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Ultimate Spider-Man

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In Ultimate Spider-Man you get an incredible opportunity to play both a hero and a villain. Control Spider-Man as he faces criminals with strange abilities to defend New York -- then switch sides and become the deadly villain called Venom, smashing Manhattan and destroying everything in his path. This original storyline picks up right where the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics left off, for an immersive adventure.

  • Experience a living comic-book illustrated with 3D Comic Inking Technology that literally brings the comic to life
  • Massive, free-roaming environments deliver a deep adventure with a variety of challenging missions
  • Two distinct combat systems allow players to defeat enemies differently, using Spider-Man's fluid & acrobatic moves or Venom's brute force

Customer Reviews:

  • Ultimate Spiderman...
    Ultimate Spider-man is very similar to its original Spider-Man 2. All though The game is fun, players from the previous game will have slighty tuff time trying figure out the knew controlls. For an example I'd say the Web Slinging. In the last game when you swong a web you'd press the jump button to release and preform all these tricks by pressing the jump button free falling in the air. In this game, You only have to press one button to shoot a web and the same button to let go. Second is the charge jump. You can't charge a jump and make Spiderman go 2 storys in the air by that. All though you still can jump far distances. A good reason to buy this game is because of the abbilitie to switch from Spidey to Venom. Venom on the other hand can not web sling. Instead Like the Hulk jumps enormous distances. In Hulk Ultimate Destruction you had to charge you far jump. In this Venom, you just tap a button and he does it, which I love.

    Overal this game is great. A great game for the comic fans and for video game fans as well. Its a perfect choice if you have $50 burning a hole in ur pocket and your lookin for a game.
    8.9/10...more info
  • An enjoyable, even underrated Spidey
    Spider-Man 2 the game was one of those tie-ins that just got it right. Where in cases like the Incredibles or X-Men 3 the movie where there's an overwhelming feeling that the game was basically rushed and there was problems everywhere. Ultimate Spider-Man on the other hand doesn't have a tie-in and it's just basically another outing for the web-slinger...and it's fun. While the "story" isn't all that interesting and certain game design choices bug me, it's one of those kind of games that it almost grows on you and becomes more enjoyable as it goes on.

    Story: There's not much story to speak of as we get villain upon villain such as Elektro and the Green Goblin as the story is basically Spider-Man vs. Venom. The story could've used a lot more work but since this is a comic book game, I guess it's forgivable. At certain moments, you'll switch from Spidey to Venom and see things from his side.

    Graphics: Really well-done. A more cel-shaded look, this just feels like a comic book and reminds me of the Maximum Carnage/Separation Anxiety games for the Super Nintendo. With cutscenes feeling like animated comic panels as well as the in-game graphics, this is one of the better looking Spider-Man games. Sure textures look rough from far away but that's small potatoes to the overall presentation.

    Sound/Music: The voice-acting is serviceable at best. The young actor has a really higher voice and you get the feeling this is a guy you used to pants in high school and not New York's hero. The others are fine but they're not really all that memorable and have a unique quality between them. The music though is quite enjoyable and even gets a little epic in more exciting missions.

    Gameplay: Very similar to Spider-Man 2. The swinging feels a little bit different but it felt more intuitive and even funner. I was zipping along fast and going in narrow alleys with a lot more ease and precision than SP2. The only thing that can get bothersome is that New York is filled with a lot of holes that you can fall in and during races or chase missions, it gets frustrating fall on these things and web zipping up buildings doesn't help. Combat is pretty fun although it's strictly beat-em-up. You can web an enemy and fly at them and kick them or bounce off walls or toss em lasso style but by and large, your punches and kicks are mainly used.

    As for the missions, they range from city events (saving civilians from thugs, dangling off ledges and whatnot...thankfully no balloons) to the story missions. We have races where you zip along a small part of the city for medals, finding hidden tokens a la GTA as well as combat tours which are basically travelling from spot to spot dishing out some justice. This is all fine and all but they're basically required, meaning you can't progress in the story unless you get a race medal or a token or whatever they need. Playing as Venom is a bit more different since Venom is a bulky machine who can toss cars (my favorite) and leap high as hell in the air. But all that takes a toll and his health slowly drops prompting you to "eat" civilians. Not literally, just their energy. It's quite fun although used sparingly but one mission involving a chase mission was unbelievably frustrating.

