HOOVER S2105 BrushVac Slider Rechargeable Broom Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Lightweight, cordless and convenient - ideal for quick pick ups Bagless Dirt Cup with Washable Filter - No filter to replace - both the filter and the dirt cup pop out for easy cleaning

  • Cordless and Rechargeable
  • Quick Start Handle
  • Bagless Dirt Cup with washable filter.
  • Exclusive Rotating Nozzle.
  • Powered Brush Roll.
Customer Reviews:
  • Great product!!!
    I love this product and use it reguarly between vacuuming. You will be surpurised just how well it does work. I am everytime I use it and I've had this product for several months now and am going to order one for my sister. I am disabled with very limited mobility and this is sooooooooooo easy for me to use. Be sure and charge it the first time as per instructions for a full charge before using and keep it plugged in after each use but, if for any reason, as instructions inform you, you are not going to use it for 2 weeks (I can't imagine unless you are going on vacation) be sure and unplug it. I love that I can use it everyday and it keeps all my floors (carpet and tile) looking great!!! I have small dogs and with this product my main traffic flow floors look great. Just be sure and read and follow instruction manual. Can't go wrong with Hoover products!! I highly recommend this product!!!!...more info
  • Very handy quick vacuum
    This is a quick and easy way to clean up. Not very good for picing up kitty litter and has to be emptied often, but is very handy....more info
    This machine is wonderful! My house has almost all hardwood floors and tile so it is absolutely perfect. It's great for pet fur! I clean my floors much more frequently now as I don't have to plug something in and trip over the cord or get a dust pan and brush. Very convenient and holds a charge for a long time. Perfect for cleaning up the crumbs under the table after the kids finish a meal. You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Convenient electric broom
    I finally broke down and bought this re-chargeable brush vac once my baby started crawling. He never picks up food to put in his mouth but manages to place all foreign items on the floor into his mouth. With a large dog and 2 cats, I needed some help with the 'tumbleweeds of fur' floating around the house. I found this brush vac works well for my hardwood floors when all conditions are perfect, namely: the tiny vac canister is not full (needs to be emptied often b/c very small!), the vac is fully charged (suction tapers off when battery is low), and the items on the floor are not too big. It works ok with pet fur and the added advantage to a broom is that it has a filter of sorts in the dust canister. I was extremely impressed with it's maneuverability, it really can go under cabinets, and it's very lightweight. Love, love, love that it's cordless. It makes light vacuuming kinda fun. But I still need my Petfur-Eraser vac for carpets and deep cleaning. I also wish Hoover made a stronger (suction) version of this broom with a larger canister, since some fur sticks to the floor so I have to go over it a few times. That would make for a perfect brush vac. Would definitely buy the next, upgraded model if it were to become available. ...more info
  • Good Swiffer replacement
    I bought this stick vac because with two big dogs and a vinyl-floored kitchen/office/laundry area to clean every day, the Swiffer just couldn't hack it. My kids take turns on floor duty and they didn't like messing with the cloths -flipping them, changing them out - so a lot of griping was going on over a simple chore. I didn't like the cost of the replacement cloths, even when we used both sides. Stick vac to the rescue! You do need to empty the dust cup after every use, just about (we have a large floor), but the kids don't mind that and neither do I. The excess fur and dirt comes up easily, the vac is very manueverable, very light weight, and it's easy to plug in the recharger. It's not much use on carpets, except for crumb clean-up, but I didn't expect that it would be. My seven-year-old likes it so much she took it upstairs and vacuumed the bathrooms - without being asked! It's a winner!...more info
  • Great little cordless vacuum
    I love this rechargeable vacuum. The reviews I read were right, it does do a great job with pet hair. I no longer have to sweep my hardwood floors everyday. It's easy to empty. Great value, great purchase. ...more info
  • Best of three I tried
    Based on the reviews in Amazon, I purchased three stick vacuum cleaners: Hoover's Slider, Dirt Devil 083414 Extreme, and Electrolux Pronto Stick Vac. I found the Electrolux the weakest and least effective of them all. The Dirt Devil was more effective but noisy. The Slider was the best of the three and is the best value for money. Stick vacs are great for small clean ups between regular vacuuming.
    ...more info
  • Fun to use... and a good vacuum too!
    I purchased this product because my least favorite chore is sweeping the floor, using an old-fashion broom and dust pan. This makes tidying up the floors fun!! I only gave it 4 stars because the "dirt cup" does not hold that much, and it does not pick up hair as well as I would like. Also, personally, I would not recommend for carpet.
    Nonetheless, it keeps our hard surface floors clean in between scrubbing and being cordless makes it all the more convenient....more info
  • So far, so good
    Picks up pet hair, dust, and crumbs like a champ. Doesn't pick up anything bigger. Have to pick up small pieces of cereal myself or step on them to crush them small enough. Must empty frequently as the dirt trap is tiny. Really nice not to have to get out a broom and dustpan everyday. Great around the high chair. Great for getting cat hair off my linoleum. Nice job on my sisal rug too....more info
  • Excellent!
    I bought this vacuum for quick little clean ups. I can use it from my wheelchair, and that's what I was looking for. It's easy to empty, and I haven't had a problem with it having enough charge as long as I keep it plugged in while not in use. Love it!...more info
  • Good but not great
    I purchased the Hoover S2105 to use primarily in the kitchen. I have a 2.5 year old daughter who makes a lot of messes with food so this electric broom/vacuum seemed to be just what we needed. I knew this item would not replace my regular vacuum nor my regular broom and mop. I mainly wanted it to pick up in between heavy cleanings.

    Overall, I am pleased with the product. It's very lightweight and easy to use. Even my daugher likes to push it around. The fact that it is cordless is a huge plus and was one of the deciding factors that lead me to purchase the BrushVac. The only problem is that it doesn't pick up some of the larger peices of food very well, such as Cheerios. It will also push cat litter around a bit so you sometimes have to go over an area a with a couple of strokes before it's clean. Other than that, it's great. I'd rather run the electric broom over an area a couple of times as opposed to getting the broom and dustpan out and doing it manually. Therefore, I would recommend this product.

    ...more info
  • Best Broom Ever
    The Hoover slider broom is fantastic. I keep it in its charger ready for use. I can do the entire first floor and up the stairs without having to re-charge it. It`s great for stairs (no chord to drag around) under beds, tables, countertops, bathrooms, dirty floor mats and outdoor carpet. It`s easy to empty....more info
  • Better options are out there
    My family has owned three cordless stick vacs (Electrolux, Eureka and Hoover brands) and the Electrolux Pronto is the best. The Hoover was light and had great mobility but suction was poor, not much better than a carpet sweeper. Eureka had much better suction and good battery life but could not fit into tight places. Electrolux Pronto has the best of everything with good suction, enough battery life to sweep up one floor of our house. The best feature is the removable hand vac - we can clean up between our couch cusions or along floor trim. We have two kids (3y.o. and 1y.o.) and the Pronto keeps all the crumbs and hair off the floor, we use it at least once per day. We bring out the canister vac for whole-house cleaning but the Electrolux Pronto cordless helps us keep the house neat on a day to day basis....more info