Panasonic SRG06FG 3-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker

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Product Description

3.3 cup Rice Cooker Steamer. Automatic Cooking Feature cooks rice at the touch of a switch and helps reduce overcooking. Non-Stick Coated Pan makes clean up easy. Glass Lid allows you to monitor the cooking.

  • Automatic Rice Cooker
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Keep Warm Function
  • Non-Stick Interior
  • Includes Glass Lid

Customer Reviews:

  • BEST rice cooker I have used in 30 years
    Our family has owned 4 rice cookers in 30 years and this cooks the best rice of all of them. With only 2 to cook for it's the prefect size, quick and very easy to use. The secret is once the cooker shuts off let the cooked rice sit covered for 15 minutes. GREAT rice every time....more info
  • Great Cooker!
    I love it! It makes just enough for one or two servings. It is very easy to use and cleans up well. My husband hates rice so I never used to cook it but I love rice! So I bought this and now I cook him a tater and I make myself rice! Thanks Panasoinc!...more info
  • rice cooker yes/steamer no
    This product is advertised as cooker/steamer; cookeryes-steamer no! Also i'm pretty leary of the 3.3 cup claim;I really doubt it's ability to cook that much rice. However,it's ideal for one or two people.I cook one u.s.cup of rice and it's perfect for one or two as a main dish,orfried rice the nextday. The appliance cooks rice perfectly every time i've used it,and I use it 3=4 times a week.Great price/size/and cooking capacity for single or couple.I'ts a rice cooker only!If you want small capacity/perfectly cooked rice/simple clean up this is your product!...more info
  • Not the Double-Boiler Type of Rice Cooker
    We had a Tatung double-boiler type of rice cooker since the 1980s, which has cooked many thousands of batches of rice. I finally thought we should get a new rice cooker for our family of six. This Panasonic rice cooker is easy to use and easy to keep clean. It isn't the double-boiler kind of rice cooker (which is hard to find these days), so the rice at the bottom of the pot gets a little browned by high heat near the end of the cooking cycle, but stirring the rice before serving (as directed) makes for a great batch of rice, and the size of this cooker is just big enough for six eaters. People who eat a lot of rice or invite guests over for meals would want the next larger size, or the largest size of rice cooker.
    ...more info
  • Simple rice
    I've have had an early version of this rice cooker for 15 years. But its the last 5 years that I have used it frequently.
    Needless to say the instructions disappeared years ago. The first I'd heard of soaking rice was recently.

    It makes perfect rice for me. I make brown or wild rice, even an exotic black Canadian rice. I don't soak or rinse the rice (but may start).

    First I coat pot with olive oil spray. Measure in my water, add measured rice, usually a 2:1 water to rice ratio. I don't use the internal markings on pot.....

    Putting the water in first has eliminated any burning. Making the max amount has always made a little mess. So, I'm buying a bigger size rice cooker!
    ...more info
  • cheap---you got it
    Really a piece of junk. Ordered it because of the Panasonic name but it will be the last time I do that. Cooks rice okay but does not keep it warm as my old one did. I will give it away as it is of little or no use to me.junk...more info
  • Present
    Great Product!! small and suitable for small family. Steams both rice and vegatables perfectly....more info
  • Great basic Rice Cooker
    This is the second Panasonic brand rice cooker I've owned and I have to say I'm a big fan. The rice comes out perfectly with little or no crusting on the bottom and side which is a problem with an Aroma brand cooker I have. Given how will this works with the couple of different varieties of rice I've cooked I wonder about how much better the newer and quite expensive 'fuzzy logic' rice cookers are.

    You can't beat it for the money. Buy it - you'll be happy with it.

    ...more info
  • It's so much easier now...
    so far, so good with this rice cooker. it's really simple and easy to use...i've tried both brown rice and quinoa with success. just turn on the switch, go do something else, and about a 25 minutes later, you have some food to eat. it's saved me a ton of burnt-rice-pan-scrubbing, which i love....more info
  • Very happy with this product
    Great small rice cooker. Cooks the rice to perfection every time, including brown rice! Wish it had a "keep warm" option, but for this price, it had the best reviews on Definitely purchase this, it'll make cooking rice so much easier!...more info
  • Good cooker
    I like this rice cooker. It cooks well. I bought this Panasonic cooker mainly for its reliability; I used many rice cookers so far (other brands), they go out of service pretty fast (within 1 to 2 years). I can cook not more that 2 1/4 uncooked rice maximum. I use Indian Basmathi rice to cook. You probably can cook more than that with other types of rice....more info
  • Great Basic Steamer but often too small
    I have used this rick cooker over 5 years (when I bought it 7 years before, it is still called national but it is the same model) and soon find it's often too small whenever I have some friends come over. It basically does two simple things, cook rice and stop when it is ready.

