Hoover S3590 Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

The Hoover S3590 Duros Cannister Vacuum with Power Nozzle gives you powerful custom cleaning. Make sure your carpets, upholstery and hardwood and completely spotless. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around the house. The power nozzle reaches deep into the carpet and removes all dust and dirt -- even allergens. It's the easy way to clean every home surface clean. Lightweight design moves easily around the house All attachments included

Sleek and compact, the Duros canister vacuum wheels easily around the house to clean carpets, wood floors, and upholstery. The power nozzle cleaning brush cleans a wide 14-inch swath with a headlight to see under beds and sofas, while the 360-degree swivel connection on both ends of the hose allow even greater flexibility in cleaning hard-to-reach places. Allergy sufferers will appreciate Hoover's allergen-trapping air bags; a light indicates when the bag needs changing.

Other features include on-board storage of three tools: a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and drapery brush; an 18-foot-long power cord with auto rewind; and a finger-tip on/off button for the deep-cleaning brush agitator feature. The variable speed motor lets the suction adjust from strong to light, for such things as drapes. Hoover covers the Duros with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. --Ann Bieri

  • Variable speed motor with finger-tip on/off switch for brush agitator
  • 14-inch-wide power nozzle brush with headlight
  • 360-degree swivel hose on both ends for cleaning flexibility
  • Allergen trapping bags; full bag indicator
  • 3 on-board tools; 18-foot cord with cord rewind; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
    I purchased this vacuum because I have mostly hardwood floors and thought the power nozzle would work better than a floor brush. Was I wrong!!! The nozzle has no suction without the rug power on and that only pushes the dust and particles to another spot. The tiny floor attachment is what I end up using and it takes me twice as long to vacuum. Also, the attachment holder which doesn't keep the atttachemnets in place, keeps you from getting under beds and tight areas, the reason I prefer a canister. I think it is also cheaply made machine. The first time I changed the bag the clip broke. There is also an irritating high pitched screach the vacuum makes that makes this a horrible little machine. I wish I had researched this a little better and perhaps seen it in person before I purchased it. I don't recommend this to anyone!!...more info
  • First Canister Vacuum, Happy with Purchase
    This was our first canister vacuum purchase after having several upright models fail on us. We were surprised at how lightweight it was, easy to use and it went together fast. I love having the cord stored away when not in use and it works like a dream. The bags are a big small, but that's our only complaint. It picked up everything, including cat fur, which is our biggest carpet issue. It swivels easily and fits under most anything without having to move furniture. We are happy customers for sure!...more info
  • Complete Junk
    I purchased a refurb from Allergy Be Gone through Amazon. The power floor attachment would not stay on the very first day. It would come off at the slightest touch of an object. Worse yet, the hose came apart (tore) from the rubber flange, making the thing completely useless. I bought it for my vacation home and used it three, yes count them, three times total. After the first vacuuming, the power floor attachment had to be duct taped to stay on. The third time I used it, the canister tipped over and when I uprighted it, I found the hose broke. What JUNK! DO NOT BUY AT ANY PRICE!!!!...more info
  • Very Good, but still not excellent
    I researched a lot online and read many reviews trying to find the perfect cansiter. I needed something for carpets and hardwood floors, that would go under the bed all the way.
    This one does a gr8 job on carpet, couldn't wish for better, but does not do so well on floor. It did not pick up all the litter that was scattered from my cat's litter box!! I expected more there.
    One other problem, is the black rubber around the piece that does the carpet and floor has fell off from one side after using it for just 2 times!!! Def. expected more there. However, I'm not even considering returing it, coz of the unbelievable job it does on my carpet. Its heavy to push a little put still lighter than my last one. For its price.. i still like it very much. Amazing suction, my carpets are bare foot clean!!
    ...more info
  • Hose is too short
    Well, got the vac today via Fedex from Allergybegone - refurbished. Pretty quick, and well packaged. Box in a box with bubble wrap. The Hoover box was in great shape, and unopened. You could tell Hoover refurbished this. Completely clean, with protective plastic on everything. The tools were new in bags. The wheels and bottom had very light usage, but no scratches on the body, wand or cleaning head.

    Took 5-10 minutes to read the directions and assemble. I've never had a canister vac, so this was all new to me. I was impressed with the way people talked about the Miele vacs, so for $72 what the heck.

