Amcor ALD12000E 12000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

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Product Description

Ready To Cool Up To A 400 Sq Ft Room Built-in Washable Filter With Castors For Easy Moving From Room To Room 110v - 60 Hz Ideal For Room 400 Sq Ftacts As A Dehumidifier For Moisture Removal Up To 65 Pints Per Day12-hour Timer 3-tier Adjustable Grill To Control Air Flow With Lcd Display& Remote2 Fan Speeds

  • Portable air conditioner for rooms up to 400 square feet
  • 12,000-BTU cooling capacity; remote control; 2 fan speeds
  • Efficient self-evaporating system; built-in water tank; 12-hour timer
  • Washable air filter; carbon filter; window and wall exhaust kit included
  • Measures 16 by 15 by 30 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Packing/Shipping Below Awful - Buyer Beware
    Preface: I cannot speak to the cooling power of this unit, as it arrived DOA in that department.

    If like me you tend to order products only sold by Amazon, under the false assumption that these orders will ALL originate from Amazon packing/shipping facilities, then BEWARE!

    I am not certain that this unit was drop-shipped from the manufacturer, but would hazard a guess as so, since it arrived in a box branded with the maker's name, model, etc. and no other Amazon outer packaging, including no Amazon invoice. Dead giveaway right there!

    The A/C ships with no cardboard box bottom; rather, the bottom of the shipping box is styrofoam. The wheels of the unit are set into cutouts in the styrofoam - a setup which also could result in broken wheels.

    My unit arrived as if shipped from Iraq: portions of the styrofoam base where crushed and/or torn away, the box was severely mangled in several spots and even sported a gash in one sidewall that almost penetrated the box. There was also an oily residue that soaked one corner of the box as well as a large portion of the A/C unit inside.

    I am unsure what this oily residue was, but the unit did not cool once unpacked and setup. The compressor could be heard engaging, but it never blew cold air.

    Since I ordered this product prior to the arrival of Hurricane Ike and I am still without power, this unit was to be my saving grace. I planned to use it along with my generator so that I could cool a small portion of my business (dog boarding/grooming facility), which is packed with peoples' dogs who evacuated due to the storm. Thanks to Amazon and the shipping arrangement, I am left with a generator and fans but no A/C. So much for the best laid plans of mice and men....

    To recap: I would not buy this unit if you are concerned about it arriving in a usable state. Amazon appears to have this drop-shipped from the manufacturer and there is no guarantee that the usual care Amazon uses for packages originating from their shipping facilities will be applied.

    For the first time since 2000, I am disappointed by an order from Amazon; it just so happened that this order was more important than a book or CD....more info
  • Works great for small rooms
    I purchased this unit in the summer of 2006. The downsides to this unit, hence the 3 stars, is because of how loud it is and a wheel broke off shortly after the purchase. I think it works as advertised on the footage, but I'm usually cooling rooms in the 80 - 90 degree outside temp range. For a bedroom, this unit works great.

    I have the unit in my upstairs (heat rises) theatre room which is around 400 square feet. Here's a good example. Keep in mind I'm running a front projector (very hot), full surround sound system, a Playstation 3 (very hot), and a Wii (puts off some heat even in standby mode), so there's a lot of heat being generated in this room. Yesterday evening I go into my room and kick on the unit to cool down the room for movie watchin. It took around 30 minutes to go from 82 degrees in the room down to 76. Not bad.

    I've read where the "dual hose" units are suppose to be more effective, but I don't own one to comment. The only downside I see to this unit is that it is louder than my other unit (Sharp CV-P10NC). On a positive note, changing the water is a rare event.
    ...more info
  • review of portable air conditioner
    Overall, I can only marginally recommend this product. It certainly does not cool down a 400 square foot room, as it claims. It is probably effective with smaller rooms, however. Also, it is very noisy, and it only seems to become more so the longer you use it. Furthermore, the instructions are not very clear. I still have not figured out how to empty out the water from the unit, and the instructions have been no help. It seems to me that they modify the unit over time, but do not take the time or endure the cost to update the instruction manual. Nevertheless, it does produce cold air, which is far better than circulating warm air with a regular fan. I have the feeling that one is better off spending a little more and getting a better unit....more info
  • If you want heat & A/C, be SURE you are getting the 12000EH unit
    We bought an Amcor 12000EH unit (heat, A/C, dehumidifier and fan) back in April 2006. We were so pleased with its ability to supplement the unreliable cooling and ventilation of the administrative area of our office (4 computers, several printers, huge copier, fax machine, etc. all generating heat around the clock) that we ordered a second unit for my office.

    Unfortunately, despite the fact that the description of this unit clearly indicated (and STILL does) that the heater function was included, it was NOT on the unit shipped to us by Target. Their customer service apparently could not adequately comprehend that we want the unit as described (heat, A/C, dehumidifier and fan) and, when we returned the unit, they shipped us an IDENTICAL system in a sooty, dirty box.

    We canceled our order, returned BOTH units to Target and acquired an Amcor 12000EH elsewhere.

    As for this 12000EH portable air conditioner with heat, dehumidifier and fan, we are VERY happy with the unit. I would not rely on it to adequately cool a very large space (its suggested for up to 400 square feet), but it is extremely well suited as a supplement for our large space where it will be 66 to 68 degrees one day and 85 degrees the next.

    During a recent cooling tower malfunction that lasted for several days, the unit had to be DRAINED of collected humidity five times in a little more than 24 hours. HOWEVER, since that HVAC situation was resolved for the building, the humidity levels in here have gone back to normal ranges and we haven't had to drain the unit in the past week or so (which was our experience before the cooling tower situation arose).

    We got the drop ceiling kit for these two units and both portable AC units are vented into the space above our ceiling. Alternatively, the units include a 5' vent hose and a kit for venting the unit out a nearby window.

    Overall, we're VERY happy with our units. We don't pay the electric bill in our office, so I can't say what impact they have had on our energy consumption. But I can definitely give these units credit for keeping our "sealed" office (no windows which can be opened) habitable in some pretty icky conditions.

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