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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 04/10/2007

Peter Yates's flag-waving film stands with To Kill a Mockingbird and American Graffiti as one of the best films about small-town Americana. Steve Tesich won an Oscar for his semi-biographical screenplay about four 19-year-olds who don't know what to do after high school. Dave Stohler (Dennis Christopher) and his three friends--ex-football star Mike (Dennis Quaid), wily comedian Cyril (Daniel Stern), and tough kid Moocher (Jackie Earle Haley)--are doomed to live in the college town of Bloomington, Indiana, where the local kids (nicknamed "Cutters"--a derogatory reference to quarry workers and their blue-collar families) are looked down on by the uppity students of nearby Indiana University.

Stohler escapes into a world of Italian bicycling, picking up the lingo, the accent, and a good share of the talent of his heroes. He is also the scourge of his father's life. The used-car salesman (Paul Dooley) doesn't understand his son's affection for bicycling or, for that matter, his pride in being a "Cutter."

Breaking Away rehabilitates the word heartwarming as Tesich's uncommonly intelligent script gives us well-rounded characters and a potent sense of place. The grandstanding finale--the real life "Little 500" bike race--gives the film a perfect, crowd-pleasing end. However, the film never sacrifices the development of characters for the action. Dooley is especially effective in one of those once-in-a-lifetime roles. The lifelong character actor's place in film history is established with this indispensable performance. --Doug Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • More then a bike movie
    Bought this for the bike footage, but it is much more and really about coming of age and making those first big choices in life. A fun movie with a positive message...more info
  • You see I'm what you call a cutter
    Barbara Barrie asks, "Aren't you glad to be alive?", Paul Dooley answers, "NO I'm glad I'm not dead, there's a difference." I can't expect everyone to understand the complexity of this movie so let's say its a good movie to see once, its just like the movie 'Rudy' but slower. But for the minority of cutters like myself that have read lots of Mark Twain, Steinbeck, and Vonnegut - this is an American existential classic. Superficially, a coming of age movie with bicycles but on a literary level the movie is about how American society can convince middle-class youth of a false mythos and of how directed talent, a little ambition and a shot of self-confidence can transform; its about the joy of being young; and foremost it is about the existential becoming of the real person able to boldly move into the future by fully understanding oneself, (if any of my former Arizona St. U. classmates happens to read this review, don't laugh too hard!)....more info
  • Breaking away in a couple of ways

    Excellent movie: action/suspense, humor, and moral dilemma. Perfect demonstration of a kid trying to "break from the tribe" and of people learning to see past the imposed cultural stereotypes and portals, whether looking at themselves or others....more info
  • Breaking Away
    I enjoyed this movie greatly and it has been many years since I have seen it, it also gave me an incentive to get back on my bike and get back into shape....more info
  • inspirational script
    An odd assortment of high school friends take a year off, wasting their time together, before the call of peer pressure fades as careers and girlfriends beckon. Steve Tesich won a well-deserved Oscar for best original screenplay in 1979 and the story is still as fresh as it was then, although these days, instead of going to college, Dave Stollar would be riding his bike professionally in Europe and making millions for doing it.
    It's a coming of age film, with the four friends exploring the nature of friendship, peer pressure, the demands of society and the antagonism between the town kids and the college kids who come in from outside for their few years at college.
    If you are into cycling, there is a story about winning (and a slightly twee ending to the film), accompanied by some beautiful music as the companion to the cycle racing.
    I am a teacher and I use this film as the catalyst for some healthy discussion about the nature of friendship, peer pressure, ambition and family life. Top entertainment and a bagful of discussion points, along with a witty script and lots of humor....more info
  • A classic
    I don't want to make a bigger deal out of this movie than it deserves. It's not a world-changer and the ending is a bit predictable, but it is a wonderful and charming coming of age story and an honest look at small-town America. And cycling and Italians play central roles -- a plus for an American cyclist living in Italy, like me.

