Black & Decker 71-968 109-pc. Accessory Set

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Product Description

109 piece drill screwdriving bit set.

  • Includes Wood and Masonry Bits and screwdriving bits and More
  • Includes Ratcheting Screwdriver Included

Customer Reviews:

  • It's just tool pieces
    It could have been better if the black and decker drill pieces fit into the black and decker 6V pivot screwdriver. That's the only drawback about using that, so the screwdriver is basically no use at all!...more info
  • Black & Decker 71-968 109pc Accessory Set Drills Drivers!
    Black & Decker 71-968 109pc Accessory Set Drills Drivers! Like all B&D HDWR sets, it is the value you buy. There are duplicates of certain drivers that tend to be needed. The bit selection is ok for smaller jobs. sizes are listed on the case but not detail description. The set case is nice and ready to go on your bench, truck or job site!...more info
  • Not as durable as I would expect
    I have found some of the screw bits of unsatisfactory quality. Several of them have 'strip' or have broken edges after single use. Not sure if all are alike or I just happened to receive a lower grade/hardened steel used in bits....more info
  • good for the money
    I have owned this set for several years. I bought it on a whim since it had so many sizes and kinds of bits and accessories I figured it would come in handy and save me a few trips to the store later on. It has paid for itself in both those regards. When I'm going into a DIY project and don't know what I'll need this is a good set to through in "just in case." Also, it has most of the odd-ball items (torx, spline, square, etc.) that have become very common, even in the home. The down side is that the quality deserves a one-star rating. I've had numerous bits snap off or shatter doing relatively light work. This set is certainly not for any serious job, but no surprises there. Overall, good set to have around and worth the money. That said, I'd be willing to pay a pretty health ransom for a higher quality set with the same diversity.
    Irwin, Milwaukee, Dewalt, are you listening???...more info


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