Alen A350 Air Purifier

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Product Description

The Alen A350 is rated as the best value air purifier since it combines performance with affordability. This is the perfect unit for a bedroom or office and has the prestigous Energy Star rating. Quiet and efficient, the Alen 350 air purifier cleans rooms up to 800 square feet, though allergy sufferers will want one unit for every 400 sq feet to achieve at least 4 air changes per hour. In addition, the Alen air purifiers are supported by the industry best life time warranty program*. With the Alen 350, you get HEPA filtration at a cost much lower than comparable models. Wall mountable, easy to maintain, with replacement filters that wont drain your wallet are just a few of the features that make this our most popular air purifier.

  • All-in-one Pre-filter and HEPA Filter makes filter changing easy
  • Rated Best Value Air Purifier on Market. HEPA Filter Efficiency: 99.97%
  • 4-speed settings & 12 hour timer, ozone safe
  • Digital display with simple and intuitive touch button controls
  • Room Coverage: Up to 800 square feet; 400 square feet for optimal performance
Customer Reviews:
  • breath free
    After much research and wasted money on air filters that simply did not work, I have found an air filter which I am satisfied with and could afford. Even the replacement filters were reasonably priced compaired to the others.
    I was discouraged when most of the top rated air purifications systems I was looking at were priced out of my price range; $700 and above, then I happened upon the Aleon and was pleasantly surprised.It was reasonably priced and had an eviormentally friendly ionizer option,features I was looking for.
    The Aleon filter when set on 2 creates white noise which even my noise sensative partner can tolerate. I wake up able to breath, feeling refreshed, a first for me. And my partner had to agree that even he was breathing easier in the morning.
    I am very satisfied....more info
  • Thanks for the heads up on receiving used units
    Thanks everyone who took the time to write in and let everyone know that they received used units when they thought they were purchasing new units. And too, that they had a heck of a time getting their money back.

    Damn. And this is exactly what I was looking for - a wall mounted unit for about a 400 sq. foot room.

    Thank you all for warning us about the manufacturer and their shady business practices! I'm absolutely not buying this unit from anyone.

    ...more info
  • ALEN 350 Air purifier from Sylvane
    I would never buy anything on when sold by other suppliers. Beware potential customers because disowns any responsibility after you purchase from these suppliers and you will have to deal with those supplier for refunds or exchanges.
    Recently, I bought an air purified on (it was sold by Sylvane). I contacted to return the product and the agent directed me to work with sylvane directly. I followed all the procedures that sylvane asked me and returned the item. But even after 30 days, I did not get my refund back. This is extremely bad customer service both from Sylvane and which disowned any responsibility of the product that as far I consider I bought from info
  • A good buy
    It definitely removes odor from the air in my studio apartment, which is about 450 square feet. It is particularly effective with the "Ionizer" turned on. However, I only use this feature occasionally (e.g., right after cooking fish), as I worry about potential adverse health effects. I don't know whether such concern is truly warranted, but after the debacle with Sharper Image's purifiers, better safe than sorry.

    The only drawback I can think of is the cost of replacement filters. That said, given that the machine is cleaning the air in your living space, something's got to handle the dirt/dust/germs, thus the price for a new filter is hardly a deal-breaker. ...more info
  • works well
    Received the unit in 4 days in Hawaii(amazing)My only complaint is it was making a loud ticking noise at all speeds right out of the box. I contacted tech support. They responded in a few days by email. They told me how to open the unit and tighten a loose nut. It did fix the problem and works fine now. It helps with our vog on the Big Island....more info
  • effective and a good value
    The only caveat is that I've had it for but a month. That said, it's still as quiet (low speed) as I need. Additional speeds are noisy. Keeping the filter clean is easy- after I figured out how to access it. Which brings me to one small issue. The instruction book is an after-thought at best. Good illustrations to accompany the too brief text would improve things. Perhaps their site could be more thorough in providing info. However, it is worth noting that the few questions I had, were answered quickly and completely. Time will tell, particularly regarding the quietness that it currently exhibits, but so far it's a very effective unit. It delivers as promised....more info
  • Very pleased thus far.
    After spending some time researching the large number of air purifiers on the market, I decided this would be the best option in regard to price, efficiency and quality. The A350 had good reviews for the most part, so I went ahead and ordered it. The anticipation was high waiting for it to arrive and, since its arrival, it has not let us down. This seems like a well-built product and I anticipate many years of service out of it (it comes with a lifetime warantee). It's got four fan speeds, and we seem to use 2 the most, particularly when sleeping. Three and four are a bit too noisy, four being fairly aggressive. We like this though, particularly if we've been away from the house for a while and we want some quick air cleaning. The controls on the machine are simple yet very functional, and it seems to me that my sinuses are not as clogged since having this purifier. This review is fairly long, but the reviews were very helpful to me in choosing a product. This is the only air purifier I have ever owned, but am very happy with it this far. I hope this review has been helpful. I'd say get one if you're reading this and considering it. You've got nothing to lose but some air pollution. ...more info
  • Where is this product made?
    I am trying to decide between three different air purifiers. One is made in China, one is made in Switzerland, I can't get a straight answer on where this one is manufactured. Guess which one I'm leaning towards. Can anyone help me out here???....