    But having an affinity for things Italian or for bike racing is not necessary in order to enjoy this 25-year-old classic. What is necessary is an appreciation for small things and memories about the mysterious period between adolescence and adulthood. If that describes you, then chances are you'll enjoy this touching film.

    Amid the praise I should say that the DVD package is only average: the original trailer and teaser are there, but it would have been nice to have some commentary from director Peter Yates, some of the actors, or from critics who were fans of the film. A "Making of Breaking Away" mini feature would have also been a welcome addition.

    One note: Breaking Away is a very American film, and so I'm not so sure how much of it will hit home with foreign viewers....more info

  • A classic
    A sleeper that made the grade and graduated into the realms of Classic Flicks, Breaking Away is one of those wonderfully uplifting and subtly patriotic movies that champions small-town America. Steve Tesich won the screenplay Oscar for this semi-biographical story about four 19yo kids who can't quite decide what to do with themselves after high school. They live in Bloomington, Indiana, where the guys from the university look down on the townies and make derogatory comments about their rock quarrying forebears. One of them drifts, then runs, into the world of Italian bicycling, much to his used-car-salesman father's dismay and embarrassment.
    You'll feel yourself pulled into rising excitement as the marvelous finale hoves into view, and, though sorry to see the film end, you'll hit the rewind button with a big smile on your face....more info
  • excellent movie
    There are very few movies that I can watch multiple times, but this is one of them. It is not a cycling movie, although the cycling scenes are cool. Rather, it is a movie about friends and family -- a story about growing up in a blue coller environment, told with warmth and humour....more info
  • A classic movie and a great story
    This one is well worth owning -- the cycling is absorbing, and while not always realistic, it comes closer than films like American Flyer. I'm a grad student at IU Bloomington, and before I came here this movie was my intro to Bloomington. The Little 500 still is a great spectacle, and this movie captures it well, along with the town-gown tension....more info
  • A skeptic says it's good
    Despite the "shown-on-TBS-in-the-afternoon" feeling to this movie I actually love it, and like it more every time I watch it. First of all I love bikes, and I love Europe, so I immediately had something in common with the protagonist. But really all the characters are identifiable in some way. Now it seems that even college kids are finding that their lives seem aimless, and the movie seems to speak to that theme that is daunting for almost all of us. You'd think it would be cheesy, and in some respects it is, but nonetheless it's hard not to cheer for them to win the bicycle race. I do even though I know the outcome.
    The boy's father is perhaps the most interesting character. His transformation from gruff to understanding is totally believable, and what you want to happen. The movie doesn't make it look like everything is going to be alright, in fact one character is still noticably directionless at the end, but things do end on happy, though not too sappy note. My two favorite scenes are when Dennis saronades "Carolina" with the Italian aria, and the very last scene (you'll see)....more info
  • One of the greatest movies ever made
    More than a coming of age movie, "Breaking Away" is a philosophical statement: that seemingly inaccessable goals can be reached by sheer perseverance; That learning to be yourself must come out of a joie de vivre; and that the loyalty of family and friends are the most precious thing in life. I watch the movie annually but only during the summer and frequently stop and re-visit scenes to reflect on its metaphysical meaning, (I tend to watch this movie while drinking a Carlsberg or Shiner). Nevertheless, my favorite scene in the movie is Dennis Christopher's chasing of the Cinzano truck, (does anyone else out see the Cinzano truck as a beautiful reference to the GreatWhite Whale of Moby Dick?). "Faster, Faster," Dennis chants as the truck speeds away, and suddenly to the crecendo of perfectly timed music he re-appears in the truck's rear-view mirror, (absolutely sublime, and I get chills down my spine every time I see that scene). Dennis is the movie and he should be proud to be in a timeless classic that I think will someday be recognized as one of greatest movie ever made....more info
  • Almost a classic
    This movie was the first place I ever saw Dennis Quaid and Danial Stern. It is a heartwarming story set in an Indiana town with two sides of the tracks. The upscale people on one side and the "cutters" on the other. Cutters worked in the quary and provided the materials for the buildings that were then considered too good for the cutter class. Young cutter boys fight their way through both their family tradition and the town attitudes to compete in the "Little 500", a five hundred lap team bicicyle team race. Great entertainment from a movie missed by most. A diamond in the rough....more info
  • A great classic film - worth seeing many times.
    This movie was the first place I ever saw Dennis Quaid and Danial Stern. It is a heartwarming story set in an Indiana town with two sides of the tracks. The upscale people on one side and the "cutters" on the other. Cutters worked in the quary and provided the materials for the buildings that were then considered too good for the cutter class. Young cutter boys fight their way through both their family tradition and the town attitudes to compete in the "Little 500", a five hundred lap team bicicyle team race. Great entertainment from a movie missed by most. A diamond in the rough....more info
  • On bicycle riding, speaking Italian, and making Dad grow up
    "Breaking Away" is a movie with an unusually wide scope of topics. Its plot is not confined to one theme (a seemingly-doomed romance or good versus evil, for example) but instead almost seems to tackle life itself; or at least, life as it is for bike-riding, Italy-emulating Dave and his three close friends.
    Each of the four pals gets his fair share of attention, and almost without noticing the viewer comes to knowyand like, for all their quirksythem all. They are united by an obvious life-long friendship, and (although they would never admit it) a thinly-veiled desire to somehow make their way into college, or at least get a job.
    All except for Dave, who has multiple additional goals jockying for position in the forefront of his mind: to become a champion bike-racer, earn his father's respect (or at least un-earn his father's shame) and even win the heart of a certain college girl.
    Unfortunately for him, he's going to learn a bit about reality along the way.
    Every character in this film, no matter how minor, is fully developed and multi-faceted. Enjoyably poignant moments, realistic hilarity and quite a few exhilirating competitions make this film both amusing and wonderfully human. I very highly recommend this, to anyone at all....more info
  • One of my absolute favorites
    I love this movie! I remember first watching it when I was about ten, and I liked it because I thought the dad was funny and the bike racing was cool. As I've matured, my views toward the movie have matured as well.

