HOOVER 40303048 Floor-to-Floor Cleaner for FloorMate, 48 oz.

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Product Description

The right stuff keeping your floors shiny and spotless!

  • For cleaning virtually all hard surfaces
  • Gently removes tough soil
  • Safely cleans and shines
  • For use with all Floormates
Customer Reviews:
  • tile floor cleaning
    this machine gets you off your knees while cleaning your tile floor.it even vacuums first & uses a minimum of cleaning liquid to do the job.this means the floor dries almost right away.we loaned the machine to a friend & the very next day she bought one.we love it....more info
  • Leaves floor cleaner than clean
    I have always cleaned my floor with a mop. Then I tried the kit floor cleaners you can get at the grocery store. Finally I decided to try my Hoover SteamVac on my vinyl floor. I vacuumed first and then used my SteamVac set on "Bare Floor" and used the Floormate Floor-to Floor Cleaner. One swoop on an area I had just cleaned the "old way" and you could see a tremendous difference. The floor was actually white for the first time in years. And it was a lot easier. My machine squeegeed up the water on the floor and it was immediately clean and dry with no streaks. I LOVE IT!!!...more info
  • Floor to Floor Cleaner for Hoover Floormate
    Gets both wooden floors and tiles clean. Has a refreshing and clean smelling lavender fragrance....more info
  • Smells clean!
    I was stunned at how clean this product left my laminate wood floors. I've tried everything and this is the first cleaner that really works....more info
  • floor cleaner
    We were very happy to get our hoover hard wood floor cleaner. Of course, the machine isn't very good without the cleaning liquid. This leaves our tile floors looking good, smelling good, with no streaks....more info
  • floor cleaner
    We were very happy to get our hoover hard wood floor cleaner. Of course, the machine isn't very good without the cleaning liquid. This leaves our tile floors looking good, smelling good, with no streaks....more info
  • cleans well
    Good product. Love my Hoover hard floor cleaner. Don't know how I cleaned my floors before. This stuff makes them the kind of shiny you like to walk away from and look back on and admire (like a new car or something)....more info
  • floor care
    This product does what it says. No streaks or patches. I recommend it....more info
  • Good Stuff Maynard!
    This cleaner is great. It is a good value for the money and I always stock up. I wish it was a little nicer smelling though. It doesn't smell bad, but it could come in different scents. ...more info
  • hoover floor scrubber cleaner
    leaves film/streaks on the quarry tile; use less than manufacturer recommends. i haven't tried the grout cleaning product yet. ...more info
  • Order greater quantities for free Amazon shipping & fast delivery.
    I only wish that Hoover would come out with a larger size. I use it frequently and have to replace it frequently, as well. The product works very well on my white tile, brown grout kitchen and nook floors. The floors are truly clean and sanitized after completion. The scent is o.k. Unlike other reviewers, I use it full strength in my machine for best results on my floors. It really depends on one's floors. (material, grout, etc.) I have pets, as well, and it does a great job picking up those footprints on rainy days.

    The five stars are with reservation since I have to purchase this small
    size too frequently!...more info
  • Smell? What smell?
    I can't smell this stuff. If it has an odor, it must be really faint. Anyways, this stuff seems to clean just fine with my H3044 scrubber. The only thing I don't like about it is that it looks like brown water to begin with....more info
  • works for me
    I like the scent, I guess it's just personal preference.
    Also, I just wanted to add, you're supposed to use 2 OUNCES (1/4 cup), NOT 2 cups....more info
  • I love this product
    I love this cleaner and the Hoover floor cleaner. I have over 2300 sq ft. of hard tile floor and wood floor to clean and it does the job. Smell, well it's fine others complain - well get your nose out of the bottle.. Love this product!...more info
  • excellent
    I have a large tiled kitchen floor and I and very pleased with the
    Hoover Floor Mate Cleaner. Did an excellent job on cleaning the grout between each tile. Will purchase again in the future....more info
  • Do not use any other cleaner or you will ruin your Floor Mate!!!
    I had to replace my Floor mate after one year. After reading the instrutions I realized it was my fault. You have to use the floor to floor cleaner or you will ruin it! It does a so so job on tile, but a wonderfull job on hard wood(laminate) floors, and also linoleum. I have all three.

    I think the smell is fine. You can't really smell it after your done. I'm pregnant all the time and everything makes me want to puke, but this stuff is ok....more info
  • Works Well & No Smell!
    I've been using the first iteration of the machine and the fluids for almost 3 yrs now. I'm not sure why people would use so much. On my machine, the tank for the cleaning fluid/water mix, has a cap with a built in measurer. We use about 3 oz per cleaning and mixed with really hot water, it does a great job! We've never had an odor problem either when cleaning or afterwards. And compared to some of the fluids my wife has used when she mopped (and occasionally still does) the floor, now those stink! As long as the machine keeps working, I'll keep scrubbin'!...more info
  • YUCK
    I agree wholeheartedly with the other reviewers about the smell of this cleaner...it almost made me lose my lunch. Disgusting, UGH. I suggest anyone who cannot stand this smell to use the Bissell formulations, either the Wood Floor Solutions or Hard Floor Solutions. They have a pleasant, fresh, clean scent....more info
  • Works, but use a LOT less than they tell you to!
    I bought this for my wife--kinda had to since I also bought her the Floormate for xmas... She said that the directions make it WAY too concentrated. She was using 1/3 cup instead of 2 cups (or something like that). This is great news to me, since it means the same bottle will last a lot longer! Overall, we've only used the floormate a couple times, but it seems to do a great job on our tile. Get's it clean, and no residue (especially when diluted properly--i.e. about 1/5 the recommended amount...)...more info
  • Should have stocked up
    Hoover should not have discontinued the original cleaing solutions that worked with this machine. I way preferred the smell of the original ones. I use it mostly on wood floors, so the convenience factor was not an issue for me. ...more info