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A Breakthrough in Learning
This patented, prenatal curriculum is designed to strengthen your baby's learning capabilities with naturally derived audio lessons. For your child, the developmental benefits of BabyPlus last a lifetime.
Parents who hope to give their prenatal child every intellectual, developmental, creative, and emotional enrichment will want to take a closer look at the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. BabyPlus is a patented, prenatal curriculum developed to strengthen a child's long term learning capabilities. These naturally derived audio lessons are founded on the very language of the prenatal child, the language of the maternal heartbeat. As a baby distinguishes the simple rhythmic sound lessons of BabyPlus from those of the mother, auditory learning begins. As a mom's pregnancy progresses, so does the BabyPlus curriculum. The baby is introduced to a sequential learning process at a time during development when the advantages will be most enduring and significant. The developmental benefits of BabyPlus last a lifetime.

What are Professionals Saying?

"Baby Plus may have been the simplest, yet most important thing I did for Mary before she was born. From her quiet, calm alertness as a newborn to her, now happy, interactive personality as a toddler, I have been amazed at what a difference Baby Plus has made in the way she learns from everyone and everything around her."
Elizabeth Moore, M.D.

"As a pediatric physical therapist, the developmental strengths of the BabyPlus children I've seen in my practice are very convincing. These children consistently demonstrate very strong fine and gross motor skills, early milestones, and long attention spans. Now, I too am a BabyPlus mother (of three) and I have seen countless additional benefits in my own children, most notably their strong learning skills and long-term memory, and adaptive dispositions. What a wonderful investment!"
Paula Ryan, PT
Pediatric Physical Therapist

"BabyPlus is a brilliant system. I have used it myself, will definitely use it again, and have only positive things to say about it in my book."
Sarah Brewer, M.D.
Author of SuperBaby: Boost Your Baby's Potential from Conception to Year One

"For their child's lifetime development, every parent should hear about this discovery, an innovation representing the single most significant step science has taken toward increasing infant potential."
Rene Van de Carr, M.D.
Author of While You Are Expecting

"I think that someday, the use of BabyPlus will be absolutely as common during pregnancy as is taking a prenatal vitamin today."
Karen Bell, R.N.
Registered Nurse, BabyPlus Mother of 3

"I just love your BabyPlus! I would recommend it to anyone! My son was alert and active from the time we began using your product at 18 weeks gestation. Gradually, he began to anticipate his "sessions" and would kick when it began. Since his birth he has been more alert than the average baby. He is now 16 months old and has more than 50 words in vocabulary, listens intently, watches lips and speaks 10-15 words in his father's native Italian! I credit half of this development to Babyplus!! He has benefited greatly from your product!"
Kati Corsi

"An expectant mother provides for the physical growth of her developing child through conscientious lifestyle, diet, and the use of prenatal vitamins. BabyPlus offers similar enrichment by strengthening a child's learning capacity at the most critical period of development. I have seen the remarkable benefits myself."
Susan Morrow, Ph.D.
Molecular Biologist

What is Prenatal Learning?

Every mother knows that her child's physical development begins during the crucial prenatal months. Taking a prenatal vitamin to enrich a child's nutritional environment is the standard-of-care for providing an optimal environment during a child's earliest physical development.

It is widely accepted that a child's learning ability begins during those very same prenatal months. Educators, scientists, criminologists and physicians alike have long ago acknowledged the vital importance of a healthy and enriched prenatal environment as it pertains to the long term development and learning ability of a child. An age-appropriate prenatal curriculum strengthens a child's ability to learn during the developmental period when the advantages will be most significant for the child.

In the prenatal months, the brain is at its most receptive stage of learning. The prenatal baby's hearing is fully developed by the 18th week of pregnancy. Independent studies have demonstrated that, for the duration of the pregnancy, the baby can actually compare and contrast simple sounds. By encouraging this simple 'auditory exercise' during this crucial period, these studies have demonstrated that the child may realize significant long-term developmental benefits. Dr. Mark Pitzer, Ph.D. writes, "Research suggests that a child's intellectual development is influenced equally by their inherited genetic blueprint and the early immediate environment." This crucial early environment is not just the "0 to 3" years of age that we hear so much about, but actually the "prenatal to 3" years of age.

An expectant mother's uterus is not a 'soundproof booth'. The developing child can certainly hear many of the sounds and noises in his or her mother's external environment. However, these sounds are fairly fleeting. The one true and consistent sound presented to the child naturally during those months is the mother's heartbeat. For the duration of pregnancy, this is the natural language heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a natural, simple, and repetitive sound. Therefore, in order to truly communicate with and encourage early comparative learning during the prenatal months, sounds similar to the mother's heartbeat are the most developmentally appropriate. For more information on prenatal education go to BabyPlus.

Can Prenatal Learning Aid in Bonding?

Bonding is the relationship that forms between a mother and her child that establishes the basis for an ongoing mutual attachment. Bonding implies that there has been interaction between them, each contributing to the relationship at some level.

The encouragement and practice of prenatal learning provides the mother with an opportunity each day to focus on her prenatal child. She can offer her prenatal baby auditory stimulation that she knows will help the baby's cognitive development. It is a loving, conscious effort on the part of the mother and it is satisfying to her maternal instinct to be able to do something so very beneficial for her baby.

As a mother observes the baby's movements in response to a prenatal curriculum, communication between the mother and baby has begun. The baby reacts with interest and curiosity to these new sounds which have entered its otherwise predictable environment. In brief, their interaction becomes an elementary form of learning, like playing a game (the same delight seen in infants playing peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake).

Parents who have engaged in prenatal learning with their babies report various responses. Typically, babies will become active during the sessions, kicking in rhythm with the simple sounds of BabyPlus. Other babies adjust their biologic clocks to begin arm or leg movements at the precise time a session is to start (even if the mother is late) if the mother turns on the BabyPlus unit at the same time each day. Still others who are normally active may cease activity during the sessions, as if they are concentrating on the sounds.

Naturally, while such bonding is most significant between the mother and the prenatal baby, others can share in this interpersonal exchange. Not only do they observe maternal happiness as an effect, they can place their hands or face against the mother's abdomen and feel what is going on. In this way the family can experience the beginning of interactive family communication. How a baby responds can actually provide a preview of future personality traits!

Does Playing Music Encourage Prenatal Learning?

Every prenatal child experiences the sonic environment of his or her mother: outside voices, traffic, television, radio, and CDs. The sounds generated by this outside stimuli pass through the abdominal wall, which lowers the volume by about 35 decibels and muffles the sounds. For the baby, it is much like listening to sounds underwater. Even though the baby is exposed to these sounds, they pass by him as white noise because they are too complex and the baby has no frame of reference for them as sounds.

Listening to music is a pleasurable experience, and certain types of classical music can have a calming effect on a pregnant mother. Since the prenatal baby can sense a mother's mood, the mother's emotional state can have a corresponding calming affect on the baby. However, music is not 'basic' enough to be the most effective prenatal curriculum.

The most dominant sound heard by the baby is the mother's pulsing heartbeat at 95 decibels. This sounds to the baby as loud as a rock band concert would sound to you. This heartbeat occurs naturally at about 1 beat per second. The baby's heartbeat is approximately 2 beats per second. As the baby develops and hears these two sounds repeatedly, they become imprinted in the baby's cognitive architecture. They become the permanent foundation upon which all learning will be built.

The most effective prenatal education curriculum is one that utilizes the main element of the baby's frame of reference, namely, the heartbeat. Research has shown that introducing a heartbeat sound at a lower decibel level (like the simple rhythms of BabyPlus at 65 decibels) encourages the prenatal baby to begin to differentiate between the two sounds. Click here to hear what your baby would hear inside the womb.

