Little Henry Toy Vacuum

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This cute scaled down version of the ever popular HENRY vacuum cleaner includes the famous Henry eyes and smile. Simulates actual vacuum by picking up very light objects. Includes removable dust box and a whole array of cleaning accessories stored neatly under the Hat; including a dustpan and brush. Requires 4 X C batteries. Ages 3+

  • Ages 3+
  • Requires 4 X C batteries.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Mr. Henry - A lot of fun
    I bought this for my little guy who has a vacuum obsession right now. This product is pretty much as advertised. The vacuum actually works as advertised and (Good and bad) has very light/low suction. My main worry buying this was that the suction would be high enough that if he (my son) put it on his eye, and it formed a seal, that it would hurt him. No worries there. The vacuum will actually suck up tiny Styrofoam beads, but nothing more than that. The vacuum doesn't actually come with the aforementioned tiny Styrofoam beads, probably because they would be dangerous. : P

    Not too noisy, not to flimsy, made my son happy... nice product.
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