    One of the more underrated Spidey's, this is one where a sequel would be welcomed, if they'd fix a couple of things. If they did that, it'd be almost a perfect Spider-Man game....more info
  • Not just a stupid kids video game!
    this game is awesome. and its not just for little kids and if it was they would rate it e. everybody will enjoy this game. and im not just a stupid kid, ok? i know wat im talkin about. now first of all, wat is this "Ultimate" video game u people speak of? naw, just playin. this game is the best. i mean heres the pros and cons. (watever those mean)


    -The graphics are one of the many great features in this game.
    -The gameplay is amazing they made it much more like the comics and it looks like they took the ultimte spiderman comic book characters and stuck them rite on the screen and made them 3D.
    -the controls are not the best but they are less confusing then the last game. there is a kick button, punch button, and u dont need to worry about using spider senses u just jump to avoid danger whenever his head lights up.
    -the best thing is you get to play as spidey's arch nemesis, Venom. He is so cool like its just unbelievable how real and perfect he looks and preforms his moves. great character.
    -there are not just spider man characters in the game! you can race against human torch, eventually fight silver sable with venom, and u can fight wolverine and beetle.
    -they modified all the characters to make them look unbelievably cool. u wont believe rhino. hes much more strong and more of a challenge. shocker isnt really any different he just has no suit and hes really really easy to beat.and green goblin. wow. he looks like the hulk with pointy ears and horns and no hair on his head. im serious.
    -u get to go to Queens, NY not just manhattan.


    -u cannot switch freely between Venom and Spiderman until u beat the game.
    -there is no free roam with Venom.
    -there are some invisible walls.

    and theres my review! as u can see there are few cons and they are not that serious. the pros are awesome just like this entire game. u need to buy it. or at least play it. i bought it first day it came out. i hope u liked this review becuz IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO TYPE!!! i type with one finger. so u know. im only 12. i cant type with all my fingers yet. so anyway just play this please and enjoy it....more info
  • ultimate spider and venom
    do you hate spider-man well if so buy ultimate spider man wich is the perfect game in the spider-man series.either save the city as spider-man or storm the streets as venom.punch,web up, kick or grab as spider-man or tentackle attack,grab,punch or feed as venom enjoy.
    ...more info
  • Ultimate Spider-Man...There Was Supposed To Be Something 'Amazing' or 'Ultimate', Right?
    I remember when the first Spider-Man comic came out. Yeah I'm dating myself.

    He was 'Amazing' for all those years. He could climb walls, leap great distances, swing at mind numbing speeds, had AMAZINGLY fast reflexes and strength. Notice that adjective 'AMAZING'.

    However, this game has more of a 'LETHARGIC' Spider-Man. He can't jump for squat, he runs slower than molasses running uphill, he swings like he needs mental help therapy, and even Aunt May can jump higher than him. It's sort of like 'Play Skool Spider-Man' or something. You can grow a beard in time it takes to get some things done during this game's action.

    The previous game 'Spider-Man 2' based on the popular movie, lived up to it's name! You really felt like you were the wallcrawler using his AMAZING powers to thwart evil. In 'Ultimate Spider-Man' the only thing 'ultimate' is your patience.

    Not all is lost. I love the art style. It's rather refreshing. The color schemes are like your kid sister got hold of the crayons and went postal on your yearbook though. The story is just fine. Lots and lots of action and the kicker is you get to play as either Spidey or the purple-people-eater Venom. Playing as Venom sort of made up for not being able to play as Spider-Man. These Venom battles are fierce. Lots of destruction and you get to throw foreign made cars at people and helicopters.

    There are chases, battles, strategies, I don't mind them as they make for more fun gameplay. Not enough of the classic characters like J. Jonah Jameson and Aunt May. I can't think of one gameplay scenario that was impossible. They were rather quite challenging and easy.

    As a Spidey fan I'll hold on to it and keep playing.

    However one final warning, there are chases with the Human Torch that are just intolerable. I stopped playing them as they became too time consuming although they had the funniest dialogue.

    Buy at own risk.

    I hope in the future Spidey games will go back to the Spider-Man 2 formula. If they put out a new Spidey game each year I would be happy. Just touring NY City by web swinging is fun! In this game NY City doesn't look like NY City. It looks more like when you play frisbee in the house and knock over your mom's pocket book and all those cosmetics fall out.

    ...more info
  • Quite possibly my most favorite game ever.
    I loved the first Spider-Man PSOne game, it is my favorite game. The other games have been o.k. as well, but it takes a considerable amount of fun to get me to play a game for more than an hour. Spider-Man 2 (PS2) had serious potential but some crappy boss missions (i.e. Quentin Beck/Mysterio). This game, playability wise is extremely enjoyable. But as a hardcore MARVEL fan it's the visuals that are seriously astounding. It looks exactly like a 3D version of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book. The intro movie is acyually an animated version of the first (and so far only) confrontation with Ultimate Venom.

    The only complaint I have of the game is the requirement of "races" in getting to the next level. In order to get to the next objective they will require you to compete in and win a certain number of races. Not exactly what I would consider a true "virtual Spider-Man" experience, if there are villains to be fought and people to save why would you waste your time on a obstacle course? But, there are plently of easy races to start with so you can soar through the first stages.

