Evaporative Swamp Coolers - MMB10 MasterCool Mobile 2000 CFM Swamp Air Cooler

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Product Description

WHY BUY THE MMB10 DELUXE EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER??? How about all steel quality construction, a special sealed blower motor, a conservative 2000 CFM power rating, and up to 700 sq. ft. of cooling power. Add to that a dual sided cooling intake for more true evaporative cooling potential and a hose connection for continuous water supply. All these features make the MMB10 the air cooler of choice for shops, businesses, and consumers that want the best possible air cooler in a relatively compact design.Perfect for home or work, our blower models are the quick, easy and affordable solution to spot cooling! The blower wheel design offers maximum air velocity for cool, quiet comfort anywhere air conditioning isn't practical. The MMB10 Mastercool evaporative swamp cooler features: Convenient organizer tray top, Garden hose connector for quick hookup, and adjustable louvers for variable air distribution. This compact but powerful evaporative cooler is the perfect solution for cooling residential, commercial, agricultural and light industrial hot spots. Blower fans work where air conditioning is not practical or simply costs too much. With our premium MasterCool media, you'll be able to affordably enjoy temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler! Cool your home, garage, patio, workshop, or business?any leisure or work area?with these "small in size, big in performance" blower models.

  • Dual air inlet design takes less floor space
  • Adjustable louvers for variable air distribution
  • Garden hose water connection for quick hook-up
  • Concentrated air distribution
  • All models plug into standard 120 Volt receptacles
  • Top organizer tray
  • 2000 CFM of air delivery
  • Covers up to 700 sq.ft.
  • 1/8 HP 2-Speed blower motor for selectable comfort
  • Heavy duty wheel for mobility
  • Cooling pad for maximum cooling
  • Air delivery method : blower wheel
  • Drive System : direct
  • El
  • Features:
    • Cool, quiet comfort
    • Blower wheel design for maximum velocity
    Customer Reviews:
    • Great product, horrible customer support
      I have some mixed feelings about this cooler. Sure, it works great and is well-made. I have a three car garage and it does a respectable job. Unfortunately, customer service at the manufacturer level is horrid.

      I emailed AdobeAir (the manufacturer) and never received a response when the motor went bad. I needed new pads as well, and I was stuck. I called AdobeAir on the phone. Some impolite lady took a message, and I never heard back.

      Getting parts for a product is just as important as the quality of the product itself. I am looking for another evaporative cooler for my garage and possibly one for the house, but it won't be a MasterCool or anything else from AdobeAir.

      Good work folks. You really know how to lose a customer. I will tell everyone I know about your nonexistent service. ...more info
    • Finish trim on air outlet needs safety improvement
      First of all, I was very pleased with the company and the shipping. I live in the same state as where the product was shipped so only took 2 days from order to delivery. For being a heavy item, around 79 pounds, it arrived in good condition.

      Some assembly required. I had to install the top tray (easy), a drain bulkhead (not too bad) and the 4 wheels (not difficult, but not that fun). I think this is all so that the cooler can ship better. No complaints, but I wasn't expecting to do work.

      It has that ugly industrial look, but I like it. Built strong and sturdy. Two nice big intakes, a heavy duty switch with spring loaded cover, the blower is the squirrel cage type (centrifical?) and direct drive. The water pump has it's own switch. The blower has a 2 speed switch. Performance wise - I only tested it a bit to make sure it was working, but it seems to work well. On low, it blew substantial air volume and felt like real AC. Noise was acceptable on low. On High, a bit noisy, but really does blow. I believe the claim that it will cool 700 sf.

      Now for the drawbacks. The hose hook up is a cool feature but if you don't use it, you will have to remove the air intake panel to add water. If I was making these things, I would provide a "port" to manually add water - maybe with a little viewport to indicate levels. As I plan to use this baby in the house to suppliment the AC, I will not be using the hose hook up. Second drawback, and this is a big one for me - the trim surrounding the air outlet is made of bent metal. The metal is folded back on itself to make a finished edge, but also creates 4 sharp corners. This is somewhat hazardous, because the air outlet extends from the body of the unit a few inches. Probably okay in a garage or industrial setting where cooler can be moved out of traffic area, but not so good in close confines of house. Manufacturer, I recommend a form fitting plastic trim of the same material as the tray on top. For the time being, I have attached cardboard corners with heavy dose of duct tape. It looks dumb, but no one will get cut.

      Overall, great product. Minus 1 star for poor trim design and potential to make me bleed....more info
    • Works greats!
      I highly recommend this to anyone who has a space that needs cooling but does not have outside access! Keeps a TOP floor office (around 550 sq ft) perfectly cool! It has the option of "constant water flow" but we just refill it every 3 or 4 hours as we are in an office building. Works like a dream!

      ...more info