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Breathe easier!
This patented-design air cleaner delivers ultra-quiet Electro-static and HEPA filtration removing 99.9% of allergens and foreign particles for cleaner, fresher air. Carbon filter eliminates odors, too! Compact, portable and affordable, this unit cleans up to 400 sq. ft. Washable filter with no expensive replacements to buy! Electric. 8" x 6" x 3".

  • HEPA filtration
  • Eliminates odors!
  • Cleans Up to 270 Sq. Ft.
Customer Reviews:
  • This is a great air purifier and ionizer
    Well, the price here seems a bit high, considering I've bought two of them for about 70% less, but regardless these little units are great! I like that you don't have to change filters, and the fact that there is a fan! And the fan is virtually silent. Why get one that doesn't have a fan when you can get one that does! Moves more air in the same amount of time as one that doesn't have a fan. Makes sense? Of course... as long as the fan is quiet, and this one is. Nice you can also wash the carbon/charcoal filter screen in the back. Easy....more info