The next progression is to slowly increase the rate of the sound used in the curriculum. Following this, the curriculum can introduce a slight tonal change. All changes in the prenatal curriculum must be very slight to give the prenatal baby the means of discriminating between these similar sounds. In this pattern of staged progression, the baby begins to learn. Such sounds must be very simple and repetitive, something which neither speech nor music can accomplish as effectively. That is why nursery rhymes, tunes, reading aloud, and classical music are simply too complex during this early stage of development.

What are the Benefits of Prenatal Learning?

Parents and researchers alike have observed and measured the benefits associated with the BabyPlus Prenatal Education curriculum. Babies that have enjoyed this prenatal curriculum are born more relaxed and alert. Typically, their eyes and hands are open at birth. These infants are more responsive and interactive and are visibly ready to absorb and appreciate their environment. Parents report that these babies nurse more readily and self-soothe more easily.

Parents also report that, if their care giving skills are consistent, the regular sleep/wake cycle of their baby becomes quite consistent at an early age in the infant's life. There is also documented scientific evidence that the immune system of an infant who sleeps well and sleeps regularly is actually stronger. Additionally, an obvious side benefit of a well-rested baby is a well-rested parent!

Babies that have benefited from prenatal learning are reported to reach early childhood milestones, such as the ability to point to body parts on command, walk and talk, etc. ahead of their peers. Utilizing such milestone assays as the Clinical and Linguistic Auditory Milestone Scale (CLAMS test) and the Vineland Social Maturity Scale (school readiness test), these children have shown an increased attention span and measurably improved school readiness.

Parents have also reported that BabyPlus children exhibit greater creativity and independence. All of these traits result as a combination of both genetics and an enriching early environment. Strong thinking children are more successful in school and in life.

Prenatal learning does not create a "genius baby" anymore than a prenatal vitamin creates a "bodybuilder." The prenatal months of early development are simply the right time to strengthen the foundation for learning.

  • Infants who have used BabyPlus are born ore alert and responsive, nurse better, sleep better, and later in life, enjoy improved school readiness.
  • Audio lessons allow baby to discriminate the simple rhythmic sounds of BabyPlus from those of the mother and learning begins.
  • A progressive developmental tool that gets results
  • Tracks usage time starting at 18 - 32 weeks of pregnancy to track your usage goal of playing for one hour twice a day.
  • Comfortable for prenatal mother to wear

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    I used BabyPlus for our third child.We were not aware of it for our other two children.We found that BabyPlus did live up to all of its claims.
    Our friends all comment on how calm he is, and how well he self soothe's.
    Our son clearly represents traits that our other two children did not,nor did my husband or I have some of the little positive differences that we notice.I have recommended BabyPlus to all of my friends and family. ...more info
  • Not sure if it works....
    I bought this for my second pregnancy and used it diligently twice a day from week 21 till delivery at week 38.5. I expected to have an alert and a "seldom cries" baby but to my shock she just kept crying and crying. Right from the moment she was born she cried. But boy was it loud! She cried all the way till we reached my ward. Her elder sister was definitely not like that. She was the one who was like the typical babyplus baby, crying very little at birth and showing sparks of geniuses as a baby. This second daughter of mine was very loud in contrast. However, she did reach her milestones slightly earlier than her elder sister. She slept through the night when she was just 6 weeks old but so did her sister! She is coming to two now and I am still trying to see how babyplus has affected her in a positive manner. She can count to ten since she was 16 months but isn't that what all normal babies can do? Hmmm......more info
  • Very pleased consumer
    When first seeing the baby plus in magazines and at motherhood, I was VERY skeptical and normally do not buy into all the propaganda. But, the more I read and learned and after speaking to my doctor I bought the baby plus system and began using it at 20 weeks. I continued to use the system pretty regularly although I occasionally skipped lessons. I used the system until 32 weeks and delivered a beautiful healthy little girl at 39 1/2 weeks via cesarean.

    Elizabeth is only 16 weeks and is thriving. She latched on immediately and continues to meet all her milestones. She is a very calm little girl with a wonderful disposition. I will not hesitate to use the baby plus system on my next pregnancy! The only changes I would make is to start at 18 weeks and continue until the very end.

    ...more info
  • Cool
    I haven't been able to use it yet because 1. you need to be pregnant, and I'm not anymore (had an early pregnancy miscarriage) 2. and you really don't start using it til your 18 wks pregnant. But, I put the batteries in it to make sure it was working and it does. It's real cool in that for every week from 18 wks to birth you play the 'heartbeats'. They sound different each week. Supposedly this allows the baby to 'learn' while in utero, I guess to help the brain develop. I'd have to read the package to give more detail. I am impressed with it now, I'll be more impressed with it if it actually works like it says it does and I won't be able to tell that until the birth of the baby and the first years have gone by. ...more info
  • Interesting product
    I first heard about this product from my sister-in-law. She lent me her Baby Plus unit during my pregnancy. I believed there's no harm in giving my baby an early start in "education". My son is now 15 months old and I find that, aside from being very alert when it comes to sounds (even faraway ones), he is also very receptive when taught. I purchased my own unit since we're planning to have another baby soon!...more info
  • Nature vs. Nurture
    I borrowed this product from a friend of mine for my second pregnancy. My second baby was about on par with my first baby as far as early verbal skills, which is currently the ONLY proven sign of possible giftedness. I think that this product has a lot to do with the parents that are able to buy/gain access to it. Parents who have the money/are willing to spend the money on this sort of system are often the same parents who spend a great deal of time with their children. This is probably the main factor in determining early and later skills. Of course, I am not discouraging its use as it certainly can't hurt, but I think we need to give ourselves a bit more credit for being the fabulous mommies that we are! ...more info
  • Incredible!!!!
    I used the Baby Plus system and am so amazed by what its done. Every single thing your site claims that this product does, is dead on! I was in labor for over 12 hours and ended up having an emergency cesarean. My baby girl had to endure all of this stress in the womb and yet once she was born she was bright eyed, lifted her head, pulled the nurses stethoscope and was unbelievably alert. The nurses were amazed by her, so much so they actually sent other nurses in to see her. At a day old she was laying on my chest and started inching her way up my chest towards my neck and nuzzled herself there. I was astonished as was every visitor who saw her. The child barely ever has cried, she is amazingly capable of coping with any change that I put her through. For example, switching from breast to bottle was no problem at all - switching from sleeping in the bassinet next to me to the crib in her own room - not one hiccup with that either, eating solids was also quite easy. She simply adapts to change very well. Every person I meet and even family and friends who have children of their own cannot believe how alert and responsive she is. You can't even imagine how many times I have had people completely shocked when I tell them how old she is because they expect her to be older because of the way she is.

    Another thing I hear from family, friends and strangers alike is that they've never seen a baby look at them with such concentration - like she doesn't have that blank look about her that most infants have. She truly interacts with you, smiling back, she will crawl to you if you call her name, she hears us call our dogs name and she immediately looks out for her, she vocalizes back to you when you talk to her, she's simply amazing. I'm actually switching her to the older kids playgroup because she is just that far ahead of reaching milestones as the other kids her age, the teacher agreed completely with me that she's definitely ready.

    As far as her milestones go, at about 6 weeks she started rolling over. She had complete head and neck control at 2 months. At 4 months she started "soldier crawling" as we called it and was capable of sitting perfectly fine at 5 months and by 5 1/2 months she started crawling. A week before she turned 6 months she started pulling herself up on things and can now stand while holding onto something and has started to walk alongside the couch as she holds onto it. She's known her name now for a good month and a half as well (she turned 6 months on Oct. 24, 2008). As I mentioned before, I take her to a playgroup with babies all her age and she is by far the most alert of all of them, most social and the only one that crawl and stand and sit perfectly still. Most of the other babies are just learning to sit or mastering rolling over. I hear of the troubles the moms have with none stop crying and reluctant ness to bottles and so on and I bless the day I found out about Baby Plus. My husband and I are 100% convinced that she is the way she is because of Baby Plus. At her last Doctors visit the Pediatrician was even shocked at all the milestones she has already conquered. In our doctors words "her motor skills, both large and small are at that of a 10 month baby's level." This is the most amazing thing I have ever had the pleasure of using and will definitely be using it on any future babies we have.

