Black & Decker HS2776 Double-Decker Flavor-Scenter Steamer Deluxe Food Steamer

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Product Description

7 Quart Capacity / Rice Cooker / Built-in flavor-scenter screen spices up fish, chicken, and vegetables / 75-minute timer with signal bell

  • Electronic double-decker 7-quart-capacity food steamer
  • Built-in flavor-scenter screen spices up fish, chicken, and vegetables
  • 75-minute timer with signal bell and automatic shut-off provides added safety
  • 2 3-1/2-quart cooking bowls, plus 7-cup rice-cooker bowl included
  • Measures approximately 9 by 9 by 15 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent for all needs (BEANS ,TOO)
    I am a vegetarian and recently turned vegan.So, most of my nutrients come from beans,other than nuts ,fruits,bread and vegetables. Earlier,I used slow cooker(crock pot) for boiling beans that took 3-4 hours.That was a healthy choice over traditiona boiling of beans in a pressure cooker.However, if you are in a hurry, crock pot does not work.
    I learnt about steamer on different websites ,however nobody mentioned about beans.I came to know that it is good for all vegetables,corn,rice,etc.I was doubtful if it is good for beans.It took me one month to make up my mind and give it a try. And it was a wise decision.Now, I soak the beans every night before going to sleep.Next day,whenever i am in a mood to cook, I put all veggies, corn,beans in one tray and rice/oatmeal in other tray.And in half an hour everything is done.I dont have to monitor it as it has a very good working timer,so,in that half an hour, i do other jobs.I am very happy as now, i dont have cook in bulk and keep in refrigerator for 2-3 days.Each time,I cook fresh and eat healthy.My all other cooking appliances are out of work now except the breadmaker.I wish, if steamer could do that ,too....more info
  • A+ Steamer
    Overall this is a great product for a very low cost. The timer is easy to use. It is also easy to clean(that's always a plus). The double deck is also nice when cooking large quantities or 2 different foods. If you cook a lot of veggies, this is a MUST have product.

    **For all the people that got no direction booklet, I didn't either. I did however get all the directions and times on a sticker on the back of the machine. **...more info
  • Deluxe Food Steamer
    I have been using food steamers for about 10 years now. My old one works just fine but just a wee bit ago I realized that it was getting old and I thought maybe I should pick up a new one before this one goes belly up on me. So I started looking. I first came to Amazon just to see what was out there. I looked at every steamer in their rather large selection. The one I finally decided to buy was this Black & Decker HS2776. And at the time it only cost me $24.03. What a bargain. I should have ordered several at that price.

    First my don't likes:
    1) I can not see how much water is in the reservoir so I really just have to guess when I need to refill it. I have found that I need to check it about every 50 minutes. The timer can be set for 70 minutes but if I run it that long it will always be dry when I open it.
    2) I have to turn it off and move the cooking tubs to refill it. This can be a wee bit of a trick. More so if one is using both cooking tubs. It can also prove to be painful. Even with the use of hot pads. I would recommend the use of cooking mittens during this process. Just trust me on this one there is really no need to find out on your own.

    Now my likes:
    1) The size has turned out to be a grand plus. It takes up so little counter space. I really like this. At first I thought it a wee small. But with the two stackable cooking tubs it holds about the same as my old one that was really quite large.
    2) The two stackable cooking tubs. I usually only need one to fix a meal. I find now that I am cooking and wasting much less. If I need the extra room to cook more it is available but I am not as temped to cook more than I need.
    3) It has a drip tray. This is nice. My old steamer did not have one. When one cooked greasy items the grease dripped down into the water reservoir and made cleaning a bit of a grunge. With this one it is so easy to empty the drip tray and wash it up. I love how easy this is.
    4) Cleanup is so easy. I can have it cleaned and ready to go again in less than one or two minutes. Really. I clean it in the sink with a wee of dish soap and a sponge. There is no need to take up dishwasher space with it.
    5) The Price. I paid $24.03 for this one. ( I should have purchased several at this price. ) It is now $33.02. And a bargain at that price as well. Really. What a great price.

    So if you are thinking of trying steaming for the first time and want an inexpensive introduction this is it. Inexpensive not cheep.
    If you are thinking of giving a steamer to a friend or relative in a effort to help them eat more healthy, or just to let them enjoy the wonderful flavors of food that you have discovered, this is a wonderful way to indulge.
    Also Black and Decker has a great customer service support system. Replacement parts and warranty issues are not something to worry about.