    Depending on whether or not I'm able to keep playing the game and not get sick of it, this game stands to be my most favorite game ever. Only time will tell. If you're an actual gamer though, you will probably love this game....more info
  • Spectacular, but not Amazing
    I've only been playing this game for a few days, but it was enough to inspire me to write a short review (my first). If you are looking for your first Spider-Man game, buy Spider-Man 2. If you finished that one, and you want another game, then buy this one.

    This games looks wonderful, but there are two aspects that annoy me to no end.

    1. The web swinging is horrible. I'll never understand why they didn't just use the same model from Spider-Man 2. It was perfect. You could swing simply by pressing and releasing a button, or you could develop skill at swinging so that you can move through the city with pinpoint accuracy. I still find myself loading up Spider-Man 2 just to swing through the city for a while. In this game, press R... release R... press R... release R... It is very simplistic and doesn't allow you to move with style like the previous game. I'll mention the two good things just to be fair. Your web still has to attach to a building (or something), not an invisible cloud way up in the sky. Second, the web zip is improved, but I think they improved it only because climbing a tall building without charge jump would have been torture otherwise.

    2. This may change as I get further in the game, but so far... you always start in Queens. I get annoyed that I have to make my way to the bridge and swing across (or under) it just to get to Manhattan where the real fun is.

    I give the game a 3 overall because in the swinging area it feels as if they took a giant step backwards. However, it is a Spider-Man game that looks great and is still fun, so I give a 4 for fun.
    ...more info
  • Great game although there are some flaws
    This games is great although its has some flaws.
    you play Spider-Man and then you play as Venom.The game is good but the Venom stages need more levels and the Johny
    Storm races can get hard but anyway this is a great game...more info
  • Ultimate Spiderman really is ultimate.
    It has to be said that overall, I'm a terrible gamer. I play a lot of video games, a lot of PC games, and even some MORPGs, and it is well known that I am very bad at all of them. I cannot keep my Sims alive for more than an hour, and in Tomb Raider, well, I make her dive head-first off very high ledges, so needless to say when I received a copy of "Ultimate Spiderman" for Christmas this year, I really didn't think that it would be this amazing.
    Growing up, Spiderman was always my personal favourite hero, and he still is, this game was able to recreate the experience of the Marvel comic books flawlessly. The first thing you notice when playing it, is that the game boasts awesome cell-shaded graphics, really putting you right into the comics themselves, right down to the smallest details.
    If you're not a fan of tracking down massive mecha-villains or pulling people out of burning rubble, then the game also allows you to just mindlessly sling your way around Manhattan and Queens, a lovely treat if you've never visited either of these places yourself. The locations feature landmarks as well, and you get tokens when visiting all of them. As well as landmark tokens, there are also unlockable features for you to find when wandering around, which allow you to see clips from other games, such as X-Men, and comic book pages.
    One of the great things that drew me to this game was the chance to play as both Spiderman and Venom, and both characters have their good points. Spiderman, ever the hero, is able to web sling round his city, travelling from building to building, performing all those amazing flips and kicks you see him doing in the movies. Spidey-sense? He has it. He crawls up and down walls too, but one thing is evident: Spiderman doesn't like water. He's able to look around the city and fight crime, from simply slinging up villains to saving people from falling out of windows.
    Venom, on the other hand, is as bad as you would expect him to be. I believe one of the first things I had to do as Venom, was feed the suit- and the game told me to practice on a child in the street. Yeah, gory- but it's nothing out of the ordinary in video games, and besides, the kid had a Spiderman balloon and as Venom I don't take that!
    Venom can jump extremely high, instead of webslinging, but you get an awesome thud and smash when you hit the ground; he's also able to climb walls too, but when Venom climbs, he rips chunks out of the buildings- which I also really enjoyed.
    Another thing I didn't expect when I first started playing this game, was that you get the chance to meet other characters from other series. As Spiderman, I was able to race that fire-guy from the Fantastic Four (whatever his name is), and as Venom, I attacked Wolverine, and you know- I've always wanted to!
    Before I go on and on about this amazing game forever, I'd like to finish with that I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It is simply a must for any Spiderman fan, and really delivers the goods when it comes to play time. There is a little violence (well quite a bit of it), but nothing that you wouldn't see on television anyway.
    My only disappointment was that you aren't able to roam around the city as Venom, only as Spiderman. Venom is basically only there to further the story along. This game is also one of the easiest I have come across- there are frustrating parts about it (timed modes), but in general I found it a joy to play. ...more info
  • Not very creative at all (Big Spiderman Fan)
    I design video games for a living and I was very dissapointed with this game. I was looking foward to this game very much and was quite dissapointed to find that every level was the same just a different villian (i.e. you chase the villian throughout the city and then catch him and try to kill him)