    Without any hesitation I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is having a baby. I've included a picture of my little girl Gabriela Maria - this is how she always is, happy, super healthy and alert. Thank you, thank you, thank you!...more info
  • Seems like a scam to me
    I remember psych studies that showed when teachers had better expectations of their students, the students actually performed better.

    My guess is this product is useless because:

    1. Parents who buy this are already deeply engaged in their child's development which, by nature, enhances the child's development.

    2. Parents who buy this aren't doing anything else, but have a placebo effect from the device and therefore have expectations. When the child is born they stimulate their child more while checking for effects. The extra post-birth stimulation is probably the more likely enhancer.

    3. As I understand it, the only scientific study ever done on this was with just three babies....more info
  • I'll forever regret using this item with my son.
    I was suckered in by the convincing advertising. Of course I wanted my child to be at the top of his class.... of course. So I'll list the pro's first: My son is articulate, has a keen mind and has been speaking in full sentences (albeit short at first!) by about 18 months. People comment all the time about his speech (clarity and vocabulary) and also about how sharp he is.

    Now the cons: My son did not sleep through the night until he was close to one full year old - he was a fussy baby and incredibly sensitive to noise and stimulus. He hit his major milestones on time (or early), but was, and still is, incredibly high-maintenance. My son was just diagnosed (yes, by a team of professionals) ADHD, is hyperactive and displays the impulsive characteristics of ADHD. I'm fully aware that all babies/toddlers/kids are individuals, and that it's not a 'one size fits all' approach to child-rearing, but please, just leave your perfect baby alone and don't be tempted to use this product. We now face years and years of behavioral work, dietary monitoring, and proactive management to deal with his ADHD - it's just not worth it to have a smarter child at the expense of 'normal' childhood. ...more info
  • AMAZING!! Strangers notice the difference within minutes...
    My daughter is 20 months. We saw amazing results from the day Lainey was born. She lifted/turned her head at less than a day old, nursed un-prompted at 2 hours old. She crawled at 6 months, walked at 10. Her vocabulary was over 100 words at a year. Now we have lost count at over 300 words, with 8-10 words sentences. She counts to 13 unassisted (to 6 in spanish). Strangers notice her abilities within minutes! This product really works!...more info
  • My wonderful Babyplus son
    I started wearing the Babyplus when I was 18 weeks pregnant. My husband was skeptical but I figured it couldn't hurt. I wore it for an hour every morning and an hour every night. (I often wore it in the car since I had a 1 hour commute each way.) I never found the sounds annoying. My son was born alert and calm, he didn't even cry. He was such a good, easy baby, he really only cried if he was gassy or very hungry. He's always had a really good disposition and people (even strangers) often comment about how sweet, happy and easy going he is. He's reached all his milestones early. He rolled over, sat up and crawled early. He took his first steps one week shy of becoming 10 months old and was fully walking at 11 months.

    I've also taught him sign language. He picked it up very quickly and he also started speaking at an early age. His language amazes me. He turned 16 months old a few days ago and can sign over 50 signs, can speak over 120 words and even say 12 words in Spanish (most children I know his age say less than 10 words)! He can count to three (and sometimes throws in a 6 or 8 while I count). He knew all the body parts (and not just the usual eyes, ears, nose but also shoulders, neck, elbows, etc) and all the animals and their sounds younger than his peers. He loves music. He LOVES books and could spend hours each day being read to or just flipping through his books on his own. Sometimes he'll even say what is coming up on the next page before he or I even turn the page. He picks new things up so effortlessly. I only had to show him once for him to learn to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, put his toys away in the toybox and throw garbage in the trash can. He loves to help and clean. We've traveled with him a lot and he adjusts very well to new environments and people. He's very smart and very sweet. He's so good natured and such a joy to parent. I don't know how much of it was the Babyplus and how much is genetic and nature/nurture but I will definitely be using the Babyplus for any/all next pregnancies. I've even had a couple parents ask me what my secret was (after being impressed by my son) and I tell them I used the Babyplus. (I also think the sign language and reading a lot has played an important role).

    I highly recommend using the Babyplus if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant!

    UPDATE: My son just turned 2 and is a delight! People are amazed at his language skills. He has known every letter of the alphabet, all his shapes (including pentagon and octagon) and colors for months and can count to 20 in English (and 10 in Spanish). He can identify different dinosaurs and can clearly say triceratops, velociraptor, stegosaurus etc. When we drive he points out bulldozers, backhoe loaders, car transporters etc. When he hears music he can correctly identify a piano, drums, symbols, trumpet, saxophone, flute etc. He will memorize a new book within a few days and "reads" to us! He is friendly and polite and rarely throws tantrums (I've never had to use a "time out" for him). He takes 3 hour naps and sleeps all night. He even tells me he's ready for night-night and walks over to his crib. He's just a great kid.

    I'm expecting another baby and in a few weeks will be ready to start using the BabyPlus again....more info
  • annoying for mom, questionable for baby
    I used this item faithfully from 17 weeks. It was loud and intrusive in my opinion. The noise and the vibration really got on my nerves. I started to dread wearing it after awhile. And it was always slipping off my belly, the belt is not very adjustable. I also had problems with the functioning of the unit. Sometimes it did not last the pre-set 60 minutes and other times, it continued ticking well past an hour. When I contacted the manufacture, they advised me to change the batteries (which were new). I will not use this in my next pregnancy. ...more info
  • That "thumpy" thing
    I can't attest to the science behind the Baby Plus but, it makes intuitive sense that in utero audio stimulation would be benefitial to cognitive development. And what could be more natural than a system based on the familiar sound of a mother's heartbeat. At the very least, I am certain that my baby will have a good sense of rhythm.

    Just a few criticisms: 1) There is no off button. If you accidentally bump the button and turn it on, you're stuck with random thumping for an hour. This happened to me yesterday when I had finished a session and put in my purse. I must have bumped it because before long I was getting a lot of curious looks about that strange sound emanating from my bag. 2) It is not as discrete as I would like. Other products that accomodate MP3 players sit very close to the body. This one protrudes quite a bit from the body. 3) It is audible in many settings, unless there is quite a bit of external ambient noise. Not ideal if you wanted to wear it to work, for example.

    I would love it if this could be integrated into a product that could both play the "educational program" and music. ...more info
  • Reliability problems
    I can't say what the effect is on my baby yet as I am in my 36th week but I can tell you my experience with the device itself has been very frustrating. My unit starts and stops on its own without me even going near the blue button. Often it resets itself back to Lesson 01. It has been doing that regularly. I usually rest it on my bedside table and in the middle of the night once, it started "beating" out lesson 01 on its own, which freaked me and my husband out as we were fast asleep. At other times, it has stopped halfway before the lesson is over. I find I have to be absolutely still when wearing it to keep the lesson on for the whole hour. It shuts off on its own with the slightest movement or brush of a hand. This morning (and in the past) it emitted a LOUD screeching noise noise and flashed 00 when I tried to switch it on.
    I wrote to their Customer service fairly early on to let them know of my experience some months back. I did (and WAS) using brand new Duracells as they suggested, I even checked the battery contact points but my experience with the unit has just gone from bad to worse and I really can't wait to throw the thing away.
    As my pregnancy is only for so long, it seemed like a hassle to wait for a replacement or get it repaired - I purchased my unit in the US via Amazon and we now reside in Hong Kong. My baby seems to either like it/ hate it - he does move around a lot when he hears it so I did want to keep up with the program to see what happens. The device DOES start up when you slap it around a little but not before going beserk at first. The prenatal education system may be a great idea but the unit itself is certainly not well made at all.