    I finally just called a number for Alen (even though it was a business only number) and was told that they are made in China. I have just come up with a new rule of thumb for myself. If it is not easy to find out where a product is made then I am going to assume it was made in China. If they were proud of where it was made, or thought it would be a good selling point - they would advertise proudly where it was made...not make consumers run through a maze to find out. It looks like I am going with the IQ...unless someone else knows of a good brand made in the U.S....more info
  • Thanks to all reviewers for helping me avoid this product
    I was going to try one of these compact units for one of my smaller offices, to compare to my two large IQAir units that I have in other rooms. However, after reading the reviews here, especially the ones mentioning the poor packaging and refurbished and used units being shipped to customers paying full price, I changed my mind. "Thank you" to all of the reviewers who help us to make well informed choices. Hopefully, the Alen manufacturers will see these reviews and realize that they are losing sales with their lack of attention to detail in serving their customers. By the way, my IQAir units were extremely well packed, like a new piece of high-end stereo equipment with thick styrofoam all around, and double boxed as well. ...more info
  • Very happy!
    After doing a good deal of research, I purchased the A350 for our 1 bedroom apartment in NYC primarily for the dust. We've only had it for about a month, but I couldn't be happier. The setup it very easy, it runs very quiet (we keep it on speed 2 while we're in the room, and speed 3 while we're out and asleep), and it's worked wonders on our dusty apartment. If we have people over, we can put it down to level 1 and you can't even hear it on. Level 4 does sound like it's about to take off, but we've been fine leaving it on 3. Before we used it, I had to dust every single day...literally. We are in an older building, overlooking a construction site. Now, since we've started using it, I've only had to dust once, maybe twice a week. Of course it doesn't get rid of all of the dust, but it's been so amazing that I've already ordered the tabletop Alen T100 for the bedroom. And now they ship an all white model of the A350 (no more blue front!). Definitely recommend! ...more info
  • Works well
    The room with this product in it gets cleaned periodically, and we noticed a significant reduction in the amount of dust on the furniture, so I would say this filter is working well. Online sites rate this Air Purifier as removing over 95% of air borne particles in a controlled situation, making it comparable to $600+ models, and far superior to the products you see on those info-mercials.

    I would say this product is great, but you should do your own research. ...more info
  • Good product, bad packaging
    We were quite dissatisfied when we first received the product as the device was lacking the 'factory-fresh' look. The box looked used and was opened, the cord wasn't coiled and was crushed between the device and the styrofoam packaing. And there was dirt and dried-hardened crud on the surface. Fortunately, the dirt and crud were removable.

    After having some exchanges with customer service, who guaranteed it was neither used, nor refurbished, we decided to keep it.

    As for the device itself, we have been using it for a few weeks now and have been quite happy with it.

    I do recommend this product but i can't give it 5 stars because of the poor packaging. ...more info
  • Power supply hums & watch out for refurbished units
    Pros: Nice looking, easy to operate, filter replacements are not too costly ($39), compared to some other companies.

    Cons: There is a low-pitch humming noise from the unit at the low fan speed that is a little annoying.
    For $399, be sure you receive a brand new unit from Alen, not a refurbished one like I did.

    ...more info
  • This one actually works
    After having tried other air purifier models I have finally found something that helps with our allergies. It's amazing to see how dirty the filter is when it is time to change the filters - kind of like when you empty a vacuum cleaner bag. It's hard to believe there is so much stuff in the air. I have found it much easier to replace the filter every 6 months than having to clean a filter weekly. The unit is a bit loud on the highest fan speed setting and found it works best to run it on speed 3 or 4 before I go to sleep and then lower it to speed 1 or 2. On the lower fan speed settings it sounds more like white noise and after a couple days of running the unit I forgot it was on....more info
  • Poor Amazon Service (amended)
    After receiving this purchase from Amazon, my Alen 350 came out of its box looking definitely worse for ware. There were scuffmarks on three sides of the purifier and I couldn't even look at the filter because the front panel was jammed shut. It was clearly a used product. Calling Amazon directly to ask about a replacement, I was told that Amazon doesn't take any responsibility for my product because they didn't make any money from my purchase. As they sold it, they obviously got some cut of the price. This upset me as many other websites were offering the Alen 350 at the same price with free shipping, which Amazon still charged for. I had purchased the purifier through Amazon so that they would ensure its proper delivery. After speaking with Dynadirect, I will get a replacement purifier, but it will be about three weeks after my purchase. I would highly recommend buying this product through a different online service.

    I should mention that Amazon did pull through as I had further problems with my Alen 350 purifier. I decided to return the damaged purifier from Dynadirect for a refund and purchase the purifier from someone else. Unfortunately, Dynadirect stopped receiving calls and their voice mail boxes filled. As I could no longer contact them, I turned to Amazon to help. They were willing to help me with this problem and I received my reimbursement within their given time frame. Although this was far from a good experience for me, I am happy to shop with Amazon again....more info
  • Works well
    The room with this product in it gets cleaned periodically, and we noticed a significant reduction in the amount of dust on the furniture, so I would say this filter is working well. Online sites rate this Air Purifier as removing over 95% of air borne particles in a controlled situation, making it comparable to $600+ models, and far superior to the products you see on those info-mercials.

    I would say this product is great, but you should do your own research....more info