    The worst thing about this rick cooker is that it NEVER breaks, my friend also use the same one for so many years and she runs into the same problem. It is a pity you throw a well functional stuff away but you really want upgrade sometimes....more info
  • Perfect rice cooker for those who don't require too much rice.
    Great rice cooker if you just want a simple cooker for no more than a few cups of rice. Rice comes out perfect each time! Because it is so small, it require very little storage space....more info
  • Great! Makes perfect rice!
    This rice cooker makes great rice very quickly. I noticed that rice left in the cooker browns a little (never ever burns), but I may be leaving it on accidentally when it should be off. I would suggest this cooker to anyone who wants a good, reliable, compact cooker. Well worth the money....more info
  • Here's how to measure
    This simple, compact cooker makes great rice. But the instructions are unclear, incomplete, and filled with typos. Here's what they should say.

    1. Using the included measuring scoop, measure 1, 2, or 3 level scoops of uncooked rice into a strainer. (The scoop is 3/4 cup. If you've lost it, use a measuring cup to measure 3/4, 1-1/2, or 2-1/4 cups of rice.)

    2. Rinse the rice in the strainer under cold running water.

    3. Dump the rinsed rice into the cooker pan.

    4. Add cold water to the pan so it just reaches the 1, 2, or 3 cup mark on the side of the pan. For example, if you used 2 scoops of rice, add water to the 2 cup mark.

    5. Place the pan in the cooker, put the lid on, plug in the cooker, and press down the switch to turn it on.

    6. After the Cook light goes out, wait 15 minutes for the rice to finish cooking.

    7. Gently stir the rice, and serve....more info
  • Over cooks the rice
    The title says it all. Before i bought it, i read a review that said that it overcooks the rice, but since it was one review out of many i figured it was an anomaly. It didn't turn out that way for my rice cooker. I'm disappointed, i buy a lot of panasonic products, now i have to watch the rice and stop it before it burns. ...more info
  • Good rice cooker!
    I bought it after my old rice cooker was broken. It cooks rice very well. But it is a little bit small for our family....more info
  • Rice Cooker - Wonderful
    The Panasonic SR-G06FG 3.3 Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer is an excellent buy for anyone that wants to cook rice or any other item that can be steamed, e.g., oat meal. It is quick, effortless, and cleans easily. It is a GREA buy...more info
  • Love it! Great bang for the buck
    I got this after my cheapie Salton R3A rice cooker died. This has the same basic design but the bowl is teflon coated so rice doesnt stick. Put your rice in, add the right amount of water, press the button and just wait and you'll have great rice.

    Brown rice will get a little messy though. I get foaming bubble and they want to bubble out of the top of the lid. I need to practice more on making brown rice with this thing...more info
  • Easy and Foolproof
    This is one of those cheap little gizmos that actually turns out to be a wonder of science.

    It cooks rice perfectly every time. Put the rice in, put some water in, and it seems to know what to do. How do they do that?

    Highly recommended.
    ...more info
    I never thought I would find a rice cooker to replace my previous one which finally wore out. I do not like the automatic warming feature and this was the only one I found that went to OFF instead of WARM. I like to go off and not worry that the rice will burn while I am gone.

    It looks good, cooks perfect rice every time, and I use it a lot. It's not very big, so if you feed more than 4 people or so, or like leftovers, you might go for a bigger one....more info
  • Good, but the non-stick seems to be coming off...
    We've had this rice cooker for about a year. It seems to do the job admirably, cooking white rice almost perfectly every time. Also, it's quite speedy, as apparently many of the lower-end rice cookers are. It would suit us fine if not for one flaw, which is that the non-stick coating is coming off. It seems to be made of some kind of plastic, and is gradually flaking off, although we don't know if it's into the rice we eat, or at cleaning time. We clean it with a sponge after soaking, so it doesn't seem like it should be causing the coating to come off. Other than that, it's a fine rice cooker, and a great one for the price.