    ...more info
  • You have to try it to believe it
    I started the BabyPlus system at 18 weeks gestation and pretty much followed the system religiously up until delivery at 39 weeks. When Juliet was born she entered the world, quiet and alert. Right off the bat she followed a 2.5 - 3 hour schedule. She would cry ONLY when she was hungry. She would awake at night for feedings and go back to sleep immediately. At 6 weeks she began giving us 6 straight hours of sleep. The pediatrician said that it takes maturity for newborns/infants to be able to fast during the night and that it was extremely impressive.

    Juliet is now 8.5 months. She has always been mild mannered, easy going, friendly, happy, active, physically strong, curious and intuitive. The pediatrician indicates that her social interactions and mental and physical capabilities are of that of a child who is at least 3 months her senior.

    She sat unassisted at 6 months, began to clap at 8 months and fully understands what "clap your hands," and "wave" mean and does it on demand. She says "Baba," "Nana," "Moma," and "Dada." She imitates sounds and noises that are directed towards her and thrives on human interaction.

    She has always been an excellent eater, sleeper and all around baby. We will definitely be using BabyPlus again with the next baby. Along with BabyPlus I highly recommend Dr. Harvey's Happiest Baby on the Block as well. We followed those techniques to a T, it made life a lot easier. We are blessed with Juliet and are extremely pleased with the results we've obtained...more info
  • You Owe It To Yourself to Use This Product
    With skepticism, I purchased BabyPlus and used it twice a day from about week 20-week 36 of my pregnancy. From the time she was born, my daughter has been a charming and easy baby and so alert! Typically, she only fusses/cries if she is hungry, tired or not feeling well. If she fusses because she is tired, she quiets instantly when you put her down in her crib with her lovey toy and goes to sleep on her own. As soon as her little tummy was big enough, she started sleeping through the night. She could hold her bottle around 3 months (we have pictures), and, until she could do it consistently, would always try. Smart girl, though, once she learned, she stopped even touching the bottle because she liked having Mommy or Daddy feed her (until recently, at 7-1/2 months, when she has decided she is a big girl and wants to feed herself, in which case she is satisfied only if she is allowed to feed herself without assistance). She held her head up early, sat up early, crawled early, pulled up early, cruised early and is working on standing (if she could balance now, she would be standing) and continues to amaze the doctor with her advanced physical development. She is already saying "Mama" and "Dada" and chatters to herself and us constantly (she has other words we understand but it is so shocking I haven't given her official credit yet). Even the transition to daycare, at 6 months, was a breeze for her. I don't know how much of this behavior is genetic and/or environmental, but I will give BabyPlus some credit, will definitely recommend BabyPlus and will use it much more diligently for my next pregnancy.

    Proud Mom of Baby Girl Born 1/18/2007
    Attorney, Charlotte, North Carolina...more info
  • Amazing baby! Baby Plus or baby's genes?
    I was skeptical about the claims of this product, but as a first time mom I wanted to do everything right. I used it faithfully daily. morning and night. I found the rhythmic tempos calming, but others found it annoying. Well out comes Ethan 9 weeks later with eyes wide open! The nurses were amazed at his alertness! He latched and breastfed immediately, slept through the night at 2 weeks, hardly ever cries, has an excellent attention span, and is observant of everything. We get comments about him all the time regarding how alert and inquisitive he is. Also, he loves music and is especially talented at keeping rhythm. He started playing the bongo drums at 3 months! I don't know if this product is responsible for this wonderful baby or not, but it can't hurt to try it!...more info
  • Not sure if it works
    I was impressed with all the reviews and went ahead and got this product. I used it starting at 18 weeks till the end. I already have a boy and he showed signs of being gifted but he is a high maintenance boy and very moody. So I wanted to try my luck with the second pregnancy. my daughter was very alert and had a score between 9 or 10 at birth. She latched easily. However she was very fussy afterwards and had problems with feeding. She sleeps 3 or 4 hours on a stretch and now she is 3 months and sleeps may be 5 hours. I think not everything is true about this product. Genes and stimulation of your child are the key and not any product....more info
  • Good concept, poorly executed. Cheap, poorly designed harness doesn't fit belly.
    I think the concept is great, but really the device, and especially the pouch, seem like they weren't designed taking into account a pregnant woman's belly shape. The pouch doesn't hold the apparatus up against the belly well and the bottom part kinda floats out in the air, allowing the user to hear the sounds (which get more than a little annoying) much more clearly and loudly, but the baby hears less. We try to use it under a tight shirt, but even so it doesn't fit very well. Let's hope that they can make a new generation to fix this problem....more info
  • Baby Plus
    I am a pediatrician in Indianapolis. I used Baby Plus with my pregnancy faithfully from week 18 until the week I delivered. My 6 month old baby girl is such a calm, alert and social baby. I can't prove with a sample size of 1 that Baby Plus is the reason, but I'm sure it helped! I have friends who have used this system and have had similar outcomes. My partners at work and the OBs I worked with joked with me about my "Baby Bongos", but now I've got them wondering! :) I would recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Product broke within 1 month
    In theory, this seems to be a good product. It worked well for a short while, but for less than 1 month. Then there started being static every time it was used rendering it useless because the whole point of it is to make a rthymic noise. So, basically it stunk!...more info
  • Best head start you can give your baby
    BabyPlus is amazing! I have to say I did not know what to think when a friend recommended the product. I did some research and thought, it can't hurt. If it does half of what the website claims, it will be worth it. Jackson was born 1-18-07. He was wide-eyed and alert at birth, nursed well immediately, self soothed and started sleeping through the night by 10 weeks. He hit all his first year milestones early. For instance he started walking at 9 1/2 months. He is now 13 months old and loves books, entertains himself and has the most laid back personality of any little one I've ever met.
    I am absolutely using BabyPlus with our next pregnancy. ...more info
  • My child is living proof that this product WORKS!!
    My daughter was one of the first babies to experience your product., and she is a living testimonial to the success of your product. Born in 1990, she just graduated high school with an advanced degree and various honors. She is on her way to the University of Hawaii. The best part of your program is that I didn't need to "force" teach her. From birth she demonstrated a love of learning and an
    amazing ability to remember what she had learned. Many things she ended up teaching herself! She surpassed her milestone markers.. talking and walking way earlier than normal. At age 1 if someone asked her "how old are you?" She would shock them by responding - "I'm one, how old are you? " By age 2 she
    could spell her name, knew her ABC's , counted to at least 20 and could even recite the pledge of alliance ! ( I have this all on video tape ). For any parent wondering if they should try this product. I would say YES!! - You owe it to your child. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    My husband and I were very skeptical as many have noted. However, our son is now 5 months old and I have to say his progress had to be assisted by the BabyPlus. We constantly get comments on how strong he is, how alert he is and was since birth, how calm he is and how well he nurses. Our son was even tongue-tied so we struggled with nursing at the beginning, but we were able to get it corrected and he was able to transition easily.Our son sleeps really well and when compared to other babies, even older babies, he can hold his own. Our son also seems very interested in his surroundings, loves music and loves looking at and listening to books. He was able to self-soothe quite early. My mother gave this as a gift to us and I cannot thank her enough. If and when we are blessed with another baby, I will surely use the BabyPlus as I did with our first. Thank you for such a great product....more info
    As soon as I found the Baby Plus system, I knew it was for me. I have
    a degree in Child Development and I own a private school educating
    children from birth to primary grades. I am constantly researching
    ways to stimulate development. It makes total sense to start that
    stimulation in the womb while the brain is developing! I used the Baby
    Plus system faithfully from 18 weeks on. And like others, I also
    endured constant questioning from skeptic. I'm sure they feel silly
    now!! My daughter turned 17 months old today and she is by far the
    brightest child of her age that I have ever known. And that is saying
    a lot!