    The light was burned out, and I called Allergybegone who said they'd happily exchange it, or Hoover would send a new bulb. Called Hoover, and without even asking for a receipt or S/N, shipped one out as a courtesy. Great, great customer service on both ends. Hoover actually had us on record from our last purchase 15 years ago!

    Great suction
    Lots of filters for allergens
    Nice looking and well built - very heavy duty wand and hose
    Powerful motor, with an adjustment for power
    (it actually slows or raises the motor speed for top suction)
    Much nicer than an upright to get under neath tough areas like tables, beds, etc...
    Electricity to the head for agitator and light
    Simple to turn on and off, and to switch from carpet to bare floor - use your foot to
    tap the botton on the canister
    Small and stores easily under the coat closet

    Hose could be longer
    Not as efficient or fast as our Wind Tunnel Self Propelled which comes with a longer cord
    Small collection bag, will fill up fast.
    Bags instead of bagless.
    Small tools fall off the wand. Those tools are useless, so I threw them in the box. We have a mini shop vac for that type of cleaning.

    If you like canister vacs, this is a very solidly built unit for an amazing price. If you don't know and are used to uprights, stick to uprights. For under $100, you can get an amazing upright. For under $50, you get get a very good upright. Just make sure to read reviews. There's so many quirks from these Chinese made units that a few issues could easily make or break the sale. ...more info
  • Its OK.
    It is very powerful and gets any and all jobs done. It is a bit heavy, so it is kind of hard lugging up and down the stairs. Otheer than that I cant complaint. It is a good vac....more info
  • Mediocre after a year's use
    This vacuum is great when it is new - powerful suction and great flexibility, switching easily from wood floors, tile and carpet. The tool storage on the handle is not very convenient, but that is not a deal breaker.

    My mother and I each bought a Duros canister vacuum 2 years ago. Her Duros died after one year, when the hose couping broke and the repair shop told her not to bother fixing it. Mine is still working decently, but the suction quality has declined appreciably and the noise has increased appreciably. It's just not as great anymore.

    For the price, it is isn't a bad purchase, but I would not buy this vacuum again....more info
  • Conventional Vacuum
    It was hard to locate a conventional canister vacuum at electronics and hardware stores with the evolution and popularity of filterless upright models. The Hoover canister vacuum is what can be expected from conventional technology. It is simple to use, works powerfully, and is just as reliable as any new reengineered product....more info
  • great
    Works very well,although I would check over closely, mine arrived with a broken plastic end were the power line retracks.But I can live with that.if it was not for the condition it arrived in I would have given 5 stars....more info
  • Decent if you like canister vacuums
    I had a perfectly good bagless upright, which my girlfriend insisted that I get rid of in order to be replaced by this vacuum. It does a decent enough job, but I'm not used to cannister vacuums so it feels odd.

    Its light and fairly well built.

    So if cannister vacuums are you're deal, nice purchase, but I do prefer bagless uprights, it holds better....more info
  • It Scratches your wooden floors!
    This is a nice product except that it has scratched our wooden floors!
    The wheels are made of hard plastic and they leave marks on wooden (or laminated wooden) floors. Very disappointing!!!! Would it be very costly to have softer wheels that would not damage the floor? ...more info
  • Avoid at any cost!
    Bag does not seal well, so some dirt leaks back into room. Twice the bag developed a hole and filled the inside of the vacuum with dirt. I will never buy a Hoover product again if they are willing to produce such poorly designed products....more info
  • Very Pleased
    After using bagless vacuums for several years, I decided to go back to the bag type. This is also my first canister vacuum cleaner. I am very pleased with the performance, power, and even looks of the machine.I will indeed use Amazon again to locate items in need....more info
  • duros vac
    Was excited about this purchase...until I started using it. It's great for the attachments (for edges, etc.), but not as good on the main part of the carpet. Disappointed. Wishing I would have spent my money on another windtunnel vac....more info
  • Can't beat the price.
    Works better on hardwood than carpet. I bought this as a basement-only workbench vacuum cleaner. It doesn't come close to my electrolux. But, that's to be expected - my electrolux costs 5 times more. This is an excellent choice for a secondary vacuum. Cheap, compact, comes with many attachments. The 'bag full' indicator is handy....more info
  • Avoid.. or get two!
    OK, I get the point that I should take better care of my things. Still... this vacuum is far from being the sturdiest one. It's quite inexpensive though, so while shopping around for a replacement, I bought the same!
    If I could change the rating to 3 stars , I would now. The advantage of having one more of the same is that now I can put together all four pieces of the wand and have an extra extra long one that reaches the most difficult corners of the ceiling. Yes, I like to push things :)

