Whirlpool AD40USR 40 Pint Per Day Dehumidifier AccuDry Sensing System with Energy Star, AD-40USR

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Whirlpool AD40USR 40 Pint Per Day Dehumidifier AccuDry Sensing System with Energy Star.


Customer Reviews:
  • So expensive to operate
    Our electric bill doubled when we started using this thing. Does it suck the water out of the air? Yes. But there's GOT to be a more cost effective unit. If I was in the market again, I'd buy a more expensive and energy efficient dehumidifier....more info
  • Effective but Problematic
    This unit was very effective at removing moisture when it worked! We had 2 of them. The first one only lasted 6 mos before it froze and wouldn't work. The store replaced it and then 8 months later Whirlpool recalled the second one to have a fire hazard in the wireing repaired. After that it lasted another year and a half. The compressor kicks on but the fan is dead. We are going to replace it with another model because even when it worked it was loud, the water bucket was hard to clean, and the filter was inadequate in design for people like us that have dog hair in the air....more info
  • Powerful Unit
    We personally own 2 of these units. It amazes us every time we turn them on how much water they draw out of the air! It is like other dehumidifiers, in that is it not very quiet, but it works great! It makes us feel so much better to know all that moisture it collects is not sitting around creating mold in our furniture, clothes, walls, floors, etc! ...more info
  • Whirlpool dehumidifier unreliability.
    I have purchased four of these and the first one was excellent. One had an electrical problem while it was plugged in that could have caused a fire. Fortunately I was home and the odor alerted me. The third one did not work at all and was returned to where I purchased it for a refund. The fourth one will not work because the bucket will not engage to the point where it will operate. I have a book propped against it to keep the bucket in place. Needless to say, I am looking into another brand to supplement my oldest one which is still working after 5 years....more info