Whirlpool 50-Pint Electronic Dehumidifier - AD50USR

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Product Description

AD50 ENERGY STAR? Qualified Dehumidifier, 50 pints (23.7 L) in 24 hours. This ENERGY STAR? qualified Ultra Low Temp Basement dehumidifier removes 50 pints of moisture per 24 hours in temperatures as low as 44 F. Ideal for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, basements, pool houses and summer homes

  • Removes 50 pints of water per day
  • ENERGYStar qualified
  • AccuDry System pulls air in from the front
  • Automatic De-icer prevents ice from forming on the coils
  • 2-speed fan
Customer Reviews:
  • received new unit using warrantee
    Our two-year-old, 50-pint Whirlpool dehumidifier stopped working after two years, the same way others have described: when we turned it back on in spring, it ran but didn't collect water. We took it to a Whirlpool authorized repair store (not Sears) where we paid a $35 service fee for a look and diagnosis (Rhode Island). The store told us that there was a leak in the sealed system, which could still be under warrantee, and suggested we call Whirlpool. We did. Whirlpool called the store, confirmed the problem, and sent us a brand new unit plus a pre-paid shipping label to return the old unit to the company. Though loud, the new unit worked well for two years before it, too, stopped working. So our $35 was well spent. I'd recommend people with Whirlpool dehumidifiers check the warrantee and consider trying what we did before throwing their broken units away. Also note that you can buy a small humidstat very inexpensively at most pet stores, so you can check the humidity level in your basement. Our dehumidifier reduced the humidity in ours from 90 to 65 percent....more info
  • Whirlpool AD50US
    Worked great for a year and a half, then froze up, took it apart
    and cleaned it but still the same thing. Now wondering if its
    worth it to throw good money on bad money, so far very disappointing.

    AW...more info
  • Compressor blew in 1.5 years
    Bought this for use in our damp basement so the loud noise was not an issue and it did pretty ok keeping the basement relatively dry in the summer/rainy months. But you cannot select the actual humidity % control so you are not really sure what your humiduty level is while this is working unless you buy another humidity measurement tool and use it there. The main reason I wouldn't buy another whirlpool is because the compressor blew in 1.5 years and it blew with a bang and lots of sparks flying. Lucky I was there when it happened and pulled the plug quickly otherwise who knows, a fire could've burned my house down....more info
  • It short-cycles, is noisy, and sometimes runs constantly
    I've experienced problems with this unit from day one. First, it's noisy. Second, once the desired humidity level is reached, the unit will kick on and off in 90 second cycles. Third, sometimes it will kick on and run non-stop for days, even when the humidity in the basement is at a normal level. Whirlpool's customer service staff is difficult to work with and refuses to replace the unit after 5 in-person service call and one call I made to another dealer authorized repair company. If you're looking a dehumidifier, look at something other than a Whirlpool....more info
  • Must Have Been Redesigned
    I just bought this AD50USR Whirlpool dehumidifier, and it must have recently undergone a redesign because I have no problem with the noise level.

    I am dehumidifying a basement, and the model I am getting rid of had metal-on-metal construction. I used to be able to hear the unit running when I was on the first floor, but no longer.

    The Whirlpool has a thick plastic housing and feels like it's packed with insulation (fair size, little weight). I think the Whirlpool people got the feedback about the noise and did something about it. Nevertheless, this is a unit meant for the basement. You can plug it in wherever you want, but silent operation may have been compromised for low-temperature functionality? I'm no appliance designer, but that's just my sense of it.

    My only complaint so far is the lack of a humidistat: it has "normal dry" and "max dry" modes, but no definition of what that precisely means in the documentation in terms of moisture, and no readout to tell you how moist the air is currently....more info
    I purchased this unit when my old humidifier died. This sucker is so loud, when it's on you can hear it from anywhere in the house, and I have a big house. It roars.

    I purchased another (different brand) today for another area of the house. It's a 65 pint unit, better temps than the Whirlpool, and it's so quiet you could sit it next to the TV and it wouldn't bother you. It's like night and day between the two units. I would suggest NOT buying the Whirlpool due to the excessive noise. In fact, anyone who would like to buy my unit should contact me. I've got to get it out of the house. I can't take the noise....more info
  • The loudest appliance in my home...
    Like the previous reviewer, I went with Whirlpool because of brand loyalty, not a good decision. This product is unbelievably loud and clunky-sounding(rattle-metal-on-metal). When I open my basement door it sounds like there is a jet aircraft in my basement. The unit does work as advertised, I have no issue with its performance, just can't get past the noise. ...more info
  • No louder than my last dehumidifier
    I've read nothing but good reviews about this unit from consumer-type magazines. However, when I read the negative review on this site, I decided to buy the dehumidifier (cheaper!) locally in case I needed to return it. I have had the unit operating in my basement for a week now, and have found the sound volume no louder than my prior dehumidifier (a 13 year old White-Westinghouse). The volume is comparable to a small room air conditioner, and is easily drowned out by my washer or dryer which are also in the basement.

    Admittedly, Whirlpool must have redesigned the unit, because although the model number is the same, the housing looks different than in the photo. This may have reduced the noise.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with it. I'm not giving it 5 stars yet, because I haven't had it long enough to determine its reliability and low-temperature de-icing capability. ...more info
  • Too poorly made to waste your time with...
    We went with this unit because of the brand name. Big mistake. No sound dampening material is used whatsoever. The metal on metal construction leaves creates one big buzzing rattle box.

    It was so loud it scared my kids. Returned it for a refund. A shameful lack of consideration went into the design - the number of buzzes and rattles was astounding....more info
  • Died after nine months
    I bought the 40 pint version of this Whirlpool dehumidifier last September and it did indeed dehumidify when the outside temp was 50 degrees. It rested during the winter (I live in northern Virginia) and I tried to get it going this past May and no luck. I took it to a very reputable repair shop and they declared it dead. $200 down a rathole.

    We also bought a Whirlpool dishwasher a couple years ago. As far as brand names go, it might as well be an Ajax brand model. It has never gotten dishes half as clean as the old avocado green one we had in the 1970's. Now we're looking for a fridge, and it's not going to be a Whirlpool. ...more info