Weil Nutritional Daily Multivitamin for Optimum Health, Tablets, 180-Count Bottle

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Product Description

Daily Multivitamin for Optimum Health by Weil Nutritional - 180 Tablets

  • One bottle containing 180 multivitamin tablets
  • With flavonoids, B vitamins including folic acid, choline, and inositol, and several important minerals
  • Provides a full complement of vitamins and trace minerals necessary to support daily metabolic processes
  • Made by manufacturer who meets Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Includes no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavorings

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, I guess??
    I ordered the Weil Multi-vits as an alternative to the vitamins I was previously using. I can't say I feel any better, worse or different than before. They seem like a good value and Dr. Weil has a good reputation so I figured I would give them a try. ...more info
  • Best you can get
    A friend told me about this several years ago, and said I had to try it. I was very skeptical, as I was taking a multi vitamin from a name brand company. I lost a bet with him, and the price I had to pay was to try Weil Nutritionals out. I did, and since then have felt better than I did before taking it. With the off the shelf drug store stuff, that I had been taking, I was always felling run down, and getting sick. My wife started taking Weil Nutritionals too, and has quit taking the women's nutritional products from other companies. I do not know what Dr. Weil does that they do not, but truly does seem to be a better product. The Amazon price is WAY better than my local health foods store too....more info
  • Large pills; made me sick to my stomach
    I had read the previous reviews before purchasing the vitamins so I was prepared for the large size of the pills. They also have the awful natural vitamin smell. Because they contained such a great combination for a multi vitamin, I was going to overlook those two deficiences.

    However, these vitamins made me throw up or get extremely nauseous three different times so I have now given up on the pills. ...more info
  • Hard to swallow!
    Weil Nutritional Daily Multivitamin for Optimum Health, Tablets, 180-Count Bottle December 11,2007 Beware, the individual tablet is way too huge to swallow comfortably; give this warning due consideration before jumping into buying this product. I broke the tablet into many pieces, but they are still unswallowable; I shall have to dissolve it in water and drink the whole content. By way of comparison,I am able to swallow Centrum Silver tablets easily. Very disappointing; if possible I would like to return the product....more info
  • Best Multivitamin
    We have used Dr. Weil's Daily Multivitamin for a number of years. It's the best product available. ...more info
  • Trusted product
    I respect Dr. Weil and trust this product with his name on it. It is a great multi-vitamin and doesn't create the nausea that I've experienced with some vitamins...even if I don't take it with food. While I'm not certain, I suspect these may be made with vegetable concentrates because sometimes a while after taking one I have a small burp that tastes like I just ate a nice, big salad. This is not a problem, and when it happens it is just a VERY small reminder that I've done something good for myself. ...more info
  • These seem to have helped my general health
    I am a fan of Dr. Weil and have read his book on healthy aging. I started looking around for a multivitamin and decided that his would be the best bet. I have been taking them now for about a year and recently had a physical exam where all of my lab numbers were perfect. They were even better than last year. I only take a little medication for blood pressure which has run a little high even with the prescription meds. My BP is now much lower and is well below my previous readings. I take a few other supplements.
    The doctor was very pleased and told me not to change anything in my routine. I am a 67 year old male.
    I don't know whether to attribute it all to Dr. Weil's multivitamins, but I am pleased.
    I tried looking for a similar product locally using the bottle and book as a guide, but got thoroughly confused. So, I decided to stay with what works....more info
  • GULP !
    I purchased these vitamin pills because they were the best value to be had here on Amazon. While there is no guarantee as to what they actually contain, the information on the outside of the bottle claims that they are jam-packed with vitams & minerals.
    They only problem is getting them down. You see, thay are BIG. And I actually took the time to measure them.
    Size: 7/8 x 3/8 Seven eights of an inch is just about an inch! At first I was having problems because I was drinking water with the pill in my mouth and waiting too-long to gulp it down. That is not a good thing to do because the longer you keep in in your mouth the more the coating dissolves and then the pill becomes bone-dry.
    But I have resolved to finish all 180 tablets. The best thing to do is... Wait until your thirsty, pop it in your mouth, then drink water and gulp it down fast withhout concentrating too much on the pill.
    And, if you can, try to align the tablet with your tongue so that it points straight down and not sideways.
    Good luck !...more info
  • Some Concerns
    While I don't think this multivitamin is bad overall, I do have some concerens.

    First, the vitamin is extremely hard to swallow. I nearly choked a couple of times trying to get it down. Another reader claims that shouldn't be a criticism. Well, I disagree.