    I am a huge spiderman fan and was very disappointed by the false advertising....more info
  • A great game ruined by bugs
    The game continuously freezes up in boss battles. This could just be the PS2 version, but it occured with multiple discs. After researching this online I've found it is a very common problem. If a little more effort was put into debugging the game it would be a 4 star game, but as it stands it is practically unplayable....more info
  • Really good
    If this is your first Spider-Man game, as it was for me, the controls will take some getting used to. Web slinging is a skill that must be learned. But once you get it down, it's a ton of fun. Just swinging through the city is actually more fun than the game itself.
    The graphics are a bit clunky but given the size of the city, it's forgivable. It would be nice to see an Ultimate Spider-Man 2 for the PS3. Other than that, I love the comic book style of the graphics.
    The controls are just so-so. The camera is the real pain. A lot of the time I can't even see the enemy I'm fighting. Very frustrating.
    Venom is a cool character but his levels are a lot more difficult since he's black and the levels are at night. Makes it hard to see where you're going.

    But overall the game is a lot of fun.

    graphics: 3.5
    sound: 4.5
    controls: 3.5
    fun factor: 4.0...more info
  • WOW! This game makes up for X-Men ROA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why in the heck can't we have an X-Men game like this one?????

    This game should be labeled as hypnotic by the ratings board. It's so submersive that time blows by while you are playing it. It took what I liked from Spider Man 2 and jacked it up to the tenth degree, like you're actually playing a comic book. The only way that they can top this game is to plant a VR chip right into my brain.

    Oh, one other thing. I got the limited edition. It's really the only way to go, since Big Daddy Venom is on the cover of it. This game makes me wonder; why not just a Venom: Lethal Enforcer game with this kind of action?

    This makes my third favorite game of the year; along with Revenge of the Sith and Marvel Nemesis. Luckily, I got somebody that's willing to buy X-Men ROA off of me. Lucky me. ...more info
  • Fun but quick
    The game can be beaten fairly quickly by a non-skilled player, and presents no real challenge for a skilled player. The ability to play Venom alone makes this a worthy buy for any Spider-man fan. However, the game isn't as indepth as Spider-man 2 and can get tiresome after you have completed story mode....more info
  • awesome game
    Best spider man game ever.they replaced the hillarious narrator with spider man talking throughout the game. Venom is awesome to play as at the end of the game because you have to destroy police officers at the end of the game and spider man

    does city alerts and you can make him jump off of really tall buildings.

    Graphics are cool,But buy the special edition of it because it has tricks and videos and it only costs a few cents more.Parents this game is T for language and let your kids play it it isn't bad

    ...more info
  • A Cool Game
    I'm 23 three years old and i find this game very interresting, i have not played very much playstation 2 games. This game starts with a new story and version of spider-man & venom, & all of the other characters. In away i wish that they would of stuck originaly with the book. Mabey they did with the Ultimate Spider-man comics, which i have not had the pleasure to read. The graphics are really good. I have been a spidey fan for 5 years now. And i really enjoy this game. It is hard not to like any spider-man games. This game has a couple of hard levels in it, but i like how you can roam a round while you find the next level. It keeps the game going. This Is a very fun game, but don't excpect to beat it in a week....more info
  • Great game, but could have been a lot better
    I rented this game before I bought it, so I knew what I was getting. I also bought the Spiderman 2 game used and beat it before playing this and was disappointed by the total lack of unlockables it had. Plus it was way too short. So I was looking forward to all the nifty stuff Ultimate Spiderman had to unlock. The trouble is, they took a lot of what made Spiderman 2 a good game, out of it in order to do so. That would be things like buying moves, a tutorial mode, a choice between web swinging modes, and Bruce Campbell. ;-) That and it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.

    I love the way the game looks. The whole comic book aspect works for Spiderman and I found that I prefer this over the look of Spiderman 2 in most cases. Especially during the cut scenes. I've only read a few Ultimate Spiderman comics, so I have a vague idea of the reality in which this takes place, but its easy to grasp even if you haven't read one issue. Since this takes place in the comic book world and not the movie, they can have cameo appearances by other comic book characters like Wolverine, Hulk, Silver Sable, Johnny Storm, and a lot more.

    Speaking of Johnny Storm, I hate racing with him. The racing wouldn't be so bad if it were actual racing and not a game of tagging floating orbs which reside in places that are super easy for Johnny to get to, but insanely hard for Spiderman to get to. You basically have to swing like a natural pro and at the top of your game to even keep up, which is hard, but would have been easier if they would have kept the swinging system from Spiderman 2, not to mention the speed upgrades. At best, web swinging is awkward and difficult to use in gaining altitude when there's nothing to swing from or when the system thinks there's nothing to swing from.

