APF-2 Holmes Foam Air Cleaner Replacement Pre-Filter

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Product Description

Shipping is only $7.99 per order, no matter how much you order! Pre-filter removes large particulates from the air.

  • Fits Holmes models HAP240, HAP244, HAP246, HAP260, HAP260B, HAP412G, HAP422, HAP422B, HAP422G, HAP440, HAP2404, HAP2604, HAP2604B, HE3001, and PPS100.
  • Holmes replacement foam pre-filter.
  • Measures approximately 3 3/4 x 11 3/4 x 3/8.
  • Extends the life of HEPA Carbon Filters.
Customer Reviews:
  • Disappointed about $8.00 shipping for $1.00 item
    1. It was completely unclear to me that I would be charged shipping for this item as I ordered it along with the Hepa filters for my Holmes Air cleaner and the Hepa filters shipped free.

    2. Who charges $7.99 to ship a foam filter weighing less than an ounce!

    I won't do this again...more info