HOOVER S1120 Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum

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Product Description

Makes fast work out of wet and dry messes, from spilled juice to coffee grounds. Simply store it in its wall mounted recharging rack and it's always at hand for those inconvenient messes. Grab it. Use it. Then move on to the better things in life. Carpet

  • Cordless and Rechargeable
  • Push button power switch
  • Bagless dirt cup with removable filter
  • lightweight
  • Hoover 1-Year Limited Warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Awsome!!
    I bought this vac to replace one that I bought at a garage sale for [...]. (The original didn't die--it just got messed up in a utility room fire.) I also bought one for my mother because I was so impressed with my original one. I was afraid the new one just wouldn't be the same because mine was an older model. I was thrilled when I used it for the first time. It's even more powerful than my original. I love everything about it, but a great feature is that you can wash the filter. I washed my previous filter numerous times with no damage. The only thing I must admit: I rarely use it for a wet spill, so I can't comment on that aspect. Would I buy it again? Absolutely!...more info
  • Terrific!!!
    Excellent product. I have used this handvac at work for over 2 years and finally purchased one for at home. Best handvac I have ever used. Holds a long charge and has plenty of pick up power. Cleans easily. Just empty recepticule and occassionaly rinse filter. ...more info
  • Perfect for parents of a toddler
    I use this every day because I have a toddler who likes to drop pieces of food all over my house and car. I took it right out of the package and used it, it was already charged.It works very well. The suctioning power is great. It sucks up Cheerios, peas, spaghetti, my coffee grounds, leaves and misc crumbs. It doesnt have a light to show it is charging and it wasnt great at sucking sand off his car seat, and it won't fit those Gerber "puffs" inside the nozzle, but it is so powerful for everything else, that I will overlook those things. I use it on my boy's stroller and his high chair and they are spotless. It does everything I need it to do and I wish I got it sooner. Five stars....more info
  • Not bad at all for the price...
    A little bit noisy but it does the job.
    Couldn't believe the sucking power in a chargeable, light vacuum....more info
  • Pretty but pretty useless.
    I ordered this one due to Hoover name, good reviews, the fact that it works on wet, in addition to dry, messes, and because of of the attractive blue color. I needed a hand vac for light pick up and specifically to remove the hard-to-reach dust and very fine wood particles left behind in new cabinets when hardware installed. Unfortunately this unit is just too WEAK to effectively pick up even light particles. After several passes, the dust was still there. It also failed to pick up dust on speakers, chairs, and small threads dropped on carpet when sewing.

    I did try the "wet" feature by spilling approx. 1 tablespoon of water on the counter. Most of it was picked up but the suction is so weak that there was still a very wet spot on the counter that had to be wiped up.

    As mentioned in other review, the filter really is a hassle to empty. It's messy, gets lots of dust in the air (well, a good portion of the little dust it actually picks up, anyhow) and I found it necessary to use my fingers to remove some debris from filter (yuck!) before taking it apart and washing. Air-drying takes several hours, so that's a pain, as well.

    I REALLY wish that I'd somehow figured a way to charge the unit before trying it WITHOUT hanging the charging base on the wall. I've returned it for a refund (I'll go for the less pretty, old-fashioned "dry" B&D next time) and now have two really ugly holes in the wall to remind me not to do that again:(.

    Anyone ordering this should really consider charging and trying before hanging the unit. I imagine it would be okay if all you ever needed was something to pick up spilled Cheerios, but for real "dust-busting" this one just isn't suitable....more info
  • Picks up spills
    This hand held vacum is exactly what I was looking for. It picks up spills from coffee grinds to juice. It has a powerful suction if recharged regularly. I would recomend this product to someone looking for something to use in the kitchen and/or the bathroom for small mishaps. The only draw back is the transparency of the device, you can see everything that you pick up. ...more info
  • Does what I purchased it for
    I purchased this little hand vacumn for quick clean-ups around the house--grass and outside stuff that gets tracked inside, as well as around the kitty litter box, in corners where dust collect, in front of the fireplace, etc. It does all of these very well. My only negative comment is that it does blow dust when you are in tight spots.

    I would recommend it highly and would purchase it again. The shipping was fast as well....more info
  • Still the best hand held vac I've owned
    I won the Hoover S1120 Wet/Dry Hand Vac at my company picnic a few years ago. I used it regularly and at some point dropped it on a cement floor at my home and broke it. As I can't get along without a hand held vac for quick pick ups, I was delighted to find this model is still available. It does an extremely great job on all types of small spills and messes on both hard floors and carpeting....more info
  • Great suction but small mouth
    This little machine has great suction for it's size, is reasonably quiet, easy to clean, holds the charge well and is nice-looking. I just wish the "mouth" was a little bigger as it won't handle stove pellets or "Kix" cereal. Maybe that's the tradeoff for the suction power?...more info
  • Good quality handvac for the money
    This handvac did okay for me, which was to help me clean up cat litter and dust off our hardwood floor.

    Its quite loud when use, but its probably make the same noise as other handvac. The exhaust is located on the side, which is nice so you don't get hot air blow to ur face. The clear, plastic tip is also use as the collection cup for the debris, which can be un-clip and empty over the garbage. It also comes with a wall-mounted holder which can be put together with the charger, so each time you put away the vac it automatically charges the battery.