    Directly after birth she was alert and tracking voices. She would even
    turn her head to follow my husband! She has met every milestone very
    early. She said her first words at 4 months. She was talking in
    sentences by 10 months. Now, at seventeen months she knows the names
    of all 80 children at our school. She can identify letters and can
    even write "M"s and "A"s. She can identify and sort by colors. She
    sings full songs. She can count to 10. She has always been extremely
    friendly and outgoing. At 15 months she had COMPLETED all of her 2
    year milestones.

    I will continue to recommend Baby Plus to every expectant mother I
    meet. And to all the baby plus parents out there... don't
    underestimate what your child can do! Provide them with every
    experience possible and they will continuously surprise you!

    BS Child Development, Preschool/Primary School Owner/Director, and
    proud Parent!!!!!!!...more info
  • Awesome Customer Service
    First off, I have not had my child yet and I am only on the 4th lesson, but I can say that Baby Plus has wonderful customer service. After only a few days of use the display had messed up to the point that I could not tell by looking, what lesson I was using. I contacted Baby Plus and they sent me a new machine right away. They were extreamely friendly and very easy to deal with.

    It is a little more difficult than I expected to find an hour every morning and every evening, but I take it to work with me and do it there in the mornings while I'm sitting at my desk. I have been known to fall asleep in the evenings with it on.

    The baby kicks and wiggles so much when I wear it, it's almost worth doing just for that!

    Enjoy ladies, this was a wonderful purchase and extreamely easy to use! ...more info
  • Super satisfied . . . I believe in the results!
    I can't say definitively that we have the best-adjusted babies because of our use of BabyPlus, but I am a believer. I used the BabyPlus for the entire program during pregnancy and additionally found it to be a great time to bond with my babies. Our 6 month old triplet girls have been through-the-night sleepers since the girls reached the goal weight set by our doctor to stop doing the middle of the night feedings. (Pretty awesome to be able to say about triplets.) Over and over our visitors comment on how peaceful the girls are -- my mother-in-law is a big one on "this is really not typical behavior" -- the BabyPlus is my secret ingredient in making awesome babies!!
    ...more info
  • Get this!!! It is worth the time and money!
    I am a first time mom of a 5 month old. We waited a long time to have our little guy and wanted to do all we could to get him started in the best way we could. We read about this product in a book and decided to give it a try...for $150 you might as well give it a try. I wore it religiously for the entire recommended time. Yes, it is time wear it twice a day for an hour each time. I have to admit that at times I would get sick of the knocking but after awhile you really just get used to it and don't hear it. With he cloth pouch it is easy to just wear it to bed at night...sometimes the noise puts you to sleep! It is worth the effort.

    I must also admit that we were skeptical (even though we did buy the produc) to see if we really noticed any differences. The following is an honest review of what we have seen so far in his 5 months:

    - NOW he is sleeping great! Keep in mind we do cosleep, that said he is a great sleeper and napper only waking to eat. He is content when laying in bed to just look around and hardly cries at all. I say NOW because he did not sleep well when we first got him home and would not sleep alone at all...hence the cosleeping. So, I don't know if the babies plus is contributing to his great sleeping now or the cosleeping but whatever it is it is working like a charm!

    - He is very alert. Even at 5 months you can see him concentrating on things around him and taking it in. Strangers always comment on how alert he is.

    - He is very very mild mannered. He only cries when he is hungry or tired and is quickly calmed. He is happy to play or swing most of the day. I get comments literally everyday when we are out at how mild mannered and "good" he is.

    - He loves music...all forms. He loves when mommy and daddy sing to him and he always stops what he's doing and pays attention. He loves music on the radio. He is calmed to quickly by music or singing.

    I don't have much to say about milestones yet since he is only 5 months...but will let you know. We highly recommend this product. The more time that goes on and the older he gets the more we see the effects of this awesome product! ...more info
  • hoping for the best
    At first, when I heard about this product, I was a bit skeptical of all it was cracked up to be. However, it does seem to have a lot of positive reviews from users, and the principle behind it seems valid, so we thought we'd give it a shot. My husband did bring up a good question... Could the advanced development of some of these babies have as much or more to do with the fact that the typical demographic of the parents is perhaps more affluent and educated than the folks who haven't shelled out $150 for such an item, and have such an interest in their baby's development...?

    Nevertheless, we feel that if it gives our baby even a slight edge, it will be well worth the investment. I started using this at the 23rd week of my pregnancy, and have been using it for nearly 2 weeks. The sound of the machine was a little distracting at first, but I've gotten used to it, and have incorporated it into my daily routine. My baby always responds to the sounds, and already seems to be "tapping along" from time to time. He is more active during the times when the Babyplus lesson is being administered.

    I will report back at a later date and give my opinion of how well this product holds up over time, and if it seems to have had an impact on our child.

    UPDATE - January 31, 2008: My son was born on November 23rd. From birth, he possessed complete head control. He has been trying to crawl with some success since he was 1 month old (!), and exhibiting signs of being well beyond most of the developmental milestones from his age. I don't know how much really has to do with use of the BabyPlus, but I have to wonder if its use was a contributing factor...?...more info
  • Wow! Noticed a difference already!!!!!
    While staying out of town at a hotel in Arlington, Va on a business trip, I met this family who had the most fascinating little girl (10 months) I had ever met. I'm not a expert child psychologist, but right off the bat I could tell that she was different. Her temperament was one of inquisitiveness, extremely alert, and very active. Normally, when meeting babies for the first time they are shy, and never display "all" of the positive effects of BabyPlus. She wasn't even a year old and her level of alertness, activity, cognitive thinking, and everything else was on a totally different level! I was amused, and amazing.

    After seeing her around for about a week in the lobby, I finally knew for a fact that this child didn't just get that way on her own, I decided to ask her mother if she had did anything special during pregnancy or after to birth to have such a delightful child. She didn't mention BabyPlus for lack of memory, but she did mention a system that she had used before the baby was born that promoted those kind of behaviors in a child. Well, I became pregnant only about 1 1/2 months later, and boy did I go digging and doing research on baby systems because I wanted to make sure my baby exhibited those same kinds of skills and positive behaviors at a young age. So, I found BabyPlus. It's the "only" system of its kind that can be used before birth that offer such positive effects.

    As I read about BabyPlus, everything about it described that little child I'd met. So, I bought it. I've been using it for about a week now, and I've already noticed a difference in activity within my womb (it's increaseed). I've even noticed stronger kicks! Ouch!!!! Normally, her kicks are sporadic.....but after using babyplus, I even felt her kick 4 times in rythym. She's never done that before either. BabyPlus says it strengthens the baby's cognitive thinking, because the baby actually starts to predict, and in my case even imitate the sounds. How AWESOME is that!!!!! Even the X-ray technician during my doctor's visit told me that we don't give enough credit to babies or realize how smart they are. So, she wanted to demonstrate an example. She poked my stomach with her index finger, while we were X-raying the baby. Shockingly, the baby poked the same spot back with her hand (2 times!!!!). Now how amazing is that. I never knew a baby was that smart, or even had the ability to comprehend that much at only 5 months old. And that little incident happened about a week "before" buying BabyPlus.

