or wall mount. "Surge-Only" outlets are perfect for the addition of peripherals such as monitors, printers, scanners, iPods, or CD/DVD players.

  • 685VA, 390-Watt output
  • 4 NEMA 5-15R surge protected and battery powered outlets, 4 NEMA 5-15R surge protected outlets
  • 10 minutes of backup power at half load, and 2 minutes at full load
  • 8-hour recharge time
  • 890 Joules of surge suppression

Customer Reviews:

  • Highly recommend this product
    A fine product; to date only one occassion for it to quick in which went without a hitch, no shutdown req'd. Very comfortable knowing that it is running in the background, particularly when "flashing" BIOS updates.Biggest issue, if you could call it that, is it indicates, given items hooked up (computer,LCD monitor,DSL modem & a wireless router), total backup time available on battery is approximately 11 minutes....more info
  • Not what I was told
    I was told that an uninterruptible power supply was the only thing that would protect my devices plugged into an ungrounded outlet, that a "line conditioner" like this one, that would even out any spikes, dips, or surges, was my only line of defense, that all the surge protectors and GCFI fixtures in the world wouldn't do what this thing does, epecially since most electricians wouldn't even bother with the job of ripping out 60 year old wiring and replacing it with grounded circuits, were anyone able to afford such an overhaul.

    But upon receipt of this device I noticed right away that the red light for "wiring fault" was lit up and the instructions said, to my shock and dismay, that this thing doesn't protect me either unless plugged into a grounded circuit! So, other than monitoring my voltage and providing battery backup for the extremely rare power outage in my area, this is a $70 power strip....more info
  • So far, so good...
    I've owned this product for a couple months now, and only experienced a brief outage or two, but this battery backup has performed flawlessly. The load for this unit is perfect for home use, but be aware that only 4 outlets are surge- AND battery-protected - - this is fine if you choose your components wisely (there's no reason to plug some items in to the battery-protected outlets). The software is easily installed and can gracefully power down your PC during an extended outage.
    So far this unit has out-performed the comparable APC unit that I also owned......more info
  • Great UPS - the best personal i ever had
    We have a lot of electrical noise in our system and all ups's i had before (which by the way were not AVR) used to fail at some point causing users to lose data. This ups has done a great job and still does....more info
  • Great UPS Unit
    Purchasing this item for a client of mine, we have purchased over 100 of them. When on battery, the unit stays on for over 10 minutes with a standard high end pc with a lcd monitor. We just purchased another 20 and with FREE shipping from Amazon, over $193 in shipping costs were saved.

    The price was comparable with the APC ES550 and this unit has 8 receptacles instead of the 6 on the APC. The replacement batteries is slightly more expensive than the APC's, but they hold slightly more juice.

    The software that comes with the unit is usable and does shut down the system cleanly when power does not return before the battery runs out....more info
  • Bad smell....
    This unit always seemed to have an electrical/ozone smell coming from it which made me concerned and also slightly nauseous. (someone at an office supply store said was typical on these units)

    I ended up returning the unit....more info
  • Great UPS!
    Did not bother to install the Cyberpower software (did not want something else starting up with Windows to slow startup time). The device is recognized by Windows XP and I just use the system power settings (Control Panel -Power Options) to set how long before shut down, hibernation, etc.). I was able to run about 22 minutes (with computer not being used at all except to check the remaining battery power with the icon in the taskbar). I had ONLY my 18" NEC monitor and my computer plugged in. Nothing was plugged into the surge only plugs. My computer is fairly "high-end". It's an old HP a250y but I have put in 2 new large hard drives, an Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS/XT 256 RAM video card and a Rosewill 550 watt power supply. Very pleased and surprised at the performance of this UPS. My last UPS, a TripLite, could only manage 3 minutes on battery before shutdown with the originally equipped HP Pavilion a250y!...more info
  • Cyber Power
    This product is working just as I expected. I have owned a Cyberpower UPS previously....more info
  • So Far So Good
    I've owned 2 UPS units in the past, both Belkin, and this particular CyberPower UPS beat them both with regard to the following:
    1. easy to install (software etc)
    2. affordable price
    3. small size

    The Cyber Power 685AVR arrived on time which is always a good thing.
    What I like about it the most is that it's small yet power-packed. It has the basic number of primary plug sockets (total of 6) 3 surge protector/backup and 3 surge protect only for your monitor, cpu etc. The unit also provides protection for your network which is also the norm on many UPS units, but it's amazing to find this on one that's so compact! The unit is a nice size too for placing under a cramped desk.
    This unit even worked perfectly in a friend's RV when we went camping for a week. We ran the laptop and also small flat screen television while they were plugged into the UPS. It's small size made it inconspicuous. So far this has been the best UPS I've purchased. I've only had it for less than a month so I cannot comment on battery life, but I presume it will offer what other units of its size and power offer. Don't let it's small size fool you!
    I've given this item only 4 stars not because of anything negative but because it's only fair considering I've only had the unit for a few weeks to date. I'm totally satisfied so far however.
    ...more info
  • 685VA/390W USwith Avr
    The shipment was extremely prompt and so far the product as been working to expectations...more info
  • Very good product
    Functions as advertised. Power panel is a very useful program for monitoring what is going on with the power coming into your equipment....more info
  • seems to work as advertised
    not much to it but I like the fact that it does not have a fan because I have enough of those in my computer room. good size a little heavy but maybe thats a good thing.
    thats all....more info
  • Works well, though it has an annoying sound
    The length that the battery lasts on this is well worth the money. I have not tried to configure it to automatically shut down my computer; I'm not sure I want to worry with that with Vista.

    The only negative I have for it is that, while the power is out and the battery is being used, it beeps at a regular interval that is too frequent. When the power goes out, the house is completely silent, except for this thing beeping every couple of minutes. I understand that the function of that is probably to alert me that it is being used and therefore will run out of power at some point. However, it would be more useful if it beeped once when it first has to come on and then maybe when it is at 50% power and possibly again just before shutting itself down. I end up turning everything off as quickly as I can that is plugged into it so that I can turn the battery off to stop the beeping.

    However, it has saved me much work that would have otherwise been lost because it gives me ample time to save anything I'm working on and shut down my computer without feeling a need to hurry before it runs out of battery....more info
  • Suck for Linux
    Unless you have a system running their power monitoring widget, the UPS function doesn't work. Case in point, I have a Linux system running mythdora and every time I have a power blink, the box reboots. If I have my XP system with the widget running, the UPS functions properly during a power blink.

    My APC unit does not require the APC widget to be running to keep power to the outlets.

    Poor design, I guess they never considered someone using a UPS for something other than a Windows or Mac desktop, like a switch, cable modem, etc.

    Caveat, my unit is about 2 years old, so maybe they fixed this issue.
    ...more info
  • Several Months Now and Going Strong
    I was concerned that such a reasonable price I would be getting crap. Software works well and will tell you when you had a outage or a shortage / brownout (it kicks in to keep voltage constant). I have a large system dell 24in lcd, dsl router, wireless router, dual core tower, external hard drive. It will run for over 10 minutes no problem. Software said it will do 14 if needed. Has auto shutdown that you can program to take over in an outage. I have mine set to 5 minutes without power before auto shutdown is engaged....more info


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