PN-60285 Eureka Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Replacement Filter

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Shipping is only $7.99 per order, no matter how much you order! 99.97% HEPA filter traps bacteria, pollen, plant-spores, mold, yeast cells, dust down to .03 microns. Replace filter every 3 to 6 months.

  • Fits Eureka Victory models 4100, 4300, 4400 and 4600 series and Self-Propelled Whirlwind models 5180 and 5190 series.
  • It fits Eureka True HEPA Victory, Whirlwind and Self-Propelled upright vacuum cleaners with rear-mount HEPA filters.
  • Eureka HEPA Vacuum filter.
  • Measures Approximately 8 x 4 x 1.75.
Customer Reviews:
  • HEPA filter works really well
    It's confusing on the amazon site description, but I think this is not an OEM part. The Eureka original filters are in gray with printed information on them and this one is in yellow plastic with no markings and arrived with no packaging. Maybe it's Arm & Hammer brand? But anyway, it fits perfectly and does its job. When I change out the HEPA filter on my vaccum cleaner (every year or so) I also thoroughly wash and disinfect the whole vaccum cleaner (inside and out) to get rid of weird smells and hairs and such. It just takes an hour or so to do it properly and then I have a totally new vaccum cleaner, even though mine is already 10 years old!

    Another tip that most people don't think about: replace the brush attachment on your vaccum cleaner! The one your vac comes with is cheap and wears out quickly by having the "hairs" curl up on you, while scratching delicate surfaces. Send for a natural bristle brush attachment (about $8 they cost me) and use it for dusting off your books, electronics, furniture... I have 2 natural bristle brush attachments, one for furniture and dirtier cleaning close to the floor (wash the brushes once in a while too!) and one for more delicate items like books and electronic equipment and antiques. Seems to be safe to clean dust off top of record player dust cover without scratching.

    Those bristle brushes can last you decades with careful use. But anyway, this HEPA is fine as a replacement for the original; whichever is cheaper, is what I go by. And buy...

    Richard...more info
  • It's a HEPA filter....... duh!
    OK, there isn't too much you can say about a filter, except whether or not it filters. This one does. I have two cats, and of course, being cats, they can't be bothered to keep all their litter in the box. What fun would THAT be? So I bought a vacuum with a HEPA filter so that any, um, smells would be contained. And, more importantly, dust that might make it through the bag. OK, HEPA filters don't filter out all smells, but they do a pretty good job, and this one is no exception. And it does seem to control all the dust, so I don't sneeze, scare the cats, and make them spread MORE litter on the floor. If you don't buy the manufacturer's filter, make sure you do buy a true HEPA filter and not a HEPA-TYPE filter. I think they call them HEPA-TYPE filters 'cause they LOOK like a HEPA filter. They sure don't filter like one, though. There's probably a million websites written by very bored people out there who can explain this better than I.

    Now, I rated the filter 4 stars for the simple reason that, in order for it to get 5 stars, it's gonna have to install itself and vacuum for me while I drink a beer and write more highly informative reviews....more info