    The dad is still funny, and the bike racing is still cool. That hasn't changed.

    I know exactly what it feels like to want to change who you are because you haven't matured enough to realize that who you are is plenty good enough without having to be changed. I can identify with Moocher's line "The time comes when we all have to go our own ways." No matter how close you are to the people you know in high school, everyone matures in different directions. Sometimes you remain close to your friends, and sometimes you don't. And there are times when your dreams have to remain the same, even if your idols change. And even your dreams have to include college sometimes....more info

  • This movie will make you want to buy a bicycle

    This is one of the most inspiring and best-told tales of growing up in small-town, USA. Solid acting, an incredibly entertaining and fun storyline, and great charaters. Though it's not just about biking, this movie is able to somehow capture the joy of biking - the thrill of self-propelling oneself over the concrete and through the air on a simple, silent machine you hard even know is there.

    Definitely a must-see for any film fan. A real crowd-pleasure, too. Good for everyone in the family, maybe like one swear word and no violence to speak of.

    -- JJ Timmins...more info

  • IU graduate who loves this movie
    This is one of my favorite movies, not just because I graduated from Indiana University, but because it strikes a true cord about growing up. The cast and character development are superb. Paul Dooley reminds me some of my father. The story and humor are on target. The scene where Dennis Christopher rides on the highway with the semi is a classic. And having lived in Bloomington for four years, it's fun to see familiar places. It doesn't matter, as a previous reviewer complained, that the editing takes you unexpectedly from the north part of campus to the south in a blink. Only IU students would notice that anyway. I arrived on campus the year they tore down the stadium where the race was filmed. As a freshman, I watched the movie at the IU Auditorium and then walked over to the stadium. What a kick! What a movie!...more info
  • Pretending to Be Someone Other Than Who You Are
    What I always found fascinating about "Breaking Away" was how it very gently dealt with the issue of unhappy people pretending to be something other than they are. Dave Stohler creates a whole new world for himself by pretending to be a charming Italian born exchange student, which in dark contrast to what he really is. He gets so into character he seduces a young female student and in the process the two fall in love. The most dramatic scene in the film is when Dave tells her the truth of who he really is. The most touching scene is when days later the two say goodbye. In this scene the girl, who appears over with her anger at Dave's deception tells him she is going to Europe for the summer. When Dave responds that he "is not going anywhere" .The girle responds back in a touching and gentle manner, " I don't know about that." Get this DVD....more info
  • Based on a true story...
    My father is an alumnus of Indiana University and knew the writer of the screenplay, Steve Tesich. As for the story, The "Little 500" was modeled on the "Indianapolis 500". The race began with 33 teams (33 cars at Indy). Later, a team from the town of Bloomington (home of IU)was added to make 34 teams. They were affectionately and sometimes degradingly known as the "Cutters". Cutters refers to the workers in the limestone cutting industry prevalent in Southern Indiana. The "townies" in the film were sons of these "cutters". The key to the success of this film is simplicity. The plot is well supported by humorous and dramatic dialouge between Dave Stoler and his friends and Dave and his father. Many cast members are familiar today: Dennis Quaid and Daniel Stern, for instance. The film is laced with the college town frustration of the locals not being quite good enough to benefit from the a college education. Stoler finds his outlet in bicycle racing. You will like this film and you won't ask for a "refund". (a joke from the movie)...more info