    I really like this steamer. I gave it five stars even with my don't likes because I think it really deserves it. And for the price I really do not think you can beat it. In fact I can't imagine why anyone would want to spend anymore money for anything else.

    ...more info
  • Excellent
    More than met my expectations: a. Cleans easily; b. Inexpensive c. Prepares vegetables, chicken and fish to perfection.

    The heating element is coated with minerals after a week of usage. But going through a cycle with lemon water, cleans it easily.
    ...more info
  • excellent steamer....but.. came with only perfunctory cooking instruction.So I had to google myself into a stupor to find recipes. One reviewer here supplied a good link for using the steamer.Thank you!
    I have used it for a few days now,and am completely satisfied.I have never used a steamer before,so was a little apprehensive.But everything turned out perfectly.
    I cooked three boneless chicken tenders,thick ones,tonight.They came out so juicy,I was shocked. Then I cooked some broccoli and that was wonderful.I am presently cooking some rice,and I am sure it will turn out well.
    The only problem is that I was hoping for some actual recipes in a little cookbook,but there wasn't one.But the 'net helped,and I am enjoying experimenting with new foods.
    I really,really love this steam cooker.The price was great,and the quality is above par.
    Addendum: I am using this steamer nearly every day,and cannot find even a single negative aspect. It steams everything perfectly. I am slowly turning into a broccoli floret because I steam a bag full of them every day,and they turn out great.I wish I would have purchased this steamer a long time ago...I could have been doing a lot of healthy cooking,instead of using oil or butter or such.It works great,and cleans up easily....more info
  • Awesome Product!!!!
    This steamer is incredible. The food comes out perfect every time and is easy to use. You can set the timer and just leave it to cook on its own and its also very easy to clean. ...more info
  • steamer really steams
    This steamer works great and is really convenient when you have multiple foods to steam (including foods that require different cooking times). The only drawback is that it comes with very limited instructions regarding cooking times, so you have to experiment at the beginning. I didn't plan to use it to make rice, but it does a nice job there too....more info
  • Awesome Product!!!!
    This steamer is incredible. The food comes out perfect every time and is easy to use. You can set the timer and just leave it to cook on its own and its also very easy to clean. ...more info
  • Good Steamer
    I had one of the earlier and smaller versions of this steamer, so when the timer finally quit working after many years of use. I decided to buy the upgrade from Black & Decker. I've used the new one a few times and it work as good as the original, but with a larger capacity if I need it, or if not I can just use the one section alone. This steamer makes rice very well also. Clean up is very easy with this steamer, I am very satisfied with this steamer and would recommend it to everyone...more info
  • Great Steamer/Link below for steam/cooking guide
    Do not hesistate to purchase this great steamer. We had the smaller one decker version for years and loved it but needed more room and this is perfect. It makes yummy veggies,shrimp and great sushi rice. I did miss the steam guide which B&D used to include but have found it online for the single decker version. It is the same steam guide so you can print it out. Here is the link:
    They do have a link to the HS2776 model but it is the same care guide you get with the product, not a cooking guide. I printed pages 3-9 and have all I need now. ...more info
    This is the best steamer and I have 3. It has great space for all the stuff you want to steam. Easy manuel settings, no digital messing. Clean--up in 3-4 minutes. THIS IS THE ONE!...more info
  • Great Value
    The bins are large and convenient to use. Operation is very simple although there was NO instructions to cook food or rice. You have to try it out and see what works best for you. Still happy with the purchase!...more info
  • Reliable steamer
    I've had this steamer for several years and it still works great! With two steamer baskets it has plenty of capacity to cook an entire meal, fish and veggies....more info
  • Nice machine
    This machine is great. I like that you can steam multiple items and if you aren't steaming alot that you can remove one of the trays for room. The one thing I didn't like how easy the water/spice tray stained when I used a mix of spices. (I know it's white plastic and it can be expected). Otherwise a great product at a good price...more info
  • Brand Value
    I had a Black & Decker steamer that lasted for six years. The plastic basket had cracked a little and there were mineral deposits that wouldn't come off the heating element. So it was time for a new one. I shopped around and found this model. I liked the flexibility of the two baskets. So far, I've not had to use but one because it is so easy to freshly steam all the veggies the two of us will eat in one basket. This doesn't rate a 5 of 5 because I do anticipate the basket cracking in five years or so. But for this price, that is something I can live with....more info
  • A must have for the kitchen
    I love this steamer, I've had it for about 4 years now and has been working extremely well, it's very easy to clean, I mostly use it only with one basket on because I don't need the extra capacity, I like to steam broccoli and cauliflower (15 min. low). By the way mine did come with an instructions booklet which has the reference for the times needed for different items like fish (fresh vs. frozen), poultry, etc.. it should be in the box, I mention this because of other comments that theirs didn't have the booklet....more info
  • I don't really like it
    This product was sent as a wedding gift. We had put another smaller steamer on our list, but I guess the relative thought bigger was better. Anyway, it didn't come with any instructions on how long to cook stuff so it's a guessing game. It is a bit of a pain to clean and takes up too much space in our apartment. I tried to cook rice in it and the rice was still hard after 30 minutes! If I just want to make 2 servings of vegetables it's just too long of a process. For me, it is just annoying to deal with. If you don't have much space and you're only cooking for 1 or 2 people then you should get a smaller steamer....more info
  • Works exactly as expected
    I bought this online since I couldn't find a similar style in my local stores. I use this steamer all the time, it is almost identical to an older steamer that I was replacing when I bought it. The stackable baskets are very easy to use to simultaneously cook different vegetables or to cook rice....more info
  • Nearly Useless
    This cooking appliance is the first I've purchased with NO cooking guide or recipe booklet. The micro-print guide for vegetables on the back of the unit is not enough information to make me keep it. How much water should be added to rice in the rice bowl? Same as stove-top cooking, or less, because of the steam? What about brown rice, or pasta, or, as the instruction booklet suggests, poultry or meat? The instructions direct the user to "fill the water the appropriate line" with no advice about which fill line is appropriate.