    My original review:

    It does an adequate job for normal house cleaning, but heavy duty jobs, such as dry wall dust are too much for this vacuum. However I don't have a comparison term since I never tried this with other vacuums. The power adjustment broke after 1 year and it's not worth repairing. Luckily it's stuck at the highest setting. It is very loud. Filters are hard to find but I found that the Shark EP754/EP754C, which are widely available, are a perfect fit and they are also HEPA. ...more info
  • One of the best vacuum cleaners I've ever had
    This is a very nice product from hoover. I've had 2 dirt devils that seem to die after about a year. I like the bag (much better than a filter IMHO), the power cord is self winding which is great, and great to use on the stairs. But best of all, my cleaning lady loves it, and says it's one of the best vacuums she has ever used, even better than some electroluxes (don't waste your money)....more info
  • Good little vacuum
    We have been using this vacuum almost for two years now and it is still going strong.It is kind of bulky compared to Bosch branded ones but still small enough to hide in a small storage.

    -Reasonably priced for its quality and power
    -Durable, no problems so far
    -Has a power brush that is very useful on carpet
    -Has a light on the sucking head, which is rarely useful when vacuuming a dark area (e.g. under the bed or couch)

    -Not easy to find the bags for it. I never saw it in nearby supermarkets so I am always ordering online (online is cheaper anyway, however you have to order in advance)
    -It is a little bit on the noisy side especially when you turn on the power brush.
    -The sucking head is kind of big, so not very easy to use on narrow spots or maneuver around the legs of your furniture.

    -I recommend this vacuum to anyone. There are certainly better canister vacuums (I liked the higher priced Bosch ones better) but I don't think they worth the price difference. This is the best value....more info
  • Like This Vacuum
    All but one room in my house is hardwood floors, but I do have area rugs. I didn't want to spend a lot on vacuum just for one room and a few area rugs. The price was right and I've been happy with it. Works well on carpet runners and area works and does pretty well on hardwood and ok on uneven stone tiling. ...more info
  • Nice Vacuum
    I almost bought a bagless canister, but all use a pricey hepa filter and are priced close to $200 up. So I decided I wanted a simple old-fashioned canister vacuum with bags and at least some metal. That's when I discovered the Duros had metal wands and I also noticed it was listed as one of the best reviewed vacuums by Consumer Reports. Although it was rated in the middle - I read every review I could find. I just didn't want to spend $400 on a silly vacuum. The Duros uses low price bags, has no hepa filters to worry about, and the two motor filters are washable that they recommend cleaning at least once a year. (Hepa or no hepa, as long as there is air for us to breathe - we will always have dust and allergens floating around.) I find less mess and cleaner emptying of dirt with the bags. This vacuum was less than $150. It has very good suction, and seems better built than some of the plastic $300 models I've looked at. The great thing is, the suction can be controlled along with the noise it makes, but it's not louder than any vacuum I ever owned. I have owned 5 vacuums in my life and I have learned that model quality varies within a brand. A higher price doesn't necessarily make it last longer or guarantee a better design. The only thing I didn't like about the Duros was the fact that it didn't come with a simple floor attachment as so many have complained about. So - I ordered a really nice one from a place called Ristenbatt online with several bags so that I wouldn't have to turn around and buy them all the time (since several people complained they couldn't find the proper bag). There are several vacuum supply cos. on the Internet that sells the bags. This vacuum takes a 35mm diameter size attachment. The power nozzle on the Duros can work on bare floors, but again, I wanted a simple brushed floor attachment to grab hair and slide under counters etc. The purchase of a floor attachment added an extra $30 to the overall price, but the total price was still under $150. (By the way, this floor attachment I got has real bristles that dust the bare floors and it curves or turns as you use it! It's really nice - tough plastic too) So, if there's a will, there's a way to solve the floor attachment dilemma. I can see why some people said the small attachment holder on the wand is useless - as the attachments do fall off, but I don't want them there anyway. Also, one can go to the Hoover site and look at the manual and study it (or any model) for more info about how this vacuum works and looks up close. This is a great vacuum if one wants a vacuum with bags and no fuss with hepa filters. I think it's well made in a world of plastic dominance and I could see some parts that could have been made out of metal for durability, but I will learn in time if the plastic becomes a problem. I see cheap plastic on more expensive vacuums too, so I think it's the way of the world now to have to put up with all the plastic. (Just like what we face with our cars today) Have any of you looked at the plastic carpet attachment of the expensive Miele's? I checked out those pretty babies too. Duros's power floor nozzle is metal and has some plastic. This is a great vacuum for the price. I give this vacuum 4 stars - minus one for not having a floor attachment. I hope this has been helpful for all....more info
  • Duros isn't durable!
    After a year and a half of light use I have had to repair the main hose and connections to the power brush. There have been months when the bags for it haven't been available and we've had to use our other lightweight vacuum instead.