  • Film: 5 stars; DVD: 1 star
    This is a fabulous film, one of my all-time favorites: a funny, bittersweet, character-driven masterpiece of small-budget filmmaking, shot in a town I lived in for five years.

    Obviously, this was a cheaply done DVD release by Fox of a film that deserves a deluxe special edition. Besides the lack of extras, interviews, and audio commentary, I could not believe the poor sound quality of the DVD digital transfer: street scenes, crowd scenes, etc. sounded like they were recorded in a digital bucket! We had to turn down the sound during the pivotal Little 500 scene, because the digital garbage was so annoying.

    Having seen this many times on tape, I know that the sound of this low-budget film was not always good, but it was never horrible until this cheap digital mastering. Fortunately it does not completely ruin the experience of this wonderful film, but I wouldn't be in any hurry to replace a VHS tape with this DVD!

    Fox, fix your mistake and treat this film properly!...more info

  • Growing up on two wheels
    I bought this movie after my purchase of a Walz cycling cap caused my wife to say, "You really need to see breaking away."

    Ostensibly a cycling film, the story is centered on four friends who've made a pledge to waste their lives together after high school. The lure of the real world is too strong, though, and they must choose between rising to the various challenges they face or falling back into a life of obscurity and regret. It's all about the journey for these four young men.

    But don't worry, cyclists: In addition to all the heavy stuff in the preceding paragraph, Breaking Away also features lots of fun on two wheels, plus an edge-of-your-seat bicycle race or two. All in all, a fantastic movie....more info
  • It is o.k.
    This is an o.k. movie for a Sunday afternoon while it is raining. It is not a thriller or a super cyclist film in my opinion. It is somewhat entertaining, but I do not get the hype about it....more info
  • Breaking Away
    Peter Yates's heartfelt, life-affirming movie will prove a winner for older kids and adults. Christopher is appealingly quirky in the central role and the film showcases the budding talents of future stars Quaid and Stern as two of Dave's buddies. Paul Dooley is outstanding as Dave's bewildered father, a solid Middle American you might actually buy a used car from. Don't miss this one....more info
  • IU nostalgia
    I attended IU and I very much enjoy watching this movie again and again. It was a well written screenplay and adapted well to a movie version....more info
  • Buon giorno, Papa!
    I just watched this movie for the first time in many years, and was just as captivated by it now as I was when I first saw it shortly after its release in theaters. Those who have grown up in small town America will find elements in the film that will take them back in time! I watched the film with my 12 year old, and both of us connected with the story, the characters, and the humor in it. This is indeed a real charmer of a film. I gotta have the DVD for my collection! ...more info
  • Breaking Away
    We were so pleased to be able to purchase this movie as we could not find it anywhere else. It was in perfect condition in its original unopened wrapping and it came within three days....more info
  • They can't make 'em like this anymore.
    "Breaking Away" is a true rarity: a feel-good movie that doesn't that isn't silly. Yes, there are plenty of laughs in it, but they're the result of great acting and writing, not the cheap, crude one-liners that litter so many of today's so-called "comedies." And while the movie will tug at your heartstrings, it never spills over into gooey sentimentality or empty pathos.