    I did notice that most of the lower ratings come from people who complain about it being too small or not having a steamer. First, I don't know how people can complain that it's too small when it's designed to be small, and says up-front that it only makes 3.3 cups (as opposed to most that list the size as 5, 8, or 10 cups). If you're a family, or a couple/single person who eats an ungodly amount of rice, then buy a bigger one! Duh. For us (two people), we love rice but never use more than about half its capacity at any one time anyway....more info
  • Very happy
    Just what I was looking for. I wanted something that could cook rice for just one person and that I could carry with me when I travel. This is a perfect fit. Its easy to clean and compact. It does not burn rice even when I use only half cup raw rice. Very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Does what it promised
    This is a good, straightforward rice cooking instrument. Simple to use, easy to clean, it makes rice in fifteen minutes; let it steam it another fifteen and you're ready to go. No frills, and no need for them. The only caveat would be, if you're looking for individualized grains of rice, this machine doesn't make them. ...more info
  • Rice cooker
    Don't like this product......the water always boils over the sides and makes a mess. Also, you cannot make over a cup of rice or you will have a big mess. I should have sent it back!!!...more info
  • Solid basic kitchen appliance
    I noticed on page 8 of the instruction manual the Rice Cooker/Steamer was supposed to come with a steaming basket. Mine didn't, but I shrugged it off because I planned to use it for rice anyway.

    My first mistake was to use the hashmarks on the side of the bowl to determine how much water to put in. When I did this and got caught on a phone call, I returned to find the pot had boiled over and all but destroyed the 9 page instruction manual. The appliance is pretty intuitive, though, so I can't say I felt like I was flying blind without a manual.

    I stuck the bowl and lid in the dishwasher to clean up the first mess, didn't have an issue, and have continued washing it this way.

    I used the directions included on the rice package (rather than the rice cooker directions) for the second attempt and things went off without a hitch.

    I'm still experimenting with whether a larger rice yield (more than 1 cup dry) will increase or decrease the risk of boil over. I also haven't attempted to steam anything without the hypothetical steaming basket. As my experiments progress, I'll keep you posted. ...more info
  • so far, perfect rice
    I've followed other reviewers' suggestions regarding rinsing and soaking the rice before cooking, and I am very pleased with the results of this very simple cooker. However, leaving it plugged in for about five minutes after the light went off resulted in a little crusting at the bottom....more info
  • pretty little thing
    Does what it's supposed to -- cooks rice -- while looking cute and neat! Wish it would keep the rice warm though, like some others. I guess I should've checked before purchasing. But on the whole, very cool! Comes with little plastic spatula, equally cute, and a measuring cup....more info
  • wonderful rice cooker but low lifespan
    I really enjoyed using this rice cooker to cook brown rice. It also works amazingly well with oatmeal, it automatically adjusts the cooking time to ~5 min. I also made Quinoa and Amaranth in it. And was always happy with the results.

    The cons, the nonstick coating pealed off around the volume markings after less than a year. and you don't want the aluminum to be in contact with your food during cooking. So even though you will be good with just changing the part of the rice cooker that holds the food during cooking, these are hard to find. so I consider the lifespan of the utensil to be under a year.

    Tip 1, don't add all the water for the recipe with the rice, that may cause the water to overflow during cooking, instead add the water after the cooker shuts off, it will taste the same.

    Tip 2, nutritionally speaking add some legumes to your grains for a better nutritional content for your meal.

    Thanks for reading my review, adam...more info
  • Rice Cooker BUT no steam basket
    Cooks rice adequately. Expected a steamer basket, but none is included with this model. Product write-up is misleading....more info
  • Perfect for cooking OATMEAL !!
    Haven't had the opportunity to cook rice yet... it's perfect for solving the "I hate to cook oatmeal" problem though! A half cup of McCann's Quick and Easy oatmeal (not a pre-cooked oat, just cut very fine) and 1.5 cups of water. Turn on... walk away... shave, take a shower... ta-da... oatmeal is ready. EASY to clean too... no saucepan to wrestle with... and NO foaming or bubbling over! Someone should start marketing this as an "oatmeal cooker". Maybe I'll try cooking rice now. Definitely a 5-star item....more info
  • Love it, but not gonna marry it
    This is a simple rice cooker, no frills. It cooks rice, well at that. My girlfriend and I eat the rice, and we like it. Although it can cook rice better than my girlfriend can cook rice (she can't boil water!), my girlfriend is better at other things that the rice cooker can't do. I still prefer my girlfriend to the rice cooker.

    We cook mostly basmati. Cook time seems to be shy of 30 minutes, and rice stays warm by steaming. We always cook the minimum 1 cup, adding water up to the line after adding the rice. Don't expect to get the steaming basket with this model--you gotta pay extra for those kind of novelties....more info
  • Awesome rice cooker
    Includes a measuring cup, and a rice scooper.
    Cooks any amount of rice very well (below 3.3 cups of course)
    Fast cooking

    Make sure that the outside of the non-stick pan is completely dry before you put it in and start using the cooker. If it is not, the water will stain the hearing unit. Not sure if it is rust, but it is annoying to see.