    We bought this vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs and the loft level of our house. Our main vacuum cleaner is a Hoover Windtunnel self-propelled upright model; the Duros isn't as efficient as that, but it does a satisfactory job of cleaning low carpet and hardwood floors. The tools are a nuisance as they constantly fall off the machine, but, apart from its durability, the main complaint we have is the noise. It has a high pitched screech I've been unable to tame - drives my wife nuts!...more info
  • Does the Job
    We bought this vacuum for our bachelor son's birthday. I recently helped him clean his house and used his new vacuum. The canister is easy to maneuver and the power nozzle works very well. It glides across hardwood floors easily, unlike other power nozzles. Only negative is the two attachments; the brush and a strange little device with velcro strips. Fortunately, we kept the attachments from his old machine and they fit the new one. We believe this is an ideal vacuum for a bachelor who only cleans when the mood strikes! Should last a long time....more info
  • Dissapointing
    I bought this since it had good reviews. The part of the hose that attaches to the body of the canister is quite flimsy and can rip apart easily. Also, the base (the rectangular part that sweeps the floors) is quite heavy. So it does become a chore to move it back and forth. ...more info
  • Works for me
    The Duros is my first canister vacuum. I did a lot of research. Even though this model got a so-so rating from Consumer Reports, it was more affordable for me. Other purchasers seemed to love or hate it. It doesn't seem any louder to me than my old upright was. The attachment holder IS a pain. The attachments DON'T stay on while vacuumming. It has a hard time rolling over its own cord. But that's ok, because in every other way, it's a peach. It's so much easier to clean my tile floors, swap to an attachment and do upholstery, and then tackle the stairs without the hassle of dragging and pushing the upright. And when I'm done, just push the button and rewind the cord! ...more info
  • Extremely powerful, durable. But make sure a canister is right for you before buying!
    We have had our Duros for over two years now. We got it originally because we had bedbugs and getting rid of them requires a lot of powerful vacuuming. Well, we got rid of all our bedbugs and two years later we're still happy with it.

    Canister vs. Upright: We went with a canister vacuum over an upright because they are just more powerful. And in my experience, much easier to push across the floor because when you push the main cleaning head, you're leaving the heavy engine and the bag behind. All you have to push is the rotating brush head or whatever attachment you're using. You do sort of have to lug the canister around behind you as you finish an area, which is sometimes a pain. And the canister types are bulkier and more difficult to store, if you have limited closet space. But overall, as a mother of 4 who has used both kinds, I prefer the canister types.

    Duros vs. other models: We picked the Duros because we wanted a good reliable maker. In two years of heavy use we have never had a mechanical problem (except that the rubber bumper pad keeps coming off). Also, we wanted the rotating brush head. It does make the head heavier than in some other canister models, and minimizes that advantage a little bit, but it really does help clean better. Ours has always worked fine and they've made it really easy to turn the brush off and on-- one foot button and a thumb button so you can use whichever you prefer or is convenient at a given time.

    Best part: The super-powerful suction. Once time I noticed it losing power and I thought it was nearing the end of its vacuum life. Well, it turned out it had a sock AND a piece of upholstery foam stuck in the hose. Yet it was continuing to pick up dirt, dust, cat hair, paper, and even a pen, just a bit less energetically than usual. I tell you, it's a good thing this has adjustable suction, because some places in my house I have to turn it DOWN or it will pick up the entire rug and/or anything in its path that would certainly have been left behind by a lesser vacuum.

    Canister-type vacuums may not be right for you, but I hate seeing this one badly reviewed just because of people not liking canisters. If you want a canister, I have not found any reasons not to be delighted with this one!