    But I also feel sort of sad whenever I watch "Breaking Away." The small-town downtown where the guys hang out is just a fading memory for most Americans. And are there any old swimming holes anymore, like the quarry that the characters visit? Or have they all been paved over, for "luxury" McMansion subdivisions?

    Shut me up! Just watch "Breaking Away" and enjoy it!...more info
  • 28 Years Later Flick Has Lost None of It's Charm
    Last Summer, the AFI was running one of their annual 100 best lists on TV. The theme was crowd pleasers. Trying to foreshadow what would be picked "Breaking Away" came to mind. Surprisingly but not much so the film came in eighth. Not having seen the movie since a network TV showing in the early eighties I was compelled to revisit the film. It's as good as ever. What accounts for the film's durability? For starters, director Peter Yates and Oscar-winning screenwriter Steve Tesich fully flesh out the movies central premise of Middle-America townies and their uneasy relationship with the visiting University kids. All of the "Cutter" kids(Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, and Jackie Earle Haley) are complex and endearing characters and at the time most of the actors were virtual unknowns so you can accept them as lifelong friends. Christopher's parents played by Barbara Barrie(Oscar-nominated) and Paul Dooley(criminally not nominated) are also recognizable as human beings and not caricatures. Then of course there's the cycling sequences which are nothing less than thrilling. If you haven't heard of "Breaking Away" I would behoove you to check it out. On a note of trivia, In 1980 there was a shortlived TV spin-off of the movie with Shaun Cassidy playing the Christopher role and Dooley and Barrie reprising their parts. The critical reception was pretty good but ABC gave it a killer time slot and the show was quickly cancelled. Also, cult fave P.J. Soles("Halloween", "Rock 'n' Roll High School") billed here as Pamela Jayne Soles has a blink and you'll miss her part as one of the college girls. ...more info
  • would rate it a ten
    This is a favorite of ours. We already had the VHS but wanted the DVD. It is an outstanding film and ours came quickly and in great condition....more info
  • a great ride
    "Breaking Away" represents a story driven movie with enormous heart. It is real, never sappy, and blissfully free of the self conscious "feel good," rising music, we are all in this together sap of current movies. One feels the town, hears the bikes and senses that the characters represent people who actually lived. Great stuff!...more info
    The most serious part of the movie puts the small town feelings in perspective. The father (the same actor who had the serious talk with Molly Ringwald in "Sixteen Candles") has a great talk with his son - the lead character - about life and growing beyond your roots.
    This is a funny, moving movie that tells you to be all that you can be even when others try to minimize you. ...more info
  • Please Help
    Were scenes added to the DVD. If yes, what scenes? For example, did Dave ever talk to Katarina after she slapped him, in the original release?...more info
  • A fun and enjoyable flick.
    A movie I've always enjoyed with early acting appearances by Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern and Kelly Leek. Finally, I purchased this movie on DVD before it is no longer available like so many other that have come and gone. Great fun movie, check it out if you get a chance while you still can....more info
  • Old message that still applies
    Great movie with young actors that are still out there making movies. This coming of age movie is clean and yet very real now as it was then. The names and places have changed but the truth still applies. Highly recommended, somewhat predictable but still very enjoyable. There are enough characters that one of them must apply to someone in your group....more info
  • Nostagic Horatio Alger on wheels.
    For anyone who feels the need to cheer for the underdog and listen to lots and lots of Italian classical music and opera, this is the movie for you! This movie will motivate you to hop onto your bicycle and ride, ride, RIDE!!!