    Battles are sometimes irritating with Spidey, but just brute force with Venom. Spidey has to find a weak spot or wait for an open moment to take his villains down. Which means he'll be web swinging like crazy to avoid projectiles and jump attacks from the enemy. This would be easier if the area in which you fight could be extended. However, you often get the message "Area Unavailable" when swinging out of the way, and you end up flinging yourself into an invisible wall on the street which allows your opponent plenty of time to pelt you with several shots. Not the most well thought out boss arena. Meanwhile, Venom functions like the Hulk but with Spiderman-ish powers. He has the super high jump that Hulk does and the super beat downs as well as a grab and throw. He also has a sort of web sling that he can do which is basically extending his suit to stick to a surface in order to pull himself to it. Oh yeah, he also needs to feed on people in order to keep himself alive. This is kind of interesting since in every battle pretty much, you have crazy innocent people running around to feed on to replinish energy. Meanwhile in your fights as Spiderman you have no refills even if there is a second round to a fight. :-\

    In between story points, you have a set amount of things to do, just like in Spiderman 2. But instead of accumulating a number of hero points, you have a set number of events, races, and fight campaigns to complete. Along the way, you can also hunt for landmark tokens, secret tokens, and comic book tokens that will unlock the specific comic book or landmark they are, as well as characters to view and costumes to wear in the game. Although it does take a LOT of these to unlock costumes, so be ready to take some serious time to look for these.

    Bottom line is, the game is a pretty good follow up to Spiderman 2 and has everything it didn't have. The problem is that it Spiderman 2 has everything this game doesn't have. Heh. If they could combine the best of this game with the best of Spiderman 2, they would have a game that would sell countless numbers. If you're looking for a very challenging Spiderman game with unlockables, lots of cameos from other Marvel characters, and an overall different tone, then you should buy Ultimate Spiderman. If you're just looking for a quick Spidey game with better gameplay and movie-type graphics (and Bruce Campbell) then you should just go buy Spiderman 2. ...more info
  • Ultimate spider-man ??...I think Not !!. get the movie games !!
    i just purchashed this game yesterday..i bought the "limited edition venom" version..after getting it home and playing it for about a hour i was saying to myself What the??..i have to say this game is very lackluster...all hype no substance.. true the graphics look good for a virtual comic book, and the swinging around new york is fun..but it was done far much better in the 2 movie games !( i pulled out my spidey 2 game and was playing that later in the evening instead of this ! but are you really willing to spend 50 bucks just for good graphics? ... ok heres the lowdown, you have to run around and save people(which is fun) but it gets old quickly and then there are those stupid "Races" since when did spidey become a racer?? the first race is with the human torch in queens..and i found that it took away from the gameplay..and whats even more annoying..is the voice acting i know its the young peter parker but c mon his voice is so whiney my friend had to mute the tv sometimes..and the voice for the torch?..that whole dude surfer thing is very much played out..

    But the number one gripe i have about this game is .. drum roll please!........YOU CANT PLAY AS VENOM !!!! ( you HAVE to play thru the whole game+side missions as spidey and THEN FINALLY, you can unlock venom.. which i thought was misleading..they even have it in Small print in the first few pages of the manual..how Sneaky is that?)

    all that aside its fun to play as venom ! and spidey as well.. But if you really want a good spider man game? check out activisions spider-man the movie game... or the spider-man 2 games. you wont regret it they look a hundred times better, have much better music, and the gameplay is top notch!

    over all here ate the pros and cons...

    Pros..the stan lee interview is great(its always nice to hear stan lee talk about spidey and marvel)

    great comick book feel/ good graphics

    the G4 making of the game special..

    the included comic book ..but if your like me u have the"real" issues already so you know the venom story:) although i like how they reinvented the "ultimate" venom saga in wich the black costume/bio suit actually being a attempt to cure cancer..the original venom "origin" is MUCH better with the alien symbiote costume(from the secret wars series) and eddie brock as a disgrunted photog for the bugle...who is out to get peter parker..

    swinging around new york (although its not as open as the movie games)


    YOU CANT PLAY AS VENOM (unless you complete the whole game first then he is "unlockable" ...which is very misleading to the consumer..its even in small print inside the manual..thats a rip off to the fans that want to play as venom right away...the way this game was advertises..depending on who you chose to play it will be a great time~) this game is just filler material until the spider man 3 movie game comes along :) which we all know venom will be in the third movie which will rock !!.. but topher grace as eddie brock/venom?? i dont know about that one .. thats another review for later :)

    voice acting is..poor..peter sounds like a whiney brat sometimes and dont get me started on the dopey sounding human torch.. but venom in my opinion is the star of the show here ...