    ...more info
  • It's Nice, I guess
    It's a vacuum cleaner. The hand tools are awkwardly located and loose enough to fall off. Great suction, very light, and NO dust like most bagless canisters. Bags are common and available at any Best Buy and are available online. This is a good canister vacuum. ...more info
  • Not the best
    After 3 months of use the vac started to fall apart. Thank God for duct tape!! The hose continuously falls out of the canister. And the hose has pulled apart from the nozzle that connects to the wand. The suction is really good only if the bag is brand new. It's heavy and bulky. If you really want to waste your hard earned money, this is the vac for you....more info
  • great for the price
    This vacumn has wonderful suction and a good cord length. All works good and very lightweight. I recommend this product....more info
  • Ask Yourself...
    What you need the cleaner to do? How much you are willing to shell out? It is noisy, but that motor power supplies excellent cleaning. I needed a cleaner that would work very well on tile, wood, and carpeted floors. This cleaner does not disappoint. I also needed a cleaner that would allow me to get underneath and behind heavy furniture. This canister does not disappoint. And I needed it to do those two things for less than $200.00. Well, it does. It may not be well designed, but for what I paid for it, I'm lucky to have a cleaner that cleans well. I just store the tools separately. So what's the problem?...more info
  • Vacuum breaks down at first dust bunny
    I made a resolution to buy a canister vacuum for my cleaning lady who uses my heavy upright for everthing. I have lots of pet hair in two wood floored rooms.

    It worked great on the floor but when it hit the two carpeted stairs, the fan belt came off. It took 30 minutes to open up the power head to replace the belt. I gave up and plan to return this to the store. It is one week old and had never been used.

    I shopped for an inexpensive lightweight $119 model but will probably go back to Sears for the Dyson. The cord is too short and when you carry the canister in your left hand, your hip will shut off the power button.

    It's very poorly made and will never withstand the heavy use of the cleaning people....more info
  • Betty happy custummer
    Thank you for the great price for such and excellent Canister vacum (Hoover). Thanks for the fast delivery, even so I dint pay for delivery....more info
  • Hoover will do
    I needed an inexpensive canister vacuum for my summer house. This little Hoover is a price performer. It is rather loud especially in enclosed areas such as closets, but the noise is evidently a byproduct of it's power. Tons of suction and a pretty useful beater bar. You can easily switch from beater to straight suction with a touch of the toe. The tools are adequete, though small, again directing more powerful suction. The provided storage of the tools on the handle though does not work. The tools are always falling off and are in the way. The vacuum is lightweight and easy to manuever, why I've even placed it on the paint bucket rack of a ladder so I could reach some plant shelves 12 feet up!
    It's lightweightedness does not allow the wand to stand up in storage.
    I have a far more expensive canister with all the bells and whistles, though it offers a few more conveniences than this little Hoover, it cost 4 times as much. ...more info
  • Am I the only one that had this problem?
    I must have got 2 defective ones. I bought this Hoover after my other one finally gave up the ghost after 20 yrs.
    After 2 weeks I noticed that the machine wasn't cleaning as well and I couldn't hear the power brush in the head running when on carpet. It ran when lifted up but stopped when put down, you could stop the brush with your hand. I took it apart and checked the belt it was very loose.
    I thought about getting a new belt but this thing was brand new so I took it back to Home depot and they gladly gave me a refund. I went back and looked at their vac cleaners again and decided to get the same kind again, I liked the design and the way it worked while it was working. Maybe bad luck.
    Fired up the new one and went to work, I noticed that it would bog down on my area rug and carpet in the bedroom, after about 30 min the brush would stop turning on the carpet and I could stop it with my hand.
    Same %@#* problem! What a POS!
    I am returning this one ASAP and shopping for another....more info
  • Solid Value and Stylish for a mid-range vac
    This canister vac is probably the best value for your money compared to uprights and canisters up to the $200 range. This vac seems to be built solid compared to the other "disposable" vacs out there around this price-range. I looked at the Consumer Reports "best buy" pick for an upright at a local retail shop and it looked cheap (also a bit too big). I couldn't even close the bag lid! This canister vac has an upscale paint finish that it even looks good left out in the room! Looks like a $600 vac. Also it's pretty quiet at low speed setting but it does omitt that "whinning jet-like noise" at high power output. I have set mine in the middle-to-high setting on the slider switch. Also the tools that are attached on the wand tend to fall off (so I took them off). I've purchased mine w/ an optional 2 yr warr. for $19. This is a great value for this vac that should last a while and I think these sold for over $200 in the past! Keep in mind that bags might be hard ot find and need changing more often than an upright. also you have to "tug" the vac behind you when your cleaning the floor. Works great if your house is 50% carpet 50% hard-wood....more info
  • Not designed to clean anything
    Just opened the box and vacuumed my living room (carpet) and front entry, kitchen and bathroom (hard flooring). Here are my comments:

    On carpet, I needed to pass over debris several times in order to pick up. The vacuum doesn't pick up any debris 1 1/2 inches away from the wall. The vacuumed seemed light enough, however it was extremely tiring to push across the carpet

    On hard flooring, the larger debris seemed to scatter about. The vacuum still didn't pick up any debris 1 1/2 inches away from the wall. It didn't move around obsticles easily and it couldn't fit between my bathroom cupboards and the toilet.

    When using the attachments, I couldn't vacuum along side my refrigerator with the crevice tool because the tool holder was in the way. The extension wand too heavy to vacuum cobwebs or anything that would require a reach.

    During my cleaning I also had the following things happen. The attachments fell off of the tool holder several times. And, I had to keep turning the vacuum back on because the hose would rotate around and push the off button for me.

    Overall, I would have to say that this vacuum was obviously not designed by anyone who has ever cleaned a house before. I am sad to say this because I was hoping that this would be a great multi-purpose vacuum just like my old Hoover Canister Windtunnel used to be....more info
  • Flimsy Construction
    I just returned this machine for a refund; after four weeks the hose that connects into the machine seperated from the plastic coupling, which frankly, shocked me as it had been treated gently. There are electrical connections within the hose that were exposed and the power head no longer worked. Not worth repairing, was relieved I was able to return it. Replaced with a bagless Bissell upright that seems a lot sturdier. ...more info
  • Took this one back
    Like a previous reviewer, I did not like the high-frequency motor whine. I asked customer service for noise level information and they replied with "We don't have that information..." Called Hoover Corporate and left a message for the Safety Officer requesting noise levels and an octave band analysis (to determine the frequency of the whine). That was early Nov and still no response.

    The Hoover does a good job and has a very strong motor (hence the whine) but cheesey attachments. I also did not like the short cord and the location of the on/off button which is very easy to confuse with the cord return button. At the very least the buttons should be of different color. Somehow, I expected more from Hoover product engineering!

    I returned the vac and purchased the canister recommended by a leading consumer product source as the "Best Buy." ...more info
  • I'm very happy with the Hoover S3590
    I received it in very good condition and I am very happy with it....more info
  • Good suction when the belt...
    The suction works good when the belt stays on. A design flaw. Twice now in 3 months I've had to take apart the power nozzle and put the belt back on. A real pain. Also finding bags is difficult and expensive. Wish I spent a little more money and got a Miele....more info
  • Great produst
    This is my first canister vaccum and it does take some time to get used to pulling the canister while you vacuum. Said that this is by far the best vacuum i ever used. I have mostly wooden floors with few rugs, and some tile flooring. Swivel head and conector work real well. Suction works great even after few uses. And as far as replacement bags you can get them at walmart...more info
  • Sounds Like a Jet Turbine
    Has no one else noticed that this thing is deafening? I don't care how well it may clean, I can't tolerate that horrible sound. It is by far the loudest and highest pitched vacuum I've ever used. It's going back this week. ...more info
  • Flaw
    The vaccum is constructed good, would have to be for the price, and I rate it 4 stars for that. It should work for several years, but for the price one would think that Hoover could make the damn thing hypoalergenic. IT IS NOT. I use it mainly to clean litter from the floors. And, as I think another reviewer wrote, there is NO solid connection from hose to bag so after a few vacuums you will have litter dust all over the large buttons on the machine and debris in the bag compartment. SO THIS IS NOT STOPPING DUST FROM YOUR FLOORS FROM GETTING INTO THE AIR. You'd probly get the same from a cheaper vaccum. It only gets 3 stars for cleaning since even though it has really good suction and hasn't clogged on me once in the two months I have used it, unlike cheaper vaccums, it IS NOT HYPOALERGENIC and DOES NOT STOP DUST. It is the same as using a broom....more info
  • Great value for the price
    When our electrolux broke, we weren't prepared to shell out several hundred dollars for another, so we 'settled' on this.