    I'd sacrifice, or invest anything I had to to make sure my baby had the best chances in life. I encourage all mothers out there to try it. It can't do any harm, and it's really worth the investment. I've noticed a big difference after only using it for a week, so I imagine the effects after using it for another 15 weeks!!!!
    ...more info
  • Worth every penny!!!
    My daughter is only one week old, and I am absolutely sure that this product is amazing. She nursed immediately after birth with practically no help, she has slept 6 hours through the night since we have been home from the hospital, only cries when she needs something, and is very alert. This might sound crazy, but while in the hospital she had bad jaundice and needed to be supplemented with formula, and she grabbed her bottle and was holding it with both hands. She kept it like that long enough for me to grab my camera phone next to me and snap a shot. I really think this product is great and am so glad I used it. I can't wait to see what is next to come!! It is definetly worth the time and money!!!...more info
  • Preemie baby came out exceptionally well
    I've used the education system starting at 17 weeks (at least once a day). My baby came out at only 33 weeks, but he did exceptionally well. As soon as he came out, he cried on his own. Minutes later, he was calm, alert, and breathing on his own. All the nurses and doctors was shocked to see how alert he was, because he would turn his head towards you as you are talking. He stayed in the NICU for only 2 weeks. When he came home, he rarely cries. He is only 2 months old now, he will show you signs that he is hungry/needing his diaper changed. We are really happy with this product. ...more info
  • BabyPlus WORKS!
    I heard about BabyPlus in a FitPregnancy Magazine when I was about 6-8 weeks along with our first child and decided to give it a try. My mother bought it for me (and the baby!) as my birthday gift and I began using it at 18 weeks. I must say that I am so very pleased with the product! Our beautiful baby boy is now 10 weeks old and a day never goes by that someone doesn't comment on how alert he is for his age. At 3 MINUTES old the doctor handed him to me; when my husband spoke, he turned his head completely around to look for his daddy!! He watches BabyFirst TV for 45-60 minutes if I let him, and will squeal and kick as the colors and pictures change! He has never been a crier either! He only cries when hungry or needs his diaper changed! I have been told by many people that he is the most content infant that they have ever been around. As an occupational therapist I have been very watchful of his milestones and have been pleased to find that he has reached ALL of them ahead of schedule. It seems that he started learning early and has thrived since being born. I truly feel that BabyPlus played a huge role in his calm demeanor, alertness, and quick learning. In utero, he enjoyed the lessons and would move along with the beats and from birth he has been an absolute angel!! I would recommend this product to anyone! I am already planning to use it with our next child!

    ...more info
  • don't buy it! genuine review
    I am very dissapointed - have used this product as directed, two hs a day until delivery. My baby is now 2 months and VERY fussy. She is just a normal baby, developmentally speaking. Not worth the money. ...more info
  • Using it again with Baby #2
    I used this product faithfully since I was 17 weeks pregnant with my son who is now 19 months old. Baby Plus does not guarantee results, however, I have had similar results with my son as other users have. Caden was extreemly alert from day one. He was born with eyes and palms both open and hardly cried. He nursed well from day one and has always been extreemly interactive with others at a very young age. He reached most milestones slightly earlier, but is very smart and speaks very well for a 19 month old boy. He is very creative, has an amazing imagination, keeps himself entertained, is independent, is amazing at anything sports related, yet is also very careful... The only thing that didn't seem to "work" with Baby Plus, was Caden was a horrible sleeper through the first 6 weeks and would still wake up to nurse at least 2-3 times a night until 14 months.... some of that is normal anyways, and some I'm sure I could have stopped before 14 months too.

    My cousin used this also for her baby who is now 12 months old and has had very similar results. While this may be just coincidence, and I have been blessed with a very special child, I am using Baby Plus with my second pregnancy....more info
  • best investment on a baby ever!
    my baby is only a week old. he is such a wonderful baby, calm, alert, and already showed signs of being ahead of milestones. he can hold his head up, even hold his fooler sometimes. it was amazing. ...more info
    What an utter waste of money! I plan on returning it ASAP. I even called the customer service number and complained - the "inventor" called me back (which was nice) and left this long, detailed message proclaiming the "benefits" of and "science" behind it. He referred me to his web page, stating that there were scientific, peer reviewed articles there. I am a physician (hence I should have known better than to buy this, shame on me) and there was only one article from an actual medical publication...and it is from some obscure journal and was written by him! There is absolutely NO objective data that this is nothing but a big waste of money.
    While I was waiting for the package to arrive, I had visions of my daughter being accepted to Yale at age 10, playing Beethoven and Bach at the age of 3, etc :)) But when the package arrived and my husband put batteries in, I thought there was a defect with the product. There was this horrible rattle eminating from it...kind of like a very slow dentist drill. Hence what prompted my call to customer service. No, indeed it was not a's supposed to make that rattle...and the 16 "lessons" ... just speeding up the horrible drilling sound so you actually feel like you are at the dentist...getting a root canal...without novicaine.
    So, save your money and buy something actually useful; toilet paper, deoderant...anything would be more useful for your baby than this!...more info
  • We're Amazed
    I have to admit, I was rather skeptical when I found out about this product but after reading at length about it, we decided to give it a shot. We figured - it couldn't hurt. I'll be honest, it was a bit of a burdon to remember to use this twice a day for an hour each, but I did it faithfully and I believe this made a difference in our baby. In the "What To Expect..." book for the baby's first year, there are charts that say "will probably be able to", "may even be able to", and "may possibly be able to" by month and so far, our four month old regularly achieves most of the "may possibly be able to" every month - she's advanced in so many ways (trying to stay objective here). At birth, the delivery staff all commented how amazed at how aware she was of her surroundings. Within two weeks of birth, she was able to hold her head up steadily, she could bear weight on her legs and is a very calm & incredibly smiley baby. She almost never fusses except when she's hungry and only then it's for a few moments. She's a great sleeper also. My OBGYN isn't so sure without a slew of scientific "double blind tests" and I'm glad he's so skeptical (it's his job to be). We don't know what else to attribute our happy little one's achievements toward except this product, mixed with some good blessings. I recommend this product to all my friends and family members and to you as well....more info
  • Waste of Money - kids learn & hear without something strapped to your belly.

    My problem with this product is with the use of the words "curriculum" & "lessons" in regard to a fetus. Hello? Aren't kids forced into planned formal education early enough? It's bad enough we don't just let them learn through play when they're toddlers & preschoolers, but now we're starting before they're even born? Slightly ridiculous if you ask me. My husband laughed out loud when he saw this product, as did everyone who has been to our house and had it thrust upon them for their opinion. According to the press information, "The rhythm of the sounds increases incrementally as the pregnancy progresses. The BabyPlus sonic pattern introduces your child to a sequential learning process, built upon the natural rhythms of their own environment." It's supposed to help them distinguish between the sounds of the mothers heart and other sounds, thus giving the "learning process" a jump start. Doesn't hearing the mother's heartbeat in contrast to kids playing, the television blaring & the dishwasher rumbling do the same thing? Why does everything have to be "scientific?" (Which, I'm sure you know, means absolutely nothing.) (And, I have to disclose, my first degree was in psychology with a strong emphasis in both brain plasticity and child development so I do kind of know what I'm talking about.

    "The BabyPlus lessons are designed to be played for 1 hour twice a day." Do you have two spare hours on your hands to sit with this thing around your belly? Perhaps if you're in your first pregnancy, but certainly not if you have more children to parent. And if you're a working parent I beg you - please do not wear this thing in public. You'll look like a moron. (And it's not all that comfortable either.)

    "BabyPlus is not a toy -- it is a profound educational tool, and the first step in your child's lifelong cognitive development." What scares me about products like this is that they (a) can make a less confident or less educated parent spend their hard earned money on something that's not necessary or (b) can make parents who can't afford it feel like their child is going to be missing out on something important (which they certainly are not). The entire prenatal/baby IQ increasing industry is a joke. And not a funny one. It makes me sad. By the way, BabyPlus is $149 USD. Think of what else you could buy with that.