    For about half an hour.

    But you'll be glad you did....more info
  • VHS better than DVD?
    If I could give this DVD four and a half stars, I would, but this is such a classic movie, I had to rate it higher. The DVD had the clarity, the trailers (which were awesome), and everything that I wanted, but for some reason, I noticed the DVD had some SMALL bits and pieces removed. Just small things like dialogue removed here and there, such as, when the college boys start chasing Daniel Stern after the moonlight serenade. It wasn't big, just something along the lines of "He has a Guitar" or something like that. I noticed part of the end bicycle race was maybe missing, too. Oh well. As a movie, I highly recommend this classic....more info
  • Breaking Away
    This is one I remember watching as a kid and never leaving the television untill it was over. A true classic....more info
  • Breaking Away - great fun for everyone
    An excellent film with really funny scenes of growing up in the 70's. For a Brit of 31 years I grew up on films like this so this is my view of the U.S., probably a little rose tinted, but I don't care.
    If you liked American Grafitti, E.T., Stand By Me, The Goonies, Etc you'll love this, and if you like cycling you'll really love it as it has some great stuff, a nice Masi bike and the 70's Cinzano team riding. Plus drafting behind the team lorry!
    Even my wife loved it and her eyes usually glaze over within 5 minutes of cycling films....more info
  • Captivating
    I would not classify Breaking Away as a "coming-of-age" film. It is about characters who have already come of age--they have graduated high school--and do not know what to do next. They are searching for a place in the world, and for a place in their small town. Reminiscent of October Sky, which made science fairs exciting, this movie makes bicycle racing exciting.

    I have not talked to anyone who has seen this movie and not thought it was excellent. It would have been difficult to convince me that a movie about bicycle racing, where the climax is a bicycle race, could provoke such intense emotion and involvement in the characters as this movie did for me. I might have thought if someone had tried to describe it to me is that it was a boring, formulaic underdog sports team, but it is not that. At the end of the climactic race, I actually felt the emotion and I think cried just a little.

    Of course, this movie is not only about bicycle racing. Not nearly. The well-crafted character development draws the viewer in. An even rarer occurence than interesting characters is realistic characters. They have very different unique personalities that go beyond the cliches of sports films, comedies, and "coming-of-age" movies.

    The sly humor and warm-heartedness tie the rest together. They give you the feeling of the small midwest town and the earnestness of the four main characters. They slowly cause this movie to slide closer and closer to your heart, until even the most cynical person is entranced and stuck with half of a stupid grin on his face for the rest of the film.

    You might not even realize the magic that's taking place before your eyes, but when the credits roll, it will suddenly hit you--holy crap, that was an awesome movie!...more info
  • Nominated for best picture in 1979
    This is an excellent movie with several themes woven together. The main theme is a how a clique of four boys, principally Dave, feel like outsiders in their hometown of Bloomington Indiana as they search for an identity after high school. They are starting to realize that their search will inexorably pull them apart. None of the four are in college, and Bloomington's local economy, especially the fading quarries, seems to hold little promise aside from serving the Indiana University (IU) college students. The IU students derisively call local kids "cutters" in reference to the quarries their fathers worked in. The four in fact have a favorite closed quarry as their hangout and swimming pool, and they resent it when the IU kids want them to stay off campus but feel free to invade this quarry.