    Second, [...], an independent company that tests nutrional supplements found problems with the ingredients, namely that the vitamins contain only 73% of the vitamin A that is on the label, and, due to a binding agent used, there is actually 251% of its claimed 60 mg of calcium. Whether these problems have been corrected, I do not know.

    Nonetheless, I think these vitamins are decent overall, although I have ethical issues with how Dr. Weil shamelessly promotes his own products on his Web site, especially with his "vitamin advisor," which recommends the same amount of stuff to take regardless of your input.

    Update: Based on the recent tests by Consumerlab.com, it appears that the issues I mentioned above have been resolved....more info
  • Excellent product, a little hard to get down
    I really love these vitamins. I sincerely believe that they have helped my overall health and particularly my mood (I think it's the high amount of B-vitamins in the product). They are HUGE, a bit hard to get down, a few times I thought I might choke on them, so you need to have a hearty swallow to take these. ...more info
  • shipping charges
    Weil Nutritional Daily Multivitamin for Optimum Health, Tablets, 180-Count Bottle

    I ordered 2 bottles of the vitamins to be shipped together, but was charged 2 shipping charges making the online purchase much less attractive....more info
  • Excellent Product
    A great vitamin with a good deal of science behind it. Fits the recommendation in his book "8 Weeks to Optimum Health" - read the book to find the science behind this supplement...more info
  • You've got to be kidding me...they're huge!
    I had read the other reviews before buying these vitamins. We have been using the Weil Daily Vitamin Packs which are much more expensive and this bottle is cheaper and I couldn't imagine the pills were that big but they are! Unless you are a pill swallowing champion, I recommend the Daily Packs. They are excellent quality and are easier to swallow....more info
  • Keep well with Dr. Weil!
    Andrew Weil, M.D., developer and promoter of this product, is a remarkable man who wrote a best-selling book titled "8 Weeks to Optimum Health." I read that book and was determined to follow his health regimen. I did very well with the daily breathing exercises, ate my broccoli and treasured my walks along the Esplanade in Capitola. There was more to the program, but those are the ones I recall off-hand. Obviously, I failed to stick with it through the years but I continued some of his healthy suggestions. I felt better when following his suggested regimen, but human nature being what it is, I lapsed back to some of my old, unhealthy habits.

    But this review is not about the book, it's about Weil Nutritional Daily Multivitamin for Optimum Health, Tablets, 180-Count Bottle, just one of many health products that bear his well-known name: Weil Nutritionals.

    To fill in the nutritional gaps in my daily diet I've been taking Centrum-Silver vitamins for years. I was thinking of switching to the new Centrum-Cardio when a friend told me about Dr. Weil's products. She said she's been using these vitamins for over a year and never felt better. That should have been enough for me because of Weil's stellar reputation, but having been misled by other products claiming to "do this or that" and failing to come through with expected results, I had to have further testimony.

    Quite naturally, I turned to Amazon reviewers' opinions. Truthfully, there were only six reviews: three people gave the product five-stars, two, four stars and one gave it one star, and that had nothing to do with the health benefits, but rather that the pill was large and hard to swallow. Well, that wasn't much help, was it?

    That's when I decided to quit being so analytical and to "swallow the bullet" ... er ... "the pill," and go for it!. After all, I trusted Dr. Weil and reasoned he couldn't afford to put his name on anything that could harm his reputation as a renowned "Health Guru."

    Fast forward: I've been taking these vitamins for three months now and I feel super-duper, brimming with energy, so perhaps there is something to the science behind this supplement, after all.

    I also appreciate that these multi-vitamins include no preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings and include flavonoids, B vitamins including folic acid, choline, and inositol, and several important minerals, all necessary to support daily metabolic processes. In addition, the price of this 180-count bottle is a savings over the smaller bottles and over the prices at my local health-foods store. For my money, you can't beat that.

    Before closing I'd be remiss if I failed to pass on the following precautionary warnings: If you are pregnant or lactating, consult a health care professional before using this product, and common sense cautions to keep it out of the reach of children and not to use it if the safety seal on the box is broken or missing.

    I believe in the professional and personal reputation of Dr. Andrew Weil and am sold on these vitamins. As for the size of the tablet, it helps that I have a big mouth and an even larger esophagus, so have no trouble swallowing them. I plan to try other Weil Nutritionals. Why not try them yourself? You have nothing to lose ... and energy to gain. Nothing beats good metabolism.

    Reviewed by: Betty Dravis, 2008
    author of:Millennium Babe: The Prophecy...more info


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