Whirlpool 25-Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier - AD25BSR

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Product Description

Reduce the growth of mildew, and its odor, in your basement, garage, or other damp area with this mechanical dehumidifier by Whirlpool. ENERGYStar qualified, it removes moisture in temperatures down to 65 F. The indicator light lets you know when the easy-to-empty, front removable bucket is full. Otherwise, use the hose attachment to send water directly into the drain. Removes up to 25 pints of moisture a day. Made in USA. 24-1/2Hx13Wx15D".

  • ENERGYStar qualified
  • Removes moisture down to 65 F
  • Bucket full indicator light
  • Front removable, easy empty bucket
  • Direct drain hose attachment
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Loud & Gets Louder With Age
    The selection of dehumidifiers in my area is pretty slim. In 4 years I have burned through 2 of these. They are loud and get louder with age. My first model died completely during its 2nd summer and my current unit wakes the dead. Additionally, it gives off lots of heat - not good during the summer, and it blows the air out the back of the unit - not good for next to the wall. I am looking forward to getting a quieter dehumidifier which can be placed closer to the wall in my downstairs hallway. ...more info
  • How dry I'll be...
    It's loud, produces too much heat and it looks funny, but it does the job. That's the good news. The bad news is, the bucket is clumsy and while it's easy to remove, it's hard to pour out the accumulated water without spilling it hither and yon.

    I use this dehumidifer in the basement and it does a pretty good job of keeping things dry but it does produce some heat. That's a problem if you're using it to keep things cool.

    Like all of our goods and products, it's made almost wholly of plastic and has a cheap look and feel.

    Speaking of cheap, I preferred this model because it has simple, mechanical controls. The other models have gone to electronics. So much for keeping it simple....more info
  • You can get better
    I bought one of these and plugged it in today. After 9 hours or so in a 900 sq. ft. single floor place, it had dropped the humidity (measured 8 ft from humidifier) from 52 to 49 percent... and I honestly think turning on the air-co may have been the real reason for the drop.

    All dehumidifiers are loud - realize this from the start. This one is probably one of the louder ones in its class though. The compressor is very buzzy.

    I have just returned the unit and bought an LG model LD40E. It is too soon to judge it but I can already say it is quieter and less buzzy on high speed. On low speed, it is even more quiet. In an hour, it has dropped the humidity by 2%.

    I think you can get much more for your money. I paid $150 for the LG, which is only a few dollar more. For that little extra, you get lower noise, two fan speeds, a way to digitally select a target humidity percentage, 40 vs 25 pint abilities, two timers, a larger water holding tank and probably other things I don't know yet. If the LG works, it will be a much better overall value.

    I cannot recommend the Whirlpool. There are just better performers and values out there for your money.
    ...more info
  • Works, but EXTREMELY LOUD. Not for humans with ears.
    Removes moisture as advertised.

    WAY too loud. Louder than my air conditioning, washer, and dryer combined. Sounds like a 747 Jumbo Jet taking off. Loudest appliance I have ever, ever, ever heard. Can't be good for anyone's hearing. However, it does drown out the neighbor's barking dogs.

    It's going straight back to the hardware store. ...more info