    bottom line its a fun game. dont get me wrong,..but a real let down it could have been MUCH better.. and thats why its also out in a special verson to dress it up and sell more copies but if u have to have this game the" special version "is the way to go....let the buyer beware though there are BETTER spider man games out there.. im a huge spider- man fan and i feel that this game could have been a better homage to a legendary character than this all fuff and no substance marketing gimmick.. ill be returning mine today.. hmm then again i can always put it up on ebay...somebody will buy it......more info
  • Not as Great as Spider-Man 2
    This game was fun to play. I loved the graphics. Oh, and the cameo's by a few other Marvel guys was the best to see. When Wolverine entered into the game I also most didn't want to fight him with Venom. Hey Wolverine is cool, I didn't want to hit him. Anyways now that I sound lame... I thought the game was short when it came to the storyline, and there wasn't much to do... Basically 2 submissions (races and beating up gang members). There was a few races with the Human Torch (some of the reviews mention they where to hard, I couldn't tell you if they where, I cheated in those races). I haven't played Spider-Man 2 in over a year, so I don't remember most of the stuff on that game, but I remember there was more things to do on that game, and it wasn't this short and had more things to collect around NY and the city was bigger then the NYC in Ultimate Spider-Man. Another thing I did love to see in this game was that after each battle you had with a boss, or whatever, all the damage you've created in the city while fighting in those battles gets left behind and you can revisit the busted up buildings and holes in the ground anytime you wanted to. I've also seen a few dumpsters shown up in the area showing that people where working on trying to "clean" up Spider-Man's mess, LOL....more info
  • Gets boring real fast, super short
    I finished the game fairly quickly without trying too hard. Just like an earlier reviewer mentioned, what you have to do is pretty much the same on every mission. Some of the "chase the bad guy" missions are super frustrating. Its an OK game, definitely rental material....more info
  • Great game with a few very frustrating flaws.
    I don't want to make this really long, so I'll skip the sheer amounts of praise I have for this game. I really do like it and don't regret buying it. Story mode is somewhat short, but there are substantial extras. However...and here come the complaints.

    Wall crawling is insane. Actually managing to go in the direction you want to go is quite difficult, and good luck with it at all if you're near a corner of any kind.

    The extras are decent. The method for getting them has one major flaw. The tokens. The unlockable costumes are fairly mundane save the last one, which requires you to find 190 tokens hidden, some quite well, all over the city. Basically, once you have gone through the immense frustration of finding the tokens, you then finish the races and combat tours and city events, then you get the costume. Congratulations on the cool costume, you also happen to be completely done with the game. So what are you going to do with the costume? Make the unlockable costumes and things of that sort able to be unlocked quickly, so the players can have fun with them WHILE they play the game, instead of making them the endgame reward.

    The combat tours are fun and challenging after a while. The races are for the most part fun, but can become extremely frustrating. This isn't so much a complaint as an observation. I don't expect every aspect, especially races, to be easily completed the first time through.

    Overall, I really like this game, despite the flaws. It's a great game to just pick up after a while, swing around the city and punch a few guys, then switch to Venom and go on a smashing rampage. If a similar game with even more characters to choose from and less frustrating methods of getting them comes out, I'll pick it up with no reservations whatsoever....more info
  • Not Bad
    I liked the web slinging action from buildings better in spiderman 2 but thats the only real back step this game took,everything else is better including the story line.There some slowdown in it but not enough to make the game unplayable.The storyline in this one is its biggest strong points while free roaming as with most game that have free roaming become repetitive over time.Would like to see more variety in random events that happen on the street.With that said this is still one of the better comic character video games out there,i'd say its right up there with the most recent Hulk game that just came out.Now if developers can just make a good batman and superman translation we'll come full circle in having a great title for all the mainstream superheroes....more info
  • Ultimate Spider-Man!!!!
    Please ingore my first review "Great game although there are some flaws." I didn't have my head on straight. If you ask me I think this game is the best since Maximum Carnage and the recent Spider-Man 2. I am also tired of people saying the webs are too cartoony or it's fun enough to be five stars. It way surpassed Spider-Man 2. Five out of Five stars....more info
  • Ultimate Is Right!!!
    This game is the ultimate spiderman experience, unbeleivable cast (you actualy get into bar fight with Wolverine!!!), great webslinging dynamics (no more swinging from nothing, you have to be next to the buildings to swing your webs, and when you let go the webs still hanging from the building), and the best boss battles I have ever played (better then Halos, God of war's, X-men Legends) If you enjoy the comics and/or the movies, pick this up right way............more info
  • Great.
    I dont know what the other people are talking about here saying this game wasn't great. But it is. This game is even better than the other two spider-man games. The grapics is wayyyyy better. The story more exicting because it follows the ulitmate spiderman comicbooks. It has alot of humaour because peter always cracks jokes. I found this game better than any other spider man game and that's saying alot. All the other games were buggy and not up to par. But with this one they really nailed it. Even the boss battles are fun....more info
  • Waste of 50 bucks
    To me this game was a HUGE disappointment, I spent 50 dollars on this game and there is hardly anything to do with it. Unless your into doing the same thing over and over and over again then go ahead and waste your money. but all you do is be spider man, chase a guy, the guy hurts civilians, save the civilians, chase some more, than fight the guy. Thats all you do as spiderman. and as venom you chase, run away, and fight. Nothing more to it. sure there are the city events and races but those are boring. Not to mention the game can be beat within an hour. The only thing remotely fun is swingin around the city, and even that gets old after 15 minutes. I do have to give credit to the graphics though, they're pretty good. But if you wanna spend 50 dollars on a game that takes an hour to play go ahead, otherwise I suggest waiting until the price drops down to 10 bucks....more info
  • Pity Spider-Man 2 came first
    This is a very good game! The scale is grand, the graphics are fantastic and the story is great (with a fun script). Unfortunately it has a lot to live up to and falls short on a number of things:

    Though the story over-all is better, it's also a lot shorter and should be completed in a coupole of days (if not less).

    The graphic style is very different to Spider-Man 2, being the style used for the Ultimate Spider-Man comics (obviously). The character designs are unique and superb - particularly in the cut-sequences. The cityscape - this time incorporating Queens (though no Roosevelt, Ellis or Liberty island) - is also far more detailed than Spider-Man 2, especially at ground level. However it is also more cartoon-like and you don't get the same feel of flying through the city streets as before. The streets are narrower and the buildings shorter, and the swing-speed is also a lot slower making roaming less fun.

    The control method is simpler and easier to get to grips with than previously, but the controls are less responsive making the chase/race missions in particular very frustrating at times. And the lack of a charge-jump and aerial acrobatics don't help. Nor does the camera, which has an even worse habit of throwing itself in random directions than the last one did.

    The side missions are pretty much the same as before (i.e. break-ins, purse-snatchings, armoured car hold-ups, gang warfare, people falling from buildings or in need of a hospital, etc.) with some missions having two separate aspects (e.g. stopping an assault and then having to get the victim to hospital), but all the missions appear at random - as opposed to some coming from a witness' calls for help - and without any time-limits.

    On the whole, this is prettier to look at and has a better story and script than Spider-Man 2, but simply isn't as much fun to play....more info
  • The BEST SPIDER-MAN game ever!!!! HURRAY!!!!!! FOR VENOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't get me wrong on this review I do enjoy playing as Spider-Man but I've been for such a long time to play as Venom in good Spider-Man unlike Maximum Carnage and Seperation and Exiety which werent that great games anyway but this one is so awsome get to obsorbe people with Venom. I'm so close to beating the game just need to face Venom in the final showdown and thats it. I wonder when you get to free play as Venom if you still get to obsorbe people or not because after hearing Eddie saying he has complete control over the suit has me wondering if that means that he doesn't have to obsorbe people anymore if thats the case then thats kind of a bummer because when I beat the game and everything I wanted to devour people as Venom on freeplay if not oh well I'll still be able to reck havoc on the city by throwing cars,jeeps, and everything else I'm so glad that he got the Venom logo on him when he obsorbed Carnage because roaming the city as Venom without the Venom would feel not the same but thank goodness thats not a reality. Well done Activision and Marvel. Keep up the good work. ...more info
  • Terrible and horrifying.
    PARENTS--KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY! Unless of course your children like seeing kids their own age slaughtered. That's what Venom does. Plus all the bad language. Oh, and the jogger who get pulled into the bushes by Venom's tentacles and killed by him, all the while screaming. Even Spidey himself has his bad points by frequently using the word "suck." I have always personally hated the Ultimate Spider-man comics for thier gore and violence, and the game is just as bad, if not worse....more info
  • This is what happens when you let actual Comic Creators make a game...
    I'll say it up front: I am biased. I'm a big fan of Brian Michael Bendis and an even bigger fan of Spider-Man. A month or so ago I got onto this really big Bendis kick and with that came Ultimate Spider-Man the comic. The book itself was amazing, and before long I'd read all of the 13 graphic novels out so far. Then I saw the ad for the game in one of the other Marvel Comics I subscribe to, and was floored the game needs to be gotten. Period.

    So on to the game...

    In the past there have been some horrible superhero games...and I mean horrible. Any of you play the X-Men for the original nintendo? Ugh. I know that it's an early game but when you essentially get a graphically ramped up version of that in X-men Legends, it's kinda dissapointing. Now I now everyone raves and loves X-Men Legends, but it wasn't exactly my radioactive cup of tea. With the greater technology coming out, the capabilites of free roaming in hugely expansive enviornments is becoming a mainstay of the video game world.And something like X-men ledgends kinda lacks that, but it's something that spider-man games recently have had in spades.

