SPT WA-1230E 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

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Our Price: $399.67

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Product Description

Stay COOL or WARM and breathe fresher air with our WA-1230 units. Powered by a 12,000btu cooling capacity, you can also choose to have a heater function. Ideally cools an area up to 400sq.ft. Effectively improves air circulation in poorly ventilated spaces and maximizes energy efficiency. Self-Evaporating Technology - during the cooling or heating process, water is extracted from the air into the unit. Most of this water is then recycled and used to cool the cooling coils and make it run more efficiently, cooling as well as energy. Note: Exhaust hose installation required (all standard accessories included).

  • 12,000-BTU portable air conditioner with electronic controls
  • 65-pint dehumidifier in AC mode; for up to 400 square feet
  • Self-evaporating system; 2 fan speeds; 12.63 EER
  • 3-1/5-pint water tank; 12-hour timer; air filter; carbon filter
  • Measures 15-1/4 by 16-1/2 by 30-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Works for me
    I bought this unit in June 06, so I'm on my 3rd year of almost constant summer usage. The unit is a little noisy (about the loudness of some fans set to their highest setting), but that doesn't really bother me because it cools the room like it is supposed to, and I hate heat more than noise :). This is the first year that I've had to empty the tank. It actually leaked a little, but since it wasn't on a carpet, that was ok. My bad, because it does say to empty it occassionally, and I was just being lazy. The rubber plug was a little confusing at first (I couldn't tell if I needed pliers to unscrew it, or just my fingers to pull it out), but I finally realized that it was "plug like" (i.e., just needed my fingers to pull it out of the pipe) rather than an "outside cap" type that needed to be unscrewed. The area that it is cooling includes my dining area, living room, and small kitchen. I keep the downstairs bathroom door closed, as well as the doors to the two rooms off of the staircase leading upstairs, so it's probably cooling about 450 sq feet. I placed a small fan between the dining and living room area to help "push" the cool air into the living room since there is a wall that blocks some of the flow. I bought a second unit for my brother in 07, and it also works well for him....more info
  • 2 Years and No Problems
    I've had this Sunpentown portable AC for nearly 2 summers and so far I have no complaints. It has worked flawlessly. My family and I live in a 2nd floor apartment unit that bakes during summer days, and the walls radiate heat well into the night, so having an AC running in the bedroom at night is a must in order to sleep comfortably. Initially, we tried running it in our living room area (which includes the kitchen) during daytime hours, however this is just too small of a unit to be very affective in that large an area (again, where the walls radiate the suns heat). It took a little bit of the edge off, and if you are sitting immediately in front, it does feel good (like the AC in a vehicle). Alas, we keep it in the bedroom and turn it on in the late afternoon. By 9pm it's cooled comfortably.

    Emptying out the water tank can be a little bit of a challenge since the spout is so low to the ground -- I usually use a shallow cookie tray or muffin tin (rinsed thoroughly afterards) to collect the water. But I seldom have to empty it -- once every month or so.

    I actually appreciate the "noise" that the compressor makes when it's on -- white noise helps me sleep.

    I feel quite confident in Sunpentown, and if I'm in the market for another AC, I'll look to them first....more info
  • Not bad, not great - Adequate
    It works, that's the best part. But be careful when ordering - this unit does _not_ have a removable water tank. You need to use the valve at the rear. And don't tip it after it's been running or you might find water has leaked out. FYI, this model does _not_ heat. I don't know if the description has been changed, but that was not clear to me when I ordered. That's not a minus, just pointing it out. If you need heating, get the EH model.

    That aside, the unit cools well and it is what it is ( a big portable unit). The remote works well (although, hilariously, it opens the tray on our dvd player too) and it was packed well....more info
  • If reliability isn't important to you...

    I placed an order to purchase a Sunpentown portable air conditioner and went to their facility in City of Industry, California to pick it up. When I arrived, another gentlemen was there to pick up his WA-1230H that was in for repair. This got me concerned about the purchase I was about to make so I asked him some questions about it. It turns out that this was *** THE THIRD TIME *** he had brought his AC in for repairs. After the second time his unit broke down, Sunpentown provided him with a new one (which was the one he was picking up from being repaired that day). He told me that the first time his AC broke was within 3 days of purchasing it. 2 separate units breaking down a total of 3 times = YIKES!

    Needless to say I began feeling very uncomfortable about throwing down almost $500 on an AC (WA-1220H) that I was no longer confident in. I asked one of the employees about the reliability of the air conditioner I was about to receive and he said it was "good." "So it's not great or excellent?" I questioned. He laughed nervously and then went on to explain that the reliability depended on how the unit was treated (during transport, whether you had pets and cleaned out the filters regularly, etc.). He didn't give off much of a confident vibe while he talked about the product. That, combined with seeing the poor guy picking up his AC after the third repair, provoked me to cancel my order and walk out the door. My gut feeling was that I would be very disappointed with this purchase and that I would have been kicking myself for not paying heed to the warning signs.

    I've decided to not purchase a portable AC. Instead, I'm opting to look for a set up that's more reliable. It will be more of a hassle installing, but I will at least be able to enjoy the AC without worrying that it will break down....more info