Amcor AM-60 Air Purifier

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Product Description

This air purifier is designed to remove dust, pollen and light odors in an area up to 180 sq ft with no filters to replace, just wash and re-use. Uses multiple advanced technologies and is small enough to fit on a desk whether at home or work.

  • 3 stage multi-filtration system
  • 5 Layer washable filter - 95% HEPA type filter - Electrostatic aluminum filter
  • Fragrance dispenser
  • 3 speed fan
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • wrong adress
    Air purifier is fine. I have been using it in my bedroom an it really helps to improve my nasal congestion.
    BUT the seller (TARGET) somehow copied the wrong adress from amazon and sent it to wrong adress. after chasing afew hours I get my item myself.......more info
  • Air Purifier
    Unit works great. I keep this one in the bedroom. It keeps the air fresh. I am having less breathing problems. The scented packet did not last very long though....more info