    The tagline for the BabyPlus system is "You're never too young to learn. (In fact, you don't even have to be born!)" We wholeheartedly agree with this, but would add "It happens naturally. Don't waste your money or your time on propaganda that tries, hopefully unsuccessfully, to make you feel like you're cheating your child if you don't buy it. All your child really needs is your love, your respect and your time."...more info
    good product i used it while i was pregnant with my daughter. she was a month early so i didn't get to finish all the steps. she is 4 months old now and she is right in line with all the other babies. she can roll over and make all sorts of funny noises can hold her head up strong. she is not behind at all even though she was early. the only problem was my husband hated how loud it was. i would put it on at night before bed and in the morning. he called it the THUMPER. :) ...more info
  • The amazing Baby Plus!
    I used this product with our first child. He not only arrived ahead of schedule, but came out talking vs. crying, was a great nurser (gained only! never lost) was an alert baby (got a 10 apgar score) This is an amazing system that has proved all it's claims to be true. Our child is alert, smart and inquisitive. My own personal opinion is that this product is also instrumental in encouraging the baby in a head down position when worn low. I did so with our first and he was head down from week 24 on...never turned! I am currently wearing it again with this pregnancy and am excited to see the results again! Thank you Baby Plus for an exceptional product!...more info
  • Did Not Work For Us
    My sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time. Her baby was born a month ahead of mine. We both started the Baby Plus system at the recommended time and did it religiously until birth.

    Both of our kids are very high-maintenence, moody, almost colicky kids! My daughter is now 4 months old and hers is 5 months old. We report back and forth that they don't sleep well and they cry A LOT. At this report, my daughter is up almost every hour at night!

    On the plus side, they were both born very alert. A lot of people have commented on how alert my daughter is and how she can focus and pay attention to things. She also had excellent head control and is advanced in her "milestones". I don't attribute it to the Baby Plus system, though. I just think she has good genes.

    I cannot say for sure that the Baby Plus system has caused our babies to be so high maintenence but it sure did not help them not to be!

    My daughter is now 16 months old and she finally slept through the night at 14 months. She is very easily bored and needs constant stimulation. She's very alert, though, but I would not say she is a genius or anything like that. I would not use this again on my second child....more info
  • Babies first learning session
    This is our first child it's hard to actually determine how much success this product has placed on our baby due to not knowing the outcome yet since our child is not yet born. This product is a bit on the loud side, but we have learned to deal with it and use Babyplus when it will not distract us. The only other concern, the orginal strap that comes with the Babyplus product is extremely small (size of strap was not available when ordered)for a pregnant woman and it would be helpful if there was different sizes available for woman of all different sizes. We found out the hard way after receiving the product I had to go back and re-order the comfort strap and wait for it to arrive prior before we could get started using this product. Other than these concerns time will tell how well this product works. I would recommend trying this product though, I feel that every child in this world deserves only the best from the very start of life....more info
  • Fantastic product
    Thank you Baby Plus for creating this fantastic product. A friend recommended it to me when I was pregnant with my third child. It was really easy to use and once I had it positioned properly it was comfortable. My little boy is now 3 months old and he is the most contented and alert little angel. He is much calmer than my older two boys were at this age. I am so happy my friend told me about it. I will definitely be using it when I am pregnant with number 4!!! This is a must for any pregnancy....more info
  • My daughter was born with hearing loss after using this product
    Starting at around 30 weeks, I used the BabyPlus system as directed. My daughter was in a breached position (head up), with her left ear facing my outer stomach for most of the pregnancy. Due to her positioning, the BabyPlus system was playing primarily into her left ear. She was born on July 16th (2008), with permanent (moderate - possibly moderate to severe) sensorineural hearing loss in her left ear. This type of hearing loss is mainly "..due to poor hair cell function. The hair cells may be abnormal at birth...There are both external causes of damage, like noise trauma ..." My husband's family and my family do not have any history of hearing loss. Needless to say, we're in shock. Our daughter will be wearing a hearing aid for the rest of her life - starting now, at 4 months old. I cannot guarantee that the hearing loss was caused by this product; but, this seems like too much of a coincidence. I regret using this product and would like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience. I could not keep a clear conscience, if I did not post this warning....more info
  • Baby Plus give it a try!
    I was skeptical when I first heard about this product, but figured it was worth a try. I used it as directed from 18 weeks to delivery at 36 weeks. I was not disappointed. From the day my son was born he has been alert, happy and interested in his surroundings. He has consistently slept through the night since 6 weeks. At 4 months, when I returned to work and he started at daycare, he continued to be happy and alert. My daycare provider is amazed as she has not heard him cry once in the 2 months he has been there. My first son was also quite happy, so this could be just "dumb luck". I have no proof that Baby Plus made the difference, but I have to agree with the majority of positive reviews. ...more info
  • The best early learning
    Being in the field of developmental psychology, when I learned of the Babyplus system, I knew the potential benefits it could provide my unborn child. I have since been astounded by the degree to which, I believe, it has impacted my now four-year-old son, Nathaniel. When he was born and placed immediately on my belly, he instantly raised his head up and stared directly into my eyes and then into his fathers'. He did that about three times and, knowing how difficult that would be for a newborn, we were amazed.

    He was incredibly aware of his surroundings and developed both perceptual and physical skills very early. He walked the very first week of his eighth month. At 10 months, he had a list of words too long to remember and was creating two to three word sentences by one year. By 18 months, he was easily constructing 45 piece puzzles on his own. To this day people consistently comment on his advanced level of language and social skills.

    I am now 18 weeks pregnant with my second child and starting the Babyplus system once more. The first day that I used it, I felt an immediate responsiveness in the baby--she was kicking so much all day!

    My husband is an author in the field of performance nutrition and fitness and we are both very aware of the benefits of creating the healthiest of environments for our children. The environment in the womb seems a natural place to begin bringing awareness to all of the subtle stimuli that impact physical and emotional conditions, as well as the developing infrastructure of the brain. We are very thankful for the Babyplus system for helping our little ones get the best possible advantage!

    Thank you,
    Angie & Shawn Phillips
    Morrison, Colorado
    Phillips Performance Nutrition
    [...]...more info
  • No doubts at all - I am a believer!
    I have no doubts about this product. There are several BabyPlus babies in my own family, including my own baby, so I have seen first-hand the amazing results from using this product. The box says it all - babies nurse more easily, self-soothe, are more interactive and responsive, and are very relaxed and alert at birth. Doctors and nurses alike commented about my daughter's open eyes and hands in the delivery room! Keep in mind I have seen this first-hand(many times)in my own family!...more info
  • Baby Plus Works!
    September 22, 2008

    I received Baby Plus when I was six months pregnant as a gift from my sister-in-law who markets your product out of Decatur, Illinois. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and had never heard of Baby Plus before receiving it. Now I see it in all the maternity stores.

    I highly recommend your product. My daughter was born in February of 2008, and she was very advanced from the beginning. I had a long and complicated labor and eventually had a Cesarean Section which was extremely tiring. My daughter had to endure all of this as well. With that in mind, no one could believe how alert she was at delivery. She was wide awake for hours and lifted her head up immediately. She was very strong. She has done everything very early. She could roll over at three months, began crawling at four months, pulled herself to standing and began holding on to the couch to walk at five months, and stood unassisted at six months. She just turned seven months, and I believe walking is going to happen soon. People have always commented on how alert and bright she is. She is and always has been a very good baby. She is very responsive, interactive, and calm. She slept through the night for the first time at ten days old and has continued this streak since then.

    I believe a huge part of her intelligence, mental, and physical advancements are due to Baby Plus. I would highly recommend your product to any pregnant friends and family members. Thank you for Baby Plus.

