Kool Zone Personal Space Air Cooler

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This Personal Space air cooler uses a patented water-cooling technology that passes air over water. It will drop the temperature by at least 12 degrees and direct it out into a room - up to 7' away. It is a great supplement to air conditioning systems without the noise and distracting breeze of a fan. Just fill with water and it will run for up to 10 hours. The Super-Size air cooler will cool nearly twice as large an area. Size for regular: 10-1/2"Hx11-1/4"Wx9-1/4"D. Super Size: 12 1/2"Hx21 1/4"W.

Customer Reviews:
  • This "air cooler" is a joke! Don't waste your money!!!
    This is nothing more than a tiny humidifier. It doesn't cool the air even if you stick your face right in it. Any fan would do more than this. It was a total waste of money....more info