    It turns out we didn't 'settle' at all. We are very impressed with the quality and performance of this vac (especially for the price). It actually outsucks our electrolux.

    The quality of the hose is nice, and the power cord rewind works well. The attachments are kindof small, though.

    Another bonus, this vacuum uses Hoover type S bags, which we can find anywhere very inexpensively....more info
  • I didn't think I liked canister vacuums
    I bought one because we have both wood floors and carpeting. This machine does a great job on both. It's much more powerful than I imagined it would be. While the canister is heavy, you're really only dealing with the much lighter handle. Even the stairs are easier. I've had bagless versions, and frankly, I'd rather not deal with the mess. The bag acts as a filter, so you're changing the filter everytime you change the bag. I've heard that the canister style lasts longer. We have two long-haired fur balls at home, so we usually burn out a vacuum cleaner in a year. The upright models designed so that the mess doesn't go anywhere near the motor run about $500. The bags are available here and at about a hundred web sites on-line. Don't look for it at your grocers though....more info
  • was not happy
    this was not a good hoover vacuum. it was very hard to use....more info
  • impossible to find bags
    This is an average vacuum at a decent price. But it is impossible to find replacement bags. I wish I'd bought a different machine, as I can't use this one at all now, until bags become available. ...more info
  • Real Value
    Just recieved the S3590 and was very pleased.. This tracks well and is easy to move about the house. The insulation is done well and noise is sufficently damped. A light on the power head is nice and the suction is great. I shopped vacuums at 3 times the price and was not impressed. Only negative is the accessory holder is awkward and the dusting brush is a little small. Buy this product. ...more info
  • Good, if you can find a bag for it.
    Do not waste your time on the Hoover Duros. It is a nice machine but wait till you need to find replacement bags. Costco and Best Buy sell the machine but not the bags, not even on their web sites. Just try and find the SR replacement bags locally. Good luck. Even Hoover online does not sell them. What a joke....more info
  • Great Buy
    Purchased this vacuum to clean carpets and tile floors. Works very well on both. Would recommend this vacuum to anyone....more info
  • solid built, powerful and user-friendly.
    my wife had been looking around, for a good while at different styles and types of vacuums. she has tried the bagless styles and was very displeased with them. after many considerations (oreck, kirby and etc.), she chose to try this one. after using it for several weeks, she has stated that she was very glad that we bought his one. i, myself, was totally surprized at the quality of this hoover. it's very well built (not flimsy like most other vacuums at this price), very easy to move around, and has very strong suction power. my wife likes the way that the wands fit together easily, without the cord being in the way (the cord that dangles from most vacuums with the power nozzles) and the fact that you don't have to change one nozzle to another (rug to bare floor) to finish vacuuming, just push the bar from rug to floor and it's done. the only thing that my wife didn't care for was that two of the attachements tools are stored on the wand, which does at times, come off when bumped against something. But other then that, she is very happy with this vacuumm. we have many pets (six all together) that are inside which my wife has to vacuum at least four to five times a week (with all the shedding) and she feels that this vacuum will do the job for a long time (we average about a vacuum every 2 years due to the constant use). over all, with it's sturdy built, power, and user-friendly abilities, we give this vacuum 5 stars!!!!!michael and penny smith ...more info
  • Not bad, about what you'd expect
    I have been using an upright for my carpet and a canister w/ smooth floor attachment for my wood floors. I got the Duros and here are the negative things I noticed:
    1) On smooth floors it is more cumbersome to move the big beater bar head (with the beater bar turned off) around than a light smooth floor attachment.
    2) On carpet, the canister has a shorter cord than the upright and you have to drag the canister behind you.

    The positives are:
    1) I've got one vaccum instead of two.
    2) I don't have to change heads to go from smooth floor to a rug or from the carpet to a bathroom with a tile floor, just turn off the beater bar.
    3) I can go all the way under the couches, chairs and beds because the handle goes all the way down to the floor.
    4) I does a fine job, other than getting used to moving it around, and it was cheaper than each of the vaccums it was replacing that are a few years (10 years) older.
    5) The hair cutter we have attaches to a vaccum to suck up the hair as it's being cut. The hair cutter works on the new vaccum and feels like it pulls harder than the old one....more info
  • Good vacuum
    This vacuum is not as compact as I've expected, and it's little bit too heavy to carry around. However, the suction of this vacuum is pretty powerful, and it's fairly easy to take it apart. ...more info