    Allison Marshall...more info
  • Waste of money and could be dangerous
    I used this product while pregnant as recommended for an hour a day and it has not helped my child in any way. He is now 6 months old and gets aggitated very easily. I have heard from other developmental psychologists who say that this product could actually hurt his later learning ability because it is irritating to hear when you are trying to sleep. It does not sound like a heart beat at all. Don't buy into the hype!!!...more info
  • I would use BabyPlus again
    When I was pregnant 2 years ago, you sent me a Baby Plus to use.
    You asked me to write a review after Ella was born, and the truth is I had not used the Baby Plus, but not as faithfully as the instructions suggest. Additionally I felt that Ella was too young for me to see any verifiable results. She is now almost 20 months old, and talks a lot more than many children her age. Her language skills are exceptional (or so I am told) for a child so young. She also has a decent attention span which seems unusual for a 20-month-old! I am now pregnant with our second child. Though I am not sure there is anyway to prove that Baby Plus is the reason that Ella seems to be progressing so well with her language and development, I will definitely use the Baby Plus with this second pregnancy! Even though I didn't use it as much as I intended to with Ella, I don't want to take the chance of not using it on this next baby....more info
  • Fabulous idea!
    I am so grateful for this product. It was worth every penny! My son, Colin William was born 7-20-06 and he is a true gift. His personality is stellar and people always stop and comment on what a delight he is. Also, he is very musical and learns extremely fast. He "reads" books and turns the pages and makes up words just like my 5 year old Kindergarten students do! He is saying words like "blueberry" and "hot potato" already at 14 months.....just amazing! My husband and I will be using BabyPlus when we have another child, for sure!!!
    ...more info

    I have used BabyPlus with THREE babies (currently using with my third) and have seen amazing results. The descriptions on their site are right on as to what I have experienced - the babies have all been very peaceful, calm and content. To further back this up, my sisters and sister-in-laws have used BabyPlus for their children -- totaling EIGHT more children and all have had the same results. I HIGHLY recommend this product as a small insurance policy to those who want a happy infant! Even the way the babies were born was exactly the way as described in the reviews section... very calm, with hands open and just observing. So much so, that doctors have commented as to how peaceful the babies were immediately following birth. It really is quite amazing. The nurses actually have to work quite hard to get my babies to cry after birth. Is this BabyPlus or genetics... I don't know but it is wonderful.
    I have witnessed this with two other BabyPlus births as well.
    If it is too loud, then put a pillow over your tummy to quiet it a bit. You will get used to it, I promise. My husband used to complain but now it seems to lull him right to sleep AND he knows the great benefits of using it so he will ask me at night to go get the BabyPlus and turn it on.
    Again, I am telling you this as this pregnancy will be the 11th child in my family to be a BabyPlus baby - no colic, great sleepers, even better nursers from the start and so calm and content. The eldest BabyPlus baby is now 10 years old and is showing above average intelligence level... so, it doesn't hurt to try it. I think if you do, you will find too that BabyPlus is on to something....more info
  • I actually used BabyPlus! Babyplus is wonderful!
    I am looking at all these reviews, and I am a little surprised, actually. I would think you would have to use a product to write a review. Anyway, this product is wonderful! I used it with my fourth child (she is now 8 years old), so I have a true comparison in my own house. (although we are careful not to make too much of that!!!) She fascinates me daily. She taught herself to read when she was four, her teachers comment on her math skills, she questions her older siblings on their school subjects(including 10th grade Honors Chemistry), her fine and gross motor skills are always above others her age...truly incredible! I also have several nieces and nephews who have benefited from BabyPlus - it is my "go-to" baby shower gift. My husband's cousin just had her baby, and she is alert, a GREAT sleeper - another awesome BabyPlus baby! This product meets and exceeds every expectation....more info
  • New to Baby Plus
    Hi everyone. I am not writing a review as such because I am only using the Baby Plus System at the moment for the first time. I am currently up to lesson 6 and must say that ever since I started using it (at 16 weeks although it is recommended to start at 18) I have always felt a lot of movement and energy coming from my son. Sometimes it feels as though he is moving in rhythm with the actual beats! Myself and my fiance are both very curious to discover if our child does indeed become a fast learner. Many people may comment on how loud it is, and they are right because at times is can be a pain. But I find that if used during quiet periods (such as just before you get out of bed - this is when I personally feel the most movement) the sound can actually be quite soothing - like an old grandfather clock or something. And, after all, a relaxed mummy is a relaxed baby :)...more info
  • Unknown Outcome
    I purchased this product based on what other people have said about the outcome of the results. I find the instrument to be too loud and I wonder if it is scaring the baby more than it is suppose to help the baby develop. Since I am 8 mos pregnant and have been using this product for 6 weeks so far, making sure I make the time 2x a day at the same time can be challenging at times. In the beginning the baby moves a little but I find that it puts her to sleep, which might not be a bad thing because I can use it when she is born to help her relax to sleep. It makes me want to sleep too. Since it is too premature to say if it does everything it claims to, I can't give it 5 stars....more info
  • Bright and alert
    Baby Plus Prenatal Education System

    I am a mother of 4 children. I used Baby Plus during each of my pregnancies. I found Baby Plus to be a wonderful product and I truly believe it benefited each of my children. I had wonderful delivery experience with all my children, all had top apgar scores right away and were extrememly alert. Our nurses commented with each of our children how responsive and calm they were. In addition, I got many comments regarding how lucky I was that my children all nursed very effectivly right away.

    In addition to this, my first child, a boy, was 7 weeks early. He recieved the same comments our other children received even with his early arrival. He was never intibated, no apnea, and never had any complications with the exception of a little jaundice. He was released from the hospital within 9 days which was amazing. Baby Plus does not make claims to help when baby's are premature, but I do believe its use made a difference.

    The product is really easy to use. It does not interfere with your day and the benefits can be incredible.

    ...more info
  • BabyPlus Prenatal Education System
    I purchased the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System before my second trimester of pregnancy. I began using it at week 18 and consistently used it throughout my pregnancy. My baby would kick during and after each session. When I delivered she was very alert and rarely cried. She only cried when she was hungry. At one week she began tracking and reaching for the toys on her swing. At 7 weeks she rolled over and began actively watching infant educational programs. At 8 weeks she slept through the night. At 10 weeks she could sit upright with little assistance. At 11 weeks she would try to stand up while being burped and began cooing often. At 12 weeks she will take turns cooing with other people. Her pediatrician said at her 2 month appt. that she has excellent head and neck control for her age. She plays with her doll at 13 weeks and recognizes simple words. I am a teacher in Alabama and highly recommend this product to all expectant mothers. I believe my child is advanced due to its use and look forward to the future. ...more info
  • amazing product -
    I can't believe all the comments from "experts" who have never even used the BabyPlus. I used it and so did many of my friends. I did quite a bit of research on and off the BabyPlus website. All the scientific data is there if you look. Just click on the Science tab. It's all there, including tech papers. I also found a study at this link [..]It showed that a baby in utero can and does learn. They used simple sounds as well.

    I am so glad that my child was enriched with the BabyPlus. In my case and in the case of my friends who used it, There were constant comments from doctors and nurses about how amazed they were by the babyplus baby vs. the other babies in the nursery. My son continues to excell, is content and agreeable. A very easy child to be with. I know it can't all be genetic because both my husband and I are very high energy. Grandparents compare their other grandchildren to my child and can't believe it. They give BabyPlus as a gift to all upcomming grandchildren.

    [...]...more info
  • Does it work?
    The thing about BabyPlus is I don't think that there is any way to tell if your child was helped by this machine. What I do know is this- my child is a very easy going, and smart child. He spoke early, and clearly. People have stopped me on the street since he was a year old because they could not believe how well he spoke. Now, at age 3, he has proven himself to be a great problem solver. If I ever have another child, I will definitely use BabyPlus again....more info


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