    I'm not willing to waste food or ruin meals with trial-and-error. I'm returning the product today....more info
    we bought this item for a christmas gift. it does not work. now we have to try to return it and give the person who it was for a gift card to go out and purchase a different steamer. DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM!...more info
  • Great Steamer
    This product is great. I have had mine for 3 or 4 years and we use it several times a week. Frozen vegetables taste like fresh when steamed in this steamer and fresh vegetables are fantastic. Clean up is easy...just pop it in the top shelf of the dishwasher and it comes out great....more info
  • very nice steamer
    i like this steamer it is does a very good job thank you n.hall...more info
  • Bought as a Christmas gift
    My daughter loves this steamer. I have one also and it's great! It's a multi-tasker and is easy to use. ...more info
  • The most excellent gift!
    I bought this product as a Christmas gift for my Mother-in-law, since she is now cooking for one. She called yesterday to tell me that it was the "most excellent gift" she ever received. She said her meat,veggies and rice comes out perfect every time, she loves the way you can add spices and flavors to her food, and clean up is a snap. She said one decker makes plenty for her, but using the double decker will easily feed four. She insists we get one for our family. I guess I'll be ordering another one real soon. ...more info
  • Easy to Use Steamer
    This steamer is easy to use , has a controller switch you can increase or decrease the amount of time on Timer. Great vegetable steamer. Heats up really fast giving quicker steam out-put than others I tried. Would recommend for everyones kitchen....more info
  • Steamer review
    I am enjoying my steamer; however, I speculate that it does not work as well as the one I was given in 1977 as a wedding gift. It had just stopped working when I purchased this new one. Also, I am very disappointed that the appliance did not come with a small cook/recipe book like my previous one. ...more info
  • Black & Decker Food Steamer
    I bought this food steamer last month. It is a very good steamer. I use it almost daily. I hope that it will last 5 years. I recommend that every household in US (or the world) TO USE IT....more info
  • Very convenient product!
    I bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it very much. It's very convenient for lazy people who hates complicated cooking. You just need to add some water and set the time, then, wait. But be careful with the hot steam when you open the steamer after cooking!...more info
  • Looks Good
    Haven't used it as yet, but it looks really good. If it does cook as it is designed, I will really enjoy it...more info
  • where were the directions??
    The steamer itself is great minus one did not come with the food instructions! This model should have came with a book telling you how long to steam what foods and how high to fill the water line up to. It is a good thing that my mom has the exact same steamer and hers came with a lovely guide telling her the time and water requirement for different foods, she copied it for me. ...more info