Haier 5,000 BTU 9.7 EER Air Conditioner - HWF05XC3

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* High Efficiency * Mechanical Control * Ultra-Quiet Operation * 3 Cool Settings, 2 Fan Settings * Easy-to-install Mounting Kit * Easy-Access Washable Filter * 2-Way Air Flow Direction * Dimensions (W/D/H): 18-9/16" x 14-11/16" x 12-7/16" Model: HWF05XC3

  • High Efficiency
  • Mechanical Control
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • 3 Cool Settings, 2 Fan Settings
  • Easy-to-install Mounting Kit
Customer Reviews:
  • Its really not that bad
    All the above reviews are mostly concerned with

    A) Installation, which while vague, is the same as any air conditioner: make sure its secure and that its pointed out slightly...

    B) Physical blemishes - something that does occur in shipping or handling somewhere along the line with all products

    As far as the unit itself, it works rather well, yes, on the noisy side, but really not more than a couple fans

    Styrofoam does stink, but this is a $99 dollar air conditioner. It works great for a smaller room - it is what it is....more info
  • Haier has got to be the noisiest air conditioner
    Came home with a Haier 6,000 BTU, good energy rating of 10.7. I agree the instructions suck but after I installed it, I couldn't believe how noisy it was. I just stood there staring at it and saw that it was built with styrofoam inside. It did cool the room but after 2 hours of unbelievable noise (was installed properly), I left the room to sweat elsewhere. Mine sounded like pieces of foam were "snap, crackling, and popping" the whole time.

    I am taking this back, never to buy a product from Haier again....more info
  • NO--trust me
    This AC is absurdly cheap and bad. When I opened the box the front plastic cover was already cracked, and the part that's supposed to be screwed onto the metal frame was chipped off--and this couldn't have happened during shipping, since I carried the thing right from the store. I attempted to install it anyway, and when I turned it on I was greeted by a loud grinding noise accompanied by bits of styrofoam flying out of the air vent. Now I know you're thinking I just forgot to remove some of the styrofoam packing, but alas, this styrofoam being ground to bits by the fan (likely not a very healthy prospect) was part of the structure of the air conditioner itself.

    All this might be kind of charming if not for the deafening noise. The instruction manual warns that "poor installation" may lead to vibrating and rattling noises, but as the previous reviewer noted, the instructions are not explicit as to how poor installation is to be avoided. One sure-fire tactic would be to avoid installation and indeed purchase of the air conditioner altogether, which is my recommendation....more info
  • Poor quality instructions and defective controls
    After wrestling this thing out of the box and laying all of the bagged/loose parts on the bedroom floor, I began the installation of the HWF05XC3. First off, the directions are vague on what actually secures this thing to the window. Secondly, you have to be a little creative on you hang this on the windows, because the pictures are often unclear as which direction a hasp or other part should be facing. Thirdly, after finally installing this on my window, I plug it in and turned the knob to "On." Guess what? The knob broke! This could be part of a bad batch and maybe the rest of them don't have defective knobs, but the poorly written instructions offer no excuse. The only saving grace (it's a "2" instead of a "1") was the helpful customer service. I only wish I could've e-mailed my request for assistance instead of having to fax New York City.
    ...more info