    The game is almost totally immersive. You can go nearly anywhere as the webhead and never really have to run into any invisible walls that take you out of the experience. There is the instances during missions where you can't stray too far, but if that didn't happen people would be flying all over the place trying to keep on track and lose the mission. Anyway, not the point. The point is that the game is an excellent piece technology wise. Aisde from free roaming capability, it retains the TreyArch webswing system from the previous spider-man game which was so popular. It is dumbed down a bit, and there's no ability for you to go and purchase new acrobatic/fighting techniques (they're given to you as you advance throughout the game)but that makes one less thing for you to worry about. The Need for hero points has been erased and you are free to accept or ignore random missions thoughout the game. My complaint about that though is that there really aren't enough random crimes in the game for you TO ingnore. But it's made up for in storyline and Stroy Missions.

    So that covers the Spidey game play, now onto Venom. Venom was a good idea for the game. whereas he's not the most major player in the ultimate Spider-man Comic arc by any means, it makes for a good gameplay character. You hvae Parker who's agile but doesn't do tons of damage, and then the behemoth of the Symbiot that's a bruiser but wickedly slow moving and a huge target. The one thing that is redeeming about Venom's gameplay is the L2 (on PS2) jump. It's like putting a cat into a catapult and pulling the lever. You can jump almost as tall as most skyscrapers in the game with that thing. So when chasing electro around, it makes it really useful to catch up to him (You'll see...).

    So Far: Game environment: A, Game Play: A-...Now onto the thing sthat really matter: Audio Visual entertainment.

    the visuals relaly work for the game, and may be slightly difficult to get used to at first, truly round out the experience. The style seems to be taken directly from Mark Bagely's illustrations from the comic book. in fact there are certain cutscenes that if you were to hold up the comic next to the tv screen, it would look like the comic panels were animated. And that is a big plus for anyone who loves the comic. Otherwise, the graphics are Cel-Shaded as all should know, so don't expect there to be any mind boggling realistic looking Final Fantasy-esque cut scenes here, just pure comic book heaven.

    And the Audio/writing...is...genius. My favorite factor of the game is the fact that all dialogue was written by Brian Michael Bendis. And not just the mian characters, but even the passerby's on the street. I can't tell you how hard I laughed when I overhear som woman saying, "have I told you that I absolutely HATE your shoes?" But as such is Bendis. He not only knows how to formulate a story and make it very enticing, but his humor is out of this world. Spidey's quips are sidesplitting, and the characterizations of the people within the game are gladly similar to the comic. Bendis has a way of writing how you and I would talk to one another (with interruptions, non-verbals, and onomatopoetics) and not have it sould informal or awkward: it can only make the story better. The games' creators certainly did themselves a favor by getting him to write it, becuase anyone else would have made it come off as trite or pedantic.

    So In my eyes I can justifiably give this game 5 stars. why? Because it's frickin' amazing!

    PS: If you're interested the game runs parallel to issues 30-39 in Ultimate Spider-Man the comic series, or if you'd rather Graphic Novel Vol's 6 thruogh 8. Guet em here at amazon, they're cheap!

    ~JYH...more info
  • Don't like it
    This is a game for kids under the age of 13. It has cool comic book style cut scenes but the actual gameplay is short, simplistic, and either way too hard or way too easy. And no you don't get to freeroam with Venom. You can only use him as part of storymode. I've been a huge spidey fan for well over 10 years but this game was a total letdown. If you're still in middle school you might like it. Anyone else should stick with Spiderman 2 or get the new X-Men Legends instead. ...more info
  • Definitely fun, but not as good as Spider-Man 2
    Last year's Spider-Man 2 was undoubtadly the best super hero game ever made, and the same formula that made that game so great has been applied here to Ultimate Spider-Man. The biggest difference between the two games you will notice immediately: Ultimate Spider-Man boasts some great cell-shaded graphics that make the game look like a living, moving comic book that suit the game very well. Some have argued that the game looks too cartoony, but the graphics are superbly rendered nontheless. You can play as either Spidey or his arch nemesis Venom, and you trek through New York on objective based missions beating up baddies, racing, and there are some nifty boss battles as well to go along with a good story penned by USM comic scribe Brian Michael Bendis. The control is tight and easy to get ahold of, and the audio effects (including voice acting) is pretty spot on for the most part. However, Ultimate Spider-Man is ultimately not as fun or awe-inspiring as Spider-Man 2. Despite the fact the game environment is huge, it doesn't feel or look like the massive playing environment in Spider-Man 2. Also, the game feels incredibly linear and the objectives are pretty repetitive and can get old real quick. Not to mention that playing as Venom isn't as fun as playing as Spidey, and his part of the game just feels sluggish. However, there is still much to admire here, as the boss battles are nicely orchestrated, and there are cameos aplenty from Marvel characters (including Wolverine, the Ultimate version of Nick Fury, the Human Torch, and more) that will keep players and Marvel fans happy. All in all, if you enjoyed Spider-Man 2, you'll dig Ultimate Spider-Man, but don't expect it to top Spider-Man 2....more info


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