    Two of the four had ideas for college athletics, but are aimless now that their high school careers are over and do not provide structure. There are several excellent scenes depicting their confusion and disappointment over what to do next. My favorite is when the four are watching Indiana football practice. Dennis Quaid still keeps in shape, and he says that he can't bring himself to light the cigarettes he keeps in his mouth because he can't get give up his opinion that he was a pretty good high school quarterback and should be on the college gridiron. Now he's just "20-yr old Mike". Eventually he will be just "30-yr old Mike" and then just "40-yr old Mike". Every year there will be new contenders for starting quarterback, and "every year it's not gonna be me." Daniel Stern, as Cyril, has to overcome his dad's low expectations and too-willing acceptance of failure even though Cyril is a talented person.

    Meanwhile, Dave, like many adolescents, has a silly, romantic ideas of what he will become. He decides to transform into an Italian because his passion is cycling, and because he believes Italians are the best cyclists then he should become Italian too. Dave is played by Dennis Christopher, who was raised Catholic in Philadelphia and has a real last name of Carelli. So Dave adopts an accent, listens to Italian opera and language records, calls the family cat "Fellini", and teachse his parents about supposed Italian family values from what seem to be the 1920s. His dad is adamant as he addresses the cat: "Your name is Jake, dammit!" Dave's struggle with and eventual reconciliation with his dad provides about half of the movie and comedy. His dad, who is no great role model himself, has conflicting ideas of what Dave should become, The dad does not realize that he is silly himself with what he does and should expect more from Dave. The actors, Paul Dooley as the father and Dennis Christopher as Dave, are so convincing that according to IMDB they have played father and son on three occasions! The father is the funniest person in the movie; so funny that you forget the poignancy of what is happening. Several scenes are so unforgettable that I still think of them, for example when I hear the word "refund!". After you see the movie you might do the same.

    Another theme, already alluded to, is that of the townies vs college kids. A colleague of mine used to live in Bloomington, and she says this rivalry is profound. The four are able to fight back against the college kids by representing the townies in the the "little 500", a bike race which is a huge event on IU's campus. Apparently IU has built a new stadium for this race because it is so popular.

    Oh yes, this is also an underdog movie about athletics, in this case cycling. We see Dave's cycling career cycle up and down throughout the movie, culminating in The Big Race.

    Two of the actors, Dennis Quaid and Daniel Stern, were up and coming, while one, Jackie Earle Hailey, had seen better days as Kelly Leak in "Bad News Bears" but still gets roles. According to IMDB, Dennis Christopher has had a productive career mainly on television.

    This movie has a very wide appeal and is suitable for high schoolers and adults alike. I think it would be especially good for adolecents as they struggle with their identity. There is profanity and a few things about about girls that adolescent boys would say, but I recommend it wholeheartedly. It is one of those fine movies that gets overlooked but is a wonderful discovery....more info
  • Breaking Away
    This is absolutely one of the best movies ever! It's one of my favorites, and I always enjoy watchin it....more info
  • Super Cyling Flick
    Breaking Away is not only one of the best cycling flicks to come out of Hollywood, it is only one of a few ever to have cycling as a subject. The movie has something for everyone and if you are a cyclist, it is double the enjoyment. A couple of the actors are new to the game and this also makes for a truly entertaining movie. There are a couple of cycling errors but they don't detract in the least. Try it. You'll love it....more info
  • Breaking Away
    The movie is everything I remembered. Characters you really like and wish the very best for them. It has humor, beautiful Indiana senery,I.U. traditions, love and most importantly honor....more info
  • In Love with a Bike
    Great movie, especially if you are a bicycle rider.

    This is also a great coming of age movie....more info
  • For true biking fanatics
    This movie is sort of a cult classic for biking fanatics. It's comical, inspiring and gets to the true nature of a youth wanting to 'break away' from the ordinary. I remember it peaked my interest in mountain biking. If you love movies where the underdogs claw their way up, you'll love this one.
    Chrissy K. McVay
    author of 'Souls of the North Wind'...more info