    The thing I don't like about the vac was the vac mouth only opened in the middle and not side-to-side, which means it only pick up things when its at the middle of the tip. So you really have to aim for them to get it off the floor. The power button must be pressed continously during use, also no indicator light to show you whether its charging or not.

    7.2 volt is okay, but if I had to buy it again I'd definitely get a 14 volt for a more powerful suction....more info
  • does what it says on the tin
    a good, useful little vacuum. pleanty of suck. would be better with a sliding / locking switch, rather than the 'hold it down all the time ' push button that it has, but this is a minor complaint. ...more info
  • Handy machine
    This small vacuum gets used more than any bigger one I have ever owned. It hangs on the wall in my pantry and is used in every room in the house. It is used to clean everything from dirt at doorways to spilled coffee on the counter. It is the handiest gadget I own. We bought a second one for our camper to vacuum the floor when we are not connected to electricity. Handy dandy machine.!!!!...more info
  • Excellent
    I bought this model to keep my cat litter-box area clean. It does a great job, easy to clean & hold a charge for a long time. I work for a shelter & I am purchasing one for the cattery....more info
  • Hoover Rules the Hand Vacs
    I've had a Hoover Wet-Dry hand held vac for years, but the new one is truly a little power house. Cleans up the worst messes in seconds, and takes to a good cleaning in the dishwasher (non power parts, of course) with no problem. I wouldn't buy anything else....more info
  • Handy vacuum
    Pleased with the unit (our second one, the first was the office) It cleans up very well and is easy to dump contents after vacuuming....more info
  • not bad, not too good
    Hoover makes mediocre vacuum cleaners, its like the chevy of vacuum cleaners, there are lexuses, acuras, benzes, lamborginis... several better categories available, but at equivalent prices. So this is the run of the mill model, nothing exciting, but it gets the job done.

    This one has mediocre suction power. Period.

    I purchased this unit for quick clean ups, like when there is a spill, or cigarrette ash on the carpet. Circumstances which are localized and thus do not require the services of the floor model. I dont like lugging around a huge floor model and all its associated wires when I want to clean an area of about 2 feet by 2 feet. This vacuum cleaner does that, albiet tediously.

    It is bagless (DUH!), but when it is filled up a little, it looses suction power BIG time, and you will either need to empty its chamber or repeatedly run the vacuum over the same spot to pick up even the most exposed and easy to pick up particles. And that makes me mad.

    See, its not that easy to clean.... Firstly, when you pour out its contents, you get the dust blowing all over the place, its like moving the dust from the living room to the kitchen where the main dust bin is. And the dust doesnt come out easily, thats because of 2 reasons:
    1) When you open the translucent plastic outer cover, you will find the filter to be made of 2 parts, a hard plastic outer cover, then a fabric type inner filter.

    Now the hard plastic cover shields the inner fabric in such a way that the dust is trapped in between them. You will need to seperate the 2 and only then will the dust fully pour out. And thats MESSY! Because you need to apply some force to seperate the two, and finally when they do seperate, with a jerk, the dust flies all over the place! And not to mention you having to touch that messy, filthy filter with your hands and thus getting it all over yourself too!

    2) The fabric holds on to the dust... its fabric type, naturally it has pores and pores mean dust will get wedged and will be hard to remove. So you will have to tap it against the rim of the dust bin... and get that mess flying all over the place.

    Hoover employs bad engineers, they dont have much design sense. Their new telios canister model is an equal disaster. They try to make a product, but miss out on the most obvious details which might be important to the user.

    This hand vac is yet another perfect example. It picks up dirt from one room and you end up moving that dirt to another room where you empty this vacuum.

    But it has some features which are useful. It has a wall holder with the battery recharge unit plugging in to it. It has a standard adapter, and a cylindrical jack which goes in to the vacum to recharge the battery. Now this jack can be fitted in to the wall holder in such a way that when you mount the vacuum cleaner on the holder, the jack is connected in, and the vacuum cleaner recharges.

    Thats a useful feature, in case you want to or dont want to use the wall mounted holder, you can still recharge it.

    It does pick up liquid, but it has mediocre suction power. And same is true for dirt too. The real loss in suction power is when the filter is filled up. The battery power is a major contributor to determining the suction power, a corded vacuum would be more powerful, but equally bothersome to use. For small jobs, the amount of power it provides is enough.

    It does look nice though, but it is a bit large, too large to be carried in side the automobile. Maybe a RV, but not a car or SUV. But small enough to be conviniently used around the house.

    So should you buy it? I dont know, it is convinient, it does help to keep the house clean with the emergency spot clean ups. It is tedious, but it does get the job done. And its not too cheap, but not overly expensive either. And honestly, I would prefer hoover over any vacuum cleaner that Billy Mays is yelling about in a TV infomercial. Its my personal way of protesting against stupid people wasting every one's time by marketing stupid products for stupid buyers.

    My advise would be, buy this, try it out. Then return it, get a different model from a different manufacturer, try that out too. See what you like better. With competition only from other lame brands like black and decker, you dont have much choice in the hand held vacuum market....more info