Filter Queen Cone Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Filter (12 Pack)

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Product Description

Shipping is only $7.99 per order, no matter how much you order! Replace filter cones every month and flat disc filters every 6 months!

  • Replacement filter cones for Filter Queen.
  • 12 cones per package and 2 flat disc filters!
Customer Reviews:
  • Vacuum filters
    These filters are every bit as good as the name brand w/o the name brand price....more info
  • Good product, amazing results
    Product is just what it says...

    I was hesitant at first to buy these online, as I didn't want to get a cheep rip-off replacement cones. Though, I was unable to find a store in town that stocked them. I was very pleased when they arrived quickly, and were actual Filter Queen cones.

    Product came with 2 additional filters, which I didn't even know existed. The instructions were very easy to read and replace the secondary filter.

    Was amazed with the results, I'd filled up the can in no time and after finishing I decided to go back over everything one more time to get a really fresh start. I've noticed a large drop in the amount of dust at my place.

    Next time I order filters, I'll definitely go with Filters Now. Though, I think I'm going to get the package that includes the charcoal filters.

    ...more info