Pureology Serious Colour Care Pure Volume Shampoo 10.1 Ounces

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Just Note: Although NEW/UNUSED scuffs on labels, dents on cans, bottle etc. Box or outer cover caps are missing/packaging defect. You can have this very expensive and luxury product for much less because it can't be sold for full retail price in selected stores. All our fragrances are 100% originals by their original designers. Shipping charge is Only $2 for each additional item No worry 14 days return policy.

  • Longer Lasting Hair Colour Guaranteed!
  • This unique moisture-rich formula is free of harsh colour-stripping sulfates and salts.? It pumps up your fine, limp hair and keeps the colour fresh
  • Our potent AntiFade Complex protects against color fade.
  • Not tested on animal

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product!
    I stumbled upon this Pureology shampoo when I borrowed some from a friend and I was so impressed. It smells wonderful and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft (even without the conditioner). I only use a small amount (about the size of a nickle) and it really lathers up quite nicely so a 10 oz. bottle goes a long way. I highly recommend this product, especially for people who color their hair and it's nice even if you don't color....more info
  • seriously good
    My favorite sister-in-law sent me this shampoo to try. After three uses, I could really notice a difference in my hair! It does add volume and hold to my thin, wavy hair. Nice smell, too!...more info
  • A stinker
    When I first read about this, I thought, volume AND moisture - perfect. And I love their colour care condition - smells minty and light and wonderful - but this stuff smells absolutely horrible. I almost gagged every time I tried to use it. Plus it made my hair icky feeling and looking the very next morning. Wish I could send it back because it is expensive to just be thrown away. ...more info
  • hair care product Pureology
    Hair retains vibrant color, smells nice and hair feels revitalized. Pureology products don't make hair feel sticky or hard as some other hair care products have a tendency to do....more info
  • Leaves your hair soooo soft !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the first time that I really only have to use a small amount of shampoo, it really is true, I get alot of lather for such a small amount and my hair feels so soft after I shampoo, I have shoulder length hair. I started using this right after I had my hair colored about 3 weeks ago and the color has hardly faded. I also love the conditioner.
    Great product and this is going to last a long time for me....more info
  • Pureology Convert
    Based these reviews I decided to give this a try. The shampoo is very thick and squeezes out in a ribbon. I read not to use too much but forgot the first time and my hair foamed into a big poofy mass of thick, rich lather (lesson learned). I love the way my hair looks, feels and moves. The price is ridiculous but I am a believer and while I can afford to get things like manicures and pedicures I will also be buying this little luxury.

    My hair is in good condition, color treated, straight and fine but full. I use this is combination with the Pureology volume conditioner or hydrate conditioner and top it all off with Bain de Terre Recovery Complex....more info
  • Great shampoo, just expensive!
    I LOVE this shampoo, I just wish it wasn't so expensive. On the other hand, it does last a long time because you don't have to use much and it works up an amazing lather. My hair is super-clean, not stripped, and full of body. I highly reccommend if you have fine, color-treated hair that needs some volume! ...more info
  • Thick and rich
    It's expensive... but it goes a long way and really seems to keep the color longer....more info
  • Great Shampoo for color treated hair
    I searched the internet for shampoo for fine/color treated hair. My hair fades hair color rapidly. I was glad that I came across this one. It has held my color better than other shampoos. Although it costs more than the usual shampoos it only takes a little to make alot of lather. However I was not impressed with accompaning conditoner. ...more info
  • Really "gravity-defying"!
    I have very fine, VERY straight hair that clings to my scalp like a frightened animal at the first sign of moisture in the air. Pureology Volume Shampoo works unbelievably well and my hair has much more body than before, and it's also VERY soft and shiny. I noticed other reviews saying that it smelled bad. The smell reminded me of men's aftershave--not a bad smell, but unusual, and it doesn't last after you dry and style your hair. Better than products that claim to have the essence of this or that flower, smell pretty, but do nothing that they claim to do! This product also doesn't strip your hair oils like some do, which leads to healthier hair in the long run. And my bottle has lasted for a very long time! But most important, it is not tested on animals!...more info
  • Great shampoo, great smell
    very nicely moisturizing not heavy at all. My new favorite!...more info
  • I'm a believer
    With my fine, stick-straight hair, I had given up on volumizing products that never worked. I bought this primarily to slow down my color fade and--O, Happy Day!--this product actually does what it claims! I used the shampoo and conditioner as directed and let my hair air dry. No styling, no additional products, and my hair looked noticeably fuller, soft and shiny. My color seems to be staying in much better than it did when I was using other shampoos, so I think it's worth the money.

    Update, 06/20/2008
    Still using the original bottles that I bought back in March, and still really liking it. With other shampoos, my color faded quickly and looked brassy. I can use this every day with very little fading--there will always be some--so I'm happy, and a little goes a long way. Between the small amount needed to get my hair clean and shiny and the money I save on touching up my color, I think it's worth it....more info
  • pureology seriuos care volume shampoo
    I was looking for a shampoo that would give volume to my hair. This product was disappointing. It's not any better that the shampoo I'm already using for half the price....more info
  • Great product
    This a great product in conjunction with the Volume conditioner. I have been using it for several months and it work on my hair which tends to be oily if I don't use the right shampoo and conditioner....more info
  • I like it...
    I like it. It certainly gives you volume but if you're looking for that smooth, silky finished look, it won't do that but I don't think it claims to. I have fine, thin hair and this really does give me a lot more volume. I think it's worth the price. ...more info
  • Gentle and natural, yet very effective and efficient
    Pureology is hailed as one of the more high-end hair product lines available. It has so many good aspects, it's no surprise it's so popular, despite the higher price tag. A bottle of Pureology shampoo or conditioner will cost about $25 each in store; however, on Amazon it's almost a steal!

    What's so great about it? The Pureology product line is natural, with no sulfates, and is 100% vegan. For those of you who aren't concerned with such matters, it's also highly-effective product. The Pure Volume shampoo works well enough to clean your hair without stripping it of the moisture that color-treated hair so often requires. It's made for color-treated hair, but works on all hair types. It smells great - almost like aromatherapy - and works great too! Best of all, it doesn't take much, so you use less product than you would with other brands. (A quarter-sized amount of shampoo is plenty for shoulder-length hair.) A set of shampoo and conditioner will last me close to 3 months, unlike other brands I've purchased in the past. Conditioner comes in a slightly smaller bottle than the shampoo because you use less of it. Be sure to try the conditioner too! Pureology Serious Colour Care Antifade Complex Pure Volume Hair Condition, 8.5-Ounce...more info
  • Great product line:
    I use the Pureology Serious Colour Pure Volume Shampoo and Blowdry Amplifier together. I get so much volume out of my hair with moderate effort. I love this product line! I like the smell it reminds me a little of Aveda. The shampoo is great. I get lots of suds and just need to wash it once and it feels clean.

    I am a fan!

    A little about me: my hair has a little bend but is mostly thick yet fine in texture. I have it cut in a mod bob that is just below the chin with lots and lots of texture. I like to amp up the volume and then get a Meg Ryan messy look (a little more refined though).

    ...more info


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