    After it pops up, you have to wait 15-30 minutes until it's ready to eat. This is standard on all rice cookers, just to note it....more info
  • Great Cheap rice cooker!
    This rice cooker was only $18 when I bought it on this site. I only use it for myself and occasionally one other person, cooking calrose and basmati rice in it. After owning it for a year and a half, I can't say that it has ever turned out a bad pot of rice (aside from my faults). Doesn't have a keep warm function, but not really needed since you can always just whip up another pot in a jiffy.

    As others have said, it doesn't include a steamer, and the rice should sit there for about 10 mins before eating (so it can absorb the extra steam). ...more info
  • Very good for 18 months
    This rice cooker was my first. I enjoyed the convenience and the consistenly excellent rice. However, after about 18 months two serious problems emerged. First, it began to burn the rice on the bottom. Apparently its thermostat had gone out of calibration. Second, the bottom of the pot began to show significant pitting. I'm not sure what type of nonstick coating is used here, but I'm certain I don't want to be eating it. Overall, a decent value--but don't expect it to last beyond how long it did for me....more info
  • right sizeC poor design
    the size is just right for people eat alone. However the design is poor and old according to the price. The fluid will spill out when cooking. You have to manually take care of it. Not recommend if you have other choice and not so deadly want a small rice cooker....more info
  • This cooks very nice & fluffy.
    I like this, my husband wanted Real Rice, NOT just Minute Rice all the time. And now he will eat rice. With lighter grains of rice it won't shut off automatically. Very easy to use....more info
  • Panasonic SR-G06FG cooker/steamer
    I returned the product the next week. I paid by Visa card and have NOT GOTTEN MY MONEY REFUNDED. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS MATTER PLEASE.
    Connie Whiteley...more info
  • Awesome rice cooker
    I got this cooker from Amazon's Friday Sale. Great rice cooker. The rice won't stick to the pan and since there is scale inside indicating the water you should fill in, there is no problem at all for me to have my perfect rice.

    One tiny thing that might worth mentioning. A plastic scoop (rice paddle) is already included in the box, which is not mentioned in Amazon's product description page. So "Frequently Bought Together" feature in the page kinda misled me to buy a redundant one. I don't feel bother to return the 2 dollar stuff....more info
  • Perfect size, perfect price, cooks rice perfect!
    Easy to use, no extra functions you won't need, and it cooks brown rice perfectly. It's the perfect size for a small family, doesn't take up much room, and super easy to clean - non-stick siding. ...more info
  • good deal comparing the price
    It is good but without a warm-keeping function. sometimes the bottom of the rice will became crust. ...more info
  • Try a 5.5 rice cooker... 3.3 has limitations.
    To me, the magic of cooking rice has a lot to do with prep work. Cooking is the final step. That said, a rice cooker is only doing the final step, no more. The final step involves measuring the correct amount of rice with the correct amount of water... some packages of rice tell you their measurements, some do not. After the measurements are made, they are put into the rice cooker, and the rice cooker does it's job. After the rice cooker is done, due to it having no warming function being a 3.3 and Panasonic's lowest priced model. Therefore, you must not touch the lid for at least 10 minutes after the rice is done. 20 minutes wouldn't hurt.

    Nishiki white rice - 12 oz Rice to 16 oz H2O
    Nishiki brown rice - 8 oz Rice to 24 oz H2O (water will overflow in this 3.3 size.)
    Sho-Chiku-Bai - 12 oz Rice to 18 oz H2O (Koda Farms)

    Prep work for Rice:
    Rinse the rice. Like washing your vegetables, rinsing your rice makes a better tasting rice. Put the rice in a bowl add two or three times as much water, then move your hand around in the water until the water is dirty. Pour the water and rice into a strainer so the rice stays, and the water does not. Repeat until moving your hand in the water does not make the water dirty.

    Soak the rice. Leave a container of rinsed rice with two or three times the amount of water over night. Rinse the rice once for anything that loosened. Now it's ready to be cooked.

    Try to buy good rice and don't forget to do this rice prep work. This is how to have the better tasting rice.

    Once the rice is cooked, you can do several things with it, including creating hamburger buns out of it.

    The Manga Cookbook This is a good cookbook... seriously. It tells you how to do simple things many other cookbooks do not.

    If you have health issues, you may consider adding True Health 'Ultimate pH Balance' to the water used for soaking, and to the water measured for cooking.

    As for the durability of this product... I've cooked easily over 50 lbs of rice in this rice cooker, as well as have moved once. It still performs as on the day I bought it. Of course, remember to clean the rice cooking container the night you make the rice, so the rice doesn't harden. This way, you can use a washcloth to clean it so the non-stick stays around....more info


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